A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 05


Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about an incestuous relationship. All the characters are age 18, or more.

To better understand this story you may want to read the previous chapters.


Mother and I arrived home first. Aunt Janet pulled into the driveway shortly after us. She had a small suitcase with her.

We entered through the kitchen.

“I’ll get coffee started, then let’s get comfortable,” Mother said, “we can order a pizza for lunch.”

Mother and her sister headed for the bedroom. I took my shirt off. I thought I might change when the women were done.

The women came back to the kitchen wearing robes over bra and panties. They were chatting happily. Mother sat Janet between herself and me.

“Janet,” Mother began, “we want to make this a very special weekend for you. If you have fantasies about sex we may be able to fulfill them for you. If you have always wanted to try something, we will want to try it, too.”

Aunt Janet looked at my mother. “Oh Mary,” she blurted out, “it’s already been the best weekend of my life. I am so contented I can’t imagine anything more. I feel like I should be offering you and David anything you want.”

“Well,” Mother said, “we’re all a little tired, so let’s have an early lunch. We can take a nap together.”

I called for a pizza. The women chatted like long lost friends. They touched on their sister, Edith. She was the youngest of the three; a little over a year younger than my mother. Janet had been an older sister to both of them. She was six years older than Mother.

“Edith would never believe any of this,” Mother said.

“Don’t be too sure,” her sister replied. “Edith is actually quite broad minded. And,” she continued, “she looked after you kind of wistfully when David hustled you out of the restaurant.”

Edith had been divorced for several years. She had never had children. Neither of her sisters had ever heard of any big romances in her life.

“I feel like a big change has happened,” Aunt Janet mused. “Only a few weeks ago I would have fantasized about a weekend like this one, but I wouldn’t have believed it could ever happen. Now I am in the middle of it. My whole body is alive with the sensations I’ve been experiencing.”

“I know just what you mean, Janet,” Mother said. “It was only a few weeks ago for me, too. I had the fantasies, but not the will to do anything about them. A few drinks too many gave me the will to act on my dreams. I made an ass of myself, and embarrassed my sisters, but I love the result.

“I learned lots of new things,” Mother continued. “A new vocabulary, for one. Like you, I had never gone down on a man. Never known the ecstasy that comes from hot cum gushing into my mouth. The slick feel of it, the salty flavor, the thrill I get from satisfying my man.

“Until yesterday, I had never made love to a woman. Never knew what an exciting adventure that would be. In fact, until David showed me what a pleasure it is, I had not even dreamt about anyone eating my pussy.”

“It was exciting for me too,” Aunt Janet said. “I feel like I’m just starting out on a journey. My emotions are on fire. I have feelings of lust and desire I haven’t felt in years; feelings of anticipation, of yearning.”

“Janet, I love the feeling of wanton sluttiness I have developed,” Mother told her. “I find it fun to act like the prim, proper lady executive I used to be. It wasn’t an act before. Now I have to try not to laugh when I think of my new way of life.

“Just look at us, sitting here wearing nothing but bra and panties, with open robes.” Mother continued, “would either of us have done that before? Call it our awakening; our sexual awakening. Late in life for us, but exhilarating, even so.”

“Back to Edith,” Janet ruminated. “Do you think she has any of the thoughts we have? She is our sister, after all. Yours and mine seem similar. Maybe it runs in the family.”

“Maybe,” Mother replied. “We’ll be seeing her soon, at David’s graduation. If she does have thoughts like us, they may reveal themselves.”

“There is something,” Aunt Janet spoke tentatively, “a couple of years ago Edith visited me. She was having problems after her divorce. She was talking to me as her big sister. I really shouldn’t be telling any of this, but it may have some bearing on what we’re discussing.

“She told me that she had several affairs after her divorce. A couple of them were with women. She said that the times with women were fun, but not really very satisfactory. The same thing applied to the couple of affairs with men.

“One remark she made comes to mind. She said, “I feel like I need someone closer.” That’s starting to make sense now.”

The arrival of the pizza interrupted the conversation. I put it on the table, pouring everyone a glass of wine, even Mother.

We all overate on pizza then tumbled onto the bed together for a nap.

We woke after an hour or so. I went to the kitchen illegal bahis to start coffee. Mother and her sister followed a few minutes later. We started talking, again, about the day and night just past.

Janet spoke first: “I am thrilled about what happened. But a little apprehensive too. I want more, many more, such times. But I don’t know what you want Mary, or you David. I have to give some thought to Earl, too.”

Mother answered, “I’ll admit to being apprehensive, too.” She paused. “Janet, everything we did together was wonderful for me. If you want more, then I do, too, but I only go with my David. We are a pair.”

“A pair I love,” replied Janet, “and desire, too; both of you.”

I put my two cents into the conversation. I had been a listener, so far.

“Aunt Janet, you and my mother making love was very exciting to me. Making love to you was just as big a pleasure. I think Mother enjoyed watching you and me together, too.”

“I did,” my mother put in, “I might not have liked it with any other woman, but you are my sister – who had just made love with me.”

“By the way, I bought something special to wear tonight,” Aunt Janet remarked.

Mother said, “I had something in mind, too. You can dress in David’s old room if you want to.”

By late afternoon, I could feel the anticipation in the air. We all sat on the couch, cuddled up, with me in the middle. The TV was on, but no one was really watching it. Janet asked if we would like to watch a video. She had brought several with her.

Mother suggested we wait until later. She said she was going to change soon. Aunt Janet said she needed a little time so she would go start. Mother showed her where everything was and came back to sit next to me. She reached over, fondling my cock through my pants, then pulled me to her for a deep kiss.

“I am so glad to have you alone,” she said, “even if only for a few minutes. I want you tonight. No matter what else, I want your body tonight.”

Mother went to change. She was back in twenty minutes looking ready to fuck. She was wearing a short leather vest she allowed to swing open flashing her bare boobs. Her garter belt with nylons framed her bare pussy. Finally, a pair of spike heeled shoes. Her hips swayed as she walked. I started to get hard as she came toward me. She stood in front of me, put one hand on her hip, and said, “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” I managed to gasp out.

She knelt on the couch pulling my head to her for a kiss. I inhaled the scent of her perfume. Our kiss quickly turned hot and passionate. I lowered my lips to her breasts, sucking her nipples, and kneading her tits.

Aunt Janet appeared soon thereafter. She came down the stairs in a full length satin nightgown, a soft cream color with delicate embroidery across the bosom.

Mother stood and went to her.

“Janet, you look lovely.”

She did look lovely. Her hair looked soft and shiny. Her makeup was expertly applied. Her perfume was subtle, perfect for her. She also wore heels. I wanted to see more. I could see she was probably wearing nylons.

Mother put her arms around her sister and they kissed like lovers. She led Janet to a chair instead of the couch. She slid to her knees in front of Janet, rubbing her face against Janet’s satin covered mound. Her hands grasped Janet’s hips and held her close.

Mother stood and kissed Janet again. Mother turned her so the Janet’s back was to her. She put both arms around her, cupping her sister’s breasts. She nuzzled Janet’s neck and her ears. Janet’s hands covered my mother’s on her tits.

Janet turned in Mother’s arms.

“Mary, you look so hot!”

She lowered her head to suck Mother’s bare boob. She kneaded it and caressed it as she sucked at the nipple. Mother gasped as she held her sister’s head tightly to her breast.

Janet fell to her knees in front of Mother, as Mother had been moments earlier. She pushed her head into Mother’s mound, her tongue flicking against her bare skin. Janet licked at her thighs. She forced Mother’s legs apart to reach her pussy. Janet was moaning as she licked at Mother.

“Oh, Mary, you’re just like you were in my dream.”

Mother slid to her knees, facing Janet. They exchanged a hot, wet, kiss – mouths open – their tongues danced and twisted with each other.

Mother pulled back from Janet but kept holding her.

“I need David first Janet. Come with us. We’ll both have him.”

Mother stood and took Janet’s hand. She reached for me as I stood. She led us to the bedroom. I lay on the bed. Janet was beside me. Before my mother lay with us she put the vibrators on the bed tables then she laid next to her sister.

Mother kissed Janet. It was soon hot and passionate. I pulled one of Aunt Janet’s tits from her nightgown. I sucked and nibbled it. Janet moaned and thrashed. Her hand held my head to her tit as she hotly returned my mother’s kisses.

Janet drew her knees up and opened her legs as an invitation. Mother took illegal bahis siteleri one side of the satin nightgown and I took the other. We lifted it to her waist. Janet was wearing nylons up to her thighs. Her light brown pubic hair capped a pussy already weeping with the juices of her lust.

“Eat her now,” my mother told me.

As I lay between my aunt’s legs, my mother was kissing her lips and her tits.

I could smell the perfume Janet was wearing as a perfect complement to the musky scent of her cunt. The lips of her pussy were wet and swollen. They opened enough to show the red of her womanhood peeking through. I put her legs over my shoulders. The friction of her nylons caressed my bare skin.

As my tongue touched her slit, she gasped. She lifted her hips to me. Janet opening her legs further to give me access to her heat. Her arm around my mother tightened. Her other hand grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into her wetness. I tasted her fragrant juices as they flowed from her. They soaked the satin of her nightgown. The scent of her lust was muskier than my mother’s. I savored her essences on my lips and tongue. I sucked her clit. I fucked her as deeply as I could with my tongue. Her heels drummed on my back as an orgasm sent her soaring. I could hear her moaning against my mother’s lips as they devoured each other with wet kisses. Orgasm followed orgasm. She was screaming with pleasure. When she was ready to faint, she whispered, “Please stop.”

She lay there, her nylon clad legs spread lewdly, too sated to close them. She put her hand on her cunt, whispering, “It feels so good.”

My mother stayed lying close to her. I laid on her other side. She started to recover after a few minutes. She turned to kiss my mother. She then turned to me. She kissed me open mouthed. She licked my face and lips. She savored the nectar of her own body and tasted the juices of her lusts.

She seemed to recover more. She lay on her back with a smile on her face, looking radiant, glowing with the glow orgasm brings. She looked at Mother then at me.

“Thank you both,” she murmured.

Mother moved to my side of her sister. She looked hot and desirable. She still wore her heels. Her tits peeked out as her vest swung across her chest. My eyes were drawn to the tangle of pubic hair capping her excited pussy. They focused on the puffy lips of her snatch. She threw her nylon clad leg over mine and rubbed the fabric sensuously over my bare flesh.

I was already hot and hard from eating Aunt Janet. Mother was hot, too, from the kisses they had exchanged. Janet was sated, but she had served to make Mother and me hot for each other.

Mother licked my throbbing cock. She laughed as I pulled her butt around so I could lick her cunt. I saw the dew on her swollen lips. I licked it off her. I pushed my tongue into her to lick her clit. I relished the musky sweet scent of her womanhood. I tasted the essences of her heat.

“I want your cock,” she told me. She rolled off me onto her back, her legs open, welcoming me.

I thrust into her hard and fast. There was no finesse, only lust. I pounded her. Her thrusts met mine as we joined in the ancient rhythm. Her body arched under me.

Her murmuring voice repeated, “Fuck me, fuck me.”

She soared on the wings of pleasure as her body reveled in the waves of bliss pouring into her and through her. She rolled us over and was on top of me, rode me, and impaled her hot cunt on my manhood.

She leaned forward to let me suck her tit. She showered me with wet kisses.

Her sister laid next to us, rubbing her clit as she watched us.

My mother straightened up, taking all of my cock into her.

“You need Janet,” she told me, gasping with her lust. To her sister she said, “Get up on David, Janet. My David wants you. Ride his face.”

Janet straddled me. My mother’s arms went around her to cup her tits. Janet’s sweet pussy was in front of me. I pushed my face into its wetness. Mother nuzzled her neck. She twisted her nipples. Janet’s nightgown was pushed up to her waist. She looked lewd and desirable. Her hand twisted in my hair as she soared quickly to another orgasm. My mother was speaking softly in her ear.

“Come for us, Janet. Come for David. Come for Mary.”

My mother was soaring into orgiastic pleasure along with her sister.

With two women cumming on top of me, I was soon pouring my cum into my mother’s womanhood. I thrust hard and deep. The electric joy of orgasm sent thrills through my cock. Through my body. Through my every cell. I pumped myself dry in my mother’s hot cunt.

We all wound down from there, but it took a while. I softened slowly. Janet kept her hand in my hair and my face close to her fragrant pussy. My mother stayed on top, even as I softened, nuzzling Janet while caressing her tits.

Mother was whispering in Janet’s ear, “Would you like to kiss me there now, Janet? Would you like it to be like your dream?”

I saw Janet nod. canlı bahis siteleri

My mother moved off me to stand. Taking Janet’s hand, she helped her to stand, too. I looked at them. Even in my sated state, they looked like two goddesses. My mother was hot with the short vest over her bare boobs, her garter belt, nylons, heels with a bare pussy. Her sister looked elegant in the creamy satin nightgown, also with heels. Hidden were the nylon sheathed legs leading to the swollen lips of her cunt.

My mother led her sister to a chair. The two women embraced. They kissed each other hard on the lips. They started softly. The passion increased. They fondled each other’s tits. The ground their groins together. Janet slid down her sister’s body to her knees. She rested her head against her sister’s mound. My mother spread her legs. Janet’s tongue flickered around her cunt.

Mother sat then. She opened her legs to Janet. Her hand on Janet’s head urged her into her heat.

My mother whispered to her, “David’s seed is in me. It’s waiting for you.”

Mother put her legs on Janet’s shoulders. Janet clutched Mother’s cheeks to pull herself into her.

Janet pushed her tongue into my mother’s wet pussy. She followed with her lips. Sucking and licking, she thrilled my mother. I watched as Janet pushed her face into her sister’s heat and rubbed herself in the essences of my mother’s cunt.

I picked up a vibrator and knelt behind Janet. I did not want my mother’s pleasure to end. I pulled up the back of my aunt’s nightgown, and urged her legs apart. I felt her with my finger. She was wet. The juices ran down her leg. I set the toy on high. I shoved it into her. Janet gasped as the thrill ran through her cunt. My mother’s heels were drumming on her sister’s back. Her hand twisted in Janet’s hair and held her prisoner at the snatch. Both women were cumming continuously; shuddering. Janet’s screams were muffled by my mother’s pussy. My mother finally pushed Janet’s head away. She rested it on Mother’s thigh as she enjoyed a final orgasm from the vibrator.

We all slept together, pleasantly satisfied, in a tangle of bare flesh, satin and nylon.

I had to get up early to get back to school. After a group hug, with a special hug and kiss for my mother and a heartfelt “thank you” for Aunt Janet, I got on the road. I made it just in time.

Mother and I emailed each other at least once every day. Monday evening, she emailed me: “What a wonderful weekend.”

I was planning on staying at school for the weekend to study for my finals. I would miss my weekend at home, but I needed to be prepared.

During the week, I got a few letters off to engineering firms in the area, inquiring about summer employment. I thought the fact I was going to be continuing my education might generate some interest.

Mother’s Wednesday email said she was thinking she would like to come to visit Friday Night.

“I would be leaving Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t interfere too much with your studies.”

She went on to say she had already made reservations, but it would be no problem to cancel them.

I emailed her back: “Yes, come.”

Mother left work a little early Friday to drive up. She checked into the motel; a rather upscale inn. She called me as soon as she got to her room. I told her I’d be right there.

Minutes later, she opened the door for me. I stepped in. We were in each other’s arms as soon as the door closed. We kissed hard, open mouthed, like the lovers we were. Her tits pushed into my chest. Our groins rubbed.

“I love you,” we spoke together.

I stepped back to look at my mother. She had left from work. She was wearing a tailored suit with a skirt that made her ass look delicious. The suit jacket was draped over a chair leaving her with a high collared white blouse. Below the skirt, I could see she was wearing nylons with moderate heels.

I looked around the room. It was large and roomy. Even with a king sized bed, there was plenty of space. There was a round table with four chairs and a desk.

“I made coffee,” Mother said. “Let’s have some.”

We sat at the table with our coffee.

Mother said, “I’d like to know what your thoughts are about last weekend.”

“Mother,” I told her, “it was exhilarating. I can’t describe what how excited I got watching your sister going down on you. I started using the vibrator on her so she wouldn’t stop eating you.”

“It was nice,” My mother said. “More than nice; it was electrifying. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought about getting it off with a woman. Much less my older sister.” Mother paused then. “Tell me about fucking her. Did you like it? I’m not asking because of jealousy.”

“I’d have to say I did,” I replied. “A big part of the reason might be because she hadn’t had any for such a long time.”

“I had a strange reaction, David.” Mother said. “I was thrilled when you ate Janet’s pussy. I was thrilled again when you fucked her. It made me so hot.

“We need to decide where we want to go from here,” My mother said. “We could probably have an orgy every week, but I think we would get jaded. You and I haven’t finished learning about each other yet.”

“What would Aunt Janet like?” I asked.

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