A Mother Bound


Author’s Note: This story is combined request of two readers. The first reader requested a story where a woman is bound and laying on virginal, white sheets. The second reader requested for me to write about her fantasy of having a threesome with her boyfriend and his mother. She requested his mother be bound and blackmailed. The names have been changes at her request. Thank you, dear reader, for the pictures. It has helped to paint the story with words.


I am posing for Jay and allowing him to take whichever pictures of my naked body he desires. I used to feel uncomfortable with my small breasts, one just slightly smaller than the other, and dark nipples that are difficult to conceal without a bra. I hate bras with a passion and am small enough to not need one at all. It isn’t just the discomfort that I hate, but the difficulty for his hands to reach my very sensitive nipples.

I can see in the mirror that he is focused on my pear-shaped cheeks and am happy that he doesn’t want anything bigger. My metabolism is too fast for me to put on any weight, which leaves me with a very petite body. He sets the phone down and love the way his mocha hands feel on my bronzed ass.

His hands reach around and I feel them move across my smooth flesh. I shave down there daily just for him. It was awkward at first to be bald there, but I have grown to enjoy the sensation. Especially since there is no longer any pain associated with an occasional hair being pulled out.

I feel his hard shaft press between my cheeks and he starts to guide me to his bed. That is where the restraints are and I am allowing him to use them on me in this way for the first time. His powerful hands turn me to face him and he lifts me up in his powerful arms. I love the feel of his flesh pressed to mine.

He places me on the bed and I allow him to bring my hands up without any hesitation. I smile up at his perfect face as his hands tighten the white velcro to prevent any movement from my secure wrists. His powerful hands pulls one of my legs back and soon the white velcro is pressed around my thigh and I know I am already in a very vulnerable state. My other leg is pulled back and I am completely at his mercy.

We thought about getting a blindfold to go with the restraints, but I want to be able to see his athletic body. I already know my bronzed body looks good with the restraints, since I have posed for him many times. This is the first time I have been bound for the purpose of sex and nervous about being unable to free myself.

He moves slowly between my legs and his massive dick is very hard and I know I am about to feel the fulness only he can bring. I feel the pleasure of his entry into my wet hole and reach out for him out of instinct. My hands are prevented from movement by the restraints and I secretly curse them while a moan escapes my lips.

As he brings me to the point of incredible fulness, his hands start to caress my small tits. I let out another moan as his fingers start to work their way to my dark nipples. They are very sensitive and he knows just how much I love the feel of his touch. He starts to move himself back and forth in a wonderful rhythm and his fingers finally reach that part of my body aching for him.

I want to run my fingers over my smooth pussy and pleasure my clit to maximize this moment, but these damned things prevent me from doing anything. This whole bondage thing was his idea and I wanted nothing to do with it at first, but I finally relented. I have never been able to say no to him for long and am quite content with his power over me.

His eyes close tight as he grunts and I know he is right at the edge. If it weren’t for these damned things, I would be as well. I have to settle for the wonderful sensation of feeling him release himself deep inside of my pussy. Each release sends waves of pleasure throughout my body and I am getting closer, but he will be finished before I am at the point I desire most right now.

He finishes with one last powerful thrust and collapses onto my body. My hands move to caress his mocha body, but I am reminded quickly of the impossibility of the situation. He is breathing deeply and I feel him start to soften inside of me. At least I have the pleasure of feeling what he gave me buried deep to remind me of a fulness that is no longer there.

I can take no more of the damned things and say, “Alright, Jay, you’ve had your fun. Now release me.”

He smiles and says, “You look sexy as hell, Anne. I don’t know if I want to.”

I shake my wrists to emphasize my point, then say, canlı bahis şirketleri “Take them off now.”

He grins as his hands start to loosen the velcro and I feel my hands come free. My hands reach out to caress his powerful body, while my thighs are slowly released. Once I am free, I pull his head down and our lips meet in a very passionate kiss. I lose myself completely in him and my body weakens greatly.

I pull away and say, “I’m never letting you do that again. I hated it.”

He gives me a loving smile and says, “It was worth a shot. I’m fine with you never being bound again.”

I say, “I love you, Jay.”

He says, “I love you, Anne.”

A thought comes to my mind and I speak without thinking, “Do you know who we should use these on?”

He shakes his head and says, “No idea.”

I get a wicked grin on my face and say, “That racist mother of yours.”

He shakes his head and is a little shocked, then asks, “What?”

I say, “We should use the straps on your mother. You know, the one who sleeps on virgin white sheets to help her dream of crushing crackers. The woman who hates me because my last name is Lopez.”

He shakes his head and says, “She doesn’t hate you, Anne.”

I nod and say, “Yes she does and you know it. She keeps telling you to dump me and get a black girlfriend. The darker the better, right?”

He says, “I know my mom can be rude…”

I cut him off, “She can be mean and vindictive. If I were white, I think she would have found a way to kill me. Imagine putting white bondage gear and your mother.”

He shrugs his shoulders and says, “I’m not saying your wrong, but that might kill her.”

I say, “No it won’t. She’s too evil to die that easily. What do you say?”

He nods and says, “Fine. You win, Anne. Let’s do it.”

I grin and say, “Good, Jay. Untie the bondage stuff and I’ll grab some other things.”

He has a slightly worried look on his face and asks, “What things?”

I smile and say, “Like the anal lube you are dying to try.”

He grins and says, “You want to try it in her bedroom. I know she’s a deep sleeper, but that might be too loud, even for her.”

I get an evil grin and say, “I was thinking of you and your mom.”

There is a shocked look that crosses his face and he asks, “You want me to do what with my mom?”

My grin widens as I say, “I want you to fuck her in the ass.”

He shakes his head and says, “That is wrong in so many ways.”

I ask, “Why, Jay, because she’s your mom?”

He nods and says, “Yes, for starters. Also, I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

I smile reassuringly and say, “She’s been a pain in your ass for years. Trying to fill your head with all that racist shit. It’s time to return the favor. She needs to learn a lesson in civility and that’s a surefire way to do it. As far as not wanting to be with anyone else, I appreciate it. Hell, Jay, I love you. I want you to do this for me.”

He takes a moment to think, then says, “I do want to try anal. Tell you what, I’ll fuck her ass, if you have her eat your pussy.”

He starts to releasing the gear from the bed and I know he is far too excited about the plan to back down. I grab a good pair of scissors and my phone, which takes amazing pictures and video. Jay is still working on releasing the bondage gear and I grab the anal lube. We have never used it, but I know it is just a matter of time before I give in on that.

Our naked bodies cross the hall with no fear of waking her. She sleeps too deeply to be awoken easily by anything. We should be able to tie her up without interrupting her slumber. I set the scissors and lube on the bed next to her body and he gives me a questioning look. She is wearing a black power shirt that conceals her tits and hides whatever is between her legs.

We slowly move her hands above her head and the feeling of the restraints goes unnoticed. Both of her hands are secure and it no longer matters if she wakes. Not that I want that just yet, since I want her legs held back as well. We are very careful as we secure her thighs one at a time and I take a picture of the white restraints, which stand out wonderfully against her coal colored flesh.

I turn on the light and enjoy the view of the white pressed against her dark skin. I set my phone down and lube down next to her body, then use the scissors to cut away her shirt and reveal her black panties. I continue to work my way up while Jay watches in silent pleasure. Her tits are soon revealed to us and I smile at the ugliness before me.

They canlı kaçak iddaa are considerably larger than mine, but I have long since stopped being jealous of women like this. Her black nipples are almost concealed against her dark, wrinkled flesh. My hands reach out to softly caress the wrinkles and Jay’s hands do the same. My eyes moved down her body and I just love seeing the virgin, white beneath her dark flesh.

I whisper, “Glad mine are never going to be this ugly.”

He whispers back, “Just another reason to love yours even more.”

The scissors cut away the black panties and I smile at the pink clearly standing out between the dark flesh. Her asshole is camouflaged well against her skin and I see his finger slightly touch the center. There is no sign of waking yet, so I carefully spread her lips to reveal her very dry hole.

I whisper, “I can’t wait to see your dick in her asshole.”

He smiles as he continues to stare and his dick is starting to harden again. I nod to let him know it is time to wake her and move so my hand is able to slap her face. She mutters something, but is otherwise oblivious to my actions. Jay is no longer touching her asshole, but his eyes are fixed firmly between her legs. I slap her harder and she finally comes to with hate in her eyes. She tries to slap me back, but the restraints prevent her from taking any action.

She snaps, “What the fuck are you doing?”

She tries to slap me again and has the same result. Her eyes are starting to focus on other things and she looks at the white restraints with daggers. Her eyes move away and she realizes they are not alone and her son is staring at a spot he should never desire to see. A chill must have hit her body, because she finally looks down at herself.

She looks into his eyes and asks, “Jay, what the fuck? Why are you letting this fucking whore do this to me? Let me go, son.”

He shakes his head and says, “Not going to happen. You have to learn to be nice to people.”

She shakes her head and says, “I don’t have to do shit. Let me go!”

I take another picture to add to the growing collection and turn it around to show her. Her eyes get wider with each one and anger is threatening to spill over. She pulls at the straps with all her might, but there is no freedom to be found.

I look her in the eyes and say, “I’m going to send these to everyone you know.”

Her eyes grow wide for a different reason and says, “You wouldn’t dare!”

I smile and say, “I’ll do it, you evil bitch. Unless you do something for me.”

She gets a nervous look on her dark face and asks, “What?”

I look her in the eyes and say, “If you don’t want these sent, you have to eat my pussy.”

She shakes her head and says, “You’re not putting that nasty cunt anywhere near me.”

I smile and say, “Yes I am. I’m also going to record you doing it. Do you know why?”

She shakes her head in defiance and says, “It isn’t going to happen.”

I get onto the bed and spread my legs over her face and say, “Yes it is. There is no way you are going to risk your friends ever finding out that your eating out a Mexican pussy. You will be ostracized by everyone you know.”

The look is all I need and I start to record as I lower myself down the rest of the way. At first her tongue refuses to cooperate, but I force my pussy down on her face to prove my point. I feel her start to fight for air and pull myself up smile as her tongue starts to do what I want it to do.

I hold the phone in place while I look into her hate filled eyes and say, “That’s it. Eat my Mexican pussy.”

I start to grind myself on her face and lean back to get a better image of her work. I can feel myself starting to drip onto her dark flesh and moan at the pleasure racing through my body. I don’t want to reach the edge just yet and sit up to prevent this from happening.

I smile and say, “Your son just fucked me good and I know you can taste his cum dripping out of my pussy. Do you like your son’s cum?”

She starts to shake her head and I press my pussy down hard. Her hands try to fight, but there is nothing she can do to stop me from smothering her. I pull back and she starts to take deep breaths.

My smile widens as I ask, “Do you like the taste of your son’s cum?”

She nods with tears in her eyes and I start to grind against her face once again. Now is the time for me to lose myself in the ecstatic state I was denied just a short time ago. I close my eyes and scream out as I release a flood onto her face and know she is getting plenty in her canlı kaçak bahis mouth. I squeeze the phone tight and have no idea what I am recoding, nor do I care. All that matters is my heightened state of pleasure she has brought me.

The incredible state passes after several floods released onto her and I am tempted to allow myself to collapse. I fight the urge to rest my body and am not ready to stop playing with her just yet. I focus the phone on her face as I pull myself off of her and get a closeup of her glistening skin.

She has tears in her eyes as she begs, “Please let me go.”

I shake my head and say, “No. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson.”

She nods her head vigorously and says, “I have. I promise. I swear I’ve changed. Please let me go.”

I turn to my boyfriend and say, “I think you should be in the video with us. Place your head next to your mother’s, so she can’t pretend it is anyone else.”

She cries out, “Please don’t.”

Jay lays his mocha face next to hers and smiles as I get them both on video. I make sure I get his very hard erection and hand him the phone. I open the anal lube and start to apply a generous portion to his shaft. I have no fear of quick release from my hands, since he did finish not too long ago.

Once ready, I set the lube to the side and say, “You’ve been a pain in the ass since I met you. Time to return the favor.”

She cries out, “No, Jay. You can’t do this. I’m your mother. Please let me go. I’m sorry.”

I spread my legs over her face so my ass is in clear view of her eyes. My hands reach out to guide him to her asshole and my pussy covers her mouth. She sends a muffled plea and I love the sensation it sends through my body. His hands are holding the phone to ensure nothing is missed in this video.

He presses his massive dick inside of her and she screams out from the pain. She tries to fight against the restraints, but there is nothing she can do to stop this from happening. I grab his ass and pull him all the way inside of her and he lets out a moan to coincide with the muffled scream.

I look up at him and say, “Fuck your mother’s ass. Fuck her hard, Jay.”

His dick starts to move quickly and I can see her asshole pull out a little each time he withdraws. Her muffled screams continue to send shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I am amazed at the ferocity of his action and know he is acting on all of his pent up anger towards her.

I stare into his wonderful brown eyes and say, “That’s it, Jay. Keep fucking her hard. Pound her ass for me.”

My hands move to her pussy and I spread her lips to reveal a dry hole. My fingers press inside with ease from the slickness of the lube and I pull her open to reveal the pink hidden deep within her. The screams get more intense and I am on the verge of losing myself again. I start to grind against her face and Jay lets out a very familiar sound.

Somehow he manages to maintain his hold on the phone and capture the moment of his release. I scream out as my body fills with a whole new pleasure and am giving her another good coating on her flesh. My fingers squeeze tightly on her lips and she gags on my powerful release. Between each wave, he pulls back a little and hammers her very hard and his groans create a special symphony of the three of us.

Finally spent, my fingers release her pink hole and his dick slowly withdraws from her asshole. Some of his release follows and lands perfectly on her tight hole. I fall forward and feel her tits press against my body and smile at the sensation of her flesh touching mine. I lay there for a short time, but know it is time to release her.

I look into her eyes, which are now filled with fear, and ask, “If we release you, will you be good?”

She nods and says, “Yes. I promise.”

Jay puts the phone down and starts to release her wrists first. We are looking for any sign of a fight, but there is none. Her thighs are released and she is able to straighten her legs for the first time in quite a while. She makes no attempt to cover up out of fear of punishment and we both smile at her subservient state.

I have a very serious look on my face as I say, “If you continue to spout your racist crap around either of us, you will not like the result. Just remember, we can restrain you any time we choose and do as we wish. Understood?”

I smile and say, “Good. We’re keeping the pictures and the video, so don’t think you can find some way out of this.”

Her eyes still have a great deal of fear as she says, “I understand.”

We leave her and return to his room with the feeling of our shared ecstatic state. My mind is filled with the wonderful possibilities before us. She will do whatever we desire and I have no doubt the desire for her will come shortly.

The End

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