A prude woken up.


A prude woken up.A prude woken up.This is a story about a woman I got to know some ten years ago. I met her some years later, first she looked to be a prude, but that turned out differently..Chapter one.The very first time I met Marjorie was about ten years ago at a birthday party from mutual friends. She looked stunning.. A petite body, beautiful long black hair and a pretty face. She was sitting opposite of me, and during the evening I noticed she was looking at me all the time. Of course I was looking at her too.. When our eyes crossed I kept on looking in her eyes, not looking away after a quick glance.. It was like a kind of contest… Who was the first one to look somewhere else first. I don’t feel awkward looking in someone’s eyes, so every time we looked at each other a kind of spark was there..My girlfriend at that time had to push me a few times in the side to get my attention when she was asking something. I had to give my girlfriend some attention, but when I had the occasion we looked at each other and had some small talk conversation. She laughed at every joke I made, I think she was feeling relaxed. Her husband, sitting next to her was a kind of quiet guy. He talked about cars and football with another guest, like every boring man would do..In that time I smoked an occasional cigarette, and and a certain moment I told her I would get outside to smoke a cigarette. “Can I join you…? I hardly smoke a cigarette, but I would like to smoke one now..” I excused myself and went outside to the backyard and lit a cigarette. A few minutes later Marjorie came outside and said she had to visit the ladies first. “Can I borrow you a cigarette? I hardly smoke and I left them at home.” I offered her a one, and I offered her a light. She inhaled the smoke deeply and said, “That feels good..! I don’t like all these boring chats about daily business” I looked at her, there was a little light that came through the window. We could see people talking and having a drink. “Well… what do you like than..?” I asked her. She kept on looking at me and asked me.., “Why are you always looking at me..? I like to know why..?” I was a bit surprised by her question, but I answered her I think she was stunning… “But…. I can ask you the same question….” I smile came over her face…, “I think you are cute and I like your little jokes… My husband is a kind of boring with his stories… I hardly listen to him.. Today I did not feel like coming to this birthday party, but my husband convinced me I should go, I don’t regret it I came…” Of course I wanted to know why…. “Well… I met you here, you are funny… My husband is a bit boring… Like tomorrow… we have to go to church. How boring can it be!”In the meantime our cigarettes were finished and I asked her if she wanted to go inside. The rest of the evening was a bit of the same old boring stuff, but we kept on looking at each other all the time..When it was time to go home, we kissed goodbye and I did not see her back again, until…..A few years later, my girlfriend and I had moved to a little town in the area and we were doing some shopping. We wandered around and ended up in a fashion shop. I heard a familiar voice asking, “How can I help you?” I looked back, and there she was again, looking surprised.. “Oohw hi, it’s you again… Long time I have seen you.. How are you doing?” I looked at her, she still had the most beautiful eyes… “Hey Marjorie… Nice seeing you back again.. Are you working here..?” She told me she owned the shop and she was doing okay. My girlfriend was looking into the racks with clothing, and she didn’t pay attention. I took Marjorie’s hands and kissed her on the cheeks. “What a nice perfume….” She walked past me towards my girlfriend, her hand sliding across my belly while she past me. Was this accidental…? She walked up to my girlfriend to help her with some clothes, they picked a few pieces of clothing and walked to the dressing room. Marjorie closed the curtain behind my girlfriend’s back and turned around. She was looking me in the yes, but said nothing. She waved with her hand to come closer, when I reached her, she took hold of my hand and just held it. With her other hand she opened the curtain a bit and looked inside at my girlfriend, “Everything alright..? Can I help you with something..?” In the meantime squeezing my hand.. I was a bit puzzled… I couldn’t figure out what her intentions were. When she closed the curtain again, I stepped up to her and gave her a gentle kiss.. just to test her out. She withdrew her head a little and looked at me… I didn’t know what she would do… I thought it lasted ages… she didn’t say a thing, just looked me in the eyes. With one hand still holding the curtain closed, she moved her head towards me and gave me a kiss. Her tongue brushed my lips… At that moment my wife asked if she could fit another size of pants… “Ohw, I will fetch it for you, just a minute..” and she walked to a rack with cloths. When she came back with another pair of pants, I reached my had out, about waist high, just if I was going to take the pants to hand it over to my wife. Marjorie turned and handed over the pants to my girlfriend and my hand touched her belly. She pulled the curtain back close and turned around with her back towards me, my hand resting on her belly. I thought ‘what the hack’ and lowered my hand slowly.. What she did next gave me more confidence… she pulled in her muscles, so her pants were not that tight and my fingers slipped into her waistband. Marjorie was chit chatting with my girlfriend what to try, what to do, every now and than looking past the curtain, just if she was helping any other customer. My hand got in her pants now and I could feel her underpants… I lifted the elastic band and shoved my hand in her underpants. Feeling a little stripe of pubic hair I went down more and more until finally I touched her labia and opened them up. I slid a finger across her clit and inside her vagina.. It went in easily, she was as wet as could be..!!!My girlfriend said she would come out to show us what she had chosen, quickly I withdrew my hand.. Marjorie turned around, looked me straight in the eyes and opened up the curtain. I stepped back and sat in a chair to enjoy the fashion show. Carefully I brought my fingers to my nose to smell her scent.. Marjorie helped my girlfriend to straighten some things out and saw me doing that, “You mentioned my perfume just a minute ago, what do you think of it..? It’s new… Do you like it…?” I was a bit surprised by her question, but managed to say, “Yes.., it’s nice and sweet, even a bit sensual.. You have a good taste..” She laughed at me and said, “Thanks..!”In the meantime a few more customers came into the shop, and she was busy serving them. My girlfriend had changed her clothes back again and I intended to pay for the things she had chosen. While I was waiting at the cash desk I had a good look at Marjorie, she was kind of petite, you could say almost skinny. Her clothes looked perfect. A beautiful gray pair of trousers, a nice jacket and her hair in a bun. I have something for feet… she wore a beautiful pair of high heeled pumps, her feet looked amazing in those shoes. I really checked her out, my dick started to twist in my pants.. I was wondering myself how on earth I had to get in her panties… I mean, she looked like a faithful, church going descent woman, with a bit of an attitude.. But on the other hand, I just had my fingers up her pussy….. I couldn’t match these things..A few minutes later she walked up to me and I paid for the clothes my girlfriend had chosen. When we were about to leave Marjorie asked me if I had any knowledge of electronics, she was heaving problems with the alarm system. Sometimes it wouldn’t arm when she closed the shop. I had installed my own alarm system at home and told her I could have a look at it if she wanted. “Today is Saturday and I always close a little bit early, could you have a look at it this afternoon?” I looked at my girlfriend and she said she was going to the gym and we had no other plans for this afternoon. “Well okay, what time I can come around to have a look at it?” We agreed a time and went out to do some more shopping.Later that afternoon I went to her shop and took some things with me which I thought I needed. Marjorie showed me what was wrong with the system. Within no time I found an warning in the system from a sensor and I asked Marjorie where I could find it. “Oh, I think that must be upstairs where I keep my stock. Just go upstairs, there you will find it. I will close the shop in the meantime.” I went upstairs and found a big kind of loft, with all the racks full of clothes I looked around and saw a coffee corner, a small bathroom and a bed in the corner. I had a look around at the windows and saw one detector blinking, that must be the faulty one.. I tried several things to get it working again, but it kept on failing. I hadn’t noticed Marjorie had come up when she said, “Did you find the problem,,?”, I almost got a heart attack..! “Marjorie you shouldn’t scare me like that, I almost got a heart attack…” and laughed at her. She looked me in the eyes..’ “This morning in the shop, you weren’t scared…….” I raised myself and turned around facing her, “I couldn’t resist touching you this morning… I’m sorry if I offended you, or did something you don’t want..” She didn’t say anything… with her hand she opened the button of her trousers and pulled the zipper down.. The trousers dropped to her ankles and she opened her legs as far as the trousers allowed.. She wore a black silky pair of underpants, it showed very nice on her white skin. I stepped up to her and took one hand and moved it behind her back, I took her other hand and held both her hands behind her back.. It was kind of strange… she didn’t say a word, just looked at me, just as she was challenging me.. With my other hand I grabbed the elastic band of her underpants and moved my hand down, just as I did this morning. Just looking at me, saying nothing, her mouth opened a little when I slid a finger in her pussy. Again she was soaking wet…. I slid another finger in and started to finger fuck her. She didn’t even moan.. her breathing got heavier.. I could feel her body react on my touch.. She pushed her pelvis forward a bit, to give me better access. My fingers got covered with her juices and I started to rub her clitoris. Her breathing got heavier and when I slid my fingers back in I felt her pussy clasping my fingers. I rubbed her pussy and clitoris more vigorously.. before I knew it, she had an orgasm.. She kept looking me in the eyes when she came… This was really weird… I just made her orgasm and she hadn’t said a word… Just as nothing happened she bent over and pulled her pants up and zipped up. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to spoil anything.. I noted down the type of the faulty sensor, Marjorie was just waiting until I was finished and when I planned to go downstairs again, she hugged me, “Thanks……. and sorry…..” I asked her why she was sorry.. “Well euuh…. I’m so horny for you but… I am afraid to go any further……” I took her chin in my hand and whispered, “It’s okay Marjorie, I understand… I’m not a guy who just wants to fuck you….” I was fucking lying through my teeth !!! I really wanted to fuck her, but I didn’t want to push it and I would think of a way to make her scream for more….. “Come let’s go downstairs, I’ll order a new sensor for you. Probably I will get it this week and I will replace it. I’ll let you know.. Can I have your telephone number?” She gave me her phone number and we kissed goodbye.. I could feel her tongue again when we had a quick kiss..A few days later I called her and told her I had the the replacement and asked her when I could replace it. She told me I could come today, but a little later when she had closed her shop. I promised her I could come around 7 o’clock. It was okay with her, because she would be finished by then. At precisely 7 o’clock I was at her shop, she opened immediately when I approached the shop. “Oh Hi, I just closed the shop, you can do your job. Did you already have diner? I have to get something to eat, if you want I can take something with me, we could eat upstairs.. ” I told her it was okay for me and started to work on the system. The replacement of the faulty part was just a matter of a few minutes. While I was waiting I had a look around and was wondering why there was a small place to live on the first floor. I saw nothing special and went down to the shop to wait for Marjorie. She arrived about ten minutes later and said we could eat upstairs. I followed her upstairs and asked her why she had a kitchenette, a bed and everything here. “Ohw, we live next door, and when my husband is snoring a lot and I can’t get any sleep I’ll sleep over here.. Or when we have visitors, they can stay here. But let’s eat first, I brought some Chinese food, I hope you like it !”During eating she was chatting and asked me what I was doing lately and showed plenty of interest. We had a wonderful diner and when she cleaned the table she asked me if I would like to stay a little longer.. “Or is your girlfriend waiting for you..?” I told her we were very busy and only stayed the weekend together.” I saw a faint smile on her face… “Ohwww… you could stay for a glass of wine after diner then….” and she got up to get a bottle and glasses. “Come on, make yourself comfortable while I get something to drink. ” I looked at her while she was in the kitchenette and plainly said, “Marjorie, I really think you are a very attractive woman, but I am wondering why you are that shy….” I saw her stop with what she was doing… She looked back at me and said, “I’m not used to this….. I have never felt something like this before… but wait until I have the wine first..” She got the wine and a few glasses and sat next to me on the small couch and poured the glasses. “I could expect a question like that…… I have been thinking about it since I have seen you a few days ago…. I have never betrayed my husband and thought I would never do that… but the feeling I got with you is stronger then myself.. I have been brought up like a good Christian girl, I married a good husband and I never had those feelings before. ” I looked her in the eyes…”Tell me what you feel… anadolu yakası escort I want to know… I like you a lot and feel a strange kind of attraction… ” Marjorie grabbed my hand and said with a low voice.. “See, that’s the same thing I’m feeling… I know you understand me… Give me a big hug…..” I put my arms around her shoulder and pulled her towards me. She put her head on my shoulder and whispered, “I hope you never use my feelings…. I am so shy, I do not know what to do if this comes out in the open…” I pulled her closely to me, “If you want, I’ll go home now… I don’t want to use you…” Fucking hell !!! I was a lying bastard !!! Softly she said.., “No… I don’t want you to go… I feel…. eeuhhh…. exited… now… “Gently I guided her of the couch and took her hands, she stood in front of me and looked at me. “Do what you did last time……. Show me yourself…. She gently moved her hands towards her pants and opened up the button and zipper. When it dropped to her ankles, she stepped out of them and spread her legs about two feet apart. I looked up at her and asked her if she would remove her blouse…. Her fingers opened up the buttons of her blouse and dropped it from her shoulders.. She stood there, only covered with a nice white set of panties and bra, still wearing her black pumps. “Did anybody ever tell you that you are a very sexy woman…?” Her mouth opened a little and I heard a soft moan.. “NNooohhhhhh…………” Gently I put my hands on her hips and with my thumbs I pulled her panties down… I looked up and saw her flush. “Just close your eyes if you want…..”, but she didn’t…. I pulled her panties completely down and when it fell to the floor she stepped out. I grabbed her hips again and pulled her towards me, she put her knees besides my thighs and sat down on my lap. With my hands I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and gently took. “Come… get up and stand here and wait…” I walked towards a clothing rack and took a few shawls, I got behind her and covered her eyes… When I had blindfolded her, I stepped back and said, “Now you are not Marjorie anymore…. Now you are someone else… Someone who is exited… ” I took a few steps back and quietly took my phone out of my pocket, I turned it ti silent and took a few pictures. “Now slowly turn around….. show me yourself…” She turned around and I took a few more pictures.I slipped my telephone in my pocket and walked towards her. I gently kissed her and cupped her breasts. I pushed her backwards until her leg touched the sofa. Gently I made her sit and pushed her legs wider… “Let me taste you….” She tried to close her legs, but I kept them firmly opened. “Noohhh….. I have never done that….. It’s …. dirty……” I couldn’t believe my ears..! She has never been eaten properly…???” I pushed my head between her legs and started licking her pussy.. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and pushed it in her pussy…. I looked up and I saw her opening her mouth…… A very soft “OOOohhhwwwwmmm..” escaped her mouth. Gently I touched her clitoris with my tongue and flicked it….. Another soft moan…, “OOowwmmmmmmmmm…..” I kept on teasing her clitoris and pushed her legs wider and wider until she was completely split open… I attacked her pussy with some more force…She stated bucking her pubic boen upwards to meet my mouth. “MMMMmmmmmmmm……….” I stopped licking.., “Do you like this…..? Do you want more….?” I could hardly hear her say, “Yesss…..mmmm…..”Before I attacked her pussy again I looked at her, “Now you are blindfolded… I see a very sexual woman here…. Imagen you seeing her…… You could see her enjoyment, her pleasure she never had…… ” I sucked her clitoris in my mouth and sucked hard… “OOOOHHHhhhmmmmmmmm……. yesssss……” I was on my knees between her legs and started to undo my belt and button of my trousers. When she heard the zipper going down, I could see her body stiffening… “You are.. not going… to…..?” I finished her sentence “Fuck you yes..!!!” I pushed my trousers down and my dick sprang to life. Aiming directly at Marjorie’s pussy. I took my dick and started to move it up and down along her pussy.. “Oh… nooo? mmmmm….”I parted her pussy lips and slid my dick along her swollen clitoris…. “OOOhhhhhwwmmmm…….. ” she panted softly… I started to probe her pussy and slipped my cock head in… “OOhhw…. it’s toooo bigggg….” I started moving a little bit in and out her pussy, every time pushing it a little deeper.. “OOhhwwmmmmmm……. you… are…. sooooo… bigggg… Mmmmmmm……”I got my dick about half way when I withdrew it until only the head was in, “Now tell me how bad you want it….!” Her pussy was sucking at my dick head..”Ohwww yesss…. I want it…. yes… mmmmmmmmm…” I didn’t move yet… “Ohhw…. yesss….. eeuhmmm….. fuck… me….” I gently grabbed her tiny waist and jammed my dick into her tight pussy……..Marjorie’s mouth opened completely.., “AAAOHHHHHhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm………… Yes….. OHmmmmmm……… I needed this……. mmmmmm…..” I pulled out again and slowly pushed my dick back in until our pubic bones met…. I straightened a little and pushed my thumb against her clitoris. “OOhhwmmmmmm……… Yes…… “I rolled her clitoris as fast as I could, I felt her pussy contracting.. “OOhmmmmm….. yessssss……. I’mmmm…. coming……” She arched her back, pushed her breasts in the air. Her pussy was clamping my dick. Her pelvis pushing forwards to get my whole dick inside…. Finally she went limp…, “OMG….. I never experienced an orgasm like that…… Ohmmm….. What are you doing to me..?”My dick still buried deep inside her I asked her, “Doesn’t your husband fill you up like this…?” I twisted my dick a little bit, her pussy reacted by contracting…. “Nooo…. my husband is tiny compared with you….. He only has straight sex, what you did with your mouth…, he will never do that… He think it’s dirty….” I pushed a little harder.. mashing her clitoris between our two pubic bones… “MMmmmmmmmmm…………. Oh God…. I feel like…..” I interrupted her…, “You want to cum again….. don’t you…?” A bit more stern I continued…, “This pussy wants to get fucked……. What a horny little pussy you have….” I slid my hands towards her breasts and grabbed her nipples, gently rolled them between my fingers and pulled softly on them… “Aaaaooohhw……… Mmmmmmmmm……….. yes…… ” She started rolling her hips, trying to get more friction on her clitoris.., “Yesss……. pull my nipples..! This is so dirty….. Mmmmmmm………” I pulled harder and harder on her nipples. She had to support herself with her arms to release the pressure… “Ohhw…. yes.. I want to come again…. Ohh.. this is so nasty….” I almost lifted her of the couch.., “Does this adulteress bitch want to come….? ” I felt her pussy react immediately.. I continued,,,. “Now you’re mine…. This is not a pussy anymore…… It’s a cunt… ! What is it…?” I waited for her reaction… “Yess…. I have a…….c.. cunt… Ohw.. Fuck my ……. cunt…!” She was more and more mashing her clitoris… “Yessss… fuck my cunt…!!! ” She couldn’t hold back anymore and started coming.. “Ohhw…… Mmmmm yesss!! OOhwwww………” Her pussy was gushing, I felt her secretions running down my balls…. Her body was shaking and trembling… She put her legs around my waist and clamped her feet behind my back. I put my arms around her and lifted her up. She was really feather light, I don’t think she weighted more than 40-45 kg’s.. She put her arms around my shoulders and started to kiss me passionately. She was impaled by my dick, hanging on my shoulders and I walked towards the bed.I laid her down gently and slowly pulled my dick out. “Turn around… on your knees…. “, which she did… “Mmmmm…. are you going to do it eeuuhh… doggy style…? Ohw… I never done that….. ” I pushed her legs a bit wider apart and positioned myself behind her. I aimed my dick at her cunt and pushed it in… “OOhhwmmmmm…….. this… is…. goooodddd…….!! ” She started pushing backwards to get my whole dick in. “Yesss….! fuck me like that..!!” I ran my hand along her back and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head backwards. “OOOHHHWWW……. Yes…. This is sooo…. nasty !!! Fuck me…!!! Fuck this pus…. cunt of yours! Ohhw… I’m so bad..! I’m so horny…! Mmmmmmmm……. Fuck… fuck… fuck…. ” Every time she said fuck, she pushed herself onto my dick. I produced some spit and I let it drop on her tiny ass.. She felt something on her ass… I could feel her twitch.. With my thumb I circled her anus and rubbed the saliva around her tiny asshole. Gently I pushed the tip of my thumb in her ass. I felt her sphincter opening up a little and I shoved my thumb in… “AAAOOHHwwwww……. commmmmminggggg………” Her cunt jerked on my dick, desperately trying to suck the sperm out of my balls…. I wanted it to last longer and pulled my dick out. “Just you wait a second….. I’ll fuck that horny cunt, don’t worry…” I walked to the cloth racks and pulled a few scarfs out. She was still on her knees, sticking her ass up the air when I took her hand and brought it to her back. She laid her head on the bed and handed me her other hand by herself… I was a bit surprised by that, but I gently tied her small wrists with a scarf.. “OOhmmm…. I’m helpless now… mmmmmmmm……. Ohw fuck… I’m so horny..!!!! Ohww… pleaaasee… fuck my adulteress cunt…! PLeeasee…… ” I pushed my rock hard dick between her lips and drove it in…. I grabbed her wrists and started fucking her like I would fuck a horny whore… I grabbed her breasts and pulled her completely on my dick every time. “Do you want to get filled up..? You horny bitch..?” She whimpered, “Yesss… fill me up..! Fill this filthy whore……” I could feel I was close to coming…. “Tell me… WHAT are you…?” Louder and louder she cried, “Fuck this unfaithful whore…!! Yessss….. Fill up my whorish cunt…!!! ” This took me over the edge and I started to ejaculate… Wave after wave of hot sperm entered her pussy… “Ohhwww….. yessss…. I feeeeel it..! Fill me up…! Ohhw…..”My balls twitched every time ejaculating the last drops of sperm into her tight cunt, filling up her womb.. I staid like that for a minute, trying to get my breath back and slowly withdrew my dick. I looked down. When it exited her cunt, a big glob of sperm came out of her cunt and ran along her legs.Carefully I untied her wrists and untied her blindfold. She had to get used to the light first, but looked at me. I could see her blush. “Ohw… my dear God… What have I done..? I am unfaithful to my husband… This should never of happened…” Tears running over her face.. “Noooo…. this has not happened…. I can’t do this, I am so ashamed.. Please can you go…?” I looked down at her, she looked really ashamed of herself. “Okay the… I will leave now.. I’ll be back later..” The only thing she said was, “Noooo….. this cannot happen anymore… Please leave now..” In silence I got my pants back on and took my other stuff, “You look like a prude woman… but I know you are a horny little whore inside…….” and turned around and went downstairs. I pulled the door in the lock and I thought to myself what a lucky bastard I was… Fucking the prude bitch was not over yet….When I got home I printed a few photo’s I took from Marjorie and slipped them in the invoice I had for her. I folded it together and put it in an envelope. The next day when I had finished work , close to closing time of Marjorie’s shop I stepped inside. A few customers were looking around and did not pay much attention to me. Marjory stood behind her cash desk and I handed over the envelope. “Here is the invoice for this sensor I replaced. ” She didn’t look too worried, until she had opened the envelope to look at the invoice. When she unfolded it, she saw the photographs I took from her…. Her eyes widened and she looked at me like a deer in the headlights… “What…..?” she stammered… “What… is.. this…?” Her eyes flashed around to see if nobody was looking.. She bent over a little and said, “Are you…. eeuhh… blackmailing me….? Please… Think of what might happen…? Pleasee….????” I smiled friendly at her and told her I could wait until the customers were gone and took a chair and began reading a magazine.When a lady wanted to pay, the lady looked at me and asked Marjorie what A gentleman was doing in a ladies fashion shop. “OH.. he is here to fix my alarm system. He is waiting until I close the shop to look at the system” The lady looked at her and paid Marjorie for what she bought. “I hope you get the system fixed. I see you in church Sunday. Bye”The lady walked to the door with Marjorie following her.. “Okay.. I’ll see you Sunday in church. Have a good day !” Marjorie locked the door and turned around, looking at me.. “What are your plans..! Why are you doing this to me..?” I smirked at her, “Get your ass upstairs.. Now..! People can look through the windows here.. Or do you want them to see you get fucked……..” The silence was ear deafening….. Slowly she turned to the stairs and went upstairs… I followed her upstairs and once we were there, she turned around. She was crying and in between sobs she said, “Pleasseee I’m sorry for what I did. I have never done it before… I can give you money…” I walked up to her and grabbed her blouse and ripped it open. Buttons were flying everywhere.. A beautiful black lace bra appeared. “I don’t want your money…. I want you..! I want that cunt of yours..! Get the bra off, or do I have to rip that off too….?” Slowly she got her blouse off and unclasped her bra from the back and dropped them to the ground. I turned her around and grabbed her wrists. I tied them together and pushed her towards the bed.., “I know what you are…. I know what you want deep inside…. Now, get on the bed..!” She crawled onto the bed on her knees When I gave her a push she dropped on the bed. I turned her around on her back and unbuttoned her trousers, I removed her pumps and pulled off her trousers. I dropped my trousers too and stepped out of them. My already rock hard dick was pointing at her. I grabbed both of her ataşehir escort feet and used them to stroke my dick with them. I kind of wanked myself of with her feet.. “Ohw… you have such beautiful feet… Can you feel my cock..? I stepped a little forward, so she had to bend her knees and opened up her cunt.. “I can see my whore is wet already….. Look at that beautiful moist cunt..!” She turned really red in her face.. “I don’t… want… this……” I smirked at her, “Your cunt is saying different things…….” I pointed at my dick, “I bet you want this in your ass too….?” Her eyes widened.., “NOOOoooo …. That is so filthy..! I have never done that..! I couldn’t !!!!” She almost started crying.. I pushed her legs towards the bed, she opened up completely. I saw her moist cunt and her brown tiny asshole.. I spat on her ass and pushed my dick against it.. “NNOOOoooo…….. Dooonn’t……. ” I pushed a little harder, but it was too dry. I pushed my dick into the opening of her cunt and pushed it in… “See… It needs a bit more lubrication….” and I pushed my dick a few times in and out until my dick was covered with her juices. I pulled it out and again I pushed it against her sphincter. “OOOHHHWW… NOOOOoooooo………. ” With a little more force her sphincter widened and the head of my dick passed her sphincter… “AAAAHHHHHH………. NOOOOOOoooooo !!!!!! You’re killing meeeee…!!!!!!” I pushed her legs against the bed, that way her ass came up more.. I started to push my dick in more and more.. Withdrew a little and pushing it in further… She whimpered…”Nooo… Please.. God noo….!!!!” It took some time to get my dick completely in, but with some force I succeeded to get in entirely in.. “Yes… you whore… Tell me what you are..!!!!” She sobbed, “I must be a filthy … whore….. I let myself fuck in my ass….. I can’t believe I’m doing this…….” I slowly started to fuck her ass. With every stroke I could feel her ass opening more and more.. “I can feel you’re beginning to like it…. aren’t you…?” She looked at me, “I’m… sooo….. filthy… ” Her mouth opened.. “OOHHHhwww…… hmmmmm…… punish me… Punish my filthy ass for being a whore… Ohhmmmmm……” One thing was sure… I had to get her ass filled with my seed.. I started pumping her ass faster and faster. I felt I couldn’t take this much longer… The feeling of her tight ass around my dick was incredible! With a few more strokes I started to ejaculate… Fucking hell!!!! Spurt after spurt I shot a load deep in her bowls…. “OOHHH YEssssss…… I will hmmppfffff….. fuck this… ass of yours.. mmppfff…. more….!! Ohhhhh…..” After a few minutes my dick shrank and I pulled it out of her ass… Her asshole was gaping and a big glob of sperm came out, dripping on the bed.Her feet dropped to the floor.An idea popped into my head.. I turned her on her belly and released her arms. I used the scarf to blindfold her. I helped her sit on the edge of the bed. “Now you’re not the prudish Marjorie anymore…. you are a nasty whore… just fucked in the ass….. ” I took her hands and placed them between her legs.. “Now show me how nasty you are….. Masturbate yourself..!!! Now..! Touch yourself..! Let yourself go….” Slowly she started touching herself.. she started rubbing her clitoris.. Her mouth opened slightly. With one hand she opened her lips and with the other hand she was stroking her clitoris.. “MMMmmmmmm……. yess…. I’m a filthy whore… mmmmm…..” The change I saw was unbelievable.. With her blindfold on, she was a completely other woman… She slapped her clitoris a few times.. “OOhhwww… I’mmmm bad..! I’m naughty…!!! Ohhmmmmmm…..” Faster and faster she was stroking her clitoris… She started to moan loudly now… “OOHHHMMMMmm…. MMMMMM….. ” I looked around if I could find anything… On the dressing table I saw a hairbrush.. I picked it up and walked to Marjorie who was rubbing herself to a huge orgasm. I put the handle of the hairbrush between her cunt lips and pushed the handle in…. “OOOHHHwwwww…………..MMmmmmmm…. yesss……” She grabbed the hairbrush and started to push it in herself… Fanatically rubbing her clitoris with her other hand. “Fuuuckk….. I’mmmm gonna come…… MMmmmm….”Quickly I pulled my cellphone from my pants which was lying on the floor and started recording her. She was almost there… “OOhhmmmmm…. Fuuuuckkkkk!!!! COmmmmingggggggg…!!!!!!” She was really fucking the hairbrush now. Her mouth opened completely and with a big sigh she came… “OOhhhmmmmmmmm……………….” She dropped down back on the bed. The hairbrush still sticking out of her cunt I shot every detail of that. I finished recording it and put my cellphone back. I walked to the small kitchenette and wipe my dick clean with a paper towel. I crawled on the bed next to her. With my face close to her cunt I pulled the brush out.. “Ohhmmmm…………”, she moaned softly.. I took the brush and brought it to her lips, “Open your mouth… and clean this…” and I pushed the brush in her mouth. She gagged a little bit..”Come on.., lick it clean..!” Her tongue came out and slowly started licking the brush. The sight of this prude licking a hairbrush made my cock twitch… I stepped from the bed and told her to sit on the edge. I pushed my half erect dick against her lips. She opened them a little and tasted my dick and started gagging..”Noooo.. I can’t do that… It’s filthy !!! I have never sucked a penis before.. ” ” I was really amazed.. How is this possible..! A woman like that who never had a dick in her mouth… The thought of using her mouth for the first time made my dick grow a little more.. I took her chin in my hand, “Now listen carefully… You open up your mouth and suck me real good… Understand..? I will teach you how to suck a cock… ” With that said I pushed my semi hard dick against her lips.. She opened up her mouth and started licking the head. When I started to push, she pulled her head back.. I grabbed the back of her head and started to push my dick in her mouth. I could hear her gagging… “That’s it baby… You’re doing good….” My dick was fully erect again and I wanted to fuck her throat… When my dick hit the back of her mouth, I thought she was going to throw up… I pulled her head back, “For now, this is good enough… but I will teach you how to deep throat a dick.. ” I wanted to look her in the eyes, and removed her blindfold.. Again she started whimpering.., “Noo… I can’t do this… ” I ignored her whimpering and shoved my dick back into her mouth and grabbed her hair. “Don’t you dare miss a drop of my cum..!! You drink it all, hear me.. ?” She nodded her head, closed her lips and started sucking… With one hand she cupped my balls and started massaging them.. “Hmmmm……. I like that…. you’re doing good… Suck me dry, you whore..!!!” Hearing that, she started to attack my dick with more eager… “Yes… go on…. like that…. I’m gonna cum in a minute….. drink it all..!!!!” I felt that I was going to cum… my dick tensed up and I started to ejaculate…. Luckily for her I had filled her ass up and the amount of sperm was not that much… I filled up her mouth, she didn’t spoil a drop. I pulled her head back and told her to open up her mouth and show me. She opened her mouth and showed me the sperm in her mouth. “Now swallow it….. !!” She closed her mouth, swallowed my load and opened her mouth again… “That’s a good girl… You will like the taste of sperm…. I’ll make sure of that..!”I think of what I said she must of realized what she had done…., “Where have I gotten myself into….? You are doing things to me, even my own husband would never think of doing something like that… I am a total slut… Ohw my God… if anybody gets to know this… ” I sat next to her on te bed.., “Don’t worry about it… nobody gets to know this… ” I put my hands around her shoulder and hugged her tight.., “You can play the ‘prudish bitch’ whenever you want.. but when you’re with me.. Your the whore..!” I emphasized the last word… “I can’t help it…. you make me feel soo…. horny…” I pushed her back on her back again and started to kiss her. She parted her lips and her tongue came out… she started to kiss me passionately. “Come.., get on your knees and hold the headboard of the bed…” She crawled towards the headboard and held it with her hands. I slid on my back between her legs. Her cunt just inches away from my mouth… I grabbed her hips and pushed her cunt to my mouth and started eating her.. “OOhhwmmmmm…… this is so good..! Yesss….. lick me…..!!! Ohwmmmmm….. ” She started to grind her pussy over my mouth and face… I reached up with my hands and was able to reach her breasts. I started pulling on her nipples to get her down on my face. “OOHHH….. yesssss….. make me come..!!!! I love this… Mmmmmmm…..” She covered my face with her secretions.. When I bit her clitoris she started screaming, “IIAAAOOHHhhhhh……. Fuuuuuckkkkk !!!! ” She kept on smashing her clitoris against my teeth.. “OOhhhhh….. I’m coming..!!!!!!” I pinched her nipples sharply… She went of like a volcano..! I drank all the juices that escaped her cunt. She collapsed on top of me, almost hitting the headboard with her head. She was panting for air… “I can’t believe this…. I had more orgasms the past few days than the past year…….”I gently pushed her aside and hugged her. “Come… let’s have a nap… you probably need it.” She laid her head on my chest and was just enjoying.. I pulled up a blanket and covered us. A few minutes later I noticed she was sleeping..Early next morning I woke up, she was still sleeping in my arms. I couldn’t help it, but my dick stirred again… I gently rolled her on her other side, with her back towards me. I pushed her upper leg forward, that way her pussy got exposed.. I pushed my hard dick between her legs and started moving softly.. I pushed my dick between her labia… She started to wake up… Before she even realized it, I had my dick half way up her tight cunt and started fucking her… She started opening her eyes and just moaned softly.., “Hmmmmm….. Ohhwww…… Mmmmm…..” sleepy she said, “MMMmmm I love it in the morning……” I rolled her completely on her belly and started to pound her cunt. ” OOhwww… yesss….. fuck me… fill me up….”In the morning I always feel very potent, and within no time I filled her cunt with my hot seed. I pulled my dick out and got out of the bed. “I better be leaving now… before someone sees me coming out of the shop….” Quickly I got my clothes on and saw her lying on the bed. I gave her a gentle kiss and left. I wondered myself when I would hear something from her again..That Saturday morning I passed her shop with my car. Marjorie was working in the shop window and saw me passing. She waved with her hand to come.. I smiled at her and found a parking lot, not far away from her shop. When I entered the shop I looked around if nobody was there.. “Don’t worry.. customers will come later on a Saturday morning. When I walked up to her, she came up to me and pulled me behind a wall…. She immediately started to kiss me. “Ohw… I missed you already…. Nice seeing you again. ” I had my hands on her hips and wandered up under her blouse.. When I touched her breasts, she said, “Noooo…. what if people see us…? ” I looked around and couldn’t see the shop windows. “Nobody can see you here… ” With one hand massaging her breast, the other hand wandered downwards towards her trousers.. When my hand got there I unbuttoned her trousers with two fingers and I could easily slip my hand in.. When I cupped her mount, she started moaning.., “MMMmmmmmm………” I slipped a finger up her cunt and felt she was very juicy….”Your cunt is asking for it..!” I slipped my finger in and out, rubbing her swollen clitoris on the way… “Ohhwmmm… yesss, like that… press my clitoris… MMmmmm…..” She was as wax in my hands… I could do everything to her… With my fingers in her cunt, she started to rub her pubic bone against my leg to get more pressure on her clitoris. I pulled my fingers out and let it do herself.. She humped my leg like a bitch in heat… “OOhhww…. fucckkkkk….. Yesss… I’m soooooo… UHHmmmmm……” I encouraged her by saying, “Come you bitch… Come for me….. ” She vigorously mashes her cunt on my leg. “Ohw Goood……. I’m coming..!!!! ” She collapsed, her legs couldn’t hold her anymore… She went to the floor, panting for air… “OOhhh….. Fuck…. I’m a dirty, nasty woman…” I grabbed an arm and pulled her to her feet again. I turned her around and pushed her back forward, “Bend over bitch…. I’ll fuck your horny hole…” I yanked her pants down and aimed my dick at the entrance of her fuck hole. I jammed forward and my dick went in half way.. “AAAOHHHHwwwww…………”, she almost yelled. I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head backwards. “That’s how a horny cunt is fucked…! Ask me for it…. ” She couldn’t do very much in this position,… all she could do was yelling, “Please fuck me…. Pleeeassee…. FUCK ME !!!” I pushed my dick entirely in her cunt and started fucking her relentlessly. Her cunt was grabbing my dick like a vice and she pushed it all the way down. It felt like I was in heaven, At that time I didn’t think of her, I was only thinking of my own pleasure.. I was just using her. After about 10 minutes I couldn’t withhold myself any more and ejaculated. It seemed like I shot gallons of hot sperm in her cunt… Every time I pushed my dick in, some sperm got pushed out, running along her legs.. “Take it bitch… take it all..!!!!”When I pulled my dick out, her cunt gushed… Sperm was running on her pants, along her legs… I rubbed my dick on her buttocks, rubbing it clean. I bend over and pulled her trousers back up. At that time a first customer entered the shop. Marjory looked at me with big scary eyes with a question mark on her face.. She didn’t have time to clean herself up and was afraid people would smell her… I gave her a little push towards the shop and acted like I was doing some work on some cabling.She obviously knew the customer, they were talking about things they planned for church. Marjory clearly wanted to get her out of the shop and acted like she had so may things to do. ümraniye escort Finally the lady went out and Marjory came up to me saying she didn’t want this anymore and we could get caught.. “I must smell like sex… What if this lady smelled it too…?” I looked her in the eyes, “So what..? People don’t have sex, or what? Don’t you start to be prudish again.. I know you are a horny bitch inside. Come, lock the door for half an hour and come up.” I went upstairs and waited there for her. After a few minutes she came up too and started to speak, “I am happy that I have met you, I loved it when you made me feel sexy, but… This has to stop now….” I walked up to her and reached for the button of her trousers and unbuttoned it, she wanted to stop it but I was too strong for her. I pulled the zipper down and my hand went straight into her panties.. They were soaked with the load of sperm I had pumped in her cunt. I curled my fingers and pushed two fingers in her cunt, making them soaking wet with sperm. I withdrew my hand and held my fingers in front of her face, “Look at my fingers! They are covered with my sperm.. Tell me you didn’t like it.. Tell me you don’t want to be fucked anymore..! Just say to me you have enough with your small-prick husband..! Now..!!! Lick them clean !!!” I pushed my fingers under her nose.. She was looking desperately into my eyes… I didn’t say a word, just held my fingers under her nose. She opened her mouth.., “Promise me you won’t tell anyone….? I am horny… but I have my reputation here in town as a descent woman… Please… Promise me.. I will do everything you want.. I enjoy it.. But please……..” She stuck her tongue out and licked my fingers… “Mmmm….. I love your scent… your taste…” She started to lick and suck on my fingers like she was addicted to the taste. Once they were clean she pushed one hand in her panties and got more sperm on her fingers and started to lick them clean too.. “I love your taste… I’m sorry for being a prude… Please don’t go yet…. I want you…”There she was… standing in front of me, licking her fingers which were covered with my sperm. A powerful feeling came over me.. I had to take advantage of her… She was like a doll I could play with.. I smiled in myself.. I had a prudish bitch here, sucking my sperm.. For years this woman did not expose her inner self to anyone, and now she opened up.. I should explore this….At that moment her phone started ringing… She looked at it and told me it was her husband.. “I have to take this…” and she answered her phone. “Ohw… yes.. I have some business to do upstairs.. I will open up in half an hour or so.. ” In the meantime I walked up behind her and got my hands in her panties.. I started to rub her clitoris.. “Eeeuhh…. yes…. I eeuuh… know… but I can’t divide myself… into two… ” She started squirming… I pulled her trousers completely down and she stepped out of them. Marjory kept on talking to her husband, like nothing was going on.. “Yes… I know… Maybe I should hire a help in the shop… But eeuhh…. you know.. Euuhmmmm…. how difficult it is to … find someone…” I had pulled her panties down and she moved her legs a few feet apart… She kept on talking to her husband while I pushed a few fingers in her pussy… “OOOhhww…. Yessss…. I know I have to… work a little less… But you know me… ” Her pussy was soaking wet.. Maybe it was the sperm I shot into her, but surely she was horny…. I kept on fingering her pussy while she was talking to her husband. I pushed my thumb into her ass.. “Ohhwmmm….. Ahhhh….. I’m sorry… I just hit my knee to a table… No no… it’s ok… MMMmmm…. don’t worry…. MMMmmm…. I eeuhh… have got to go now…. Bye….” She put down the phone and started to moan out loud.. “OOOhhwwmmmmmm….. you are naughty…… Mmmmmmm…..” She slowly started to walk to the bed. “I feel naughty now……… I want to feel you everywhere……. Please be tender to me….”I had no intention to be tender to her…. On the way to the bed I pulled some scarfs from the racks and pushed her onto the bed. “Remember I was going to teach you how to suck a cock properly..? Well….. now is the time….” She looked scared at me, but I gave her a push and she dropped to the bed. I ordered her to undress completely, which she did. I rolled her on her back and started to tie her wrists to her knees. She begged me, “Please…. be gentle….” I did not say a word, but continued tying her up. I moved her across the bed, with her head on the side of the bed and took a scarf and tied it around one knee and the other hand to the headboard of the bed. I did the same with the other leg and tied it to the foot board. This way she was completely exposed. I took another scarf and blindfolded her, With a soft gentle voice I asked her, “Tell me what you feel…. How do you feel now..?” I could see goose bumps all over her body… “I feel so naughty… such a bad woman… I never felt something like I feel now.. ” While she was talking I got undressed myself. I got on my knees next to her head and started to kiss her breasts and nipples… “OOOhhmmmmmm……. You …. make… me feel… A eeuhhh…. naughty.. horny woman… OOhmmmmmm….” Seeing her like this made my dick grow. I gently guided my dick to her lips.. When it touched her lips, she slowly opened her mouth… “That’s a good girl… open your mouth now…. Lick my dick…. That’s right, swirl your tongue around the head. Do you like it..?” She could only say a “Uhuh..”, but continued sucking my dick. Slowly but gently I pushed more and more of my dick into her mouth… She started gagging a little.. “Just relax…, continue… I’m proud of you…. ” Hearing that, she started sucking more and more on my hard dick.. My head touching the back of her mouth every time.. “Try to open your mouth and relax… Concentrate on what you are doing…. Yes… like that…. You are a good cocksucker… You are a naughty horny woman…. You can do it…. ” She widened her mouth more and more.. My dick touching the back of her head, she managed not to gag anymore… I pushed a little harder.. She started to gag.. I withdrew my cock for a second, I bend over more and touched her pussy, she began to moan, “OOhhmmmm……… yess……. I want to come…. ” The way she was exposed, her pussy was completely accessible and I shoved two fingers in her pussy… “OOOhhwmmmmm………. Yessssss…….. OOh… I feel such a bad woman…. OOhhw… yessss…..” I started to rub her clitoris… Her hips moved upwards, trying to get more pressure on her clitoris.. “OOhhwmmmm….. this is soo…… bad…. Make me come…… Pleaaasseeeee…….” Gently I pushed my dick back into her mouth… “Now… just shut up… Just enjoy… “MMMMmmhhhhh……….”, was all she could say.I kept on rubbing her clitoris and with my other hand I massaged her nipples…. Her hips were bucking upwards, trying to get her orgasm… I slapped her clitoris, not too hard to cause her pain.., “AAHHHHGGGGGGggggg………” At that moment I pushed my dick harder against the back of her throat.. I could feel my head slip into her throat… Her body jerked… But I continued slapping her clitoris harder and harder now… I pulled my dick back a little, she gasped for air… “OOOAAAHgggggggg……..” A huge orgasm ripped through her body…. She was shaking and trembling.. I jammed my hips forward again, entering her throat. It went in half way, but I pushed it in until my balls hit her nose… Saliva was dripping across her face and I started to fuck her throat…. “That’s it you little whore…. You can do it… “I pulled my dick out and she gasped for air… “I’m proud of you…. See you can do it… ” Saying that I removed her blindfold.. “Look at me Marjory… How do you feel now….. ” I could see her blushing.. “Ohww… I never of thought doing this… These shameful things…. I feel ashamed… I’m committing adultery… but it feels good… ” I looked at her, “Do you want me to continue…? Do you want me to use you……. ” Marjory said nothing, just opened her mouth.. A sign for me to continue.. Again I started to fuck her mouth and throat.. When I pushed my dick in I could see her neck bulge… I felt the tingling in my balls… I started to fuck her throat as it was her cunt.. Within minutes I felt my balls explode… I pushed my dick in all the way and started to ejaculate into her throat, sending all my sperm directly into her stomach… Pulling back I released a few spurts into her mouth.. She tried to swallow it all. The final spurts I shot across her face… Her face was covered with saliva and sperm. Fucking hell… this was one of the best fucking in my life… I stepped back and looked at her.. She really looked like a cheap whore now.. Totally wasted. I had to take a few pictures of her… I took the phone out of my pants and walked back up to her. “Noooooo…… Don’t take pictures from me like this…. Pleeassee……!” I started taking pictures of her from all positions, making sure her face was on lots of pictures. Of course I didn’t forget her soaking cunt. “I will never use these pictures, they are just for me. This way I will always remember you as a horny lustful woman. You can stay the prudish woman for the whole town… but for me you will stay a horny slut…” Saying that made her blush… “I think you love to be a horny slut… don’t you…? You love to tease all the men in church, playing ‘Very hard to get’… But in the meantime you have a burning cunt between your legs… You should look at yourself right now… Filled with cum, covered with it… You look like a cheap whore..!!” Saying that made her flush deep red, she closed her eyes. Something in me said she loved it to be humiliated like this, so wanted to be punished for what she had done… I continued her humiliation, “Have you ever thought how you got yourself in this position right now…? You used me for your own sexual needs..! You committed adultery just for your own pleasure… You should be ashamed for yourself ! I think the whore in you needs punishment.. “Marjory kept her eyes closed when she said softly, “Yes…. I deserve a punishment… I am a bad woman..”I walked around the bed to the other side and looked down at her. Her cunt fully exposed I slapped it with my open hand. Her mouth opened wide, but she did not scream.. “NNNGGGGGGGG………. yesssss……. I’m bad..!!” I slapped her again, a little harder now.. “NNGGGGGGnnnnn….. yes….. punish me…. NNNNNnnnnn…… ” I looked at her cunt, it was leaking juices now, and I continued slapping her cunt. Her clitoris was swollen and sticking out between her labia. Her cunt was turning slightly red. The next slap hit her on her clitoris..”AAANNNNNNNGGGhhhhhhhh……….. OOOhhwwmmmmmmmmmmm………Yessss……….. Punish me….!!! I’m baaaaaaaddddddd…..!!!” Her hips came upwards, like she was offering her cunt to be punished. I hit her again on her clitoris… “Her hips came all the way up, she screamed out loud, “AAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….” She went into a gigantic orgasm..!!! Her body jerked, juiced squirted out of her cunt..!!! “FUUUUCCCKKKKkkkkkkkkk…………..” She came all the way off the bed, only her shoulders rested on the bed. Her belly was shaking… She stayed like that what seemed for minutes… Finally she dropped back onto the bed. Her body still shaking.. I started to untie her, I didn’t think it was needed anymore… Her legs dropped to the floor, she was like a rag doll.. “Get yourself of the bed now.. and stand here in front of me… ” Slowly she crawled from the bed and got on her feet. Clearly she was having trouble to stand still.. She was looking at the ground, not saying a word. “Put your hands behind your head now..” She slowly raised her arms and put her hands behind her head. I had a good look at her. Marjory still looked great for a 40-year old. She had a petite body, skinny, her breasts were not to big, but not sagging yet… “Spread your feet apart…!” She obeyed immediately. “Tell me what you are now…!” Still looking down she said, “I’m a bad woman… A Jezebel….” I didn’t think it was the right answer and slapped her on her right breast… “AAHWWWmmmm……..” I stepped back and got myself a cloth hanger from a rack. One that you hang a pair of pants with. It had two clips.. I walked up in front of her, “That was not the right answer…. We’ll do it differently now.. I’ll ask the questions, you only answer me…. With the wrong answer, I’ll punish you… “I attached the clips to her nipples, the cloth hanger dangled between her breast.. She had to bite her lips not to scream… “Now let me ask you some questions…. Are you bad..?” I got hold of the cloth hanger’s hook and pulled it a little..”Yes…. I’m bad..””Are you enjoying it…?Silence..”Yes… I enjoy it..””I think you are a whore… aren’t you..?Again silence… I jerked the cloth hanger….”Ahhhhh…. yes……””What are you..?””Yess… I’m a …….whore…”I pulled the cloth hanger upwards, her nipples got stretched… I pulled her small firm tits upwards..”Yessss…… I’m a WHORE……..!!!”At that moment she had an orgasm…. Her knees started to tremble… “OOhhmmmmmmm……… Ohhhhhhh……”I removed the clips from her nipples, blood started to rush in. “OOOhhwmmmmmmm……….””Now….. get yourself cleaned up first, you look like a cum bucket.. You can’t open the shop looking like that !”Slowly she walked to the kitchenette and used a wash cloth to clean herself up. When she was finished she turned around looking at me. “I better get some clothes on and open up the shop..””Wait one minute… where do you keep your garment tools?” She told me where to find it and I took some threads from the drawer. I walked up to her and tied both her nipples with a piece of thread. Her nipples looked like two marbles.”You don’t wear a bra anymore…. I will find you a nice blouse to wear today..” As I went through the clothing racks I found a nice silk blouse. I handed over the blouse which she slowly put on. Her nipples were clearly visible poking out. I touched them.. “This way you will be reminded you are a bad woman….”She turned red in her face and tried to say something.., “Don’t say anything… get yourself dressed and open up the shop.”Five minutes later she looked like the prudish woman she always was, except…. “Come.. let’s get downstairs. You have some work to do… You have my phone number, when there is something you need, just call me.”A few minutes later I left the shop, leaving her behind in a kind of state of shock…. I smiled in myself when I got in the car, wondering when she would call me..She called later, but that is a different story….

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