A Pleasant Afternoon at the Sauna


I was in my late 50’s. Fit, tall, moderately lean with a very hungry 6′ uncut cock.

On this afternoon I decided to check out the action at a local cruise and sauna club. I have learned that to find men of a similar age I need to arrive sometime around 1 p.m. which I duly did.

The car park was quite full, always a good sign so I parked, hid my wallet and watch under my car seat keeping just enough cash to pay my entry. I signed in, got my key and towel and found my locker. Three other guys in there getting undressed and we each discreetly checked each other out. One man in particular caught my eye. Short, slightly tubby, soft looking grey beard and a very friendly look on his face. We made direct eye contact but he then left while I was still getting undressed.

Off to the showers and then to explore. Typical setup, coffee and chat area, spa pool, steam room, sauna, cruise maze (with glory-holes) and a number of private rooms containing a plastic covered mattress, a basket of condoms and a switch to dim the light. Downstairs was the porn tv area and more private rooms. Outside were gardens and a heated pool.

Ok first stop was the steam room so down the steps I went. A number of towels hanging on the hooks outside which looked promising. When I first opened the door and stepped in and had no vision at all. The room was very dark and it took a while for my eyes to adjust so I just groped my way along the wall, feeling the odd slippery body until I could feel a gap where I could slip in and be seated.

Just being there was good for my spirits. Very obviously from the sounds, some one was being fucked and I quickly realised that one of the guys beside me was having his cocked sucked by his neighbor. Nothing happening on my other side so I let my hand move against his thigh and when he did not move away I started to slide across and down to his crotch.

I struck gold, a lovely smallish rather droopy cock the readily sprang to when I started to gently fondle it. Now his hand found me and we enjoyed some mutual wanking for some minutes but then I upped the action and leaned over and took him into my mouth. He was so nice, probably just over 5”, cut and fairly thick. A delicious mouthful.

Meanwhile my other neighbor who was still enjoying his blowjob was caressing my back and the man who’s knob I was sucking was caressing my illegal bahis cheeks and neck. I sat up again after a while and at this point my partner leaned over and took me into his mouth. Obviously finding the position uncomfortable he dropped to his knees and proceeded to very slowly and very thoroughly suck my rapidly hardening cock as deep as he could manage. Not deep throating but still very, very nice. His fingers tickled my balls and in turn I pinched his nipples and stroked his cheeks and even slipped a finger between his lips so I could feel him licking and sucking my cock and my finger at the same time. Try it sometime, It is magical.

I was here for the long haul so when I felt the tension rising I paused my friend and brought him back beside me. I kissed and bit on his nipples, said thank you and left.

Back to the showers to cool down and then it was time to watch and join the action in the spa pool.

Everything in there is always very discreet. You can be sure there is a lot of fondling and touching going on but the bubbling water hides everything. It can be quite nice to be lying there enjoying the heat and feel of the water rushing around you and suddenly a very gentle toe is touching your groin and across from you, seemingly quite detached, someone is just teasing you along. Maybe they do not want it to go further, sometimes it is just a nice thing to do and receive.

This time there were a couple of men on their own and a couple sitting very close and it was not hard to imagine what they were up to. No action for me so after about five minutes I climbed out and went next door to the sauna. The is very little action in there. It is quite brightly lit and a lot of guys just use it to dry off after a shower or the pool.

So far I have not seen any sign of the fellow who caught my eye when I first arrived and I hope he is not off in a room somewhere as I want him for my own but he could well have been in the steam room and I would never have known.

Once I had dried sufficiently, the towel tied around my waist I went to explore the maze. I have to say it is the worst excuse for a maze I have ever seen but its all we have so we just have to make do with it. A few guys standing round, as you walked past a hand might stroke your thigh, if they looked interesting it was a simple matter to walk back into one of the alcoves, illegal bahis siteleri towels over the shoulders and some mutual masturbation or fucking. I neglected to say that we all got issued a couple of tubes of lube when we arrived, I always left mine in my locker, too easy to lose it while cruising and I can always go and retrieve it if I meet someone nice. There are baskets of condoms in every room plus a paper towel dispenser.

No sign of my man up here and I am getting slightly obsessive so downstairs I go. The TV room has half a dozen me sitting , one guy sucking another who sat on the row behind him otherwise little action so it is time to check the unlocked rooms.

The very first room is a sort of community room with wall to wall mattresses and here he was just sitting in the corner. I went and sat near him, gave him a grin and just gently touched his thigh.

A big smile in return, his towel was pulled aside offering me free access and to it I went.

So sweet. Uncut, a very bristly base of pubic hair, and as it lengthened into my warm mouth it was probably 6″ of very hard cock.

We soon attracted an audience. I was lying on my side, my friend on his back and someone reached for my cock pulled on my hip to straighten me slightly and then I was being sucked. Another guy crouched between us pinching and tickling our nipples. I turned my attention to the guy crouching over us and sucked on his readily accessible cock for a few minutes while I stroked my friend’s and the I turned my attention back to him again.

I said softly, shall we go to a room and he said yes, so disengaging ourselves from our partners we went to an adjoining cubicle, put our towels on the bunk locked the door and dimmed the light.

Arms around each other we kissed. He was good, Lovely thick and long tongue which really got my juices going. He had small but very hard nipples and I discovered he liked having them pinched and even more, having me bite them. He pushed me back on the bunk and knelt beside us and started to suck me. Just gently taking a little bit at a time, licking and sliding his lips up and down and gradually he went deeper, never hurrying but the sensation got fuller and fuller until he had me all deep down his throat and there he just held me.

Periodically he would come up for air, gasp and then back down he went again. Talk canlı bahis siteleri about perfection!

I began to feel close to orgasm and I wanted this to last, so I brought him up beside me for more kissing and caressing and nipple play. He sucked on my nipples flicking his tongue, biting gently.

I wanted more of his cock so I moved down the bunk to a 69 position and he wanted me on top. I was able to take his beautiful sexy tool right into my throat, just feel it fill me while my fingers caressed and tickled his balls. I would stop and squirt some saliva onto my fingers so I could lube up the area below his cock to his crack. I kept sucking and wetting my fingers until I was able to gently press my index finger against his arse as I sucked him deeply. Every time I took him in I pressed a bit harder until my finger vanished inside him.

Meanwhile I was experiencing a glorious blow job. My problem is that I tend to focus on what I am doing with my partner and can be a bit unaware of what is happening to me and it takes a real effort to switch from one thing to the other. Back to sucking him, my finger was replace by my longer middle finger and I found his prostate.

Guess what, he was doing the same for me. This was so nice. What he did for me, I did for him and the sensations were exquisite.

He asked if he could fuck me. I said yes but I did not have my lube. No worries, he did and in no time I was on my hands and knees, he was lubing my already wet arsehole and then his condom covered gorgeous cock.

He was very patient and very gently, just pressing lightly against my hole and then more firmly until, all of a sudden he just slipped in. He stayed still for a wee while letting me get used to the feeling of this lovely invasion and then pushed harder and slowly but surely he filled me.

Again he was patient, he just held this position letting me get used to it until I started moving underneath him to give him the ok to start pumping. And pump he did. I tightened up my muscles inside each time he pulled out to add to the pleasure (for both of us)

In no time it was over, he grunted, moaned and then I could feel him stiffening inside me as he came. He leaned over me resting on my back for a minute then slowly pulled out. Stripped off the condom and tossed it in the bin and lay beside me for a cuddle.

It turns out he was visiting the city and was leaving in a couple of days so we are unlikely to meet again, dammit.

I stood up and masturbated while he pinched on my nipples and came very quickly.

A nice way to spend an afternoon.

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