A Mother’s Love Ch. 07


I felt all the blood drain out of my face and I couldn’t seem to look away from the man’s coal black eyes. His voice was accented slightly and my addled brain seemed to be trying to sort out what the accent was. I was afraid to move, and was vaguely aware of Darcy’s breathing increasing, probably in fear. He kept his eyes locked on mine and without hesitation continued pulling the t-shirt upward. I could feel Darcy trembling on my lap, but couldn’t seem to break his hold over me, to even reassure her. Before I knew it, her t-shirt lay crumpled on the porch at his feet. He gave me a grim smile, and continuing to hold my gaze, he reached up and caressed lovely Darcy’s firm breasts. I heard her whimper again as he touched her. He reached out one hand and caught mine, pulling it to her breast as well, and urged me to caress her. Unthinkingly, I did so, a part of my mind trying to understand why I was doing this and the rest of my mind focused on just how damned erotic the situation was, with Darcy there at our mercy and Justin still asleep upstairs, completely unaware of the circumstances.

“Please, dear lady, don’t stop on my account. I was so enjoying the show you were putting on, I had to come and join.”

British, my mind rambled. That’s a British accent.

“You are quite lovely, my dear,” he said to Darcy. “So fresh and beautiful. I’m not surprised that your mum couldn’t resist your sweetness.”

At last, I found my voice. “She’s not. . .that is, well, she’s not my daughter.” What a stupid thing to say, I thought. Why am I not telling him to remove his hands from her and getting her in the house. If I was honest with myself, it was because I was becoming aroused by the situation more and more by the moment. Darcy really wasn’t protesting, as apparently the touching felt too good.

“Ah, I see. Well, no matter. I find that I must taste this lovely morsel.” He pulled Darcy backwards a bit, exposing her chest and then leaned in, brushing her nipple with a feather light touch. I felt her pussy explode against me, and she writhed, crying out in her orgasm. At that, he began to suckle her in earnest and wickedly, I found myself joining in, sucking her other nipple. The stranger and I supped on Darcy for quite some time, the cool fresh morning air kissing our faces, and we brought her to climax several times. I was so horny, I scarcely knew what to do. I wanted to be taken. I found myself wondering how this man would compare to Justin. When he lifted his head from Darcy’s breast, I lifted mine at the same time. He gave me the same grim smile, and I got a good look at him.

The stranger was handsome in a rugged sort of way, a slight scar running through his right eyebrow. As I looked downward, I noticed two things. One, that the tent at his crotch looked fairly impressive and two, that he was dressed as a park ranger. My blood froze in my veins, and his eyes crinkled slightly at the corners.

“Ladies, I believe we need to step inside.” He was courteous, but firm. Darcy scrambled off my lap and grabbed her t-shirt, scooting through the door. He gave her bottom a quick pat as she passed by. I followed, feeling ill. He closed the door gently behind him, and gestured toward the sofa. Once we were seated, he stood there before us, his fingertips caressing his hard cock through his tan pants.

“Well, this is quite the interesting situation we have here. I find it difficult to believe this isn’t your daughter, and that makes what you were just doing a crime, you know.”

“Please, officer, she truly isn’t my daughter. I love her as if she were, but. . .” He held up a hand to stop me.

“I’m afraid that I can’t take your word for it, dear lady. We have a situation that needs fixing internet casino here. Do either of you have any idea how we might fix this terrible problem?” His face was expressionless as he glanced from one to the other of us, waiting. As bad as this could turn out to be, I found myself becoming aroused again. This stranger had total power over both of us at the moment, and he could choose to make our lives miserable or to let us go. I knew what he wanted and so did Darcy. I also knew what I needed.

“Officer, I’m certain we can work something out. . .” I made my voice cajoling, glancing at his crotch and licking my lips.

“Oh, you think we can, do you? Just what are you proposing, woman?”

Without a word I stood up and stripped off my gown, exposing my nude body to the man’s cold ebon gaze. He met my eyes, and then let his wander up and down my body, and then he nodded. He moved over to me and pulled me to him, taking my mouth in a passionate breath stealing kiss. I literally felt my knees buckle. His hands gripped my ass, pulling me tight against his body. I felt his erection pressing into me, and a part of my mind noted that it felt impressive indeed. His tongue plundered my willing mouth, and I met each thrust with my own. He growled low in his throat then broke the kiss. I was trembling with need and my pussy was dripping, aching to be filled. I heard his voice again.

“Sweet girl, come and taste of this lovely lady’s offering, won’t you?”

His mouth covered mine again, and then soft hands touched my inner thighs as Darcy moved between them from behind me. As he kissed me, I felt her mouth against my nether lips and her tongue parting my slippery folds, tasting and drinking from my wellspring. It was heaven, to feel the stranger’s touch and Darcy’s familiar one all at once. The man’s hands began to caress my breasts, teasing my nipples, and I found myself reaching out and unzipping his fly. My hand slipped inside his khaki trousers and found the flap to his boxers, sliding inside with ease. I gripped him, and was gratified to feel his size, which was very close to Justin’s. He was slightly thinner in girth and a tiny bit shorter in length, but I could tell by the way he manipulated my body so far that he would be talented and well versed in the ways of a woman’s body. I felt Darcy’s eager mouth working harder and faster on my pussy, and my orgasm burst forth, coating her face with juices.

The man broke our kiss again, and reached down, pulling Darcy to her feet, and to him, where he began kissing her, tasting me on her sweet mouth. She moaned with pleasure as he traced her lips with his tongue. I knelt before him, beside her, and pulled his hard cock out of his trousers, taking him in my mouth hungrily, and beginning to slide my lips over him. One of my hands gripped him, while the other moved to Darcy’s ass and caressed it. I sucked him deep, almost all the way to his balls, and I could feel our girl trembling beside me as I worked his body, knowing he was driving her crazy with his wonderful passionate kisses. None of us was aware that Justin had entered the room, until he spoke.

“Well. . .this looks interesting. May I join in?” Darcy and I froze for a moment, then realized what he had said. He didn’t sound angry in the least, just eager to join. The stranger spoke.

“Only if you come and help this lovely lady at my feet suck my cock.” His tone left no room for argument, and I held my breath, a bit scared of what Justin would say to him. If he spoke out against this man, there was no telling what would happen. I could feel the tension in Darcy’s body as well. Justin seemed to ponder the idea for a moment, then he answered.

“Tell you what. I’ll suck canlı poker oyna yours if you’ll suck mine next.”

“Deal.” Part of me was shocked at this exchange, but another somehow wasn’t. I had no idea that my son would be willing to do such a thing, and apparently neither did Darcy, as I felt her relax. Suddenly, I heard Justin laugh warmly.

“David, old bean, how’ve you been?” It took a moment for this to register, and then we both looked first at Justin, then at the stranger, now known as David, then at each other. The two of them burst out laughing at our faces. Darcy’s looked astounded and I was sure my expression matched hers.

“You. . .you two know each other, I take it?” My voice shook just a bit, with surprise and relief.

“Yeah, Mom, sorry about that. I thought it would be a fun surprise for you and Darcy. David and I have been friends for awhile, and he really is a park ranger here, but he knows everything and he’s had the hots for you ever since he saw your picture.” Justin paused a moment, then said, “Look, I know that you two girls both enjoy an adrenaline rush, and I wanted to give you one. Are you guys okay?”

Darcy and I exchanged another glance and then looked at him. Suddenly we leapt to our feet and pounced toward him, bringing him down in a heap, and tickling whatever we could reach. I could hear David laughing heartily in the background, as my son shouted for mercy.

“I warned you, mate. Ladies sometimes don’t take kindly to surprises under these circumstances.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” Justin gasped, trying to fight us both off gently. “Would you just come and give me a hand here?”

“Hmmmm. . .I’m not certain. It’s rather interesting seeing you in a pile with these two. Rather arousing, to tell the truth. They are just as beautiful as you said. In fact, I’d venture to say, even more so, especially your mum.”

We finally relented and let Justin up, but I gave him a smack on his ass and Darcy punched him in the arm. We couldn’t help but laugh at the joke on us in the end. Now when I looked at David, the ebon eyes were rich and warm, and his smile was engaging and friendly. He had truly played his role to the hilt. Justin hugged us both. “David is actually on vacation for a few days, and I thought if you girls were interested, he could join us for a bit.”

I tilted my head, taking in the handsome man, and nodded. “It’s perfectly fine with me. He certainly was proving to be an interesting individual.”

“Yes, I have to agree with Casey on that one.” Darcy grinned, stretching up on tiptoe to give Justin a kiss. “I think it could be fun.”

“Wonderful! David, why don’t you go get your stuff and bring it in?”

“Well, mate, I think there’s some unfinished business to take care of first.” He nodded toward me and gestured toward his still hard cock. “I believe I owe your mum a bit of fun first.”

“Fair enough. Let’s go upstairs then.” Justin and Darcy led the way, with David and I following close behind. My fears gone now, I felt my arousal level rising again. The idea of having all three of these very sexual beings paying attention to me at once, or joining two of the others in paying homage to a third made my blood throb in my veins. We all went eagerly into Justin and Darcy’s room, and Darcy slipped out of her t-shirt again, while Justin’s boxers followed. David waited, grinning at me.

“Could I ask you, beautiful Casey, to undress me? It’s been quite some time since I’ve had that pleasure, and I’d love to have the honor of you stripping me down.”

I moved toward this handsome man that I barely knew, but soon would know quite well, eager to comply with his request. My son and Darcy sat on the bed watching poker oyna me, which everything seem all the more erotic. I felt as if I were on stage or in a movie, and it made me rapacious for David’s body. I stood in front of him, looking up into those unfathomable dark eyes, and then I slid my arms around his neck, pulling his lips to mine again. I started the kiss lightly, but deepened it by the second, until my tongue was plundering his mouth and I heard him groan with pleasure. Releasing his lips, I began unbuttoning his shirt, slowly revealing a dark and curling mass of chest hair. I ran my fingers through it once I had revealed the entire area, and pushing it off his shoulders, I leaned in and circled first one nipple then the other with my tongue. His shirt fell to the floor with a whisper. He stopped me momentarily and removed his boots and socks, then stood upright again, his fingers lightly resting on my bare shoulders.

I licked his nipples again, and then busied myself unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his trousers. The zipper was still down from our antics prior, so it was an easy task to slip them from his lean hips, leaving him clad in nothing more than his crisp boxers, his cock still extending from the flap. The rosy mushroom head glistened with pre-cum, just waiting to be tasted again and I wasted no time in doing so. My lips encircled him, sucking gently and then I took him halfway into my throat. His hands tangled in my hair, urging me onward. I slid my mouth up and down on his cock for a few minutes, then released him, pulling his boxers down the rest of the way and letting him step out of them. Now all of us were gloriously nude. I glanced over at the bed, to see my son and Darcy kissing passionately, their hands roaming each other’s bodies lovingly.

All of a sudden, David scooped me up and walked over to the bed with me, depositing me gently on my back, and pushing my thighs apart, he slid into me in one slow movement, burying himself to the hilt in my warm wet slit. At my low moan of approval, Darcy and Justin joined him in worshiping my body. Their mouths fastened on my nipples and they licked and sucked me as David methodically slid his rock hard shaft in and out of my grasping walls. I had never felt such exquisite sensations before. Even in all the times I had made love with Brad, thinking it was the best feeling I would ever have. I know saw that I was very wrong. For the time, I had been right, but I couldn’t imagine anything sexier or more wonderful now, than being adored by three loving people, one of whom was my darling son.

My pussy walls gripped David’s wonderful cock tightly and I climaxed, screaming his name, feeling him fill me with his cum almost immediately afterward. I then had the lovely sensation of both Justin and Darcy crouching over my nether lips and licking David’s seed from me. They cleaned me thoroughly and then Justin shared his mouthful of cum with me, while Darcy shared hers with David. We fucked in every conceivable position and combination the rest of the day, barely stopping to eat. Finally, around dinner time, David dressed long enough to go get his suitcase out of his vehicle and then after we all ate, we were back at it again.

That night, we sat in front of the fireplace, relaxed and content, sipping wine and talking about life in general. I was seated between David and my son, with Darcy on the other side of Justin. All of us agreed how wonderful the day had been and how happy we were to have each other for a few days. I found myself yawning and my eyes growing heavy much earlier than I would have imagined. Finally, I stretched and rose, excusing myself for bed. David rose as I did, and looking at Justin and Darcy, said, “If you’ll excuse me as well, and if Casey doesn’t mind, I’ll join her in her chamber tonight.” They nodded and I took his hand and squeezed it, blowing kisses to the other two.

“See you in the morning,” I said sleepily. “For now, to bed, you handsome Brit!”

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