A Moments Kiss Ch. 01


*All Characters Are 18 or Older*

Friday had arrived and left and in a blink of an eye Demetri Parker had graduated high school and left his nightmare of a house. His life now consisted of trying to forget all the years of abuse and hurt he had suffered from his family. On the outside, a stranger might see a perfect family, not a speck of anger or troublesome worries in sight. But the family itself was neither perfect nor wonderful. An abusive father, a perfectionist mother and the perfect daughter. He himself was always behind the shadow of his god-like sister Julia. Nothing he did ever lived up to his parents expectations. But he was gone from that hell house and left the thought alone, letting himself ponder on other thoughts.

The bus he had been sitting for the past four hours stopped coming to a stop near a sign that read Cedarcrest. His bronze eyes gazed at the town he saw before him. Was this where he was suppose to be?


All he could do was run. If he stopped, God knows what would happen. Then again, he had a pretty good idea of what would become of him. Starvation, torture or worse, death. But he was far away from that beast he once called Father. He laughed.

Father? Yeah right, in what world? He thought.

Soon his legs grew tired and he knew if he didn’t he soon would pass out. His breathing grew deeper as he stopped running, feet sore from running so far and heart almost bursting from its cage. His eyes scanned the surroundings, a sign and a bus emptying full of people. God, he felt like a wild animal peering at those people from the bushes. The last person exiting the bus was a guy. His eyes scanned his golden body head-to-toe.

Assuming he was 18, he guessed he was just out of school, judging the suitcases and the attire. But what bothered him the most was the eyes. Bronze and perfect, he could look into those eyes forever. He waited until everyone walked away from the bus to leave the bushes. He didn’t look so different from anyone else, minusing the fact he had no shoes and his shirt was tattered and torn. But one thing was for sure and that was he had to find out who that guy was.


Demetri looked around the town before moving in a small motel for the night. His head ached and he desperately needed a bath to calm his nerves down. He unlocked the room, throwing his bags down and heading for the bathroom, turning on the water and removing the clothing he had. He hadn’t felt this good since…well since never. His body illegal bahis sunk underneath the warm water and he felt at peace. Everything in the world didn’t matter as long as he had some haven with him and right now this was it. His thoughts began nipping at his family. Would they miss him? Did they know he was gone? What would his family say to their friends? He could see the headlines in the paper, Runaway Boy Shames Family.

He shook his head. Nobody dared to speak a word about one of the richest families in N.J anyway. His father would spin another lie and feed it to the people just like he kept the image that Demetri was straight.

He remembered the fateful day he told his parents he was gay. 16 and naive he was, thinking his parents would understand. Almost immediately his father took the fork he was using and began chasing him around the house until he cut him so deep, Demetri had to receive ten stitches on his lower thigh.

He shuddered at the thought. As he began to the tub, he almost shed a tear thinking about his sister stuck inside Hell. But before he could, his forgotten phone began to go off.


“Name please?”

Kyle looked at the receptionist as if he was crazy. He suddenly remembered why he came here and where he was. With no reason to not give him his real name, he gave the receptionist his name.

“Kyle. Kyle Laurent.”

The man nodded, obviously bored with the whole thing. After typing the required information, the man named the price for a week stay.

“$240 for over night. Any additional items or services required?” The man let himself sigh once and continued to look at Kyle.

Kyle dug in his pocket, coming out with $120, a dust ball and a pack of gum.

“I..I only have $120. Is there a slight possibility that I could umm..work for the extra money?” His voice was weak and he looked at the man, now agitated at him even more so.

“Look kid, I don’t have time to mess around with the likes of you. Get out now.” His voice was ice cold and hit Kyle like a dagger.

Kyle began to run out the Ace & Jacks motel like he was fire. What was he thinking? He couldn’t live by himself without shelter or food. He would go back to Dave and explain it was all a mistake. His feet began to move again and he found himself walking. A sudden flash of bright lights awakened him and he heard a voice scream something before it all became black.


“Look Out!!” Demetri screamed.

The unknown figure illegal bahis siteleri fell on the black pavement, unconscious and hopefully alive. Demetri ran from his room, out of the lobby and towards the figure. The driver, calling 911 and screaming she didn’t see him.

Sprawled on the pavement was a young man, presumably 19 or 20 in Demetri’s eyes. Sirens were growing closer by the second and Demetri began to pick the man up when he heard a soft groan from him. His eyes soon fluttered open staring into his with amazingly beautiful blue eyes. As the paramedics began to take him away, Demetri heard him say one last thing before he faded into the darkness.


**An Hour Later**

As he waited to hear the condition of the mystery man, Demetri tried to erase the fact that a man he barely knew gave him a raging boner every time he thought about him. His palms began to sweat every time he replayed the hit and him falling. The doctor, Mr. Gabriel Anderson, looked down at him and immediately knew these guys had some connection.

“Hello. Dr. Anderson and you are?” The doc’s smile was genuine and Demetri replied with the same amount of respect.

“Demetri Parker. How’s umm.. he doing?”

“Well Mr. Laurent is doing fine. Just a slight concussion and a few stitches above his eye and on his lower chest.”

Luckily, the doctor lead him to his room without any questions asked. Before Dr. Anderson left, Demetri had one last question.

“Whats his name?”

With a heart warming smile he replied, “Kyle.”



He was at peace. Finally. No more hurt or pain or any other thing to bother him. Death seemed quite fair in for likes of Kyle but he soon realized he wasn’t dead, for his eyes opened staring at the mystery man he saw the earlier that day. In sleep, the guy was god-like. His semi-long hair was draped over his face and his chest rising each time he breathed. If he could he would of reached over and caressed an kissed the man he wanted and needed. His body stirred and moved as Kyle watched him sleep. If only he hadn’t lived the way he did, maybe in some distant future they could of been together and cherished each and ever waking moment they spent with each other. But he couldn’t because it just simply wouldn’t happen, not now, not ever.

Kyle had begun to laugh, a stomach curdling laugh, but never the less a laugh. His laughter had come from a thought, a thought that had said ‘If you hadn’t been born, you canlı bahis siteleri wouldn’t be in this mess at all.’ So he laughed, and as he did Demetri had silently woken up.

“Nice to see somebodies not dead in here.” His words threw the laughter out the window and left Kyle staring at his love.

“Its…Its you!” His mouth manage to croak out the words.

“Me…Yeah I guess it is. And its you. Demetri Parker, Whats yours?” His smile warmed Kyle from his head to toe.

“Kyle.” Everything he felt was just pure happiness. Nothing could ruin this moment except of course the doctor entering the room.

“Umm Sorry to Ruin the Moment but I think we all agree that Mr. Laurent is O.K to go home?” The doctor smiled at them both, both now blushing a deep red.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave Mr. Parker. You may wait in the waiting room.” The doctor nodded to the door and Demetri was gone.


Could his life get any better? It was as if everything he could ever want in his life had finally came to him. As he sat down on the hospital chair he began wondering what Kyle meant when he said ‘Its you.’ Had he seen him before? He hadn’t seen him that’s for sure.

“Mr. Parker, I assume you and Mr. Laurent will reside at either his or your house. I trust you will provide him with the proper care?” Dr. Anderson looked at him waiting for an answer.

“Yeah uh Sure.”

“Great.” As if on cue, Kyle walked out and stared at him with gorgeous blue eyes.

“Hey.” He stretched out his hand and Demetri shook it gladly.

“Well Mr. Laurent I expect you to come by in a week to see how you are doing.”

And with that the doctor left.


Just say it. Say it and get it over with. Kyle thought.

How could he? Say I Love You to a person he barely knew? He didn’t even know if he was gay or straight! He stole glance at Demetri and force the urge to lean over and kiss him. The car pulled up to the motel were apparently Demetri lived. As Demetri got out of the car, Kyle felt there was an uneasy bond between the two. Like he didn’t even want him to be here. Under the circumstances, Kyle had to follow Demetri into the motel.

Unlike most crappy motels, the Ace & Jacks was a clean and nicely furnished. But the only problem was the sleeping quarters.

“I could sleep on the chair?” Demetri asked.

“No no that’s fine. Just please tell me you don’t snore?” With that, Demetri cracked a smile.

Demetri’s phone began to go off, erasing the smile and putting a look of worry on him. He heard screaming on the other line and wondered what that was all about. The phone closed and Demetri was pale as a ghost.

“What is it?”

“My father. He’s here.”

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