A MILF’s Marvlous, Meaty Legs Ch. 02


The following contains playful female domination by 49-year-old woman over a 19-year-old man, by use of her muscular legs in scissor holds. There is forceful consensual sexual contact. If this sort of thing appeals to you, enjoy. If not, there are plenty of other options out there.


It was Carlyne’s last day on the job at the fast food burger joint, where she worked in the counter. As a single divorced mom, the sexy 49-year-old dark-haired beauty worked a variety of jobs to provide for her twin boys, Timothy and Thomas, 19. She liked the burger gig, because as one of the oldest employees, she loved working around young people.

And had struck up a lovely friendship with a co-worker, Charlie, a brown-eyed handsome lad with big brown eyes, 19, one whom, Carlyne soon realized with delight, had a crush on her.

Crush. The word appealed to her. Carlyne was a rock-solid beauty for a woman pushing 50, with jet-black hair, flashing green eyes and a glittering smile, charming and gracious -with a killer body. She’d taken to the gym in recent months, following a long illness, lost a significant amount of weight and adding muscle, sexy muscle, hard and smooth, to every inch of her beautiful body.

Particularly the legs. And especially the calves. Which, she had been told by her social media admirers, were true crushers with the potential of squeezing endless submissions out of her victims in what they called “scissor holds.” It was a notion that never entered Carlyne’s mind until others put it there, that her muscular legs could do such a thing to a man, or a “victim,” as her admirers put it.

And she loved it. After that, she looked at her legs in an entirely new light, wanting to find out for real exactly what these mostly young men were fantasizing about. She looked at her own legs the way others did. Especially Charlie.

Those calves were, she had especially noticed, what the young man was smitten with. They were huge, thick, powerfully muscled, etched steel under smooth skin. When Carlyne wore a short uniform skirt and black tights, Charlie couldn’t keep his eyes off those legs.

Neither could her sons, Carlyne realized one day with naughty clarity. She had noticed them noticing her as she’d walk around the house in skimpy shorts and sports bra top, going to or coming from the gym, bending over to pick something up and feeling their collective eyes riveted to the backs of her thick, stranded hamstrings and those bulbous calves.

And it pleased her. Too much, in fact, and she would try to banish the thoughts of her handsome, athletic sons’ seemingly sexual fascination with her muscular legs from her mind.

Carlyne told Charlie one day about the leg fetish she’d happily stumbled into online, where men seemed fascinated by the leg poses she’d put up, raised on her toes, thickening those immense calves into diamond-shaped fists of muscular steel. And how doting they were, so complimentary, offering their slavish services to her incredible legs.

“Really?” Charlie said the day she told him, astonished. “They…your legs…they..”

“Here, see for yourself,” Carlyne laughed, punching in her site on her phone and showing him.

Charlie’s eyes went wide as he scrolled through screen after screen of Carlyne’s photos, all from the waist or knees down, all focused on those amazing legs. One of her in Capri workout pants, short socks and sneakers, one that showed a close-up of the sexy, striated muscles of one rock-solid calf, made him gasp aloud.

“Ah, you like that one, huh?” she giggled. “Yeah, that’s a fan favorite!”

They ended their shift, went their separate ways, telling Charlie to go home to look at her site in more decidedly personal detail, winking at the blushing boy as she said it. They both knew what she meant, and for an instant, Carlyne felt too bold for saying it.

But she also felt naughty, and more alive at the idea, more than she had in years.

Days earlier, she’d teased another young man at a café, tormenting him with her gorgeous calf exposed in her tight knee-length workout pants, the bubble of her fierce lower leg drawing his attention – and his cell phone camera.

She gave him all he could handle before calling him out, quietly, shocking the boy with the knowledge he’d been busted. She reveled in it, telling him to go home and relieve himself to the footage he’d captured, grabbing his cock in his pants playfully to emphasize his point.

The thought that night of the boy stroking his hard cock watching her calf muscle dance on his cell phone made her task of cumming in the privacy of her bedroom all the much quicker, her practiced fingers producing a most copious and expedient orgasm.

Carlyne knew the next night she and Charlie would work together would be the last, as she was taking another job elsewhere. She had given it a lot of thought, devising a visual – and perhaps more – parting gift for the clearly horny young man. To tease him, she’d worn tight black slacks that covered casino siteleri but still highlighted her immense, sexy and marvelously meaty legs.

They worked half their shift, and took their lunch together in the break room, a small area with chairs, table and couch. As timing would have it, they were alone. Carlyne sat at the table, Charlie in a chair, and chatted, nibbling on the snacks they’d brought, Charlie seeming a bit sad at the prospect of their last night together.

Playfully, Carlyne ever-so slowly hoisted up one pant leg over her immense calf, leaning to tug up the black trouser sock she wore. Peripherally, she noticed Charlie’s stare drawn to it as she pulled the sock up to the bottom of the muscular bubble of that incredible calf.

“I can never get socks to stay up on these things!” she laughed, pulling up the other pant leg and doing the same, taking delight in Charlie’s low but audible groan as he looked. “They’re just too big and muscular I guess!”

“Oh..God, yes,” Charlie moaned.

“Charlie!” she laughed, turning to face him now, leaning back and crossing one meaty calf over the other knee, a thick slab of creased muscle flaring out around the shin. “You like my calves, don’t you?”

“Well..I…it’s just…you know…I…” he stammered.

“It’s OK, Charlie, it’s OK,” she cooed playfully, now tensing and relaxing that calf, the muscles and tendons jumping and twitching, Charlie’s eyes growing wider. “Did you, uh, check out my photos in more…well, more shall we say… carefully when you got home the other night?”

She was reeling him in slowly, relishing the chase, her own confidence and the young stud’s nervousness.

“Uh, yes, I did, I just wanted to…well, they’re…your legs…” he babbled.

“Yes, they are,” Carlyne laughed confidently. “And as you looked at them…did they, you know, excite you?”

Charlie’s cute face went crimson as she honed in on exactly the effect her luscious legs had on him. And were right now.

“I..uh…yeah, they…um…” he said nervously, looking away, hands folded over his crotch.

“I’m flattered, young man, very flattered,” she said with a slight growl, luring him in a bit more. “Did you…you know…”

She giggled mocking a stroking motion with her hand. Charlie’s eyes shot open wide, his face going redder still.

“That would flatter me most of all,” she growled with a smile

“R…really?” he asked.

“Really,” she fairly hissed, standing, hands on hips. “In fact…”

She turned and leaned her hands on the table, slowly lifting on her toes. The sight of her enormous calves bulging above her short black socks into twin columns of thick steel made Charlie gasp out loud. And his groin tingle.

“Oh my GOD!” he moaned. “They’re…incredible!”

“Yes, they are, Charlie,” she said, looking over her shoulder and winking at him.

She continued to do toe raises, up and down, his low moans growing in frequency and volume. She stopped, as she raised up high, leaving the meaty flesh bubbling into a full flex, a thick vein coursing down each to her slender ankle. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him.

“Touch them,” she said boldly, surprising herself as much as Charlie.

He blinked in disbelief.

“Touch…them?” he squeaked.

“Yes, Charlie, touch them, touch my calves!” she said more insistently now, resuming the bounce up and down, the muscles flaring and flexing in a sexy muscular dance. “Get down there, kneel down and touch them! Massage them for me!”

He didn’t need to be told twice. In a flash, he was kneeling behind Carlyne, one hand on each calf, surrounding the bulging flesh and groaning loudly as she worked them in his tight fingers. They both felt the mutual heat coursing between them.

“Squeeeeze ’em, Charlie, squeeeeze those calves, massage them, knead them, do it!” Carlyne heard herself saying, caught up in something she wasn’t sure of but unable to stop.

Charlie groaned louder still, his trembling fingers caressing the rippling steel, squeezing the flexing flesh, feeling them grow and pulsate in his grip. Carlyne arched her back, biting her lip, feeling the heat up flow her legs, her meaty calves, her iron thighs, and into her sexual core.

She liked it. A lot. And couldn’t nor wouldn’t stop.

“Your mouth, Charlie!” she hissed, shaking his hands away. “Put your mouth on my calves, lick them, suck on that muscle! Do it!”

“Oh GOD, Carlyne!” the boy groaned, leaning down and obeying her.

She nearly came when his hot mouth touched one calf, the lips molding over the muscle, tongue flashing out to lick the steely flesh as he suckled on the giant bubble. Both of them groaned out loud now as she continued to rise up and down on her toes, feeding him the growing thickness to be lapped, sucked, devoured.

Her thighs clenched together in her tight slacks as she felt the slave boy’s tongue and lips continue to worship at the temple of her calves, grinding them together, slot oyna pleasing herself. It wasn’t enough, she needed more, and now snapped her calves back, slapping his face away suddenly. She turned to face him, looking down, a dominant smile on her face, hands on her hips.

“Charlie, do you know what a scissor hold is?” she asked.

He shook his head no. She smiled.

“It’s when a woman wraps her legs around someone’s head or neck and squeezes, like a scissors, and makes him give up!” she growled. “I’ve read about it, seen it. My online worshippers say I’d be good at it. But Charlie, I’ve never done it…”

He looked up, eyes wide, as he knelt at her feet. She smiled.

“Until now,” she hissed, bending his head forward and stepping over it.

It hit them both at once, the power, the sexuality, the sheer force of pleasure, as Carlyne’s massive calves closed around the groaning boy’s neck as he bent at her feet. She cinched them together harder, twisting one foot behind the other, standing with hands on her hips and feeling the immense control of holding his very life in her steely legs.

“Gotcha Charlie!” she snarled, tensing the tremendous inner muscles of her bulbous calves against his neck. “Gotcha in my SCISSORS!”

He could only gasp at the power and pain and pleasure of the moment, his trembling hands cupped over the shins and palms feeling the quivering muscle slicing into his neck, watching it swell and thicken around him, those black socks drooping on her ankles below. Instantly, as she squeezed a bit harder, he felt his fingers and toes tingle, his head grow dizzy, his brain numb.

She was about to knock him out. And both knew it.

“You’re gonna pass out Charlie?” she laughed, pulsating over and over the thick slabs of meat on his neck, slowing the blood flow to his brain. “My SCISSOR gonna knock you out?”

“Y..yesh…pleesh…,” he slurred comically, sounding drunk, his hands slipping off her calves and flopping to the floor.

She laughed, squeezed a tad harder and then let go, stepping back. He slumped to the floor, moaning, rolling to his back as she sat down on a chair closest to them. His head was facing up, a slight smile on his lips, between her feet and those bulging calves.

She smiled at what she’d done and then gasped as her gaze traveled down his body – to the unmistakable bulge of his young, hard cock in his trousers.

“Oh, my!” she gasped to herself.

“Wh…what?” Charlie said, coming around and opening his eyes to the delicious sight of Carlyne’s crushing calves, tensed and ready and so close to him.

“Uh,” she said cautiously, debating whether to continue and then giving in to the heat of the moment, tossing caution to the wind. “Did I do THAT to you? Did me scissoring you in my calves do that to you?”

He looked down the length of his body, gasping at the sight of the tent pole in his trousers. He clamped his head over it and attempted to lift up, but his head only got as far as Carlyne’s calves as she quickly clamped them around his ears, squeezing the muscles hard around his head, imprisoning him.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, boy!” she laughed, pushing with her hands on her knees, imparting more sexy pressure into the calves locked like iron bars around his head, delighting in his thrashing. “Now, I asked you…”

She looked down at the moaning face mashed into the meaty grip of her mighty calves, smiling, speaking loudly enough to reach his ears that were covered in steely flesh.

“Did my calves to THIS to you!”

Playfully, she leaned forward and clamped a hand around his throbbing cock, twisting it, making him scream in pain and pleasure as she squeezed both his heads.

“YES!” he grunted loudly, hips bucking off the floor to lessen the pressure of her hand on him, thrusting into it, his hands cupping her calves for leverage. “PLEASE CARLYNE STOP SCISSORING ME!!”

She laughed and let go both holds, Charlie flopping to his back, groaning, rolling to his belly as she sat back smiling at what she’d done. Slowly, she helped him to his feet and stood, face to face, lips inching closer to his.

“Now, then,” she growled, impulsively leaning into him, hands around his face and pulling it to hers.

She felt him against her, trembling, crotch to crotch, both on fire as they kissed, tongues flashing into each other’s mouths, thrusting hip to hip. Charlie cried out in the kiss, eyes open, frightened and nervous, locking onto Carlyne’s, also open but brimming with cool, sexual confidence. She felt him push forward gingerly, and she answered with a brash, harder push of her own until she felt the tip of his arousal press between her powerful thighs. His eyelids fluttered and he groaned.

“Oh, not yet, young man, not before me, anyway,” she laughed, breaking the kiss and pushing away from him. “We don’t have much time left, I think it’s time to take this to a more private place.”

She led him from the break room, down the hall to a little-used utility canlı casino siteleri closet, he following like an obedient pup, eyes down watching those mammoth calves flex above her sexy black socks as she walked. Inside, she locked the door behind them, turning to push him back toward a raggedy old cushioned chair someone had brought in to catch surreptitious naps on company time.

“Now, there are OTHER scissors to be explored,” she said, sitting him on the floor in front of the chair and flopping into it, closing her meaty thighs around his ears and pulling his head back. “Like this one!”

If her calves hurt him before, her thighs opened up a whole new world of pain as she barely squeezed them around his head, locking her feet, and pressed. They were immense, thick planks of steel under her tight slacks, his hands shooting to them, desperate to pull them apart. She laughed at his struggles, squeezing a bit harder, his hands trembling as his fingers dug into the rocky creases of her bulging quad muscles.

“Nope, not going anywhere here, either!” she laughed, increasing the pressure bit by bit. “Charlie I leg press 750 pounds at the gym! More than most of the men, so you are NOT gonna escape my headscissors!”

She thrust her legs out hard now, snapping them up and back, the effect of it blasting her muscular thigh meat into his ears, over and over, a series of jolting scissors that nearly tore his head off, or so it felt. Her domination was instinctive; never having locked a man’s head in her thighs before, it all came to her naturally.

Including now, as she locked out straight and started a slow, deliberate quivering of her mighty thighs, the flesh quaking and trembling around Charlie’s face, which was all but hidden in the thick clamp of legs, a meaty wave of flesh slapping at his slurring face.

“You going out again, Charlie, my scissors gonna knock you out?” she laughed, mounting the quivering scissors now until every inch of her legs shook and quaked with delicious intensity, his hands falling to the floor.

She moved swiftly, intuitively to the next hold, one she’d seen online, a figure four scissors, tucking one tremendous calf up into his throat, hooking that foot behind the other knee and pulling back on it, the bubbling muscle nearly cracking his windpipe. He gagged and tried to submit, but her calf choked the air from him.

And as she pulled back and bucked forward to secure the hold, it pressed the back of his head to her crotch. The electricity she felt as she ground against him was palpable, as was the moist heat gathering in her groin, which Charlie felt on his head.

“Oh, God, soooo good, soooooo good,” Carlyne heard herself say, pumping her crotch on him, pulling the calf into his neck with tightening intensity, biting her lip in pre-orgasmic groaning. “Oh, God…”

She couldn’t stop and took it a step further, bolder, hotter. She released the grip only long enough to spin the moaning boy around and recapture his head in her scissors – his mouth right at her pussy, clamping a calf over the back of his neck, hooking the foot and pulling on it with her hand, pumping her crotch with reckless, passionate abandon against his face.

“Oh…oh..oh…SHIT!!” she screamed, bucking harder and faster into his face, his eyes open and watery, staring into her gorgeous face that was a mask of focus and mounting passion.

She came long and hard, the steamy emanations from her washing over Charlie’s bluish face through her tight slacks, swarming over him, making him taste, smell and feel her orgasmic efforts. She couldn’t stop, now pulling him completely to her, his head lost in her leggy grip. She didn’t notice he’d passed out until her orgasm finally stopped and she sat back, unlocking her lethal legs and letting him flop, moaning, to the floor between her feet.

When her panting subsided, Charlie was just beginning to come around, struggling to his knees, shaking his head and focusing on the smiling MILF sitting on the chair, her legs spread, calves bulging as she pointed her toes, gently swaying her legs back and forth.

“Have a nice nap?” she giggled, biting her finger playfully and sucking it, watching him watch the gentle sway of her legs as she wiggled them open and shut.

“What…happened…?” he asked, groggily.

“THESE happened!” she laughed, slapping and locking her immense thighs together, the clapping sound startling the boy. “You went out…”

She sat up in her chair, legs pressed against it, a mad flare of calf meat creasing around the shinbones, leaning toward him and pulling him to his knees before them, his crotch level with them.

“But you got me off, you dear boy, and for that…,” she cooed, kissing him, thrusting a tongue into his mouth, holding the back of his head with one hand, the other snaking between them. “You will be rewarded…”

Charlie’s eyes were open and locked on hers as she kissed him and expertly unsnapped his pants, yanking them down, pulling out his anxious, young cock. His eyes went wider still as she pulled him forward, capturing the soaking-wet tip into the meaty maw of her lusty, muscular calves.

“OH MY GOD!” he cried into her mouth, her eyes on his.

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