A Plump Guidance Counselor


Graduation was behind us. No longer a Senior in High School, I was looking forward to a sensual summer before heading to college.

I was sitting on the sofa with Kitty as she savored the fucking I had just administered to her. It was still amazing to realize I had my personal pussy whenever I wanted it. 32 years old and no chance for her to get pregnant.

The phone rang and I answered it as Kitty was still lapping the juices from my cock.

It was Miss Adams, my high school counselor.

She congratulated me on my Graduation and wished me well when I departed for college. She expressed regret she had not been of more help in making my college decision. She also told me to call her anytime I needed advise or someone to talk to.

I thanked her and made the same offers to her.

She responded by commenting she could use a hand with something at her office before the school locked down for the summer. She wondered if I could help her for an hour or 2 that afternoon.

I responded in the affirmative. We agreed to meet in her office at 2:00. Kitty had finished clean up; but I knew I better take a shower.

As I hit the shower, Kitty joined me and began scrubbing my back. She moved down through my asshole and crack; then moved on to my nalls. She hefted them and applied soapy hands to them. That began to bring my balls and cock back to life.

We finished in the shower; and on exiting Kitty used a towel to dry my back and ass.

I combed my hair in place after applying a little gel for control. Kitty took my aftershave and doused me with it. Smiling she said she wanted her new Man at his best.

Not knowing what Miss Adams would ask me to do, I donned a pair of aussie shorts and a tee shirt. Sneakers, sunglasses and a ball cap finished the attire.

It only took a few minutes to get to school; and I parked next to her car as she had suggested.

She was waiting at the door when I walked up to the building. A big smile met me as she opened the door for my entry. I hardly noticed when she locked the door to prevent anyone from entering.

Her attire did take me by surprise. First I should note Miss Adams was about 40 years old; as far as anyone knew she had never married. She was about 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighed in at about 160. She was a bit of a porker. Dark eyes, long finger nails, and short blonde hair finished the casino siteleri package.

As I mentioned, her attire caught me by surprise. Normally, during the school year, she was always dressed in a business suit. Not this day.

Her top was a very thin white cotton with tie strings from the belly button to the neckline. But the strings were loose and open to reveal all of her cleavage. From her nipples, it was evident she had no bra on.

She was wearing what you would call Daisy Dukes. The shorts were so small on her that a good amount of ass cheek was dangling free. Add to that she was wearing spiked heels which caused her leg muscles to tighten. Plus she had a very musky scent on which was something she’d never done at school.

She put her arm through mine as we headed down the school corridor; it seemed strange to be walking with a staff member like this. But then I remembered I was a graduate. Was it my imagination or was she intentionally brushing those titties against my arm?

We got to her office and I allowed her to enter first. That gave me a good shot at those ass cheeks. One thing had not changed; I was still a horn dog. If it had a hole and some hair, I would fuck it if given the opportunity.

She apologized for the air conditioning not being on. Budget issues she explained. When she saw the sweat begin to form on my forehead, she suggested I drop my tee shirt and be more comfortable.

Without thinking much about that, I did. The shorts did not hide much from view. Anyone with half a brain could see I had a large nut sac. Add to that, my cock was beginning to revive after the morning fuck.

I saw some boxes sitting on the counter and assumed they were what she wanted help with. As I began to pick one up, she asked me to stop so she could verify the contents and label the boxes.

She brushed against me several times as she looked through the boxes. I could not help it when my cock began to harden even more and cause the pouch in my shorts to swell forward.

She could tell I was hard; that was evidently her desire. One thing I hated was a dick tease.

I was standing behind her and looking over her shoulder. I had a straight shot looking down her cleavage and confirmed the absence of a bra. Those globes were hanging free and I could even see a peek of her nipples..

I moved closer so my cock was positioned right slot oyna at her ass crack. Every time she moved, she was giving me a lap massage. My cock loved it. So did I for that matter as I wondered where this might lead.

It was soon evident she was intentionally backing into me and was enjoying the feel of my cock on her ass.

She turned just then and told me how mature I was for my age. She moved closer and her hands hit my chest just below the nipples. She appologized for stumbling; but her hands remained in place with increasing pressure.

She was looking up at me as I bent forward and kissed her. Her lips opened slightly and she began feeding her tongue to me. We were frenching for all we were worth.

My hands dropped to her ass and I began to massage her ass cheeks through the shorts. She was pressing that belly of hers against my cock as hard as she could.

We kissed for 4 or 5 minutes. I unsnapped her shorts; and she lifted her legs to step out of them. Her shirt was actually a teddy which was grinding into that pussy. I slipped it from her shoulders and it fell to the ground. Those titties were amazing to look at.

I lifted her up; I think that amazed her I was able to do so. I placed her ass on the edge of her desk; spread her legs; and dropped down to my knees as I began eating her pussy. She liked that. She had a small mound of hair above her clittie. With that exception, she was shaved bare.

I was lapping at her clit and at the same time my mouth was wrapped around her pussy lips. I had learned that a woman lost control when her clit was being tongued while the pussy lips were being sucked on. Miss Adams was no exception.

I flipped her legs onto my shoulders. They could have been more trim; but this position allowed me easier access to her pussy. I was tonguing her and sucking on those pussy lips. She was hitting one orgasm after another. They were thick, creamy loads. I gathered she’d not had sex in a while.

I ate her for about 10 minutes when I withdrew my mouth and stood. I kept her ankles on my shoulders; this put my cock at just the right spot for her pussy hole.

I stepped closer; placed my cock at her hole; and thrust in. She was so wet my cock went to the hilt nd my balls slapped her ass.

I did what all good horn dogs do. I fucked the dickens out of her. I figured all of the pussy eating with no blow job canlı casino siteleri earned her a hard fuck. I did fuck her hard.

I had a firm grip on her legs as I began plunging in and out of her pussy. My cock was getting a cum bath she was squirting so much. Her belly was jiggling from the gyrations I put her through. I just plunged in and out for all she was worth.

She was squeezing her titties and tugging on her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her lips tight as she had the fuck of her life. At least that was what she told me later.

As I was fucking, I asked her if she was on the pill. She indicated she was not. No need for an unwanted pregnancy.

Her pussy juices were dripping down her ass crack. I decided then to pop my nut off in her asshole. My cock was soaking wet.

I lifted her ass cheeks slightly higher. I pulled my cock from her pussy and allowed it to drop slightly to her asshole. I drove deep into the asshole; and she screamed lightly as I ripped that asshole open. Now I began fucking in earnest. My balls were swinging as I plunged hard and deep into her hole.

That asshole was tight and responsive. I swear I thought she was having anal orgasms. Five minutes or so of that asshole and I was ready to cum.

I took a tighter grip on her legs as I began to spurt my seed deep in her ass. Spurt after spurt; she said she could feel me cum.

I finally pulled out and released my hold on her legs. Like a trouper, she dropped to the floor; took my cock in her mouth; and sucked all of the juices from it. Not every woman I fucked would suck on a cock after it had been in their asshole.

My hands dropped to her head as I began mouth fucking her. She tilted her head back to allow my cock deeper access o her throat. I could feel another load begin to build as my balls were slapping her on the chin.

I took a more firm grip on her head; she knew what this meant. I began bucking my hips in with more intensity as my cum shot down her throat. She swallowed every drop and I could hear the gulps.

Not quite through, I thought. I held her head as I began to piss down her throat. She really got off on that. She swallowed every drop of a heavy piss. When I pulled out, she licked her lips.

Even fewer women would swallow a piss shot. This was one good whore; too bad I found out as I was leaving school.

I helped her to her feet. She smiled when she announced she’d taken a new position within 15 miles of the college campus I would be attending.

I told her we would need to make arrangements for some training that summer before we both relocated.

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