A Naturist Weekend Ch. 02


I woke and looked over at Ronnies bed. He was sitting up reading a book. He smiled. I also noticed I still had an erection. I got up and walked to the bathroom, my cock standing to attention. I was quite relaxed about walking around naked in front of Ronnie with a huge stiff cock. It was a pity we didn’t have a double bed. I wondered what the day held. Breakfast was at nine so there was almost two hours to kill. I had an idea, why don’t we take a walk in the garden, naked, and then have a bath together. Ronnie liked that so we both finished our toilet and went downstairs to the back garden.

No-one else was around so we made the best of the privacy. I stood on the back doorstep, my arm around Ronnie’s waist. It’s beautiful outside. The sun was up and there was a slight chill in the air. I shivered and led the way down the grass to the river. The wood was just to the right, beside the fence. I would look forward to exploring that later.

I looked down at Ronnie’s cock and was thrilled to see he was still hard. Thankfully, he had brought plenty viagra with him, enough for us all, he joked. Let’s take another before breakfast, I suggested.

I sat down on the still damp grass. It felt nice to the skin. Ronnie lay down beside me. The wind russled his hairy chest. I watched his cock, standing completely erect. These viagra tablets really work, I thought to myself. I lay down beside Ronnie, my head on his chest, and ran my fingers over his chest. I teased his nipples and slowly worked my hands down to his cock. He shuddered as my hand wound round his cock and gently squeezed it. He closed his eyes and I wanked his cock, slowly and firmly. His cock pulsated in my hand. Ronnie reached down and started to wank me. My head was still on his chest and I stretched up to kiss his neck, breathing deeply in his ear.

Suddenly, he stopped and I did the same. Building up the sexual energy. God, I was so turned on. My breathing slowed down and listened to his suggestion that we take viagra every six hours and spend the day taking each other to the hights of exctasy. Let’s take it to just before the point of no return four times and then cum together just like last night. Four times, to build up the energy and then release it. Yes, I was up for that. I sat up and positioned myself on either side of him. His cock was against my balls. I rubbed his cock against my asshole, teasing him. I teased his nipples and nestled against his neck. Time for a bath, Ronnie suggested amd I reluctantly stopped what I was doing.

We walked hand in hand back to the retreat, wondering if anyone would be up yet. I heard voices in the kitchen. We walked back to our room and I ran the bath. Soon the tub was half full and I stepped in. Ronnie quickly joined me, sitting opposite me. We chatted away to each other. I was conscious that my cock was throbbing. Ronnie lay back in the bath and I turned so that I was lying on top of him with my legs on either side of his. His hard cock was against my ass and I wondered if we would have enough time before breakfast. I wanted to do so much more but time was running out, we needed to get downstairs. I stood up and got out of the bath. Ronnie knelt in the bath and motioned for me to come forward.

He took me in his mouth and wanked me, slowly and firmly. I shuddered as I felt his tongue on the tip of my cock. Very quickly I felt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my orgasm getting closer and closer. He stopped wanking me and I held his head in my hands as I recovered. That’s one each so far, just another three to go before we can finally come.

I waited for Ronnie to dry himself off and we went downstairs, our cocks still quite hard. Ronnie and I had taken a viagra before we went down. I wasn’t sure what the others would think if they saw our erections. I used my hand towel to cover my cock and sat down. Mark dished up the breakfast as we all talked among ourselves. By the look of them, two others had also connected, bringing the number of couples to four, counting Ronnie and I too.

Ronnie was sitting next to me and I moved my hand below the table so that I could wank his cock. He acted as normal as he could while I rubbed him.

Mark explained that we should feel free to explore and relax. The whole area is secluded and people rarely came here so we can wander around quite free and naked. Ronnie and I finished our breakfast and went back up stairs.

Ronnie, I said, I loved what we did last night, it was the most erotic time of my life. I keep thinking back to it. We came together, in each others mouth and swallowed it. God, it was lovely. Today, once we build up the sexual energy, I wanted to feel his cock spurting inside me. Ronnie laughed when I explained I wanted to feel his warm spunk inside me. Promise me, I whispered. He nodded, and stroked my cock. By now the viagra was working and I was solid cock again. I played with Ronnies cock as he stroked mine. I rubbed up close to him and shivvered as he wanked me. I whispered in his ear that he should stop and he did. That was twice I had come to the brink and pulled back just in time. I could feel the precum on the end of my cock and Ronnie reached down to suck the small amount of spunk from my cock.

Your turn, I said and told him to bring the lube. I went to the bed and bent over, holding on to the headboard. Ronnie got the message and stroked his lube over my ass. Once again, he teased my asshole with one and then two fingers. I pushed back against him, my cock standing proud in front of me. Slowly he rubbed his cock over my ass, spreading the lube. I was sensitive to what he was doing and it felt amazing. He positioned himself behind me and placed his cock against my asshole. He nudged slowly and his cock slipped into me. I was ready for this. Oh, it felt wonderful. This is what I had been missing all these years.

A few minutes later Ronnie was breathing deeply and I knew he was going to cum. I wanted to feel it so badly, his warm spunk filling me. He stopped thrusting inside me and caught his breath. Too early, be patient, he said. It will be worth it.

So, that was twice we had both almost cum and stopped in time. I wanted so badly to cum but I knew Ronnie knew what he was doing.

After we had recovered, we walked down the stairs, to the back garden. Some of the others were dotted around the grass and two were sunbathing, their eyes shaded with sunglasses. Ronnie grabbed my hand and led me to the wood and we both climbed over the fence and into the wood. There were several grassy parts in the wood and we stopped at a nice spot. I stood there as Ronnie knelt down and took my cock in his mouth. Once again I enjoyed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the sensations coursing through my body. I looked around me at the trees. There were several old trees and a few younger ones. I looked at Ronnies head as it bobbed up and down. I signalled him to stop. That was three times now and I had managed it. Only one more time and then I could cum.

It was Ronnies turn next. We walked through the wood and found another spot beside a huge oak tree. It was majestic and towered far up into the sky. Ronnie hugged the tree and I hugged Ronnie. He passed me the lube from his bag and I let my fingers work on him. I had never fucked a guy before and a huge wave of excitement ran through me as my fingers loosened his asshole. I stood behind him and rubbed the head of my cock against his asshole. Slowly I pushed my cock into Ronnie, one thrust after another. He breathed heavily as I fucked him, my hand moving to his cock and I wanked him slowly. It felt amazing to be fucking him and he was responding, thrusting his ass to meet my thrust. It was only minutes before I was almost cumming and I stopped, just in time. That was my last time to hold back and I knew next time, I would explode. I kept rubbing Ronnie’s cock, teasing the head as I rubbed his foreskin over the head. A few minutes and that was Ronnie almost there. I knew to stop.

We walked towards the river and waded in until it was up to our waist. I cleaned my cock, still rampant hard and so was Ronnie’s cock. I felt a thrill run through my ass as I cleaned my cock, the cold water was exciting.

Let’s just take our time, Ronnie said. I was desperate to cum and felt sure he did too. We walked some more through the wood and came across another grassy spot. This would do.

I wanted to feel Ronnie inside me. He lay down on the grass, looking up at me. I sat with my legs either side of Ronnie and rubbed my ass on his cock. He passed me the lube and I smothered his cock with it, pressing fingers into my ass as I rubbed it in. Very slowly, I sat down on his cock, little by little until that huge cock was inside me. I stopped, feeling his cock throbbing inside me. Up and down, I slowly rode that cock. Mmm, it felt great. He stopped me and asked me to go on my knees. I didn’t need any encouragement. I knew now that his cock was going to explode inside me. I knelt down and he knelt behind me. Slowly, he thrust his cock, holding my ass in both hands. It was fantastic. Slowly he fucked me, taking his time so that I could feel each movement. I was so turned on. His breathing got heavier and heavier. Cum inside me, I shouted, cum inside me. He needed no prompting. Oh God, he moaned, I’m going to cum. I tightened my asshole to grip his cock. I was so sensitive that I could feel his throbbing cock as it got harder and harder. Suddenly, he spurted and I felt a delicious warm feeling inside me as his hot spunk ejaculated. Time after time he spurted more and more hot spunk into me. I almost came with excitment. It seemed to take forever as he ejaculated. I could feel his cock as it pulsed more and more spunk into me. I liked this, I liked this a lot.

He collapsed on top of me, holding me tightly. His cock still throbbing. Slowly he slipped his cock out of me and I could feel warm spunk run out. He rubbed it into my ass. I could feel his warm spunk güvenilir bahis şirketleri still inside me. I’d never experienced anything like this. He rolled me over onto my back and reached for my cock. Slowly, he rubbed it while his other hand rubbed my nipples. He moved his head down and sucked me, taking me centimetre by centemetre into his mouth. I knew this wouldn’t take long. He rubbed my balls and stretched my foreskin as he sucked. I could feel such a warm feeling running through me as my orgasm started to build up. He knew I wasn’t far away and wanked me faster and faster. Don’t stop, I moaned, please don’t stop.

Suddenly, I exploded in his mouth, spurting stream after stream of spunk. He swallowed as much as he could but it was dribbling out of his mouth. I had never cum so powerfully as I did just now. Even better than last night. We both collapsed and he lay on top of me. I held him tight, feeling his strong arms around me. I kissed him, tasting my spunk in his mouth. We lay like that for ages. No rush to get up. My cock was still stiff and so was Ronnies.

After about an hour, we got up and walked back towards the house. Time to clean up. Down by the river, on the grass, I could see one of the couples, lying side by side and they were sucking each other. It looked so natural. It was a lovely grassy bank, thick green comfortable grass. They were enjoying themselves and we stood watching for a while. I couldn’t believe it, I felt I could cum again. I stood next to Ronnie as we watched them. I reached for his cock, which was as hard as mine. I fondled it as we watched. It didn’t take them long to finish each other off and we watched them cumming. I looked at Ronnie and smiled. No holding back and building up the sexual energy for them. I waved at them as we continued to walk towards the house. I could feel warm spunk dripping down my legs. This was so erotic.

Back in the room, Ronnie asked if I was ready to go again. Why not leave it until after lunch and we’ll find a spot to lay down, he suggested. Fine, I’m up for that. I don’t even mind if others see us. The couple sucking each other off didn’t seem to mind who was watching. That would be exciting, I wonder where that could lead to. Could we have an orgy, I wondered.

It was an hour before lunch and Ronnie suggested we had a shower together and wait for lunch. The shower was huge, plenty room for two. We both stepped in and turned on the taps. A cascade of hot water drenched us. I reached for the shampoo and smothered Ronnie with it. I stroked every inch of his body and covered him in shampoo. He turned around and started to wash me. He spent plenty time stroking my ass and licking my nipples. I was still rock hard and so was Ronnie. Our cocks rubbed together, his long and slender, mine shorter and thicker. They both looked so erotic as I gripped both cocks and rubbed them. I went on my knees and took him in my mouth. My fingers went to his ass, fingering him and he squeezed his ass in response. I was looking forward to cumming inside him. This afternoon was going to be exciting.

We got out and dried each other off. We stood beside the window, his arms around me and I melted into him. I could feel his wet body hair as he held me. His hard cock was nudging my ass and my own cock stood fully erect. Outside, again by the grassy bank, we saw another couple, the new couple we saw this morning. One of them was on his knees pleasuring his partner. I never expected this, I said to Ronnie. A warm thrill ran through me as I thought of doing this in front of everybody else. That would be exciting.


If you like this, let me know and I’ll write some more.

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