A Pain in the Ass Ch. 2


AUTHORS NOTE: This is the continuation of a story entitled A PAIN IN THE ASS (Ch.1) and picks up where a boy and his mother are both recuperating from orgasms that they have just experienced during their very first sexual acts of incest with each other and are caught off guard by someone.

* * * * *

There, in the doorway of the bedroom was my sister. She was shamelessly fingering herself, an obvious witness to the incestuous events that she had just seen between myself and our mother.


Not a word passed my mother’s lips as she looked at me and my sister with clear signs of horror and panic in her eyes.

Instinctively, I leapt off the bed and went towards her. I grabbed her wrists, untied the silk belt on her bath robe and tore it off of her. This exposed her shapely body to her mother and myself as I man-handled her and pushed her towards and unto the bed beside my naked mother.

“OWWW… YOU’RE HURTING ME… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” my sister screamed in terrified anxiety.

Before I could answer, mom interjected as she looked in my direction with an unholy gleem in her eyes.

“It looks to me like he wants to fuck you just like he fucked me honey… Isn’t that so son? Don’t you want to fuck your sister like you just fucked your mother?”

With a simple vertical nod of my head, my mother’s redundant questions were all confirmed.

“And you know what baby?” my mother continued. “You fucking deserve it for spying on us when your brother was ramming his big, hard cock in my tight, little asshole.”

“Mom please… This is wrong… It’s a sin… He’s my brother… This isn’t right… I’ll tell dad!!!”

“WRONG!!!” mom shouted back. “You are going to do this and I’m going to watch your brother fuck you… And if you utter a single word of any of this to your father, I’m going to make your life a living hell so help me God!!”

“Mom please… Please don’t this to me… I’m your daughter mom, your little girl.” sis whimpered.

“We can’t… This is incest… A brother can’t have sex with his sister or mother… We’ll all go to hell.”

“SHUT UP BITCH!!!” I jumped in.

“Now finger yourself like you were doing a few minutes ago when you watched me fuck mom in her ass. I know you want to… I can see it… I can smell it sis… I can tell.”

My sister hesitantly began to rub her engorged clitoris with her fingers and I could tell she was turned on.

Very turned on.

“That’s it sis, play with your pussy like you do every night… Show me and mom how you love to finger your juicy little cunt.” I encouraged her.

“You love it don’t you darling?” mom asks her daughter tenderly. “You love fingering your nice wet vagina don’t you baby? Show mommy how you love to get off when you finger yourself.” illegal bahis

Slightly embarrassed, my sister nodded in agreement, a testimony to the level of her own horniness.

“Yes mom” she finally whispers. “This is so naughty… So dirty… So sinful… This is sooo evil.. I love it!”

“You want his cock inside you don’t you baby?” mom continued.

“You want to feel your brother’s dick pumping in your pussy right now don’t you my little angel?”

“Yessss!!!” my sister confesses, her eyes tightly closed in inflamed arousal.

“I want him to fuck me mom… I want him to fuck my pussy with his gorgeous cock… Please let him fuck me like he fucked you mom… Please make my brother fuck me like a whore!!!”

Without warning, I suddenly flip my sister over onto her stomach making her lay across the bed in front of me and her mother. With a hand gently caressing her sweet ass, I knowingly look into my mother’s eyes who instantly recognised what I was thinking.

“Punish your slutty daughter mom… Spank her ass good and hard for spying on us.”


“OWWWW!!!” my sister cried out in pain.

“Slap her ass harder mom… Slap it harder… She’s a cock teaser!!!”


“OWWW…. Oh mom…. I’ve been a naughty little girl… A very naughty girl mommy!”


“I was a bad girl for watching my brother fuck you in your ass while I fingered my pussy mom.”


“AAIIIIEEE… Yes mom yes… You’re making my pussy so wet… Spank my ass harder mom… It’s true mom, I am a cockteaser and I deserve to be punished.”

Watching mom spank my beautiful sister had gotten me extremely turned on. I went in front of her and placed my cock near her mouth as I teasingly slapped the cheeks of her face from side to side with my rigid manhood.

“Suck your brother’s rod… Suck that big, fat cock… Lick my shit off his dick!!!” mom tells her.


Mom continued to slap her daughter who was now hungrily sucking my rock hard cock.

“Look at you, you little slut… Sucking a cock that was just in my ass… Wanting your brother to shove that same cock deep inside of you!!!” mom continued.


“OWWWWWW!!!!” my sisters bawled out in pain, her ass welting from the blows of mom’s open palm.

“Do you want to feel his cock in your ass like I did you fucking whore?”


“OWWWWWW!!!” my sister screams out in pain as tears streamed down her face like a river.

“ANSWER ME BITCH!!!” mom shouts.


“Yes mom yes… I want to feel my brother’s hard cock pumping in my ass!” my sister tearfully admits.


“Now it’s time for me to spread the cheeks of your firm ass so that I can watch your brother fuck you like a dog you little cock teasing whore!”

“Yes illegal bahis siteleri mom yes… I am a cock teasing whore who needs to be fucked in the ass… I want to be treated like a dirty, shameless, slutty whore like you mom… Make him treat me like a dog… Make my brother treat me like a mongrel dog!!!.” I unbelievably hear my sister say.

“Well dog, beg your brother to fuck your ass… Beg him like the whore that you are… Beg him you dirty street slut!!!” mom commands.

“Oh please brother… Please fuck me in my asshole… Bang my butt… Turn your sister into a cock loving anal whore like mommy… I want you to fuck me deep and hard like you fucked mom… Slam your cock deep in my ass till I beg for mercy!!!”

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and got behind her. I positioned the head my rock hard cock against the ring of her asshole.

“Push it in… Push it in my asshole…” my sister urges me.

“Stick your big cock in my tight asshole and fuck the shit out of me… Fuck me in my ass… Make me bark like a dog in heat!!!”

Needing no more motivation, I willfully obliged her sexual plea and slammed my glistening rod deep into her anal highway and started pumping my pole in and out with forceful authority.

“Yes… Do it… Do it… Fuck my ass… Fuck your slutty sister’s asshole… Fuck it harder mother fucker… Fuck my asshole harder!!!” my sister shamelessly begs.

“You want me to fuck your ass harder bitch?” I grunt between my already powerful strokes.

“Yes you incestuous fuck… Fuck my ass harder… Ram your long cock in my slutty little asshole… Make me feel it you perverted fuck… Make my tiny asshole feel it… Make my slutty asshole feel it deep and hard you dirty bastard!!!”

I grab hold of my sister’s hips tighter and slammed into her anus again and again with all of my strength.

“Come on you no good piece of shit… Give it to your slutty sister… Give it to me… Fuck my tight ass… Fuck me harder you son of a bitch… Fuck my asshole harder… Uh huh… Fuck me harder… Fuck your sister harder you dirty mother fucker!!!”

My sister was really pissing me off now. So I pulled my entire shaft out of her buggered anus and rammed it back into the gaping and puckering hole stroke after stroke with reckless abandon.

“OWWWW… Yesss… That’s it baby… That’s it… Oh God yes… Yes… Fuck my tight asshole… Fuck my dirty, little asshole… Uh huh… Fuck your dirty sister harder… I want to be an anal whore too… Make your sister an anal slut like mom… Come on you prick… Fuck me harder… Bang my asshole harder mother fucker… Make me your anal bitch… Turn your slutty sister into a cock loving anal bitch like mom!!!”

My mother was fingering herself furiously as she watched me, her son, fucking her daughter’s ass and I could tell that canlı bahis siteleri she was very close to cumming once more.

“Yes God yes… Fuck her faster son… Uh huh… Fuck your cock teasing sister harder… That’s it son… Fuck her deeper… Uh huh… Harder son, harder… Drill her asshole harder… That’s it… Fuck it… Fuck it deeper… Ram your long cock into that tight asshole… Yeahhh… Ram it in son… Ram it in there… Fuck her ass harder… Uh huh… Fuck your sister’s asshole… Yes son yes… That’s it baby… Fuck that anal slut… Uh huh… Uh huh.. She’s a whore baby… Your sister is a dirty anal whore like mommy… Yes son yes… Fuck her… She’s a dog baby, a dog… Fuck the bitch… Fuck that incestuous cock teasing bitch!!”

“Oh God, that tight little ass is going to make me cum sis… I’m going to cum in your ass!!!” I warn of my impending ejaculation.

“Yes brother cum in me… Uh huh… Fuck my ass with your big, fat cock… Shove it in me… Yeahhh… Slam it in my asshole baby… Your sister is a dog baby… A dirty dog… Uh huh… Cum for me… Cum in your sister’s asshole… Shoot your cum in my dirty, little asshole… Yeahhh… That’s it… That’s it baby… Uh huh… Uh huh… Cum in me… Cum in your slutty sister… Shoot your nasty seed in my anus… I’m a dirty, no good anal whore like mommy baby… Oh God, Oh God, Oh God… I’m Cumming… Your anal whore is cumming baby… Yes, yes, yes… Cum with me … Cum with me my brother… Cum with your slutty sister… Cum with your bitch… Cum with meeeeeee… Cum with meeeeee… OOOOHHHHH… UUUUHHHHH… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH… OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD… AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!”

As my sister came, impaled on my cock in her anus, I immediately yanked my cock out of my sisters hole and started jacking off in mom’s face.

“Yes son… Cum in my face… Shoot your cum in mommy’s face… Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God… AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH… Mommy is cumming… Mommy is cumming baby… Your whore mother is cumming… Yes, yes, yesssssssssssss … Mommmmiiiiieeee is cuuummmiiinnng… AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE… AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH… UUUNNNGGGHHH… UUNNNGGGHHH… AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

I did too, shooting load, after load of my cum all over my mother’s face during her orgasmic release.

The three of us collapsed on mom’s bed in a sweaty cum soaked heap of entangled arms and legs as we recuperated from the effects of our sinful incestuous orgy. Each of us no doubt, contemplating the sexual events that had just transpired between a son and his mother and a sister and her brother and what the consequences would be on how each of us would relate to one or the other in the future.

As for now, all I can say is that the house party that flopped has become a real pain in the ass.


Just in case you were wondering what titles I had used on the other tape that contained movies with brother/sister stories, they were:-

‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and ‘Sister Act 2’ – (Driving SIS CRAZY & Sister’s CRACK TOO).

Hope you cast a vote and all responses whether good, bad or ugly are most welcome.

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