A New Partner


It was raining hard that night as I got out of my truck. Pulling the coat over my head, I ran across the gravel parking lot, up the wooden steps, seeking refuge under the foyer. Taking off my jacket, I proceeded to shake it dry, trying to avoid soaking the woman taking the two-dollar cover at the door.

I was early, so it was not too crowded. It was possible that the rain would keep all but the die-hard two-steppers from going out. Scanning the dance floor for familiar faces, and finding none, I made my way past the pool table and ordered something from the bar. As I waited for my Calistoga water with lime, the pool table sat quietly, waiting for some poor soul to feed it. Tipping the bartender, I walked over to the table.

I set down my drink and reached into my pocket, pulling up a handful of change; grabbed two quarters and put the rest back. Placing the coins into the empty slots, with a steady push and pull, the balls dropped loudly into place, the noise bouncing off the walls in the empty room. Placing the cue ball behind the line and wide to the right, I chalked up a 20-ounce cue and stroked it into the cue ball. The cue ball hit the formation and careened against a couple rails. Lots of smoke and no fire, all the balls were still on the table. I looked for my first choice, solids, and started to clear the table, one solid at a time.

I was shooting for the six-ball when a nice looking cinnamon brunette asked if she could play. I thought about it for a second and decided that two could play as well as one, so I said sure, no problem. I finished my last couple shots and she racked up for the next game. As I placed the cue ball to break, she asked me how old I was. I was amused. “You want to know how old I am? Don’t you want to know my name first?” I asked.

I broke open the rack and knocked in one of each. Choosing to go with solids, I pocketed a couple before heading back to our conversation.

“Ok, fair enough, then”, she said. “What is your name?”

“I’m 36.” I answered. “Are you gonna shoot pool, or what?”

As I aimed for another shot, I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking at her as she searched for a different cue stick. Unable to concentrate, I miscued and scratched.

She came back to the table, empty-handed and announced, “All of those cues are canlı bahis shit, how about sharing yours?”

Not something I would normally do, as I am superstitious with my pool playing habits, I reluctantly agreed to share my cue stick. “Oh, by the way, I don’t usually let, uh, perfect strangers use my cue, so how ’bout you telling me your name?”

She reached for my pool stick, brushing ever so slightly against my arm and whispered her name as Brenda.

Brenda went to the table and aimed for the ball. Shooting too hard, she miscued the cue ball and sent it directly to the side pocket. As she handed me back the cue, I noticed how warm her rich brown eyes were. They shone like a mid-summer starlight.

“Your turn”, she reminded me. I found myself wanting her. I tried to focus on the game but it was no use. I just hit the eight ball into the corner pocket, with three solids still left on the table. We played a couple more games before there were any other challengers. She bought the next round; I had switched to a non-alcoholic beer and she had another draft. While waiting for her to return, I lit up a smoke and watched her interact with the cute female bartender, the same one who had served me earlier. Brenda had a quick smile, yet it was not phony. By the time she got back, I was waiting for her to shoot. Knowing that we now had others waiting to play, we ended up playing a marathon game. Simple shots went astray, complicated shots were completed, only to scratch the cue ball.

Finally, our game was over. I won. She picked up her drink and walked towards the dance floor. Business had picked up and Brenda wanted to see if her friends had shown up yet. My heart was not into playing any more pool. The new player won the game. Walking away from the pool table, I sought out my new pool-playing friend. I found her leaning against the rail. Walking up behind her, I hooked my pinky around her belt loop and sadly told her that I had lost.

We talked for a while and watched everyone dance, mostly the two-step, although some couples were dancing to their own rhythm. All the while, I was racking my brain trying to remember her name.

Finally, I admitted to her that for the life of me, I couldn’t remember her name. She looked at me, hesitating a few seconds, and told me.

I bahis siteleri asked her if that was really her name and we, both laughed. I was glad she understood, especially since she was the one who wanted to know my age before my name.

“It’s a good thing you told me because I would have run through the alphabet a long time looking for that name.”

We both laughed some more.

As the next song started, Brenda asked me to dance. Feeling my face flush and hoping she didn’t notice, I answered yes, but that I did not two-step very well.

We got onto the dance floor and she asked me who would lead. Astonished, I reminded her of my being new to country dancing. With that, she took the lead and we promenaded along with the other dancers.

We went around a few more times before the song ended and we went back to the table to finish our drinks. I was new to the city, as a single female, and this felt like a date. I found myself attracted to Brenda, but I was not sure how she felt.

My thirteen-year relationship had finally crumbled a few months previously. The comfort of not being alone had kept us together. This was the first time since the breakup that I had gone out anywhere, let alone a bar.

Sitting next to Brenda, my heart pounded fast. It had been a long time since I remembered feeling this good. I did not know what to expect, so I expected nothing. One-night stands are not my style.

Brenda must have felt the same way, because when I leaned over to ask if she wanted another drink, she kissed me. I kissed her back. We kissed again.

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled us closer together. Strong thrusts of her tongue sent shivers up and down my spine.

Brenda asked me what were my plans for the evening. I did not have any, really, so I asked her what she had in mind.

She asked, “Would you like to leave right now?”

With a quick smile and a nod, I picked up my smokes from the table. I let her know that a pit stop was needed and she followed me to the bathroom.

Inside the large room were two stalls, both empty. I went into the larger one as she waited by the bathroom door.

As I opened the stall door to exit, Brenda rushed me, pushing me back inside and closed the door. Locking the door, she turned around and just bahis şirketleri smiled.

In a second she was upon me, kissing with such passion not felt for a very long time. She pushed me back against the wall as her tongue deeply searching for mine. She was not disappointed.

Reaching down, I palmed her crotch, feeling the wetness seeping through her jeans. She gasped slightly and pushed harder against my hand. Oh my. My brain screamed.

Brenda pulled up my t-shirt and flitted her tongue against my nipples, one breast and then the other.

Reaching down, she also felt the wetness of my jeans. Taking time to breathe, I traced my tongue along her jugular, and felt the pounding pulse of a woman in heat.

I wanted her even more.

Spinning her around, now with her back up against the wall, I devoured as much of her as I could.

Her soft breasts, tight and firm, tasted sweet. I suckled one nipple like a puppy getting milk for the first time.

Dropping to one knee, I tasted her juices, slightly flavored by Levi Strauss.

She wrapped her hands around the back of my head and pulled my face tighter.

I wrapped my hands around her back as I tried to stand. Brenda placed her hand between my legs to help, pulling upward against my soaked crotch. I uttered a low moan.

I wrapped my leg around hers, my thigh applying pressure to her moistened pussy. We pumped together in unison, racing against time. The passion was hot and we were past the time of no return. There was no stopping now.

Leaning against the wall for support, my hands around the small of her back, holding her firmly in place, she moved harder and faster as orgasm approached.

We kissed again. Running my tongue along her neck, I tasted her salty sweat. Again, she moaned.

She tightened up against me, riding hard.

Brenda leaned back her head as the orgasm started pulsating through her body.

I held on for dear life.

A purring growl escaped from her lips.

Moments passed before her body trembled as though there were a chill in the air. Her body placid, supported by my now soaked thigh, still between her legs.

Her kisses are more passionate as she regains the strength to stand on her own.

Pounding of the door brings us back to reality.

We kiss again before opening the door to see who has intruded. It was the cute bartender.

“Hey,” Brenda said.

“Hey,” said the bartender.

Oh shit, I muttered.

Brenda just smiled as she left.

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