A New Buddy


I was walking up a small hill in our town park. At the park pavilion itself there was large family type party in progress sponsored by my company and I was in fact the one who did the planning for it. The boss’s wife was now handling it.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the people but I no longer had a family and felt out of place. I was walking away from the popular areas and towards what was labeled the nature zone, the part of the park that did not get mowed.

There were some nice trees and some large rocks and that was were the kids went to fuck but I just walked over to the other side of the hill and out of sight. I was not alone there. One guy was there masturbating.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” I said when he saw me.

“You are Choles in sales, right?”

“Yes and you are Bixby, also in sales.”

We shook hands as I commented that our company must be getting large when two people working in the same department don’t know each other.

“Please continue, I will go into the woods.”

“Not a good idea, there are at least two couples in there, maybe more. If you don’t mind I will continue as you first suggested. You may join me of course.”

“I think I will, thanks.”

I took my cock out and began to caress it. Seeing him masturbating had gotten it awake so I was soon hard.

“I love jacking off out in the open. I used to do it in my yard but my wife has the house so I come here.”

I said, “I like masturbating in the open too but I have a patio in my home so I can still do that.”

“I may become a regular visitor.”

“Only if you bring beer and pizza.”

He chuckled and said, “My favorite food group.”

We became silent as we began to concentrate on getting off. We no longer pretended we were not watching each other and were soon ejaculating down the slope. We were impressed with our ejaculatory distances.

Neither of us put away our cocks and simply sat on the ground and talked as we continued to caress them. We learned our life paths were similar, we each had an ex-wife and a kid in college. My wife had left town but his had stayed in his house.

We admitted we had not been good husbands although we claimed to have been nearly faithful.

Our wives did not know of the episodes in which we had slipped. Our problems were that we were workaholics and spent too little time making them feel important.

We admitted we were hoping to find someone.

We suddenly noted that our cocks were again erect. We got on our knees and resumed masturbating.

“Do you look at porn in your computer at home?” he asked.

“Constantly. I keep a towel on my desk. You?”

“I keep a towel on my desk.”

We concentrated on each others cock until we again sprayed cum down the hill.

“Nice cock,” he said.

“Thanks, same to you.”

We put them back into our jeans and began to walk back. We walked through the woods and as expected there were people fucking but not the teenagers. Two of our secretaries were nude and masturbating each other. We said hello and continued on.

Then we saw a married couple fucking but they were not married to each other. We again said hello and walked on commenting that the kids must have found somewhere else to fuck.

I had some duties to perform and he shook my hand and said it was time for him to slip away. I said bye and joined the crowd. When I finally got home I took a shower and went to bed.

It was Saturday night and I had no interest in it.

Monday morning at work I looked around for Bixby and found his office was on the other side of the elevator. He was not there so I headed back to mine and almost collided with him.

“I had just noticed you were not in your office and figured out you were likely in mine,” he said.

“I was until I figured out you were likely in mine.”

We chuckled, tapped each others shoulders then continued to our offices.

On Wednesday after lunch he asked me if I felt like beer and pizza that evening.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“About seven?”


I had an erection by the time I sat on my desk.

I grinned.

He did bring beer and pizza and I had chips and pretzels. All I wore were gym shorts, he had added a t-shirt to his ensemble but took it off after he walked in. He had no hair on his chest while I had a nice dusting of it. We both had inconsequential beer bellies and for guys in their early forties we looked good.

We headed to my patio and sat at my small table to eat pizza and drink beer. It was a small table so our legs came into contact often and we ended up just letting them stay in contact. Through the clear top of the table we could easily see our erections in our shorts.

When I returned with our second beers he had exposed his cock past the leg of his shorts so as soon as I sat I did too. I wondered how much more other than masturbate we were going to do.

Our legs made immediate contact but that time it was not casual contact, it was premeditated. Our legs were gently pressing together.

We finished the pizza and illegal bahis took the debris to the trash and got another beer. When we went back out I led us to a wooden bench that faced flowering vines on the fence, it was where I masturbated.

As usual I took my shorts off and lay them on the bench, he did the same. We caressed or cocks between sips of beer and we talked about our quest for the second wife. We both admitted our second marriage would likely end up as the first did.

Our bottles were empty and we began to slowly masturbate.

“Our cocks look like twins,” I said.

“Close but yours has more girth.”

“I don’t see that.”

“Here, lets compare.”

He gripped my cock and I decided to do the comparison too.

His felt just as thick as mine and said so. He disagreed and we repeated the feel test.

We did that several times before I agreed with him.

I did so only because I knew it he grabbed my cock again I would spew.

We had noticed the previous weekend that we used different hands to masturbate, he was a lefty. When we sat our free hand was next to the other’s thigh. They were soon on the others thigh.

We tried to extend our masturbations but there was no chance, for all practical purposes we had been masturbating since lunch.

Some of his cum ended up on my hand and thigh, I did not think that was accidental. Some of my cum ended up his hand and thigh. I knew that was not an accident.

“That was excellent, thanks,” he said as he squeezed my thigh. His hand was lightly brushing my balls.

“Anytime,” I said as my fingers lightly brushed his balls. When do you need to leave?”

“At about ten, I shower before going to bed.”

“Me too,” I said. “Another beer?”

“Pee first.”

“On that jungle looking thing in the corner, it likes piss.”

“It’s not carnivorous is it?”

“No, not so far.”

We went there together and pissed on the vine then went to the kitchen for more beer.

“Show me your favorite piece of porn.” he said.

“Follow me.”

I went to my computer and woke it up then put it on screen saver. Naked women appeared on screen every five seconds.

“Every time I surf for nudes I download any favorites and add them to the screensaver album. There are over two hundred pictures in it now.”

“Oh wow, great tits.”

“There several that have better. I do avoid the ones that are definitely fake but if the rest of the body or the face impress me I like small tits too and really love puffy nipples.”

“I see you like redheads.”

“Yes, if I have a preference for women that would be it.”

“Are all the pictures just one woman each?”

“No, the first eighty or so are and some them have two pictures in the album. I have a few with girlfriends followed by some sucking tits followed by some eating pussy.”

“I will get comfortable then,” he said as he brought an armless chair next to me and sat.

I pushed my office chair back then pulled another armless chair in its place. We were once again thigh by thigh. His hand went back on mine and mine went back to his. By the time the girls sucking tits pictures appeared our hands were on each other’s cocks.

By the time the girls eating pussy ended our cocks were valiantly trying to return to life.

The next section of photos was of women next to their favorite cocks, then on the women sucking cocks, then of women with more than one cock in their hands. By the time the photos of women welcoming cocks to their pussy arrived our cocks were hard.

We never considered returning our hands to our own cocks.

The last set of pictures showed women being fucked as a second cock was masturbated or sucked. We did not make it past those and we covered the underside of my desk with cum.

We did not release the others cock for a while but we had made a mess so I took the towel I usually had draped over the back of my desk chair and began to clean both of us up.

I had to handle his cock and balls to do that but before I started on myself he took the towel and wiped me clean. He handled my cock and balls more than he needed to but it was OK because I had done that to him.

We left my desk and got another beer then returned to my patio. It was dark by then. We sat and talked and caressed each other’s cock.

“Have you had other men’s cock in your hand before?” he asked.

“Yes, about six. None in the last seven years or so. And you?”

“Yes, maybe eighty but none in the last five years.”


“Yes, most of them in high school and college. I belonged to a circle jerk club. The last cock was on the husband of my wife’s lesbian lover.”

“How was that?”

“Oh, I loved all of my wife’s lesbian lovers, they got her horny for me. Unfortunately it also got her horny for the other woman’s husband.

I did get to fuck the women too so at first I didn’t mind. She did mind however when she learned one of her lovers and me fucked without her and she got royally pissed. I brought up the fact that I knew she fucked some of the women’s husbands when illegal bahis siteleri I was not around. The subsequent argument ended our relationship.

There was an instant of time in which we could have gone on as a open marriage but we went well past that quickly. Funny, the main woman I fucked when she was not around now lives with her. I was apparently fucking the love of her life.”

“My wife had a lesbian friend that she claimed was just a friend. I got home early one day because I had the flu and found them both asleep on my bed, naked. The smell of pussy was unmistakable.

I got nude and joined them in bed and went to sleep.

When I woke up she would hardly speak to me. In her mind I had proven her to be a liar and she resented that. Our marriage lasted less than two months after the incident.

I never talked about it, I was fine with her having a lesbian lover but in her mind I had discovered her deepest secret and she needed to start a new life.

I have no idea where she is although my daughter knows. She blames me for the divorce so we seldom speak.”

We drank beer and played with each others cocks in silence until we needed to pee. I held his cock while he peed and he held mine as I peed.

We had both decided to do so while standing behind the other. We each felt a cock twitch as it snuggled against our ass.

We did not speak of that but we were now caressing each others ass at each opportunity.

Our cocks were dead however so he dressed and went home. We hugged before he went out the door.

We just nodded at each other that Thursday at work. At lunch Friday he said, “Tacos and beer?”

“And burritos. Stay the night.”

He nodded with a smile.

He was at my door as I was ready to go into the shower, I was nude when I let him in. He had clothes and a toiletry kit in his hands and gave them to me then returned to his car to get our supper.

As I put his toiletries away I saw he had brought a pack of twelve condoms and a bottle of lubricant.

I had put his stuff away when he joined me in the shower. We soaped each other and caressed each cock and each ass. Our cocks did most of the ass caresses.

I had wondered if we would fuck but as we left the shower I knew we would.

We went to my patio nude and ate our supper out there. Our hands kept the other’s cock at the ready. After our food and first beer were gone I started to sit on the bench but he stopped me as he sat down.

He kissed and licked my cock before starting a long slow blowjob. Before my cock became frantic I realized I would need to suck him off too.

He would not be my first.

I expelled a lot of cum but he managed to swallow all of it. He kept loving my cock until it expired.

As I sat I kissed his lips and had him stand in front of me. I did him as he had done me but he lasted a lot longer than I had. I didn’t mind, I was enjoying sucking his cock.

When my mouth was filled with cum I thought the taste was not as bad as I had remembered. It was nowhere near tasty but I knew I would not be reluctant to suck a cock again.

After his cock expired he sat next to me and we kissed.

It was a deep tongue invading kiss in which me mingled our cums. When the kiss ended we went inside, got another beer and sat on my love seat.

“Was that your first blowjob?” he asked.

“No, I gave two in college, same guy. You?”

“No, maybe my twentieth, the last fifteen were to the husbands of my wife’s lovers at our wives request. I did give one at an adult theater’s glory hole in Vegas.

I have been wanting to suck a dick for while and yours was the best of all, thanks.”


“Have you been fucked in the ass?”

“No, have you?”

“Yes, again at our wives requests. I have been wanting that too for a while and I brought condoms as you saw. I hope between now and Sunday you will consider fucking me.”

“Anytime,” I said.

He smiled then kissed me, I kissed him back. We regularly checked each other’s cock for renewal before returning to my computer, he wanted to see my screensaver again.

“I have two more screen savers, I will show you a different one.”

I chose the one labeled Corporate Logos and the first five were corporate logos, the next ninety five had trannies and crossdessers. The first forty or so were of gorgeous women with cocks, some with huge cocks. Then there were about twenty of trannies fucking women, then trannies fucking couples. The last set was of trannies and men fucking. As the last one appeared he said, “Bed,” and left me to hide the screen saver. When I got to the bedroom he was trying to apply lubricant to his ass.

“Let me do that for you. Just drape yourself over the pillow. He did and I poured a generous amount of the lubricant on his ass hole and began to finger fuck him. He moaned. I then slid two fingers in him before I paused to put on a condom. I fingerfucked him with three fingers before I exchanged them in his ass with my cock.

He moaned again.

“How do you like it? I asked.

“Long slow strokes please.”

I canlı bahis siteleri fucked him as he wished until about fifteen minutes later when he panted, “Pound me, pound me.”

I did and in less than two minutes I filled the condom as he groaned. I slowed to a stop and draped my body over his then kissed his shoulder.

He sighed, “Stay in me for as long as you can.”

That was about four minutes. I got off him and rolled him onto his back, I was going to suck him off but he had already cum. I slurped his cock into my mouth then rolled him to me and we kissed.

We dozed off.

He was kissing me when I awoke.

“Do you have any wine?” he asked.

“Yes, Sweet Red. Want some?”

“Yes, please,” He kissed me again and we got up.

I caressed his ass as we walked to the kitchen and poured some wine for us. We sat in the living room and drank our wine and talked.

“As you may have noticed I am a bottom. I have not had a top to play with in years. The husbands of the lesbians I know are also bottoms. We tend to lose our erections before the fuck is over if we get one at all. Your ass is likely safe from me.”

“Well thanks, I guess. But I am sure I want you to try to fuck me before the weekend is over. You did like my blowjob.”

“Yes, I did but I was trying very hard to cum for a long while before I finally did. Thanks for sticking to it.”

“My pleasure and that will be repeated too. Do you always cum when fucked?”

“Not in some years, you were a perfect lover. I want you to fuck me again with your next erection, please. I have plenty of condoms.”

“Anytime,” I said and apparently meant it. I needed to kiss him right then. He needed to kiss me back.

It became one of my favorite after fuck times.

It was ten that evening before my next erection slid into his ass. The time I fucked him for twenty five minutes before he growled, “Now.”

I soon heard a deep moan and slowed to a halt.

I leaned over him and kissed his cheek then resumed the slow fuck. I had not cum. He sighed deeply and mumbled, “A first for me, thanks.”

I took long slow stokes for about ten minutes before I filled the condom.

“Oh,” he said as he felt the warmth. I continued the long strokes until my cock expired.

As I lay to his side and scooped him into my arms I was glad we had decided to cover the pillow with a small throw blanket, it was covered with cum. There was a cum covered pillow on the floor already.

I kissed him until he was asleep then got up, checked the locks, turned everything off and got in bed.

I suddenly realized that in the morning he was going to be the first person to wake up with me on that bed.

Every sex partner I had since the divorce had been at her house or a motel.

I never expected my first lover on that bed would be a guy.

I smiled.

He woke me up the next morning by sucking me off. We went to the shower where I sucked him off. That time he lasted less than two minutes. Maybe it was because I was fingerfucking his while I did.

I needed to rethink that.

We spent the entire day in my home nude. We cooked, cleaned and fucked. He did try to fuck me once but his cock died before he could ejaculate.

I did like his cock in me and made sure he understood we were trying it again.

Sunday we did try again and his cock remained firm long enough for me to enjoy being fucked but again he did not cum until I sucked him off as I fingerfucked his ass.

He enjoyed watching my third screen saver, men fucking and sucking men.

Late Sunday afternoon he went home.

Monday at lunch I invited him to dinner and suggested he bring work clothes for Tuesday.

By the following weekend he was living with me.

He had offered to give me the money he paid in rent for the privilege. That was over two hundred dollars over what my mortgage payments were. He then decided he would pay ‘our’ mortgage.

I agreed.

He did manage to fuck me about twice a month long enough for me to enjoy it. I did fuck him nearly every night. One of us sucked the other off nearly every night.

We did take turns driving to work but we never had contact while there. Management was homophobic.

We had lived together for eight years and were approaching our fiftieth birthday. Sex events had gone from daily to bi-weekly although we still kiss often. He decided the present he wanted was a wedding. We went to New Mexico for a week and married there.

Few notice our wedding bands at work but the ones that did already suspected and approved.

On our tenth anniversary of our first fuck we went to gay club with a gay couple. The four of us were fucked all night while on their patio out back. The four of us then went to my bed and fucked some more.

That weekend had us content for weeks and we had foursomes every month or two.

As we neared our sixtieth birthday our cocks were no longer reliable so we got prescriptions. He could at last fuck me until I ejaculated on the pillow. I could again fuck him to two cums.

Two weeks after his birthday he died of a stroke at his desk. I heard the commotion but stayed at work until a co-worker told me to follow him. He led me to an ambulance and I saw him being worked on. He told the EMT I was the husband and they assisted me in.

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