A Mother’s Desire Ch. 02


Tyler opened the door for me as we both walked out of the courtroom. Tears pouring out of my eyes like a waterfall. The divorce was now officially final. After a year and a half of battling back and forth, I am relieved but also saddened. I use to love Tyler’s father more than anything but it slowly dwindled away over the years. It was one of those relationships when you could feel it coming to an end but neither wanted to admit it until it couldn’t go on any longer. Lucky for me, I had the support of Tyler during the entire painful process as he walked me to my car giving me a hug and a kiss on my cheek.

“I guess congratulation is in order.” He said reaching for the door handle on my car to open it for me.

“Thanks sweetie” I replied extending my arms around him pulling him as tight as I could into my body. Over the past few months, we have become closer than I had ever dreamed. Since the first night Tyler and I had sex, he and Brittany had since broken up. The reasoning is still unknown, but for the most part it was Brittany’s doing. But their break up has allowed for us to spend more nights at home together making love almost on a daily basis. After the first time it happened, we haven’t unglued our bodies from each other yet it seemed like. It was almost now as if we were dating with the amount of time we spend together.

I return a quick motherly kiss back to Tyler on his lips before we departed from each other. I had to take a long lunch away from work to attend court this last final time but in no way shape or form was I in a hurry to get back. I knew some of my co-workers would come up and start some kind of nosey chat with me and quite frankly I wasn’t in the mood to hear it. I gave Kimberly a quick call and invited myself over to her work to see her for a few minutes. Since things took off in a flash with Tyler, she and I have become great friends and we both trust each other more than anyone else. I’d say I got very lucky meeting her.

The morning after Tyler and I had sex for the first time, I called out of work. There wasn’t any way in the world I could focus on anything, so I claimed I had a fever and a sore throat. My boss was very adamant with people who came to work sick with the potential of spreading some deadly virus around the office so she gladly let me stay home without a fight. The truth was that I seriously didn’t feel too great. More than anything I was nervous and scared because of what I let Tyler do to me what very few men have ever done. It was hard for me to get out of bed. I did indeed, have a little regret afterwards. I was fine when the two of us were together but as soon as he left that next morning, my doubts began to fly. “Would Tyler keep quiet?” That was the heaviest question on my mind.

Tyler had become only the third guy that I have let ejaculate inside of me. Of course, his father has done it many times and the only other guy was from high school, a boyfriend when I was a senior, however experiencing it with Tyler was very different. It is very hard to explain the exact emotion involved other than it being extremely intense. Tyler promised me that he would never tell a soul about anything and I want to believe him. However, he is still has a teenage mind underneath his manlier outer appearance and teenagers have a tendency to say things without thinking. I promised him that I would keep it a secret, but of course Kimberly knows everything.

I arrived at Kimberly’s work. She is one of the Call Center Managers for Wyndham Hotels that had recently opened here in Nashville. Thus, being the reason for her move to this area. I waited in my car as she came out to greet me and gave me a big hug. As usual, she appeared very professional. She was dressed in a long skirt that brushed the tip of her high heels with a nice blouse that she let hang down to her hips. “So is everything all finished and done Tiffany?” she asked me.

“It is, and my emotions are so up and down right now.” I answered back to her. “I guess it just comes with the divorce process.”

“You are right, it does, but at least you still got Tyler. Speaking of which, when is he leaving for college again?” She asked.

“Two weeks!” I exclaimed “It sucks badly.”

“Sweetie, it’s going to be alright. ” She said repeatedly as she wrapped her arms around me giving me a giant hug. Kimberly was a very passionate woman and underneath everything I found myself intrigued by her personality. She was very confident in her own ways and very reassuring to me given my recent actions. In a sense, I was attracted to her. But it wasn’t a sexual attraction, it was mental. Over the past few months since I had met her, I became very observant on the ways she expressed her outlook on life. Given the whole Tyler situation, she supported everything about it giving me encouragement when I needed it along the way. Should would bring me back down to Earth when I would get to carried away and forget I was his mom sometimes leading to showing too much public affection with Tyler. She had my back and I was beginning to really love her for everything.

Later that evening, I was sitting on my bakırköy escort back deck reading when Tyler walked out to sit beside me. I could tell by the look in his face that he was stressed over something, but he didn’t care to talk about it. I put my arm around him for comfort and rested my head on his shoulder. Our fingers intertwined as he reached down taking my hand causing my book to fall from my lap onto the deck floor bringing us both to a laugh.

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked him hoping his slight chuckle would bring him to talk about his troubles. Tyler was always in a good spirit so I definitely knew something was bothering him.

“It’s just the whole going to college thing and wondering if I made the right decision.” He said in a quiet saddened tone.

“Baby, you definitely have a bright future and this is only going to increase your shot at doing something great.” I said trying to cheer him up. “Don’t give up now. You have come to far Ty!”

“You are going to be alone, Mom.” He blurted at me.

“Baby, I’ll be fine, and ill visit a lot” I said to reassure him. “We have two weeks left until you leave, let’s just enjoy it.”

“I guess…” He said

I stood up in front of him taking his hand and walked in the direction of the door. “Come on” I said, opening the door and leading him to our living room. “Lay down sweetie” I told him as I walked him to the couch. Tyler didn’t hesitate and he flopped himself down and I followed by lying beside him.

“We should take a trip…just a quick trip, this weekend.” I said as I snuggled my way into his grasp around me. The thought of going away with Tyler began to quickly arouse me more so than ever before. Being away with him meant that we didn’t have to pretend we were mother and son, especially if we got away far enough ensuring no one would know who we were. I stood up in front of him and placed myself on his lap straddling my legs to the side of him and had begun to kiss him deeply and intensely. Shortly after, I heard voices behind me causing me to jump off of Tyler and adjusting my shirt in the process as his hands had found their way underneath to my breasts. I turned around slowly to see my neighbor walking in her backyard yelling back at her husband who stood at their back door. I stood there frozen, not wanting to make any noise or show any movement as I began silently praying she didn’t see the two of us making out and after waiting for a few minutes, she vanished back into her house and we both let out the deep breath that we held inside.

“Come on baby.” I said turned to Tyler and reaching for his hand. “Let’s go inside.”

Tyler remained quiet as I escorted him back into the house through the back door taking one last long look over at my neighbors for assurance we were in the clear. Once inside, we were in each other’s arms standing against the granite counter top kissing once again. Tyler’s hands instantly made their way up my shirt grabbing and squeezing both of my breasts. My hands reach down and slid my shorts and panties down over my hips and down my legs and I did the same to him.

“Turn around!” he said bluntly and without any hesitation, I obeyed his order and pressed my front side against the cold counter top. His hands began to caress up and down my back from my shoulders to my waist line and the tip of his erect penis began to poke at my backside in between my legs. With my right hand, I reach down to guide him to my entrance and once it’s found, he slid his entire length inside of me in one push. I looked down at the floor and had spread my feet further apart as he began penetrating in and out of me quicker than he ever had before. From this angle, the tip of his head was contacting my cervix and each time I felt a tiny sharp pain that excited me more and more.

“Oh god Tyler….mmmmmmm” I moaned as he stood behind me fucking me against the counter. “Don’t stop baby…don’t stop!”

As his pelvis smashed against my butt, loud smacking noises sounded in the air. As Tyler fucked me harder and harder, my pussy had become more slippery with each thrust Tyler laid into me. We hadn’t ever had sex like this before. Typically we would make love slowly, but now I was standing there, bent over with Tyler fucking me from behind. I tried to lean back against him but he had other plans. His hand would force me back down to keep me bent over in front of him. I reached and pulled my shirt off and could feel the coolness of the counter top against my bare tits making my nipples hard. I never thought I would enjoy it this way with Tyler but I have now changed my mind. I could feel the juices of my pussy trickle down my inner legs towards my knees. My pussy was fully stretched open for him as the friction had disappeared. I started to clinch my pussy muscles to grip his dick as it raced in and out of me and about the third time I did it, Tyler’s breathing started to get louder accompanied with a few loud moans. His cum poured into me quickly and deeply filling up my insides. I stood there motionless against the counter for a few moments as the pulsating from his beşiktaş escort dick slowly halted and he withdrew himself from inside of me. When he was all the way out, I freed myself from his grip and turned to him. “My God Tyler…Were you horny enough?” I asked in a breathily voice as I side stepped away from him making my way to the downstairs bathroom to clean up.

As I was getting ready for bed, I could hear Tyler on the phone with someone in his bedroom. From his quiet tone, it must be Brittany I thought. I turned the door handle and pushed his door open quietly. His eyes made full contact with mine as I walked into this room and kissed him on his cheek and told him I was going to bed. “I’ll see you in the morning baby.” I said walking back out of his room.

“Goodnight mom” he said. I turned back at him, smiled, and winked as I shut the door behind me.

The next morning I woke up bright and early. I decided to go for a jog to begin my day. When I was finished I took my morning shower and drank my morning cup of coffee and dressed myself for work. I didn’t see Tyler that morning before I left but during the day we texted a few times referencing the trip we discussed the night before. We decided to visit mountainous Gatlinburg and rent a cabin and I told Kimberly of our plans and as a shocker, she asked if she and her youngest daughter could tag along, but insisted they would have their own cabin next door to ours. I didn’t mind if they came along since she knew everything that has happened but I still talked to Tyler and he didn’t seem to mind either.

I spent the next few days planning the trip and buying tickets to a few of the concerts and amusement centers for Tyler and me. I wasn’t as worried about Kimberly because she was taking care of the details of the trip for her and her daughter as her daughter was younger and wouldn’t want to do the same things that Tyler and I would want to do. Then Friday finally arrived and we all traveled down together in two separate cars as Kimberly and her daughter followed us on our three hour drive. Our cabins were directly next to each other only separated by a few large pine trees. Our views were spectacular and I felt like I was on top of the world.

I left Tyler in our cabin and walked over to Kimberly’s to check her place out. “Very identical to ours” I told her as I scoped the place out left and right and up and down making my way through the cabin. I walked in to her room and looked out of the window and noticed that it had a clear view to our deck, and then it hit me like a load of bricks. Tyler and I could put on a show for her. I called Kimberly over to the window and asked “Do you want to watch?” She didn’t quite catch on to what I was asking. “You know…Tyler and me tonight” I said as I pointed at the deck of my cabin.

“Tiffany….would you let me?” She asked as a look of excitement appeared on her face. “That would be hot!”

“Tonight around ten or so, walk in to your room and turn your bed room light off and that will be my queue.” I said beginning to prep her on the details. “That way when the light is out, you should be able to see perfectly.”

“Wow Tiffany I can’t believe you would actually do this in front of me, but I’m definitely not mad. It will be something I can say I’d never think id witness. ” She said.

“Just enjoy it because I can tell you one thing, I know I will.” I told her

An hour later, we met and drove to dinner, nothing expensive, just something nice and quick before returning to our cabins. Kimberly and her daughter came over for a little while and hung out. We played some pool and some air hockey before they left around nice pm. Tyler and I laid on the couch for awhile watching television and kissing for the next hour before I asked him to come with me outside to the deck.

We sat on the porch swing until I saw Kimberly in her window looking at us and turning away. Seconds later her light turned off and then I knew it was game time. “Sweetie, let’s get crazy.” I whispered. I stood up before him pulling my shirt off revealing to him my black lazy bra that made my tits look nice and round. I reach behind me and unclasped my bra letting it slowly fall down my shoulders revealing my tits to him and Kimberly. Then I unzipped y shorts and slid them down to my ankles before stepping out of them, and then my underwear followed. I stood there naked before him reaching down with my right hand and began to slowly rub my clit up and down. I stepped with my right foot and placed it on the swing and balanced myself with my left giving Tyler a great view in between my legs and continued rubbing back and forth up and down on my pussy. Once it was wet enough, I began to slide two fingers inside and out of my pussy at a rapid pace. Occasionally I would glance over at Kimberly’s window but it was too dark for me to tell if she was staring or not but mostly my focus was on Tyler’s eyes.

“Take your shorts off.” I told him. “I want to feel you so bad baby” And he did as I requested in a matter of seconds. His shorts and briefs were off and he placed a finger on beylikdüzü escort the head of his dick and slowly caressed himself smearing his pre cum up and down his dick. I pulled my fingers out of me and knelt before him gripping his dick with my hand and slowly began to stroke it. I could hear slight moans escaping through his lips every few seconds. I wanted his dick in my mouth. It appeared more delicious than ever before as it glistened underneath the porch light I had left on so Kimberly could easily witness this extravaganza. I grip the base of his shaft and insert his dick into my wide opened mouth engulfing its entire length down to back of my throat. I let my saliva build in my mouth and as I slowly suck on his dick I let it spill out of my mouth through the tight grip that my lips have on his dick soaking it more.

For a few minutes I stayed sucking his dick there trying to give him the best blow job of his life. I would suck for a few minutes and then use my hand and stroke up and down then suck some more. I loved the taste of his dick and his pre-cum as it oozed out of him and into my mouth. I would lick it off of him and would leave a sticky string of pre-cum that dangled in the air between the tip of my tongue and the head of his dick and by his moans I knew he was enjoying it. A few more minutes went by and I suddenly began to feel his dick jerking in my mouth. He was cumming. I have never been into swallowing and it typically made me gag and choke, but for him I tried it. I immediately tried to aim the head of his dick down the opening of my throat and hoped it would be easier for me take it all and with every two to three squirts of cum I swallowed making it easier for me to handle. After a few swallows, I waited until he had finished before I took down the remainder of his warm thick cum before releasing the grip of my lips from around his dick and looking up into his eyes. I reached up to my mouth and wiped away all of the access saliva from around my lips before reclaiming my seat on the swing next to him.

I leaned my head and placed it against his shoulder and asked him “Did that feel good?” He nodded up and down. “Yes.” He muttered and then we embraced each other with long slow french kisses. His hands made their way to my body reaching for my tits and between my legs exploring my curves. Shock waves of pleasure ring throughout my insides as his fingers spread me apart and poked at the opening of my pussy. He pulls away from my lips and removes his hand from between my legs and raises it to his mouth and licked my juices off of his fingers.

“Do you want to taste me baby?” I asked him. Tyler has never gone down on my before but I was craving it as he licks his fingers clean from me wetness. He didn’t answer, but instead, he lowered himself down in front of me and pulled my body to the edge of the swing with his hands bringing my closer to him. My feet were propped up by the tips of my toes and my hands stroked through his neatly trimmed hair. He kissed his way around from thigh to thigh and across my belly. With his hands he pushes my legs further apart and started to lick my in a straight line up and down the crevice of my inner left thigh. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my goose bumped skin. I wanted it bad but he hesitated and aimed his tongue to my right thigh and repeated licking. His finger probed at my pussy sliding up and down along my slit and taking a moment to massage around at my clit which was now swollen and throbbing. From my clit the slid his finger downward through my lips and pushed his way inside of me. “Oh baby I like that.” I moaned to him as I gripped the underside of the swing as to hold on for dear life. He then lowered his face directly between my legs and began to flick his tongue across my clit before applying ore pressure with his mouth. I was looking down directly at him as he sat there tasting me, eating me, licking me while his lone finger probed in and out of me. Suddenly he pressed into me harder with his hand and now three fingers were inside of me and he began forcefully pushing them in and pulling them out rapidly. His mouth entirely covering my clit and his tongue moving around against me and his eyes were closed. I wondered what he was thinking as he was going down on me. I was hoping that he liked it and wasn’t just doing it for me and also hoping Kimberly was enjoying herself watching us.

I felt Tyler pull my lips far apart and slip his tongue deep inside of me which caused my body to jolt. The feeling that was going through me was unexplainable as he felt all around with the tip of his tongue. I could feel an orgasm approaching quickly and as it arrived in full force I reached for the back of his head holding his mouth firmly against my pussy as his tongue wiggled its way in and out of me. My orgasm lasted nearly a minute from start to end and once it ceased, Tyler kissed his way up my belly to my breasts. I remained limp and relaxed from the electrifying orgasm as he nibbled away sucking on each of my nipples and kissing in between my breasts. His dick had once again regained its hardness as he inserted it inside my pussy slowly as we were kissing. I could feel his dick making its way up my tunnel as my muscles clinched tightly around him. Once he couldn’t go any further he slowly pulled it back out and pushed inwards again. He tried to go faster after a few moments but the swing was moving which made the sex complicated.

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