A Night with Tom


I crawl naked into bed with my husband, my hair still damp from the shower. I lay on my back next to him, casually brushing my hand against his hip and feeling the soft cotton of his boxers. It doesn’t really tell me anything, wearing shorts to bed doesn’t always mean he wants to go right to sleep, but I prepare for the possibility anyway.

I roll away from him onto my side and close my eyes and he follows, spooning me. Instinctively I press my ass into his cock and then regret it. I can’t feel him so close to me, pressing against me like that without wanting to feel him inside of me. But tonight, he seems to want the same thing and he grows hard against my ass, his cock wedging itself into my asscrack, giving me naughty ideas about how to take him. But not yet, so I pretend not to notice.

It’s a game we have. He knows I’m always ready for him, that just about any touch from him makes me wet, but I let him convince me. He reaches around me to my breast, and lightly rubs my nipple. The light feel of his fingers makes it hard right away, but still I pretend not to notice. It takes all of my willpower not to roll onto my back and spread my legs for him now, but I know it will be better if I wait. So he moves to my other nipple, continuing to torture me with touches so escort ataşehir soft I can barely feel them before he suddenly pinches. I gasp. He rolls my nipple between his fingers, tightening it and sending shocks down to my clit with every squeeze. I roll over onto my back and reach for his cock. He moans as I wrap my hand around it. I can’t help but imagine how good it would feel if only he were filling my pussy instead of my hand, and I stroke him.

His hand moves down between my thighs and opens my legs as he lifts his hips and moves enough to take one nipple between his teeth. His finger rubs up and down my pussy, not entering me but not focusing on my clit either. I whimper and squirm some more. I don’t want him to stop but I want him to go further, I want to stay there and enjoy what he’s doing to me but I want him in my mouth as well.

“Don’t stop,” I whisper as I sit up and turn around on my hands and knees, putting my pussy within his reach and staring at his cock. He reaches around my legs to my pussy and I take him in my hand. His cock is long and thick and I lick at it to wet it before I take him in my mouth.

He pulls me over on top of him and soon I feel the warmth of his mouth on me. His tongue darts out and brushes my clit. I moan and kadıköy escort bayan gulp more of him into my mouth. I urge him with my actions, sucking and squeezing his cock while rocking slightly against his mouth. Soon I can feel my orgasm building. From behind my clit it rises up my belly and then, as he pinches both of my nipples, it slams back between my legs and I scream onto his cock.

I rise off of him and turn to him for instruction. He positions me on all fours and comes around to enter me from behind. I’m so wet he slides in easily, but my orgasm has swollen me so that his cock has to stretch me to fit. I love it and lay my face on the pillow, thrusting back at him as he slams into me.

“My ass,” I moan. He pauses and I continue. “I want to feel you in my ass.”

This is his favorite so he quickly reaches into the nightstand to grab the KY. He moves slowly in and out of my pussy as he rubs the cool gel around my asshole, then pulls out to press himself against it. I force myself to relax when every muscle is tensed in anticipation. And then he’s in. He’s deep in my ass to the hilt, his hips pressed against mine, and he starts to move slowly, gently. I’m not hurt, though, and I still want him with a desire so strong it’s almost violent. I escort bostancı don’t want him to be gentle with me. Tonight I want him to fuck me, to fuck me deep and hard and fast. I buck against him again and again.

He leans down and whispers in my ear, “I love being inside your ass.” His words and his breath in my ear arouse me almost as much as what he’s doing to me. I feel goosebumps form all over me and realize that I can come again. I reach my hand between my legs and start to rub myself. Without his cock to stop the flow my juices are running down my legs and soon, down my arm as well. I can tell I’m going to come soon.

“Faster. Harder,” I tell him, and he obeys. He’s ramming my ass now, to the hilt with every thrust, and my fingers are moving just as fast in front of his balls. He pulls me back closer to him and I know he’s going to come so I grind my clit harder and as he pushes in one last time, forcing my hips down hard enough to lift himself off of his knees, I come. I bury my face in the pillow and press my ass back in an attempt to have more of him. But it’s over, for both of us, and tonight there’s no time to lay back and pant. I toss him a towel, light a cigarette, and rush into the bathroom to clean myself up.

And then, for the second time this night, I crawl naked into bed with my husband. But this time I lay against him, my head on his chest. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close. I smile in the dark, exhausted and satisfied the way only he has ever made me, and happy to fall asleep in his arms.

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