A Model for the Life Class Ch. 04


I could hardly walk as I made my way down the corridor and back to the life class. My legs, back, anus and balls all ached like mad and I was sure I’d be black and blue when I checked the mirror later. I tried to slide in quietly and without attracting attention to my return but Steve, who had been drawing next to me, saw me and let out a yell.

“Hi mate. Glad your’e back. Where the hell did you get to?” he said.

Heads turned and I did a loud “Shhh,” before someone else did. I didn’t want everyone to know I’d been spread over Mr Richardson’s desk, getting the full attention of his long, slender daddy dick for the last twenty minutes!

“Keep it down mate. Glad you missed me but I’m back now.”

With that I tidied my board and began to fix a fresh sheet of paper.

One of the heads that had turned was Antone’s, the life model for today. He was standing sideways on to us and stretched his neck in an excuse to turn his head. When he saw me he smiled his wicked grin and bent to stretch his hamstrings. God, he was hot. Wow, and supple too.

He looked up with his head resting on his thighs and winked in my direction. A girl in the row in front saw it and thought he was making eyes at her. She giggled and blushed as her mates asked what was the matter.

“Antone, would you like a short break? We can take ten minutes. Call it a comfort stop everyone. All back in ten.” With that Mr Richardson, the art tutor for this class, left the room. He was probably going to “tidy” his office, or make sure all the cum stains on his desk were wiped clean.

A general hubbub of noise broke the silence and Steve started quizzing me again.

“I was sorry to leave you alone with pervy Mr Richardson,” he said. “What did you get up to?”

I showed him the new drawing and he looked at it with interest. I tried to distract him by talking about his work. It was good but I liked Ricky’s better. He was on the other side of me and he had a style that seemed to make the figure step forward from out of a mist.

“This is great man. Wish I could work in that way.”

My diversion tactics seemed to be working and another distraction was provided by the arrival of Billy and Mark. They were first year students like me and we had chatted this morning over coffee. They were taking this break as an opportunity to walk round and show off a bit. Definitely a couple of exhibitionists, and when they saw me they headed over.

“Hi Joe, what you up to over here? Can we come and play,” Mark pouted.

I introduced everyone and Billy, a tall muscular stud, asked me what I thought of the model. I felt myself redden again and muttered something like,”Yeh, he’s hot. Reminds me of you.”

“Billy laughed and Mark said that the two things they had in common were being well hung and being black.

“Nothing wrong with being black Bro,” said a deep voice from behind us and we all turned to see the hot, handsome Antone standing with his arms folded over a broad, smooth chest and eyes glinting in devilment. He stood about four inches taller than any of us and his musculature was even more impressive close up.

“Thought I’d have a look at how things are going. I like that,” and he pointed at Rick’s.

“Lets see yours,” he said to me, with a sexy grin and another of those devilish winks and as I held up my last effort that Mr Richardson had helped me with, Antone moved close behind me and put his mouth close to my ear. His breath made me tremble and the smell and closeness of his body had my hands shaking and my legs quivering. I could feel my cock stiffening, especially when Anton pressed his hand on my bum cheeks and kneaded them firmly. Not bad,” he said loud enough for the others to hear, Then, bending closer he whispered in my ear,

“Why don’t you hang about when every one else clears off after the class. I’d like to get to know you better.”

He growled and I felt the barest touch of his cock on my bum cheeks as he brushed teasingly against me.

With that he turned and made his way back to the dais in the centre of the room.

“What did he want?” asked Billy.

“What a stud. He’s so fit. Close up he’s really buff, ” said Steve. “Wouldn’t mind a few minutes alone with him.”

“Are you guys gay?” asked Mark in wide-eyed wonder, as though he had just unwrapped a great Christmas present.

“No, most of us are bi,” said Steve, “but some like men more than others,” and he gave me a sexy leer.

Just then Mr Richardson came back in and quietened the noise and chatter with a loud, barked summons to get to work again.

“Some of you have a lot to do to get finished and I want to see all first year work before you go. Buckle down and get to it.”

He turned to Antone and assisted him in getting back in place by lining up the chalk marks for his feet. From the middle of the platform he looked out and stretched that magnificent body and unselfconsciously adjusted his cock. It was creeping down his leg again and he smiled over at me as he did so. güvenilir bahis I blushed yet again and felt myself harden in my jeans.

I must remember to wear something looser tomorrow. This tightness could get painful.

We were all quickly back to work and I tried to use Rick’s way of drawing and was quite pleased with how things were progressing.

“You have just half an hour,” called out Mr Richardson, and a hush fell on the room as we concentrated on our work.

Steve leaned across to me and squeezed my bum without anyone seeing. “Want to hook up tonight?” he whispered, pulling closer to me so no-one else could hear.

“Perhaps go for a drink and I’ll show you my room. What do you say?”

“What about Pete? Won’t you be seeing him?” I asked.

“Oh yeh. but thought you could handle two of us. Interested?” and he leered at me again.

God, I had hardly got used to one guy at a time and he was suggesting two.

“No mate. Some of us freshers are meeting up for a drink,” I lied. “Perhaps we can hook up another day?”

Why had I lied to him. I certainly found him attractive, if a little “lively”.

Did I secretly intend to meet up with the black stud, Antone?

“OK mate, your loss. You can always give me a knock when you get in. We are bound to be still awake.”

He eyed me slyly. “And if you come back with someone be sure to bring them up too. The more the merrier.”

Our whispers were too quiet for anyone else to hear but the content was causing my cock to stiffen AGAIN. I’d never known a day like it. Up and down like Tower Bridge. I would need a good blow job at least after this and I looked lustfully at Antone. He was holding his pose well and the faint covering of oil on his body glistened in the art room lights. He had suggested a meeting after the class but I wasn’t sure I was up to it. Christ he was buff and I really wanted to be in tip-top shape for any session we had together. I’d only just cum for Mr Richardson and wasn’t sure how I’d perform again so soon.

What was I thinking? He’d probably just use my body for his pleasure and throw me off like an old sock. Well even that wouldn’t be all bad.

I was imagining his hard cock impaling me as his strong arms lifted me up, planting me on his throbbing cock. Then he was banging my ass and thrusting his hips as he pumped me full of his cum. I was hanging on to his shoulders and panting and moaning as he kissed me with those full and luscious lips.

Oh God. How could I say no?

“Right class, time’s up,” said Mr Richardson.

“First year work with names on the back on the table by the door on your way out. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day. Thank you Antone. We’ll see you on Thursday and Friday.” With that parting comment he was gone.

The place erupted into noise and movement with students chatting and stacking equipment as they tidied the room. I took my time clearing up, casting furtive, hurried glances in Antone’s direction. He looked at me from across the room and licked his lips.

The next time I looked up he had disappeared. I hadn’t seen where he’d gone but as I scanned round for a glimpse of his hard, black body I was disappointed. He was nowhere to be seen.

Billy and Mark wandered over clutching their work. “What do you think the old bugger will make of these,” laughed Billy. He seemed a little nervous and shifted from foot to foot, clutching his drawings.

“Lets have a look then,” said Rick and we held the papers between us as we pored over them. He had given the model an ENORMOUS, stiff prick, sticking out from a very muscular, well observed body.

“Fuck mate, I’d like a piece of that.” said Rick. “Bit of artistic license eh?”

We were discussing the line quality and shading when a movement from the centre of the room caught my eye. As I looked through the scrum of bodies I saw him. Antone had returned to collect his robe and the blanket on which he had been lying.

He was dressed casually in a tight T shirt that showed all his chest muscles to good advantage. On his legs he wore the tightest athletic tights ever, showing off his thighs and calves, and the very promising bulge in the front. I stood there drooling as he collected his things. Our eyes met and he smiled seductively and, just for me, turned around and bent over. He rubbed the top of his legs and the tight buns as he picked up the towel, then with a discrete nod in my direction he had gone again, disappearing back to the changing room.

I couldn’t believe no-one else had seen him and struggled to stack my easel and disguise the stiff, erect penis in my pants. I knew I was blushing and avoided everyone’s gaze and attention.

“Well,” said Billy. “Are we gonna get a drink or what?”

Steve looked over and smiled. “You youngsters head on out and have a good time. Us oldies won’t be able to keep up, is that what you mean?”

Billy was just about to say something, perhaps to invite him too, when I interrupted and quickly agreed that türkçe bahis we needed time to bond as a year group. I gave Steve and Rick my best “friends” smile and waved them off. I checked with Mark which pub we were meeting at and made an excuse to be late. Then I followed the straggles out of the life studio and headed to the model changing room.

I was nervous as I knocked on the door. I could feel my hand trembling and it took all my resolve to wait for an answer and not run off down the corridor and out into the afternoon sun.

But I waited, hardly daring to breathe, for what seemed like forever.

Finally the door was opened and the bulk of a black, large body filled the door frame.

Soft, hooded eyes looked into mine and the faintest trace of a smile spread over the luscious, full lips. As he spoke, or growled, there was a a flash of bright, regular teeth.

“So, you decided to take me up on my offer, eh? You’d better come in instead of blocking up the corridor.”

With that Antone turned and moved into the room, giving me a good look at his firm legs and muscled bum, now clad in tight black jeans.

If I had any willpower left it had gone when he looked at me over his shoulder, licked his lips and growled,”Come on boy. You know you want it.”

his body was hard, his cock was huge and the sex was good – no, it was great.

( But you don’t want to read about that. Oh you do.)

He turned and moved towards me, wrapping me in his hard, muscled arms and pulling me to his firm chest. My mouth was open in lust as he bit down on my ear. He moved his lips to my mouth and fought my tongue as he pushed his demanding muscle inside my mouth.

“Mmmnn, Oh God, oh yes, yes,” was all I could say as I felt Antone move his hand up under my T and scratch on my back.

His searching fingers moved around, still under my T until they found my nipples. He then proceeded to pull and pinch at first the left then the right one, making me moan with pleasure and grind against his hard body with uncontrolled lust.

“Oh please, please Antone. Fuck me man. I need your cock in me now,” I gasped between kisses and gropings.

He laughed and rubbed the back of my body, getting most of his hand down my tight jeans.

“You givin’ me your sweet little boy arse?” he murmured, leaning into my neck and sucking up a forceful love bite. I flung my head back and let out a long, low moan, grinding into him with more intensity and passion.

“Fuck yes. Take me, here, now. Get inside me and fill my hole with your jizz.”

I couldn’t believe that was my voice saying those sexy things. I was way past being provocative. I was wanton, rampant with desire. I knew this big black stud could really take me to new heights and I wasn’t letting him out of this room until he had.

He laughed and ground his hips against mine. Then to my surprise he put both hands under mt thighs and lifted me up so we were chest to chest and my eyes were level with his. He smiled and licked his lips. Those lovely plump lips parting sensually, oh so invitingly so I couldn’t resist attacking them with my tongue. We started rocking back and forwards. grinding our hips slowly against each other. Fuck that felt so good. I was floating on a wave of lust.

“I want you boy but you have to tell me how much you want it, and what you want me to do to you. Come on. Talk dirty to me,” Anton moaned into my ear.

I was still pumping into him while he held me effortlessly in his strong black arms.

“Oh Anton, you sexy fuck. I want to feel you inside me. I want your big, black rod pumping my guts until you explode and cream inside me.” Was that me talking again? Where had I learned to talk like that?

“Ok boy. Lets get you out of these jeans,” and as he said the words he slowly lowered me to the floor.

I unbuckled my belt and then his, my hands faltering and hesitant in my excitement and anticipation. Antone stripped off my T and raised his big black arms to allow me to pull his over his head. He pulled my jeans down and lifted one leg at a time to help wriggle me out of them. Then he stepped out of his own.

Fuck, he was commando. His cock was stiff and unconstrained by briefs or boxers, unlike me.

He was hard and stiff, at least ten inches long and as fat as my wrist. Christ, how would I take all of that?

Antone grabbed me again and lifted me back into his arms. He kissed me forcefully and his tongue flicked in and out of my mouth.

“You want me baby? You ready for my big cock?” and he ground against my crotch through the material of my skimpy white briefs as he lifted me back onto his body with both arms under my legs and thighs, exposing my butt hole to his every whim. Ne had me in a firm grip and was completely in control and I was loving it.

I hung to his neck with both hands and moaned and writhed. “Oh yes big boy. Fuck me with that rod of yours. Come on man. Get inside me, and make me feel it.”

With that I bit on his ear and lowered güvenilir bahis siteleri my mouth to his chest. { found a nipple and rolled it in my mouth, flicked it with my tongue and then bit down, gently at first but with increasing pressure as he started to moan and push into my crack harder and harder with that big black cock.

I felt both hands grip my bum cheeks and pull them apart. Then Antone’s fingers were inside my briefs and he had one, than two fingers caressing my hole. Before I knew it they were deep inside me.

“Fuck man, that is so hot,” and I wriggled against his hand as he fondled, pushed in and opened me up. I knew I had to be ready for his huge dick and if this was what it took I’d learn to love it. And I found that after the pain of the first rough intrusion I was really getting off on it.

He had found some lube and was pushing two then three then, unbelievably four fingers deep inside and wriggling them around. This was something new and I moaned as the rough, probing fingers hit the spot.

We were both humping and moaning now and my briefs were clearly in the way.

As if he had read my thoughts Anton grabbed the material in both hands and pulled. The pants ripped apart and cool air caressed my hot thighs and bum hole. I felt empty where his fingers had been and my ring puckered and pulsed gently, as if trying to find something hard to suck inside.

Anton wasted no time. As if strengthened and exhilarated by the nakedness of my hole he positioned his hard, black cock right at the tight ring and roughly pushed forward.

“Here it comes boy. You ready for this man meat?” he snarled. Without waiting for an answer he was in and kept up the pressure with firm and forceful strokes until buried deep inside me.

“Ohhh, ohh NNOOO,” I moaned and shouted as the pain increased until it was nearly unbearable. There was no moment of pleasure, just a gut-stabbing agony as he worked further and further inside me. And to think I had been persuaded to beg for this, to act the slut for the promised pleasure.

“NO, No! Oh god, I can’t take it, you’re too big. Pull out man, PULL OUT!. Oh , ohhh, AGHHHH!!”

Antone took a break and held still, his sweat soaked body pressed against mine so I could feel every muscle of his thighs and abs. The over-riding sensation was the painful one of his stiff, hard, pulsating cock buried deep inside me.

“Relax man. Go with it.” Antone moaned.” I don’t want to hurt you, you sweet boy but we gotta break you in to this big dick or how you ever gonna enjoy a fuck with me? The pain will soon go and I guarantee you’ll be begging for more.” He stroked my wet, sweaty hair with a big hand.

” Just relax and push down when I start to pump again. Ready?”

Through tear stained eyes I looked at him and tried to smile. “OK, but slowly, and stop if it gets too bad. Please.”

He kissed me slowly and sensuously on the mouth, biting my bottom lip gently. “Trust me,” he groaned.”You’re gonna love it. Once you’ve had my big ,black dick you won’t want anything else.”

He kissed me again, more passionately this time and I felt his cock twitch inside me. It seemed to be swelling up and I was again aware of the pain and discomfort.

“I’m not sure,” I moaned. “I don’t think I can …” but Anton wasn’t listening to me. He started pushing and pumping and this time I tried to relax and push back. It still hurt but I was more able to take it. Eventually he stopped.

“That’s it, I’m in.” and I understood that he was buried, “balls deep” in my hole.How had I managed to take it all? I could fel its emormous girth rather than the length of it.

“There, you love it now ehh?” and he nuzzled my neck as we rocked slowly back and forward.

The pain was still there but not enough to bring fresh tears to my eyes and without further penetration I was growing used to the size of his tool inside me. It felt like I was about to have an enormous “dump” and couldn’t believe I was stretched so wide.

Antone picked up the pace again and I started to rock my hips back and forth in time with his gentle but firm pressure. I was moaning and started crying out.

“Oh yes, that feels good. Oh just like that. Oh yes, yes, YESS,” and I screamed as he hit the spot inside me .

He lowered me to the floor, hard cock still inside me and without missing a beat continued to pick up the pace. Antone was really pumping now and his hips ground against mine at every push forward. I was rocking to and fro in time with his thrusts and pulled his head down to mine. Our lips met and opened and I flicked and sucked at the inside of his mouth with my tongue.

“Oh yes, come on man fuck me harder. I’m loving it. I want it deep and rough.”

“Told ya,” he said. With that Antone ceased the gentle lover and became a wild animal. He scraped at my skin with his fingernails, pulled at my hair, bit on my nipples and pumped and thrust his cock so forcefully and deep I thought it would break through the top of my head.

“Oh yes man. You big black bastard. Fuck me good. Fill me with your cum,” I shouted in wild abandon while writhing on the floor under his big, hard body.

Just then there was a knock at the door and the janitor’s head popped round.

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