A Mind-Blowing Fuck


I blew someone’s mind tonight. No kidding, I really did. Normally when I’m with someone, I have a good time and I’m usually confident that whoever I’m with has a good time, too. I mean, all the people I’ve been with (and I’ve been with many) have all said I was good and I do great ‘repeat business’. So I always figured I was doing something right. Tonight, however, was different. It was incredible!

I came home tonight slightly buzzed from my friend Jennifer’s house. We’d been talking over an art project we’re doing together while my kids played in the living room. Now you’ve got to understand that my friend Jennifer is incredibly HOT. I’ve had a few bisexual experiences, but I’d not really call myself bi-sexual. My adventures had mostly been experimental. But let’s face it all women have a couple of friends they’re secretly attracted to. You know the friend I mean? The one with the lush tits or the oh-so-sexy hair. Flashes of her naked pop into your imagination at odd moments, don’t they? That’s Jennifer for me. When the two of us drink wine or get stoned together I keep wanting to do the most naughty things with her. Trouble is, I don’t know if she’s open to that, so I just talk and smile and hope it doesn’t show.

So I was feeling quite frisky when I got home and put the kids to bed. I began my nightly wanderings through the house saying ‘good night’ to people. I should probably tell you about my house. I live in a spouse-swapping, communal living household. My husband and I share a three-story house with another couple and we have open marriages. That means that everyone who is over eighteen has slept with everyone else over eighteen in the house at least once. There isn’t any schedule or system to it. Most nights I sleep with my husband, but if one night I am ‘feeling peckish’ for one of the other adults, I can just go sound them out and if they feel like it, off we go. Some nights there have been joyful times had by all, but most of the time it has been pretty much one on one.

In the evenings I usually stop by to talk to everyone and see how their day went and spend some time with each person. First I kiss my three boys good night. Then I wander into Connie’s room where she and my husband are on their computers. They’re usually playing some kind of MMORPG. I chat with them for a bit then go to see Eric. On most evenings, Eric is also on his computer, which he has cleverly set up so the monitor swings over to the bed and he can play his games while lying there. Yes, we are all gaming geeks — what can I say? So I either sit on the bed or cuddle up with Eric while he plays and we talk for a bit.

Well, tonight as I passed his room on my way to shoo the kids out of the bathroom, I saw through the cracked-open door, that Eric was sprawled naked on his bed. I had to stop for a second to goggle at him. He just looked so tasty to my chemically altered perceptions. I got the kids in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bed and stopped in to see Greg (that’s my husband) and Connie. Then I wandered back down to Eric’s room. I smiled at him and he looked at me with a kind of sweet happiness that was both really attractive and really out of character. I cuddled up next to him. Her rolled on to his side and smiled. “I had a fierce migraine so I took two Ibuprofen and some allergy medicine. Now feel much better.”

Eric has prescription allergy medicine and it always leaves him kind of loopy. It’s one of the ones you see advertised, but in the behind-the-counter strength.

“Mmmmmm” I said to myself. “Eric’s a little stoned. I’m betting that he’s lying here with the covers off and the window above his bed open because the breeze feels so cool blowing across his body. He is stoned and probably feeling very sensual right now.” So I started to rub his body casually, just enjoying the feel of his skin. I got no reaction other than a slightly deeper breath and a slow relaxation of his muscles under my fingers. I kept doing it as we chatted about our day, about our week actually. I’d been busy with a gallery opening this week and hadn’t really been home much. While we were talking my hand motions were getting stronger and beginning to focus on his upper thigh and below his waist.

“Should I get undressed or should I go upstairs and leave you alone?” I whispered in his ear.

“You should definitely get undressed.”

I stood up and shut the door in case the kids went to the bathroom then I moved at the foot of the bed. I turned my back to him because I know he loves looking at my ass. I was wearing a loose top, no bra and a long gauzy skirt without panties. I slipped the skirt down first so he could see a little bit of my firm naked rump flitting between the folds of the blouse. I took my time with the buttons knowing that it was entrancing him. I swayed a little back and forth. There was a sexy ballad running through my head and I moved my body in time to it. When I was finished with the buttons I let the blouse fall gently to the floor and turned slowly toward him. I climbed up on the bed like a stalking cat, moving between his thighs and took his soft, but hardening cock in my mouth. He has a really good prick. I’ve never measured it, but it is just long enough to fit into the top of my throat. Just enough to make me gag without making me feel like I’m suffocating. My husband has a huge cock — 8 ½ inches and thick enough that I can’t completely get my fingers around it. It’s a wonderful cock to get fucked with, but if he’s in the mood to throat fuck me, then ‘Oh my god!’ Anyway, Eric’s dick is just the right size. He gets to have that great feeling guys love when your throat closes as you gag and I was able to focus on giving head instead of wondering if I’m going to pass out; something I’ve done many güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri times with Greg.

His cock was getting hard in my mouth. If you’ve only gone down on hard cocks — you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s such a great feeling as this soft, sensitive piece of flesh grows and hardens; filling your mouth. I love feeling that, and listening to the gasp or moan as he closes his eyes and just concentrates on what my mouth is making him feel. It’s so much fun. So, knowing that Eric was all about sensation right then, I took my time. I moved my tongue softly and slowly around his cock; focusing on all his sensitive spots. I let it slip out until just the tip was between my lips then I slowly sucked it back into my mouth. It got harder. I moved my tongue in a wave up and down the whole cock. Then I let it slide out again, but I gently swung my head side to side so his dick felt my tongue twining around it like the stripes on a barber pole. While I was doing that I moved my ass to the same motion.

Looking down at me, I knew he would see my head and ass swinging and swaying hypnotically. When the head was at my lips again I sucked on it while I got ready. I took a deep breath and slid all the way down so the tip with its dribbles of precum was nestled inside my throat. I let myself gag and swallow three times then came back up for air. I heard him gasping my name while I caught my breath. I did it again.

I was about to go down for a third time when he gasped, “Climb on top”

I straddled him and lowered myself on to his beautiful cock.

You know there’s something really wonderful about settling onto a good-sized hard dick. You feel it spreading your lips, pushing your pussy walls out; stretching you; filling you up. Then as you sit it feels so wonderful inside you. Every move you make is thrilling, pleasuring in ways only that hard rod can do. You just know you’re going to come any second.

As I sat on him I started to rock back and forth, grinding my pussy against his groin. I wanted to stimulate his eyes too, so I grabbed my breasts and made a show of playing with them. They did feel really good. The nipples were so sensitive, as I pinched and twisted them. I lifted each tit in turn and nibbled at my teats. I squeezed and kneaded the flesh of my twin globes. And all this time I was squeezing my legs together and wiggling around on his lap, pivoting on that wonderful, hard cock.

Finally I couldn’t stand it. I leaned forward to kiss him and at the same time I rubbed my engorged clit against his pelvis. Harder and harder, until I got it just right — firmly and fast enough to set me off as my juice lubricated and soaked his cock. I felt the build up in my body; the telltale pulses of sensual pleasure that spread to every part of my body and that grew stronger and stronger. I kept kissing him through my climax until I was gasping, güvenilir bahis şirketleri limp and spent on his body.

“Get on your back,” He whispered.

I quickly flipped over, feeling a cold breeze playing across my body. He climbed over me, but was on his hands and knees looking down, but not touching me. I grabbed my knees and tilted my pussy up towards his dick as if begging for it. Eric smiled down at me as he grabbed that glistening cock; ready to slip it inside me. He watched my face intently as he pushed ever so slowly into me. I could feel my pussy contracting nervously, like it was trying to pull him in. I looked into his eyes, those dark devil eyes, and he smiled and edged in a little more. He was teasing me, taunting me. I closed my eyes and just focused on the feeling of that wonderful, hard cock coming inside me bit by bit; arousing every nerve ending on its journey.

It felt so amazing and I needed it so badly. I pushed my hips up trying to get more of him inside me. Oh God, I wanted him.

I remember whimpering a small bit. He smiled even wider. I knew he loves it when I whimper. I was quivering all over.

“Please,” I whispered.

He said nothing, just kept pushing inside me at that agonizingly slow pace.

“Oh please,” I begged.

He still went slowly until almost all of him was buried to the hilt and then he slammed in the last two inches.

I came so hard that I screamed! He smiled down at me and kissed me, then began fucking me hard. Fucking me and simultaneously giving me deep sensual kisses. I could feel myself building up to yet another orgasm.

He dropped his head down to rest on my shoulder and attacked one of my favorite erogenous zones; my incredibly sensitive neck. Any kissing, biting or stroking there makes me tremble. He caressed me with his lips, and then was biting my neck until the sensual feelings drove me to the edge of another climax.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him as he thrust his cock inside me again and again. I could feel my orgasm building stronger and stronger. Any second, I was going to cum. I was whimpering incoherently and holding on to him for dear life. My climax began so deep inside, exploding out and causing my whole body to convulse. I had to bite his chest to stay quiet. At the same time I heard him gasp my name and felt his cock swell and shoot hot cum inside me. I imagined his thick seed spraying my womb in pulses, mixing with my juices. The image turned me on so much that my mind and body melded, taking me to ripples of ‘little deaths’ as I continued to convulse, until we were both totally spent.

We lay there virtually comatose. Gradually we separated enough for him to lie on his back and for me to snuggle under his arm. He held me close to him and just whispered my name over and over again. I rested in his arms and shivered with tiny post-orgasmic ripples of pleasure. I could not believe how multi-orgasmic I had become; nor how sex with Eric had been so intense this time. I was speechless. In fact, it must have been nearly ten minutes before either of us spoke.

He whispered, “That was amazing!”

“Yes,” I whispered back.

After that we just lay together.

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