A New Depth of Intimacy


“I want to fuck your sister.” We had just made love, Sally and I, and I was snug-gled up to her back, my mouth just inches from her ear. “I want to fuck your sister,” is what I whispered. Sally made the about face in the bed in record time. “What did you say? You want to what?” she asked with a clear edge in her voice.

“You heard me. Every time we’ve been over there, I’ve wanted to play with her lovely body. I’ve kept it to myself for a long time, but tonight it just slipped out. You and I aren’t married; we have no intention of being married; and we’ve never promised to be faithful to each other. I was just saying I would like to get her naked and have some fun together.

“But she is your sister, and she is married to Phil, so I am saying this to you be-cause I need some help from you.” “Go on,” she said, making it sound like a bit of a question. “The first thing I need, of course, is your permission. I don’t want us to break up over this, and if you simply refuse to help me with this, I will just go on fantasizing and it will be fine. If we don’t do this thing right, there could be long-term bad conse-quences between you and your sister and your sister and her husband, and I don’t want that to happen.”

“Hmmm,” she murmured, turning back around, her back to me, more slowly this time. I nestled my renewed erection into the crease of her ass. I was encouraged when she wiggled even closer and raised her leg a little to allow me to make myself at home between her butt cheeks.

“What else do you need from me?”

“Well, you are both women, and I need to have your feminine perspective on how to make this thing happen without ruining things between any of us. Could you talk with her in a tactful way to see if she finds me at all attractive? And we also have to consider what to do about Phil. Would you ever want to play with him? Have you ever gotten any hints that make you think he might have thought about having some fun with you? I don’t want to just go over there with you for a visit sometime and put the moves on her without there being some preparation beforehand.”

“You’ve put quite a few questions out, there Bubba. Sue and I talk together pretty well, and I think I could safely broach this subject and see where it takes us. It wouldn’t be hard to get her to say how she sees you. I don’t know about Phil. You know me: I like sex, and I’ve thought about him and what he would be like as a casual sex partner. Of course, I would never jeopardize their marriage, but if everyone were on board with a plan….”

Her sentence drifted off, and I could tell she was thinking about it. I also noticed a bit more moisture developing between her legs. I put my hand on her hip and moved it slowly up past her waist, across her belly and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple. She loves that, and I heard her moan with pleasure.

She said, “I’m afraid she might like the way you give her pleasure and would want more. Are you talking about just one time? illegal bahis Or do you want a continuing thing?”

I nibbled her ear and whispered, “I’m open to anything, depending on how it goes. My favorite fantasy has us sneaking off and doing it secretly, but I don’t really want to do it that way in reality. Fantasy is one thing, but reality is something else en-tirely. Fortunately, we can have it both ways if we work it right.”

“Have you had any ideas about how to get it started?”

“Yes, I have,” I averred. “One approach could be to have dinner together, drink some wine, drink some more wine, steer the conversation in a sexual direction with com-ments or stories or jokes and then suggest we play a game. Maybe we could play “Truth or Dare,” strip poker, “Twister.” Twister would be a good one because it would involved touching, and in would include all of us at the same time.

“I also had this fantasy that after dinner, I would move into the kitchen to help with cleanup leaving you and Phil in the living room to get better acquainted in a physical way. Do you have any ideas?”

She replied, “I like the more casual approach. Those games don’t appeal to me. We are definitely too old and stiff to have fun playing Twister. I could start my sisterly conversation with ‘What do you think of my boyfriend, Sue? Do you find him attrac-tive?’ Then I could move a bit deeper: ‘Do you ever imagine yourself … you know … making a move on him or accepting a move on his part toward you?'” She wiggled her butt and my penis slid a little closer to her pussy. “Depending on how she responded,” she continued, “I could suggest that we come over for dinner some evening and I would have told Pete you would be open to some flirting and suggestive hints, that a move from him would be welcome. Of course, you, my dear sister, would have to have broached the subject with Phil in any way you feel comfortable doing it. You should make sure he would be okay with anything that happened. That would be up to you. But I will say this: The comment that he made to me that got this all started was, ‘I want to fuck your sister.’ Those are my thoughts on how I think it would be the best way to approach Sue.”

“I like this!” I enthused. “I really like this. I’m thinking we might be in for some exciting fun. Call her as soon as you can.”

Two weeks later, Sally informed me that she had had the conversation with her sister, and that she had been surprisingly open to just about anything. A couple of days after that first call, Sue had called Sally to say that Phil was shocked and negative when she had first raised the possibility, but that he had warmed to the idea when Sue had sug-gested that their sex life could get a nice boost as a result of what might happen among us. She had told him that I had no desire to break up either of these relationships and that he had just wanted to play with us and enjoy some “good, dirty fun.”

The next Friday evening we arrived at Sue and Phil’s illegal bahis siteleri home for dinner. Everyone had been prepared for anything as the evening unfolded. We brought a bouquet of flow-ers, and two large bottles of some pretty good wine. When Sue answered our knock on their front door, she greeted both of us with warm hugs and kisses, and I thought that her hug for me lasted just a beat longer than one would have expected under normal circum-stances. It felt very nice.

Dinner went well. The conversation went normally at first, but as the wine flowed and the sexual tension began to build little by little, there were more sexual innu-endoes and double entrendres. The touching increased, too. Someone’s hand would reach out and pat someone’s arm when something funny had been said. By the time din-ner ended, it was looking like our plan was unfolding as I had hoped it would.

When dinner was over, I offered to help with the clean-up, and Sally and Phil went into the living room. Sue and I went to the kitchen, our hands filled with dirty dishes. We stood side by side at the kitchen sink. I was rinsing off dishes and Sue was filling the dishwasher. We were standing close enough to each other for our arms to be touching. When the last of the dishes had been rinsed and put in the dishwasher, we both washed our hands at the same time, enjoying the feel of our four slippery, soapy hands washing each other.

I said, “I take it Sally has talked with you about this evening?” “Um-hum, we’ve talked.” “And you are all right with this?” I nodded toward our hands.” “Yes, this feels good.” When our hands were dry, I turned Sue toward me and wrapped my arms around her waist. “And this…?” “Yes.” She was smiling and looking coy. “And this?” I said, moving my hands down to her ass. “Oh, Pete, you have such sexy, strong hands. Oh, there’s one other thing I’d like from you. Tell me again what comment you made to Sally that got all this started?”

I put my mouth next to her ear and said, “I whispered in her ear after we had made love, ‘I want to fuck your sister.'” She kissed me.

“Where do you want to go with this?” I asked. “Do you want to go find a bed to play in, or would you like to see what’s going on in the other room?”

“To tell you the truth, I’d like to peek into the living room but not let them see us.” I did too, so that’s what we did. When we got to the wide doorway into the living room, we carefully looked. What we saw made us both smile. Phil was sitting in his re-cliner and Sally’s head was bobbing up and down on his crotch. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was really enjoying her magnificent oral skills. As we watched, Sally began unbuttoning her blouse. Off it came, followed by her bra. Phil must have noticed a change in the rhythm because he opened his eyes to see Sally naked from the waist up. His hands moved like magnets to steel and cupped each of Sally’s breasts. He tugged gently upward, and Sally slid up beside him on canlı bahis siteleri the recliner. She snuggled her head into his neck and shoulder and began unbuttoning his shirt. Her hand slipped inside his shirt and began caressing his hairy chest.

Sue and I moved back from the door into the kitchen. Our kiss was electric. I could have fucked her right there, standing up. But that would have been too easy. I said, “Let’s go in and keep them company.” She nodded her head and we entered the loving room holding hands. We sat on the sofa facing Phil’s fully occupied recliner. Of course, we were noticed, and Phil and Sally broke off their activities and looked over to-ward us. “Oh, don’t stop on our account,” I said. “Looks like you two are getting nicely acquainted. We were watching.” They looked a little embarrassed. Phil’s erection stood proud and eager, and Sally’s pussy gleamed with an abundance of lubrication. The em-barrassment soon passed as Sue and I began kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. When we were both pretty close to naked, we lay back on the couch and began to get nicely acquainted ourselves.

Sue’s breasts were even more wonderfully delicious than I had imagined. They were large but not ponderous, firm but not hard, hardly perky but just the way I like them. If all we had done was to caress, kiss, suck and taste them, that would have been enough. Well, maybe not. Of course there was more to come.

Phil and Sally, now fully naked, escalated their activity, and we did the same. I could see that occasionally each of them would glance over to us on the couch, and Sue was doing the same. After a while, I disentangled myself from Sue’s embrace and stood up. When Phil and Sally looked over, I tilted my head toward the stairs and smiled. I took Sue’s hand, and we all went upstairs together to their bedroom where a king sized bed awaited us. Sue had discreetly placed a number of candles around the room, and she proceeded to light them while Phil pulled the bedcovers down and arranged the four large pillows. I patted Sally’s ass lovingly and she took my erect penis and licked away a large drop of pre-cum, finishing with a swift in and out of my whole rod.

Each couple had intercourse side by side. There was a lot of reaching across to give reassuring pats and caresses to each partner. Each of us experienced satisfying cli-maxes, and we ended with all of us intertwined and comfortable. We slept.

We all awoke at about the same time, and Phil and Sally looked like they were ready for Round Two, so Sue and I got up, went to the bathroom to wash up, and quietly went back down stairs.

“That was fun,” we both said simultaneously as we made our way down the stairs. We chuckled at the coincidence. We went to the kitchen to pour ourselves each another glass of wine. The two large bottles we had brought were almost gone, but they had done their part to make the evening enjoyable. Before we could get the glasses and wine to-gether, Phil and Sally came pattering down the stairs and joined us in the kitchen. We were all still naked, unashamed, and smiling. We poured four glasses of wine, killing the second bottle. We raised our glasses, drinking a toast to our new depth of intimacy and friendship.

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