A Night Home Alone


Her eyes stalked me across the room as I changed the cd. Blue… a beautiful blue like the ocean on a calm day. That’s the colour. Mostly.

“Anything paticular babe?”

“No… actually Ani would be good.”

I smiled as I turned back to the stereo to change the disc over.

“Of course darling.”

She smiled at me. My heart flipped in my throat. I wet my lips with my tongue. I was suddenly nervous about the way I had dressed this evening. My white muscle back singlet felt tight and my black jeans even tighter. I wasn’t sure if you’d like the look. But the way you hunted me told me you did. I could feel your eyes caressing me. Watching me move. I could feel myself respond to you watching me so intensely.

“So how was your day babe?”

You didn’t respond right away… you leaned across me to get another drink off the table. I could see down the front of your hot pink shirt. The delicate whiteness of your breasts perfectly contrasting your black, lacy bra where they snuggled in tightly. I took a long swig of my Coke as I tried (in vain) to cool down.

“It was ok… just the usual. Work.. then more work and now you.”

Your fingers ran up my arms. I felt a tremble begin in my cunt. I knew what you were after. But I was putting up a fight this time. Tonight you had to earn me.

“How was yours… lover?”

“Much the same my darling. Work and work and then you.”

I smiled as I pulled you in for more snuggles.

“But I am definately glad to be here with you Joanna.”

You grinned at me and snaked your arms around my waist. You pushed me back on the couch. I let you. We cuddled up. Your arms encircling me, holding me tightly to your body. I felt the slope of your breasts against mine, your nipples were hard and pointed towards me. Begging me for attention. I resisted the temptation to reach my fingers to them and tweak them hard. My hands ran over your back. Making little circles and pictures as they went along their business. You moaned a little as they reached the dip of your lower back. You pressed your hips against mine. My body rose to meet you. You grinned… thinking you had won and the battle was over. But I was winding you closer to attacking me. I wanted you to pounce on me. To take me in your desire for me.

You pushed your head closer into my neck. Your breath now directed towards the bottom of my ear lobe. Causing my pussy to quiver in desire for your güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri touch on my naked flesh. I bent my head towards yours.

“Can I have a kiss baby?”

“Of course you can.”

You raised your head to meet mine. Not bothering to hide the gloating triumph from your eyes at your easy defeat over me. I laughed inside and we kissed. Your tongue eagerly meeting mine. Flicking against mine… driving me insane with the way you made the tip of my tongue feel linked to my clit. Every flick against it reverberating through my clit and pussy. My girl boxers becoming soaked. I felt your fingers on my sides. Gliding softly up towards my arm pits. Across the valley of my breasts. You reached my nipples and pulled viciously on them. Willing me to obey you. I wanted so badly to give in to you. To get on my knees and eat your pussy. To feel your wetness run down my chin. I wanted your taste in my mouth. But instead I rose from the couch.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

My voice was breathless and ragged. You could see the desire leaping from my eyes. You looked irritated. Angry even. That I had begun to walk out on you in the middle of your seduction. I turned towards the door and put my hand on the handle. You were behind me as I felt the cold metal in my palm. You pushed me into the door. My face pressed up against the wood of the door, I could feel your breath on my ear.

“Who said you could leave right now?”

I felt your fingers on the back of my waistband. Toying with it.

“I needed to pee.”

“Bullshit. You’re a liar… you just wanted to make me watch you walk in those jeans. Didn’t you?”

I could feel my cunt tighten at your admittance to wanting me. You still had one hand pressing into my back. Holding me in place against the door. Your other hand had begun to move. Reaching in front of me. Feeling me pushed against it. Your fingers found one of my nipples. Now hard and crying out for you. You pulled it. Then pinched it. My legs went wobbly. The sensation intense.

“Didn’t you?”

Your tongue trailed its way up from the base of my neck to the tip of my ear, where your teeth crushed me. Sending little thrills over me.

“You like that… don’t you? You’d better answer me, you fucking little whore!”

“Y..y..yes I do Joanna.”

You smiled in triumph. Revelled in your victory over me. I was slick now. I died every second you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri didn’t touch me. But I didn’t move. Your fingers stopped what they were doing. Your hand retreated. I moaned when you broke contact with my skin.

I pushed my hips further into the door, the handle pressing on my cunt. Seeking desperately some relief from the burning need deep inside my pussy. Your hand made contact with the left cheek of my arse. It cracked against me with force enough to leave a red mark that would not disappear for three days. I jolted against the door. Unable to escape. One of my hands slowly made its way towards the front of my waistband. I needed the heat soothed. You caught me and spanked me again. Harder then the last hit. My cunt was on fire by this time. Your knee rammed against the door suddenly. Between my legs. Making direct contact with my cunt. I started to rub myself on your knee. The friction building me towards orgasm. You smacked me again.

“That is very naughty Miss Wheeler.”

I stopped.

“Sorry Miss.”

I felt your hand slip down the back of my jeans.

“My, my Miss Wheeler. You seem to need new underwear.”

“Yes Miss.”

Your fingers ran up my soaked slit. You pushed three of your fingers inside of me. I jumped up and you rammed them in harder. I cried out from the shock. I moaned in the ecstasy of you filling me.

“Who do you belong to, whore?”

“You, Mmmmiss.”

Your hand increased its pace. Your fingers slipped in and out of me quickly, harder and harder you forced them into me. Over and over. I fell on you as my legs gave way. My orgasm taking the last amount of strength I had left in them to hold myself upright. I cried out your name. Wave after wave pumped through me as your fingers continued to pump my cunt. Until I was crying from the intensity of my orgasm.

You stopped. You kissed me, gently calming me. Holding me to the world that involved us, entangled on your living room floor. We kissed again and then you looked at me.

“You know what you have to do now… don’t you whore?”

My brain was still cotton but I heard you through the haze inside my head.

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, I want you to start right now.”

“Yes Miss.”

I smelt your wetness before I got close to your pussy. The scent was intoxicating and I licked my lips in anticipation. I bit you through your underwear. You güvenilir bahis şirketleri moaned and rose your cunt closer to my face. I started to lick your panties. They were already wet through from your juices. I could taste you through them. You writhed underneath me. I roughly removed your underwear. Throwing it over my shoulder. I didn’t care what happened to it now it was out of my way. I registered that they matched your bra and that made me smile. So this was your plan then, you cheeky bitch.

I parted your lips with my hands and sucked your clit into my mouth. Holding it between my teeth, I lashed it with my tongue. Making you squirm and writhe beneath me. Thrusting your cunt harder into my mouth. I groaned at your wantoness. I ceased my lashing. Moving instead to long, thick strokes from the base of your slit upwards to the tip of it. Lapping at you like a cat laps at milk. You moaned more and called my name. asking for it to end. Demanding I finish you. Haha I thought. Now we shall see who is the whore.


“What! You little bitch. I said make me cum now.”

“And I said No.”

You jumped beneath me as my tongue dove into your opening. Lapping at the juices as they secreted out.

“You will do as I tell you! Fucken do it NOW!!!”

I giggled to myself. You were getting so worked up, I knew this would be an intense orgasm. I held on for the ride.

“I said No. I don’t feel like it baby.”

Your veins stood out on your hands. They clutched the back of my head. Forcing my face into your cunt. My tongue continued to stab inside of you. Lapping and penetrating. You rode my tongue, my face. Rubbing your clit up and down my nose. Building your orgasm up. I waited til you were so close it had started and then I pushed you down off of me. My head followed you to the ground and I latched onto your clit. Suckling at it as I forced my fingers inside of your sopping hole. Your hips bucked up to meet me and your orgasm tore through you. Your body flailed out of control. My free hand held you down. Weighting you to the floor. You pulled my hair out. Trying to move my face out of your cunt. But I refused to move my head. Instead I got my fingers further inside of you. My tongue lashed again at your clit and you came for the second time. Raising up, your legs now behind my head. Grinding your cunt into my nose. Speared on my fingers. You broke and shuddered as your orgasm subsided. Pulling me up from your cunt to your face so you could lick your juices off of me and clean my face up. We cuddled until we heard a key in your door. Making the mad dash to your bedroom.

“Lucky your flatmate came home after we’d finished babe.”

You giggled and then I giggled and we clambered into bed together.

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