A Mother’s Temptations Pt. 01


Once again, Julia was up with worry. It was 2AM, and her 18 year old son Trevor hadn’t come home from his night out with his friends. Since he had turned 18 the previous month, he had started staying out later, and later. This has resulted in Julia, staying up many nights until he got home. Her husband Hank, didn’t worry so much about their son, trusting Trevor could handle himself. Julia did have to admit, her son was very impressive physically. At 6’1, with a chiseled body, and large biceps, he was quite a sight. Still, this was her baby boy, and she worried about him regardless of what he looked like. Thankfully for her, his twin sister Amy was a book worm, and a home-body. She was asleep in her room, as was her husband, snoring away in their bedroom.

Finally Julia saw headlights coming up the street. “About time Trevor!” she whispered angrily. The car parked in front of their house, but it wasn’t her son’s car. Out of the driver’s side, Trevor’s buddy Lenny got out, and made his way to the passenger side. He opened the door, and out poured Trevor, passed out drunk. Julia ran out to the front porch, as Lenny put Trevor’s arm around his neck, and dragged him to the front door.

“What the hell happened?!” Julia barked at Lenny, trying not to be too loud, and wake her family, and neighbors.

“Well, he had a bit to much to drink,” Lenny nervously responded.

“A bit too much?! He’s passed out! Help me bring him inside, to his room.”

Lenny followed Julia in, and dragged Trevor to his bedroom, plopping him onto his bed.

“Sorry Mrs.B. I told him to stop after a few drinks, but he didn’t listen.”

“It’s OK Lenny. I appreciate you bringing him home. You sure you’re OK to drive home? I can take you if you would like.”

“No I’m good Mrs.B. I was the designated driver tonight.”

“Good. Now get yourself home safely.”

“I will. Try to go easy on him. He is having a hard time since Sandra dumped him.”

Sandra was Trevor’s ex-girlfriend. She had broken up with him a couple weeks ago, and Trevor was having a hard time getting over it. Julia never thought Sandra was good enough for her son anyways.

Lenny made his way out, and Julia stared down at her passed out son, and the smell of booze hit her. It was all over his clothes. His shirt and pants were filthy, like he had been crawling across a dirty floor. He probably used a fake ID to get into a bar, and passed out there.

Julia was furious, but all she could do now was take off the filthy clothes off of her passed out son. This wasn’t going to be easy, but she had to try. She started pulling his shirt up slightly, and that made Trevor stir. She continued pulling it up his body, but his weight made it very hard.

“Whaa. Huh?” Trevor mumbled, startling Julia.

“Trevor, it’s mom. We need to get your shirt off, it’s filthy.”

Trevor didn’t open his eyes, but even though he kept mumbling, he must have understood, because he sat up slightly, and took his shirt off, tossing it on the floor. With that, he passed out again.

Julia was still determined to finish the job, and get his jeans off. She unbuttoned the top, and lowered his zipper. She grabbed both sides of his pants, and started tugging down as hard as she could, but with her son’s dead weight, she couldn’t budge it past his butt. Julia had to try a new tactic. She put her mouth up to her son’s ear and whispered.

“We need to get your pants of too.”

She got no response. She tried a couple more times then went bag to tugging. Right as she was about to quit, Trevor stirred again, and mumbled some more. He then lifted up his but, and pulled his pants down passed his knees, then fell back asleep again. Julia breathed a sigh of relief. She grabbed his Jeans and pulled them the rest of the way güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri off, first taking off his shoes, then tossing them, and his pants, on the floor next to his shirt.

Julia started to turn around to go to her room, but she stopped and slowly turned around. She stared down at her passed out son, now only wearing his boxer shorts, and socks. Her eyes fixed on her handsome son’s face. She thought he was gorgeous. The type of guy that would have made her swoon, when she was in high school. Her eyes worked their way down to his muscular chest. She was ashamed at how many times she had stared at her son’s chest, when he would be out by their pool, and thought to herself how much she wanted to run her hands all over his pecs. But it’s not like she could ask her son to let her do it. “What would he think?!” she often pondered.

A thought entered Julia’s mind, but she put it out of her head. She started to walk out, but she stopped once again. The urge was too strong. She couldn’t let this opportunity pass. She slowly walked over to the side of her son’s bed, and reached her hand out over his chest. She lowered her right hand until it touched the top of his left pectoral. He was warm to the touch, and instantly, she began to feel a warmth in her pussy. Her left hand joined her right, as she glided them around her son’s muscular chest. Her fantasy had come true, and she didn’t want to stop, but she couldn’t very well stay there all night, rubbing her sleeping son.

Julia reluctantly lifted her hands off his chest, and as she started to walk away, something caught her eye. It was hard for her to see because she had not turned on the bedroom light, so her only source of illumination, was from the street light, outside Trevor’s bedroom window. As she got closer, she saw what it was. Her son’s cock had worked his way out of the slit of his boxer shorts, and was laying to the left. Julia’s face was flush with heat, part embarrassment, and part excitement. She got closer and saw he was flaccid, but even so was of impressive size.

“If he’s this big when he’s soft, how big must he be when he’s hard?!” Julia excitedly thought to herself.

Julia hadn’t seen her son’s penis since he was little, and now that little boy had grown up, in more ways than one. Julia put her right hand into her robe, and down to her panties. She started to rub her pussy lips through her panties, as she gazed at her son’s cock. She imagined rubbing it, and getting it hard so she could suck his horse cock. She kept telling herself how wrong it was that she was having these thoughts about her own son, but she knew it was futile to resist.

Julia had been having sexual feelings about her son for a while, and she was going to take every opportunity she could with him. It was now or never. Julia reached out with her right hand, and touched the side of her son’s cock with the tips of her fingers. It radiated heat, and she was more turned on than ever. She moved her thumb underneath it, and wrapped her other fingers around it, lifting it vertical.

“I can’t believe I have my son’s cock in my hand,” Julia thought to herself. She held it, without moving for a solid minute, and then started moving her hand up and down his still soft shaft. With every downward stroke, his fat cock head made the top half of his flaccid penis droop to the side of her hand. She needed to get some blood into this beautiful cock before her, but she knew that wasn’t in the cards.

“Sandra?” Trevor suddenly whispered.

Julia froze in terror. She was too afraid to take her hand off his cock, or move at all. How could she possibly explain to her son, why she had her hand on his cock. Trevor still had his eyes closed, and was clearly still out of it, but his drunk had worn off enough, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he wasn’t completely passed out anymore.

“Sandra, why did you stop baby?”

In his stupor, Trevor was fantasizing about being back with his girlfriend Sandra. Julia wanted to keep going, but what if her son woke up, and realized it wasn’t Sandra, but was actually his own mother. She didn’t know if she could take that risk, but her lust was much stronger than her reason, and she resumed stroking her son’s cock. Very quickly, blood filled her son’s cock, and her suspicious were true. She let out a gasp as her son’s flaccid penis, grew to a hard, massive cock. She had never seen a cock that size in person. She guessed it had to be 10 inches, and it was very thick. Her first thought was how much bigger he was than his father.

Trevor stirred a bit more. “Fuck, that feels so good Sandra. Please don’t stop.”

Even though he wasn’t actually talking to her, Julia got even more turned on hearing her son’s request, and moans of pleasure. She increased her stroking speed, adding her second hand, as her son was long enough to accommodate two hands. Trevor’s moans got louder, and his breathing heavier.

“Sandra…..Sandra….please baby….ugggh…suck my cock. Please baby suck it!”

Julia’s pussy was dripping now. Hearing her son begging for a blowjob, was almost more than she could handle. Julia had an important decision to make here. Her son was still out of it, and she could probably get away with it, but going from a hand-job, to a blow-job, was a huge risk, beyond the one she was already taking.

Trevor begged again a couple more times, and Julia wanted to taste her son’s magnificent cock so badly. She decided to forgo all feelings of dread, and she moved her face in close above her son’s massive cock. She stuck her tongue out and gave a light lick to the tip of her son’s cock head. This made Trevor moan loudly, which made Julia worry about the possibility of her husband or daughter hearing him. It didn’t stop her though, and she lowered her head again, taking his crown into her mouth. Again Trevor moaned. Julia began bobbing her head slowly up and down her son’s cock. She could never take in all of his monstrous cock, but she would take as much as possible. Up and down she moved her head, thinking how good he tasted. She loved the salty taste of it, and from the beginning, wondered how good his cum would taste.

“Fuck baby, you are so fucking good!” Trevor exclaimed, as he reached down grabbing his other’s hair, and gripping it. This turned on Julia even more. She increased her speed, not wanting the experience to end, but incredibly anxious to taste her son’s load. She could feel his penis pulsing, and knew he was getting close. He gripped her hair harder, and began thrusting upwards nearly choking her. Julia did her best to accommodate as much of his cock in her throat. She knew it was about to happen, and she started to moan herself. Her sons body convulsed, and his cock erupted, with shot after shot of warm cum hit the back of her throat.

Julia pulled back a little, and sucked on his cock head, as he continued cumming, trying extract as much of it onto her tongue. After a few more seconds, Trevor finally stopped cumming, and seemed to pass out again. Julia, still with one knee on the bed, lifted her head, and began swishing her son’s cum around her mouth, savoring it. She wanted her whole mouth filled with his delicious goo. After about a minute of thoroughly enjoying his taste, she swallowed it down. She had never tasted anything more wonderful. She thought to herself that she wanted to taste his cum everyday from then on.

Her thoughts were interrupted, by a twitching in her hand. She looked down, and saw her son’s cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri was getting hard again.

“He just came a couple minutes go! How is he hard again?!”

Trevor began to stir again, but this time he opened his eyes slightly. Again Julia froze in terror. She was caught. There was no explaining this. Her son had caught her, and he would tell everyone his mother was a sick pervert.

“Sandra, I need to fuck you baby. I need it so fucking bad.”

Julia couldn’t believe it. Her son must still be bleary eyed from the alcohol, and he couldn’t tell it was her. Trevor pulled on his mother’s right arm, dragging her onto the bed. Julia didn’t know what was going to happen, or what she should do, but she was too afraid to do anything.

Trevor sat up, and then rolled over onto his knees. He moved himself to the front of his mother’s leg’s, her feet planted on the bed, and her knees up. He reached behind her knees on both sides and opened her legs. Julia’s robe had fallen open, and she had only been wearing a lacy tank underneath, and panties. Trevor reached up to the sides of her panties and pulled them up and off, only momentarily bringing her legs together, before spreading them again. Julia was still frozen with fear, but still incredibly turned on.

“Sorry baby. You know I love eating you out so much, but I need to feel your pussy so bad!”

Without further warning, Trevor held his cock, parted Julia’s pussy lips, and moved it around his mother’s wet pussy until he found her opening. He paused only for a minute, and then thrust-ed half his monster cock in her. Julia quickly put her right hand on her mouth to muzzle her scream of pain. She would have preferred to have been eased into handling such a massive, and thick cock, but she wasn’t about to complain, or stop him. Trevor was drunk and horny and couldn’t control himself, and she didn’t care that he thought he was with his ex-girl-friend.

With each thrust, Trevor worked his cock deeper into her. Julia had never felt anything so intense, or felt more pleasure. She was finally able to suppress her moans, and put her hands on her stud son’s magnificent chest. She looked down, along his body, down his six-pack, to his beautiful, thick, giant cock, thrusting into her. She wanted it to last forever. Just her and her son, fucking endlessly.

Trevor increased his pace, and was now pounding her. It took all Julia had to not scream at the top of her lungs, both from pleasure and pain. Tears came down the sides of her cheeks as the pleasure was almost too much to handle. She felt her orgasm building, and knew she was powerless to try to delay it. Her legs began to shake, and her body quivered, as she exploded with orgasm, again covering her mouth as she screamed into it. The intensity of her orgasm, was more than she had ever experienced, more than she thought was possible.

Julia couldn’t stop shaking, and wanted to cum on her son’s cock a thousand times. Within a minute, she knew Trevor was ready to cum. His breathing got louder, and his thrusts more deliberate.

Julia looked up at her son’s beautiful face. She wanted to stare into it, as he shot is incestuous cum, into his mother’s hungry pussy. She reached up and put her hands on his cheeks, as he grunted and grimaced, the veins in his neck bulging. With once more gasp, Trevor exploded just as much cum as he had in his mother’s mouth, into her pussy. He kept thrusting until every last drop was inside her.

After a few seconds, Trevor collapsed next to his mother, and started snoring. Julia couldn’t believed all that had happened. She had crossed a line she should never have crossed, but she felt no regret. She looked over to her sleeping son, and thought about how much she wanted him to fuck her again, but then quickly got sad knowing it would never happen again.

She slowly got up from her son’s bed, closed her robe, and walked to his bedroom door. She took one last look back at her sexy son. She bit her lip, and walked out. She spent that night in bed next to her snoring husband, her son’s warm cum still inside her.

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