A Night to Remember

Anal Fucking

For the past few years, I have had fantasies of experiencing sex with another man. Guys do not turn me on when I see one walking down the street, nor do the Hollywood “hotties” do anything for me.

But, the idea of being in bed with a man, experiencing all the things men aren’t supposed to experience, really turns me on. I would say that for the last year I have turned to my bisexual fantasies during masturbation and even sometimes when I’m engaged in sex with my wife.

My closest friend in the world recently moved out of state and now we only keep in touch over the phone. I might also add that a suggestion from him is the reason I have been fantasizing about other men.

Let me explain. A few years ago, Joseph and I were doing some bar hopping during a “guy’s night out”. We were walking along a downtown street when we passed an adult bookstore. We were both kind of buzzed and trying to figure out what we wanted to do, so for the lack of anything better, we entered.

I had been in these stores in the passed and so had Joseph, but never together. We walked around together, looking at the different movies and magazines. At times, we were acting like teenagers, pointing out huge breasts or abnormally large penises. We were having a good time and were enjoying our juvenile outbursts.

We started back to the booths, and Joseph admitted that seeing a few movies would be just the thing for him “I could use a good cum!” He exclaimed.

Now, I’ve jacked off before in the booths, but I never told anyone about it! So, when Joseph proclaimed his intentions, he took me a little off guard. I followed along, saying nothing to him. We got our tokens and went inside the dimly lit room.

We stopped at the “directory” of movies and both decided on different lesbian films. We went to separate booths across the hall from one another.

When I got into my booth, I put the tokens in and began flipping through the channels to find the movie I was looking for.

Within a few minutes I was watching a scene involving two women who were kissing and exploring each other with their hands. I was getting pretty horny and I decided to take my penis out and masturbate.

I watched the two buxom women pretending to have sex and stroking myself into frenzy. Within a few minutes, I had a fair orgasm, (okay, okay, pretty damn good one). I slid myself back into my pants, and exited the booth.

As I was exiting the booth, so was Joseph. He was smiling and jokingly asked “was it as good for you as it was for me?” My only reply, of course was, “What are you talking about?” He stopped and leaned up against the wall, looking at me incredulously. “Oh come on, you mean that you didn’t jack off?” He quietly asked.

I was getting embarrassed, so I decided to shift the attention from me back to him. “You just had a better movie than I did!” I jokingly pushed him aside and opened the door to the booth he was in to get a look at what he was watching.

Well, if I was embarrassed when he asked me if I was jacking off, I was extremely embarrassed to see what he was watching. When I looked at the small screen, his movie was still playing and the scene was on two guys, wrapped up in a sixty-nine and going to town on each other’s erection!

When I came back out, I fully intended to apologize to Joseph and tell him that it was okay and I didn’t care. After all, he was my best friend. But, when I backed out of the booth, he was gone.

I exited the store and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was a little concerned, because he was the driver that night and I didn’t want him to be affected by what I saw.

I headed back to the parking lot that his car was in and found Joseph leaning against his car.

“Why did you leave?”

“Why do you think?” Was his only reply.

I knew that he was mad and probably deathly embarrassed. I figured that I had to do some damage control. “It’s okay man, I don’t care what you were watching!”

“Yeah, but now you know. Come on let’s get home!”

With that, he opened the door to the car and climbed in. I walked around and also got into the car. I really wanted him to know that I was okay with this and that he should also. “Joe, you and I have been best friends for years!” I quickly added, “I don’t care what you’re into, you’re my best friend and that’ll never change.”

Joseph reached across and punched me in the arm, rather hard I must add. “So, you don’t mind that I watched a gay porno and got off?” It was more a questioning statement than a question. My reply was instant “I’m not concerned about that, and yes I got off too.” Joseph looked at me, smiled and drove on.

We drove in silence for a while. My mind was wondering about my discovery and also wondering what it was about the movie that got him so hot.

“Can I ask a question?”

“Oh, here it comes!” He was really defensive and for good reason, I guess.

“No, really. I just wanted to know what it was about sex with a man you find interesting.”

He canlı bahis şirketleri pulled the car over to the side of the street and put it in park. “Bryant, I’m not gay and not really bisexual.” He added: “I’ve never slept with a man and don’t intend to.” He stopped and looked out the windshield for a minute before continuing.

“It’s kind of like watching two women have sex. It’s the mystery of sex with a man that sometimes turns me on.” Chuckling, he put the car in gear and moved back into traffic.

“What are you laughing about?” I wondered.

“I’m not going to come onto you.” Then, laughing harder: “Unless you want me to.”

That got us both going and we laughed and joked about being gay all the way home.

Joseph and I never said another word about it.

Since that night, I never completely got the idea out of my head. I went back to the bookstore one night, got some tokens and sat in a booth to watch one for myself.

The movie was a “fuck-flick”. It opened up with a guy sucking on another man’s erection. He was using his hand in rhythm with his mouth. The other guy was very hard and moaning. Within a few minutes, the man being sucked was moaning louder, he grasped the head of the other man and began to orgasm. The sucking man lifted his mouth off and began to pump the penis he was working on with his hand. The next scene was a cum shot of monumental proportions.

Sitting there, watching this made me extremely horny. I couldn’t believe that I was getting hard watching this, but I couldn’t deny it either. During the next movie, I had my own erection out and stroking fast.

I watched a scene that showed one man licking the pre-cum from another. I got an idea and looked down to see my own juices flowing. So, naturally, I tasted myself and found that just doing that turned me on even more. So, I came furiously! I caught my own seed in my hand and licked a little. I found that the taste wasn’t bad at all and within a few seconds, my hand was clean.

For the next two years, my curiosity consumed me. I graduated to looking at pictures on the Internet and watching gay porno flicks more and more. I’ve used cucumbers inside me and even my wife’s vibrator to further my curiosity.

About three months ago, Joseph called me and told me that he was coming back for a weekend. I made arrangements to take that Friday off and told Joseph that we’d be able to spend the entire weekend hanging out.

My wife was away visiting family for the weekend, so we could basically do whatever we wanted. Of course my thoughts ran the gambit of possibilities. I never shared my newfound commonality with my friend, but I decided that I would when he got here.

I picked up Joseph from the airport and we headed back to my house. Once inside, we put his things in the guest room and I left him so he could get situated.

That night, we went out for a steak dinner and some drinks. We chatted for hours to catch up on jobs and family news. We went to one of our old favorite bars and continued to catch up on our lives. At the end of the night, we were both pretty buzzed and decided to take a cab home.

Once inside, we settled onto the couch. I was sitting on the couch with him and we were sharing a Scotch. I raised my glass for a toast and we clinked the glasses together, “To the best friend in the world!” I toasted.

“Hey, always best friends.” He replied.

I figured that it was now or never. I wanted to advance this and see what happened. My only fear was that he had changed his views on being with a man and I would ruin the whole weekend. But with the alcohol and my horniness, I decided to push forward.

“What about more than best friends?” I asked. To me, it sounded like more than a whisper and I feared that he didn’t hear me.

He mockingly choked on his drink and looked at me. “What do you mean?” and he laughed a little.

“Well,” I stared, “Do you remember in the porn shop, when I looked and saw that you were watching a gay flick?”

He flared immediately, “Why did you have to bring that up?”

I reached over and put my hand on his knee, “Relax, don’t get defensive. I just wanted to know if you remembered that.” I said.

“Yeah, I remember, why?” He was still a little upset. Again, I was in the damage control phase. “Well, after that, I couldn’t get my mind off the idea. I decided to go back to the porn shop to investigate.” I explained.

Joseph was silently waiting for more. So, I continued: “I watched a few movies myself and found that I was extremely turned on by watching two men together.”

He raised his eyebrow about as fast as he raised his glass to his mouth draining his drink. “And?” he asked.

I felt my face flare, the heat on my forehead was intense and I knew that I was blushing. “And . . . I haven’t gotten the idea out of my head since.” I confessed. “I’ve been back to watch movies several times. I masturbate thinking about it and I always come hard.”

I waited for his reply and finished my canlı kaçak iddaa drink. Joseph got up, and asked if I wanted another. I handed my glass to him and he poured us both a glass.

Sitting back down on the couch, he turned to face me. “What are you saying?” He asked.

Here it is, it’s either all the way or back out. “I want to, I want to – try.” I squeaked. “The way I figure it, there isn’t anyone else I want to try with but you.” I continued: “We’ve been friends for years and if you’re still inclined that way, I’d love to explore with you.”

“Let’s sleep on it tonight and see if you still feel the same in the morning when you’re not under the influence, okay?”

I felt let down, but what could I say? “Okay, but I’m sure about this. It’s all I’ve thought about for months!”

“Then you’ll still feel the same tomorrow morning, let’s think about it a little, and let me think about it.”

Then he was up off the couch and walking to his room. “G’nite.” Was the only thing he said.

I figured that we were done as friends. I figured that he’d changed his thoughts and was no longer interested in sex with men. I felt dejected and a little mad; after all, it was he that put these thoughts in my head.

I finished my drink and headed to my room. I got into bed and began musing over my mistake of coming on to my best friend. The alcohol took control and soon I was drifting to sleep.

In my sleep and booze induced state, I heard a soft knock on the door. “Bryant?” Another knock, “Are you awake?” I sat up in bed, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Joseph opened the door and said: “Can I come in?”

“Of course, I’m sorry that I suggested that.” I said, and then continued: “I didn’t really stop to think that you weren’t interested in that anymore.”

Joseph sat on the bed beside me. It was a warm night and I only had a sheet covering me. He placed his hand on my inner thigh, near my knee. “It’s not that I’m not interested, I’m just worried that our friendship would suffer.”

I leaned back on my elbows and looked at him. I could barely make up the outline of his face in the darkness.

“Joseph, I only asked you because you’re my friend. I don’t want our friendship to suffer either, but I do want to experience this. And, I want it to be with you, someone I trust and someone I know won’t turn into a freak.”

While I said that, I lay back and placed my hand on his knee. I could feel that he wasn’t wearing pants but I didn’t know what he had on. I let my thumb rub back and forth on his skin. And his thumb started to move on my leg.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“You have to know that I have fantasized about this for years. I never made any advances because I didn’t want to harm our friendship.” He continued: “but, now that I know you’re thinking the same thing, I have to make a request.”

My heart was beating faster, “Anything!” Was all I could say.

“My fantasies revolve around taking care of you. I want to satisfy you. I want to feel you inside me.” He said. “I don’t want to fuck, I want to make love.”

“Ohhhh, that’s what makes this with you the best thing.” It was a dumb response, but the only one I could muster.

He continued to stroke his thumb on my knee, but now he was squeezing slightly with the rest of his hand. “I want us to have sex, just like we would with a woman.” He said. That confused me a little. But he erased the confusion by his next question. “Will you kiss me?”

If I had needed any further coercing, that was it!

I sat up on the bed, taking my hand from his knee; I reached up and found his face. I whispered: “I would love to kiss you.” Leaning into him, I found his lips with my own. I felt the stubble of our chins as I slightly parted my lips to touch his lips with my tongue. Joseph leaned in to me and his mouth also parted. For the first time, our tongues touched and I felt a tingle run from my tongue, through my body and explode in my crotch.

In a few minutes, we both loosened up a little and our kissing became more intense and passionate. We took turns sucking on each other’s lips and tongues. Both of his arms were wrapped around my neck. Our heads were leaning to opposite sides; our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. It was incredibly intense.

Joseph broke our kiss first and I moaned my displeasure, but he soon began to kiss my neck, moving his tongue in light circles on my skin. He kissed up to my ear lobe, gently sucking it into his mouth. Then he moved back to my neck, playfully biting and licking as he went. I could feel his hot breath on my skin and my penis was more erect that I had ever felt.

I was in another place in my mind. My most recent fantasies were coming true! I could feel his stubble brushing against the skin of my neck and then my shoulder as he moved his mouth to explore further.

My hands came up to his arms; I reveled in the feeling of the muscles in his arms and then his shoulders. I took his face back into my hands and raised his mouth from canlı kaçak bahis my skin. I planted my mouth on his and we were back to twirling our tongues together.

I let my hands slide to his chest and my fingers found his nipples. I pinched and lightly pulled at each nipple, they were hard and pronounced. I loved the feel the hair around his nipples and I was getting more and more turned on by the second.

Joseph gently pushed me back onto the bed and lay himself with his leg between mine. His crotch was on my hip and his hip was pushing into my own swollen crotch. We were back to kissing and I loved the feeling of his weight on top of me and the feel of his erect penis grinding against my hip.

I let my hands slide down his strong back. One hand I slid down his ass feeling the cotton of his underwear. I grasped one cheek in my hand and squeezed, pulling his crotch into my hip even further.

“Mmmm, this is better than I expected.” He moaned.

“I love this, I love to feel you on top of me.”

I slid my free hand down his back and around his hip. I pushed it between our bodies and felt him. I had never seen Joseph naked and didn’t have the faintest idea of what his penis looked like. But, I could feel through the fabric of his underwear that he was of average size and very hard.

I loved the feeling of his hardness in my hand. My hand slid from his scrotum and along the shaft to the head. I traced the shape of the head with my finger, but couldn’t really get an idea of how it felt from the position of my hand.

“Let me feel you.” I whispered in his ear.

He rolled over onto his back and his hand immediately plunged inside my own underwear.

“Ohhhh, you’re so hard. I’ve never felt another man, but this is what I’ve imagined.”

I don’t know what I said, but I know a sound came out of my mouth. I was on my side, and I was propped up on my elbow. I reached to his face and used a finger to trace his lips. His tongue came out and he licked my finger before sucking it into his mouth. It was very erotic and very tender.

I was very aware of my finger inside his mouth and his hand wrapped around my erection. I slid my finger from his mouth and replaced it with my tongue and as he sucked on my tongue, our saliva mixing together, my hand slid down over his chest. I felt his firm stomach with my fingertips and continued to the waistband of his underwear.

My hand slid inside and the brushed his hard penis. I wrapped my eager fingers around the shaft of my friend and began slowly stroking him. I only stopped long enough to touch and then grope his balls and then back to his penis.

I could feel that he had almost no pubic hair and his scrotum was clean-shaven. I was so turned on by this! I keep myself trimmed and my balls are free of hair as well. I marveled in the feeling of his hard penis and the soft skin of his scrotum.

He sat up and pushed me back down on the bed again, this time a little more forcefully. He got up onto his knees and hooked the waistband of my shorts. Very deftly, he stripped me of my underwear and I lay there, naked and waiting for my friend and now my lover.

Joseph leaned over me and lightly kissed my mouth. He moved his face to the side of mine and whispered: “I want to make you cum.”

I couldn’t answer him and I don’t think he was asking my permission anyway. His face left mine and went directly to my crotch.

He leaned on one elbow between my spread legs. Joseph took my hardness in his hand and began to stroke it. I soon felt his hot breath against my thigh and I could feel his tongue on my skin as he traced a line with his tongue up my thigh, kissing lightly as he went.

He used his tongue to trace the area of my skin where my thigh reaches the pubic area. I was lost in an exotic, passionate place that I never wanted to leave. He gently laid my penis back onto my body and replaced his hand with his tongue.

My lover ran his tongue from my scrotum, along the shaft to the head and then back down to my balls. He gently sucked one ball into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue. I could hear a moan escape from him as he worked with my ball in his mouth.

I was getting so turned on, I almost forgot about his body. But I soon rectified that. I began to rub his leg from his ankle up to his crotch. He was still wearing his underwear, but my fingers easily slid into the leg opening and soon I had him back in my hand. I wanted unrestricted access, so I released him and with one hand pulled his shorts off.

When I got his shorts down to his knees, my hand went back to his stiff penis. Now, I could take his whole penis into my hand and stroke it.

“Ohhhh, that feels sooooo good!” Joseph moaned.

“Mmmm, you feel sooooo good in my hand.”

He was licking my balls and shaft again. Each time his tongue reached the head of my penis, my body shuddered. I wanted him to take me into his mouth.

“Please, Joe, suck me into your mouth, pleeeeeeease!” I begged him.

I felt him lift my erection again, and his hot mouth engulfed my cock.

“Yeeessss! Oh please baby, suck my cock into your mouth.” I think I was screaming! It felt sooooo good and it felt so naughty but wonderful at the same time.

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