A One Night Stand

Alexis Ren

The story I’m about to tell is true. None of the names are real, and some information is omitted in order to protect the innocent. There is nothing particularly weird about this story. I’m telling it simply because as it was happening I was in a state of absolute amazement because I never thought anything like this would happen to me. Yes, this is about a sexual encounter. More specifically it is about a one-night stand with a very attractive 23-year-old college student. I’m not going to give you descriptions like ‘my hard shaft entered her wet love muffin and slid in and out slowly bringing her to the brink of an incredible orgasm.’ I’m going to describe the sex in a matter-of-fact way. I will leave the rest up to your imaginations.

While it is true that the following will describe the only one-night stand I have had, it does not describe the only sexual encounter I have had. I have had sex with a total of seven girls. Six of those girls were either my girlfriend or someone whom I had a relationship with of some sort before we had sex. Only one was a one-night stand. For the sake of privacy the object of this tale will be called Amy, which actually is not too far from her actual name.

The date was December 7, 1996. I was in Seattle for my Cousin Shelly’s wedding. At the reception I was introduced to my cousin’s maid of honor, Lisa, and we hit it off immediately. My brother had something to do with this. Mark, my brother, is a loud mouth, obnoxious S.O.B. He tried very hard to get down Lisa’s pants but the more he tried the more he disgusted her. When Shelly introduced us it was a relief to Lisa to meet a cousin of her best friend’s who was not a total prick.

After the reception Lisa needed a ride home. Shelly asked me if I would drive Lisa home, and Lisa offered to buy me a drink in return for the favor. I accepted. We drove to her apartment so that she could change into something more comfortable. Her apartment was nothing more than a studio with a bathroom, a kitchen, and a room about the size of a master bedroom in an average house. I was beginning to get the feeling that I may get lucky. It did seem as though she was being very flirtatious. After all I was standing in her apartment after a wedding reception.

Sadly I was disappointed. She told me about her boy friend and promised that he would join us later at the bar across the street. My horny little mind made me mistake her warmth for flirting. I quickly recovered and off we went to the bar. On the way down the stairs of her building I sliced my finger on the banister. We went back to her apartment to apply first aid. While applying the first aid Lisa’s boyfriend appeared and we were introduced. Once I was all patched up we went across the street to the bar, a little rock and roll joint called Yosemite Sam’s. After ordering a coke I was introduced to some of her friends. casino oyna I felt very welcome and very soon was feeling very social.

Lisa soon introduced me to two girls. They were both very attractive. One of them had long auburn hair and a very nice body. She smoked Camel cigarettes and could cuss like a sailor. Her name was Edith. The other had dark brown hair that was very thick and was cut to the bottom of her neck. She had a very pretty face and a lovely body. Her name was Amy. We immediately hit it off and I sat down with them in their booth. We danced, played pool and chatted until it was closing time. Amy suddenly announced that I was invited to an after hours party at Edith’s house. She had invited half of the people in the bar, including the band, so I did not feel very special. As it turned out nobody but Amy, Edith, and myself showed up, so it was just the three of us.

By this time it was well passed two in the morning and we decided to go to a local all night restaurant for a late night meal. Of course the conversation turned to sex, and through the whole meal I was fighting a raging hard on. I suddenly began to feel as though I might score with one or both of these girls. Amy was much more flirtatious than Edith was, and after a while I started to see my chances dwindling. After our meal we all headed back to Edith’s place for some more late night conversation. I was delighted to be talking to two very attractive girls that I hardly knew.

Amy and I continued to flirt and after a while Edith felt like a fifth wheel. At about Three-thirty in the morning Edith told us we were welcome to stay the night and that she was going to bed. We bid her good night and continued our conversation. So there we were, alone on Edith’s couch, and suddenly there was that moment of truth. That moment when it seems as though the opportunity to move is ripe, yet there is the chance that you will get slapped. At the same time there is a great deal of pressure, because if the girl you are sitting alone with on Edith’s couch is waiting for you to make a move, and you don’t she will think that you don’t have the balls to move, or that you are gay. To my astonishment I made a move. With out any warning I slid across the couch until I was right next to her, kissed her on the mouth, parted her lips, and moved my tongue to hers.

She responded by shoving her tongue into my mouth and we began a long and frantic make-out session. I moved my hands all over her back, shoulders and sides. I moved closer and closer to her breasts until finally my wrists were brushing the sides of them. When she suddenly moved her chest so that my hand was completely cupping her left breast I let my hands roam free and they moved all over her breasts. I grew bolder as the heat between us intensified. Soon my hand was under her sweater, over her bra, then under her bra. I reached slot oyna behind her and fumbled with her bra clasp, until she finally reached back and undid it herself. I pushed her sweater and bra out of the way and enjoyed the feel of her erect nipples against my palms.

Soon I was sucking on them. I was so horny at this point that I was afraid I was going to cum in my pants. I was very nervous, which was evidenced by my trembling hands. I could not believe what was happening. Some of you out there may be used to the one-night stand experience, but this was completely new to me. Here I was sucking on the softball sized breasts of someone whom a few hours before I had never met. To add to my amazement she was very attractive, and extremely willing.

Feeling very brave, and confident that I was free to do so, I moved my hands to her belt buckle and began to unfasten her belt. Everything came to a screeching halt when suddenly she stopped my hands from their busy work and said “Whoa Turbo.” I immediately went into a tirade of apologies. I was so embarrassed for having tried to push this lovely creature into performing an act that she was not willing to perform. She calmed me down, and explained that I was just moving too fast. She further explained that she doesn’t really know me and that my actions were perfectly acceptable given the circumstances. Before long we were making out again and eventually I started fondling her breasts again. I paid special attention to her nipples, and consoled myself with the knowledge that a make-out session and some breast play was more than I had expected to get when I woke up that day.

Our passion level continued to climb, and she grabbed me by the head and said, “You are so sexy.” At this point I was grinding my pelvis into hers. The Levi Loving must have really stirred her up because she withdrew her lips from mine and said, “What I meant to say was go Speed Racer Go.” With that I began tearing her clothes off. In a hushed and frantic voice she suggested we move to the floor in front of Edith’s Christmas tree where we would have more room. The realization that I was about to have the kind of sex I thought I could only fantasize about was electrifying me. My trembling was almost uncontrollable as I undid her belt, unzipped her pants, and slipped them of her hips and on to the floor.

She lay down in front of me wearing only her skimpy white cotton panties. I slid them off of her and spread her legs. I performed the most frenzied oral sex on her. I dove in with my nose, tongue, and lips. She tasted good. I was thankful that she did not have a smelly vagina, and I lapped up every drop of her juice that I could. What I really enjoyed was the way her hips writhed. It was almost difficult to stay latched on because of the rapidity with which she moved her pelvis. I was determined to hold on and before long she canlı casino siteleri could not handle the intensity of it. She pulled me up from her nether regions and undid my belt, and unzipped my pants. Together we pushed them down to my knees. She lay back and opened her legs for me.

I thrust my penis into her and to my horror came inside her upon entering. I again went into a tirade of apologies, and she asked in a disappointed tone what had happened, already knowing the answer. I continued to thrust my penis inside her and prayed that it would stay hard. Over and over again I pleaded with my Penis to stay hard. To my relief it did, and with building confidence I quickened the pace of my thrusting. Her body moved under mine as she responded to my movements. To my further astonishment she started to cum. Her subdued screams were exciting me. I worried that the volume of her screams would wake Edith, but there was nothing that I could do. I lasted for 10 minutes and brought her to what she later told me was two more orgasms. After I came once again I collapsed beside her.

She complimented me on my endurance, and asked me why I apologized at first. I told her the truth, and she laughed. She also told me that she would have killed me if I hadn’t remained hard. I stripped the rest of my clothes off and we sat up facing each other with our legs on top of one another. We chatted for a few minutes, before she bent down and took the tip of my hardening penis into her mouth. It instantly perked up again, and I braced myself for a blowjob. To my chagrin she did not continue to suck me off. She must have tasted her own juices and been some what grossed out.

As an alternative she offered to fuck me any way I pleased. I had once watched a soft porno flick where the women laid on her belly while the man lay on top of her and entered her from behind. I suggested this position and she accepted. I’ll never forget her laying on her belly with her perfect ass raised slightly into the air, awaiting my penis. I slipped my penis into her vagina, and slowly thrust into her from behind. We transitioned into doggy-style where I was able to bring her to orgasm once again. Because I had already cum the first time we fucked I knew it would be a while before I would cum again. I knew this as a result of my previous sexual experiences with earlier girl friends.

I used this opportunity to try all of the positions I had always wanted to try. My favorite of course was her on top of me. She sat straight up as she moved her hips over mine. The sensation was great. What blew my mind is when she reached behind and fondled my testicles. We screwed in a variety of positions until almost seven in the morning. After we had had enough sex I kissed her good bye and went back to my Aunt’s house where I was staying. I saw her the next night, but the conversation was lacking and she had to go to work so there was no time for another fuck session. I boarded a plane the next day and flew home, never to see her again. It was the most erotic moment of my life thus far. I will never forget it.

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