A New Feeling


Ben was 22 just out of college and down on his luck. Ben worked as a service advisor at a local repair shop. As he woke up that morning he brushed his dark brown bangs out of his sleepy eyes and rolled over to turn off the alarm. He planted his feet on the ground and headed to the shower. Ben turned the knob to the shower and let it warm up as he slowly pulled off his underwear and pulled a towel out of the cabinet. He stepped into the shower and felt the warm water consume his body. His eyes still half closed he reached for the soap, squirting it into his hands. He rubbed the liquid across his abs and pushing the suds up his chest before letting the water rinse it off. Ben lathered his long 7-inch flaccid cock and felt it start to grow.

“Damn,I need to get some.” Ben thought as he played with his now fully enlarge dick.

Ben had started this job about six months prior and worked six days a week 7am until 8pm. If Ben wasn’t at work he was swimming, running, or maintaining his small one bedroom home. Ben continued to massage his cock as the warm water ran all over his body relaxing each and every muscle. He began to pump faster and his now 10-inch rock hard dick ached for release. Ben’s balls tightened and he shot a warm sticky load over his hand, legs, and feet. He rinsed the semen from his body and turned off the shower.

He dressed and stepped outside. The hot Northern Indiana summer sun beat down on Ben as he walked to his car, the August humidity already making him feel like he was sweating. Ben drove to work almost on auto-pilot, thinking about all of the things he needed to get done and the little money he had to complete it. He walked into work turned on his computer and read through his appointments for the day. A few oil changes, a couple brake issues, nothing too serious. He spent his day like normal helping customers, completing paperwork, and answering the phones. During the shop’s lunch break, Ben was at his desk trying to catch up with some old paperwork not yet completed. A tall man in his early forties walked into the shop. He had grey hair but was spiked. He was wearing an old yellow shirt with Lynyrd Skynyrd across the top.

Ben looked up. “Hi, can I help you?” Ben asked with a smile on his face.

“Yea. I came in to get some parts for my truck. How much would it cost to replace the fuel tank?” The man asked with a smile.

Ben looked at the computer and answered, “$305 plus parts. I can do it in about half an hour if you have time.”

The gentleman laughed and said, “No, it’s ok. I was going to just do it myself.”

The gentleman went into the part department and soon came back. “You have a good one, stay cool,” he said with a smile on his face.

The man walked to his truck, Ben watching the entire time. For a man in his early forties Ben would have thought early thirties if it wasn’t for the gray hair and crow’s feet peeking from the crease of his eye. Ben admired the man’s body as he climbed into his blue pickup. Soon the pickup was out of sight and Ben was more aware of himself. He could feel his cock pushing against his blue jeans. Ben tried to get the man out of his head but couldn’t.

A few hours passed and Ben could feel the sun warming the blacktop as he walked the parking lot with a cigarette between his lips. He watch as a familiar truck pulled back into the parking lot and drove right for him. Ben could not see the driver due to a glare off the windshield. He squinted trying to find who the driver was. Soon the glare subsided and he could see the man with the gray hair and yellow shirt pull up beside him.

“You still have time to switch out my tanks?” the man asked.

“Of Course,” Ben said with a smile, “it will just take a couple hours.”

“Ok, I have a friend who said he could pick me up.” the man said. As he shut off the truck and opened the door.

Ben walked the man inside and took some information from him. The man joked about the heat, the truck, and the country music playing from the speaker system across the entire dealership. The man was smiling the whole time and so was Ben. Ben could feel his pants becoming tight again as he typed the man’s information into the computer

“First and last name?” Ben asked

“Garrett Davis.” The man responded.

Ben finished the paperwork and walked Garrett to the waiting area until the friend came to pick him up. Soon after, the clock hit five o’clock and everyone but one technician and Ben left. Ben went to clean up the waiting room and found Garrett still sitting there watching tv and reading through a magazine. Garrett looked up and smiled.

“Thought you were leaving.” said Ben in a questioning manner.

“My buddy got tied up at work,” Garrett stated, ” I don’t mind though.”

Ben smiled and continued to clean the room. As Ben picked up a stack of old magazines to put back on the shelf his stomach made a large audible growl.

Garrett chuckled, “Hungry?” .

“Yea, skipped lunch today.” canlı bahis şirketleri Ben said with a laugh.

Ben finished cleaning up and headed back to the service drive. Ben sat down at his desk and looked at his phone.

“Bored?” Garrett said making Ben jump.

“Yea, sorry I didn’t see you there.” Garrett laughed

. “I was thinking of ordering some food to be delivered here, is that ok?” he asked.

Ben smiled. “Of course”

“You want something?” Garrett questioned.

“No thanks, I don’t have any money on me.” Ben answered.

“Don’t worry it’s on me. A couple taco’s?” he asked again.

“No, I really can’t. I appreciate it though.” Ben’s stomach growled again.

“I am getting you some food whether you like it or not, you sound like you are starving.” Garrett walked away pulling his phone to his ear. A few moments later he returned with a smile. “So what does a guy like you end up in a place like this for?” Garrett asked.

Ben looked down and explained he graduated college was working as a bartender and a part-time social worker during the day. The bar closed down in January right after he had moved into a new house. Soon after he was laid off as a social worker. He was desperate for a job and started working at the dealership to pay his bills. Ben asked about Garrett’s work. Garrett worked as a supervisor at the local steel mill and spent most of his weekends during the summer on his boat on Lake Michigan where Garrett had a small house on the water. Ben and Garrett laughed and joked and were having a good time.

The food showed up and they ate. Ben thanked Garrett for the food and they continued to chat as the truck was being worked on. Around 7:00pm the technician brought the keys to the truck up and told Garrett the truck was finished and everything looked good with the truck. The technician then left while Ben finished Garrett’s paperwork. Garrett paid for the work and Ben and Garrett walked back out to the service drive. The shop was empty, only the buzz of the air compressor filled the air. Ben thanked Garrett for his business and put his hand out to shake.

Garrett grabbed Ben’s hand and pulled him in wrapping his long arms around Ben’s back and leaning in for a lustful kiss. Ben, shocked, followed Garrett’s moves and kissed back. Ben could feel his cock growing as they kissed. Garrett pushed his body into ben moving him against the was close behind them. Garrett pushed his hips against Ben’s and Ben could feel Garrett’s rock hard dick run against his. They continue to kiss and grope and feel and explore each others bodies. A cool breeze swept through the shop making Ben shiver from over stimulation. Garrett hugged him harder.

Ben pulled away, grabbing Garrett’s hand, pulling him to an empty consulting room nearby. Garrett pulled Ben back pulling off his shirt revealing his abs skinny body and subtle abs. Ben sat on the desk as Garrett removed his own shirt and threw it onto the bland tile floor. Garrett leaned over Ben pinning him onto the desk and kissed him passionately. He pulled at Ben’s belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Garrett kissed down Ben’s neck around his chest and past his belly button. Ben bucked with anticipation. He raised his ass into the air and Garrett pulled down his pants and underwear.

Ben’s rock hard dick popped up and Garrett brought it into his mouth. He worked his way up and down bringing Ben to the edge before stopping and moving back up to kiss him. Ben pushed Garrett away, sat up, and undid Garrett’s Khaki Shorts. He pushed Garrett’s shorts down and grabbed his cock. Garrett was uncut and had a large purple head. Garrett dripped precum onto Ben’s leg. Garrett’s cock was massive, growing to around 11 to 12 inches and was long and wide but not too wide. Ben began to lower his head but Garrett stopped him.

“Sorry, it’s been a while and I don’t think I will last much longer with that,” Garrett said.

Garrett then pushed Ben back down, raised his legs and Garrett lowered his mouth to Ben’s ass. Garrett licked, spat, and drove Ben crazy, teasing Ben’s hole, until he relaxed. Garrett lined the head of his cock up with Ben’s waiting hole and began to slowly push it in. Ben tried to relax more but Garrett’s cock was pulling his hole wider and wider. Ben let out a small moan of pain and Garrett stopped. He leaned over and Kissed Ben on the neck and waited for him to relax. After a few seconds Ben pushed back onto Garrett’s cock wanting more. Soon Ben could feel Garrett’s balls resting against his cheeks.

Garrett began to move his hips; in, out, in, out. It all felt like one motion. Ben’s head was swimming and his body was completely relaxed. Garrett began to fuck Ben harder. Ben tried to hold back his moans as much as he could but as Garrett expertly moved his hips it became harder and harder not to scream. Garrett kissed Ben trying to keep him quiet. Ben could feel his balls pull up toward his body and the cum start to move through his cock. Ben canlı kaçak iddaa tried to hold back and make the feeling continue but it was too much and he shot his load all over his stomach. Garrett watched as Ben shot load after load. Ben’s ass contracted as he shot bringing Garrett over the edge.

Garrett tried to pull out but Ben pulled Garrett all the way in. Garrett shot his load deep inside Ben’s ass. Garrett and Ben were still for a few minutes enjoying the aftershock of what just happened. Ben and Garrett got up, began to slip back into their clothes. Garrett kissed Ben again passionately before leaving.

As Garrett walked out the doors and to his car he reached into his pocket to pull out his keys and found a business card. The card read “Let’s do this again” on the back, on the front was Ben’s phone number. Ben turned off the lights, closed the doors, and got into his car. His legs were still weak. He clicked his seatbelt in and headed home. Once home he went straight to his room, put his phone on the charger and put his head on his pillow. His mind wandered through the events that happened over and over like a movie in his mind. His cock was once again rock hard but Ben did not have the energy to finish himself. He drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he woke up, looked at his phone, and saw a text message from a number he did not recognize. He rubbed his eyes and swiped the screen to read the message. “Want to redo last night but on the boat this time? Saturday?” Ben’s eyes widened from his sleepy daze into a shocked look. The time stamp read 3:30a.m. Garrett actually texted him.

“Sorry, I work all day on Saturdays” Ben responded.

A few hours later Garrett responded, “What time do you get off?”

“6” Ben texted back.

“Can I pick you up after?” Garrett messaged back almost immediately.

Ben thought for a minute and realized it had been almost a year since he had any contact with another human outside of work and family.

“Yea, pick me up at 7.” Ben sent back

It was only Thursday but Ben already had butterflies in his stomach and smiled all day. His shift seemed to move faster with Garrett there to talk to. They texted back and forth talking about movies, music, sports, and interests. Ben learned Garrett was 42, loved classic rock, and had worked in the same place for the last 19 years. Ben learned that Garrett worked as the head engineer at the local steel mill and loved his job. Friday went by quickly for Ben and Garrett.

Ben woke up Saturday morning and routinely prepared for his day. He went to the shop and every minute felt like an hour. As the day drew to a close Ben received a text from Garrett “Pack a swimsuit if you want. What’s your address.” Ben sent Garrett his address and packed up his things to head home. On the way home he replayed the last time he saw Garrett in his head. He showered, dressed, and packed a bag.

As he finished packing his bag, Garrett knocked on the door. Ben answered the door and invited him in. Garrett hugged and kissed Ben, Garrett’s salt and pepper stubble scratching against Ben’s soft cheek.Ben pulled his shoes onto his feet and grabbed the handle of his bag. He followed Garrett out the front door to see a shiny white Miata sitting in his driveway. Garrett open the passenger door and motioned for Ben to get in. Ben climbed into the compact sports car. Garrett pulled out of the driveway and headed for the lake house.

After about 40 minutes of windblown hair and roaring engine, the men pulled up to Garrett’s lake house. The small bungalow style cottage had white trim, seafoam green siding, a large porch. You could see the never ending water that is Lake Michigan behind it. Garrett opened the door and carried Ben’s bag into the house, Ben followed feeling more nervous us now than ever. Garrett moved quickly through the house grabbing keys to the boat, towels, and shorts. The two men walked out the back door to the back porch. A white swing moved in the breeze.

Garrett walked down the stairs to a platform that brought them to the pier. They walked down the long pier that swayed with the waves. Ben followed Garrett to the end where a large boat rocked and creaked. Garrett hopped on the boat and offered his hand to help Ben get on to the tilting boat. Ben planted a foot on the deck of the boat. He stepped on but began to lose his balance. Garrett pulled Ben closer to help him balance. They both began to laugh.

Garrett looked down at Ben with a smile. He bent closer and kissed him. Garrett walked to the wheel of the boat, inserted the key and turned the boat on. A roar came from the back as the engine fired. Ben took a seat in the cold seat next to Garrett and watched as he flipped switches lighting the boat. Garrett pushed forward on arm that controlled the speed. The engines roared as the boat moved farther away from the dock. The water glugged behind them as it was sucked into the propellor.

Ben watched as the shoreline disappeared canlı kaçak bahis behind them. The sun was beginning to set and temperature dropped. Garrett drove the boat for a while longer moving farther and farther from shore before stopping the engine and releasing the anchor. Garrett hopped up and moved to the front of the boat.

“Come sit with me.” Garrett said.

Ben moved across the boat holding on to the sides to keep his balance. A large wave rocked the boat hard making Ben fall into the seat next to Garrett. Garrett laughed as he scooted closer to put his arm around Ben. Ben kissed Garrett on the check. Ben was comfortable in Garrett’s arms. They sat silently enjoying the warmth of each other bodies, the smell of the water, and the glow of the setting sun. After a while Garrett stood up and walked to a small door that lead to the cabin below.

“Want a drink?” Garrett asked.

Ben nodded. Garrett disappeared into the dark cabin below. Several minutes later Garrett emerged with two glasses with a light pink liquid within. Garrett handed it to Ben. Ben could smell pineapple, cranberry, it smelled sweet but slightly sour. He pulled the drink to his lips and sipped. It tasted of grapefruit but had a strong aftertaste of vodka.

Garrett reached his arm around and the boys sipped their drinks silently, both a little nervous, as the sun set. Soon the only light for miles was the small flashing beacon on the boat and the moon, which radiated across the now black water. Garrett turned on the radio and moved closer to Ben. Garrett was nervous and excited for that night. He reached around Ben and rubbed his back. Ben nuzzled into Garrett’s side and closed his eyes, loving the contact he had been missing out on for so long.

Garrett adjusted how he was sitting and leaned over to kiss Ben. Garrett laid Ben’s head on the bench seat and moved on top. Garrett was already very hard and Ben could feel it. Garrett kissed Ben and ground his hips into Ben’s. Ben turned and cuddled up against Ben so both were on their side. Ben and Garrett’s tongues were tied together constantly moving.

Garrett pulled up at Ben’s shirt moving it off his body in one swipe. Garrett shook as his nerves grew. Ben could feel Garrett’s hands tremble on his hips.

“What’s wrong?” Ben asked.

Garrett pulled back. “It’s nothing,” he said with a sigh.

“Come on, it’s just you and me out here in the middle of the water.” Ben reassured Garrett.

“Ok, the other day when we first met was the first time in a long time I have been with anyone. I have never done anything like this before, like with a guy.”

Ben sat up. “Oh, well it’s ok. We can slow down.” Ben stated, “Let’s take a break.”

Ben stood up and moved to the edge of the boat. Ben turned around and jumped off the side of the boat. Garrett ran over to the edge and looked into the black water, the water rippled from the impact of Ben’s body against its calm surface. After a couple seconds and a small panic from Garrett, Ben’s head emerged from the water. Ben shook his hair sending water all over.

“Come on, get in.” yelled up to Garrett.

Ben throw his swim trunks up to Garrett’s feet. Garrett removed his shirt and moved to the edge reluctantly.

“Live a little!” Ben yelled up.

Garrett smiled and laughed down at Ben, pushed his shorts down and jumped into the water with a large splash. He emerged from the cold water and gasped for air. Ben swam over to Garrett and waded in the water while Garrett caught his breath. He grabbed around Garrett’s side and kissed him with a laugh. Garrett stopped shaking; though he was still nervous, there was something familiar about Ben’s enthusiasm.

They swam for a little longer laughing and splashing. They climbed out of the water. Garrett grabbed some towels and the boys dried off. Garrett could not take his eyes off Ben’s naked body, dripping with water that sparkled like diamonds in the moonlight. Ben shivered as he walked across the deck of the boat. Garrett walked up to Ben and wrapped him in a big hug to help warm his body. He kissed Ben’s forehead and pulled him tighter. Ben and Garrett’s hearts both raced. Garrett let go of Ben and walked toward the cabin below. Garrett motioned for Ben to follow.

Ben ducked through the small doorway, stepped carefully down the steep steps, and down the skinny hall past two small rooms. The end of the hall opened into a small kitchen and a living area. Garrett walked over to the old couch and picked up a blanket.

“Sit down with me.” he said moving to the couch still naked.

Ben smiled, walked over, and sat next to Garrett. Garrett turned on the small tv across the room and cuddled up close to Ben. Ben looked up and kissed Garrett. Garrett kissed back. The passion from earlier in the evening was back but without the nerves in the way. Ben laid on top of Garrett, kissing his neck, chest, around his stomach, and down his thigh. Garrett’s cock pointed straight toward the sky. Ben took Garrett’s cock in his hand softly and moved up and down his shaft. Garrett moaned at this contact. Ben moved his mouth to the tip of Garrett’s dick and licked a small drop of pre-cum that formed. Garrett moved his hips forward wanting more.

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