A personal memory of Behind the Green Door


A personal memory of Behind the Green DoorIt was 1982, I was at university and one of my classmates had a friend (his girlfriend’s best friend) who was a film student. Her name was Jeanne.Jeanne needed a VCR to watch a bunch of Truffaut art house movies for her term paper and unlike many students at the time, I happened to own one. So I gave her a key to the place.Jeanne watched movies during the day while I was at classes and did her term paper on my living room floor. Once she was done, she could take off for Christmas earlier than I could, so she gave me back my spare key.About a week later, the day before I was due to go home for Christmas, Jeanne showed up at my door. She was with her mom. They had been Christmas shopping and Jeanne said she had got me a present and card to thank me for helping her out. I asked them in for coffee but Jeanne said “No, just said enjoy the present and don’t wait until you’re home at Christmas to open it.”So they left and I went back to the living room. I opened the present and it was a VHS tape. It was the Mitchell brothers 1972 movie, Behind the Green Door. I had heard of it but never seen it. At that time in Ireland porn was banned – you couldn’t even get Playboy. But there was a growing bursa escort market in underground pron rental, often under the counter in independent video rental outlets, and sometimes in more sinister backstreet sex shops that ostensibly traded only in fetish clothing and sex toys which were not i*****l. Most of the porn available was copied from originals onto bootleg tapes and either sold or rented at high prices. This was 30 years ago and they were getting $8 a night rental, $60 sale, for bootlegs! But Jeanne had managed to get a proper pristine version of the uncut movie. Later I would see that the version had Dutch subtitles.I watched the movie start to finish. It was hugely erotic, the most intense porn experience I had gained so far in my young life. (I still love its eroticism to this day, the slow denouement of the girl, the story, the k**nap, the stripping, the women making love to her , being taken through the green door, the stage, the penetration and so on. The crescendo music than synchronised with the Keys/Chambers fuck was the best thing I had ever seen.)As soon as I started watching, and saw Marilyn Chambers looking innocent in the terrace coffee shop, I was turned on knowing what would eventually happen, but not bursa escort bayan how. I took my clothes off, settled in to a massive beanbag, and began edging my cock slowly. I was enormously turned on for the whole movie. The crescendo was the first time I came, and then I came again with the psychedelic cumshot after the t****ze fuck.Jeane phoned me on Christmas day when I was home with my parents.”Did you like your present?” she asked.”Loved it” I said, somewhat red-faced even though this was a phone call.”How did you know I’d like it?”She laughed.”You’re a guy, aren’t you?”I said “Not all guys are into porn.”She laughed again and said,”True, but you are the student with the VCR who let me use his apartment alone through term, so forgive me but I was snoopy and I did find some of your porn rentals under the couch.”I was stumped. She continued”I checked every time I was there and there were always 2 tapes, almost always different to the previous visit. So I figure you like to watch porn quite a bit.”I laughed nervously.”Don’t worry”, she said “It’s our secret. I got that movie from my older brother who lives in the Hague. I asked him to bring me back a raunchy movie for you when he was coming home before Christmas, and escort bursa he told me this one was a classic. Old but better than the more modern stuff.””Ah hah.” I said.”Well?” she asked.”Well what?””Well was it a classic, better than the other stuff?””It was awesome” I said.”How do you mean?””You know,” I said.”Oh come on, do tell me! Why not try to be explicit like the movie?” she teased.”What?””Did you cum?” she persisted”Yes. Three times. And that was just the first showing.” I conceded. Pushy cow.”Wow, that’s so hot” she said.Her voice had changed. It was low and her breath seemed bated. “Give me the details”So I told her how I got naked, and how I edged for ages and got off at various high points of the film.I was whispering so my parents would not hear me. They were in the living room watching tv and I was ourside in the hall.As I told her I noticed her breathing heavily and realised she was mastubating. I sprung a full blown hard-on and wanted to do it with her but couldn’t.”You fucking tease” I said as I heard her orgasm.As she recovered, she said “Thank you. That was lovely. I’m in my bedroom. And I’m not a tease.””Feels like it to me” I laughed. “I have blue balls here in my parents’ hallway”She giggled.”When do you get back after Christmas?””January 4th””Me too…… can I call over and watch that movie with you that night?”And that was when I knew I was going to fuck Jeanne to the accompaniment of Johnny Keyes and Marilyn Chambers.

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