A rendezvous in Venice…


A rendezvous in Venice…A short story by catherine-belmontCatherine originally wrote this in English but translated into German, I wanted to read it so translated back into English [Using Google Translate] and I’m glad that I did….. :)It’s been a few years since I last saw Regina. Much had happened in the meantime, including our marriages. But we remained in contact, sporadically, often only by rumors. Since we were both in the same circles, we occasionally even met a few times. I’d seen her once at Harlequin Ball in Rome, and later at Club Domino in Amsterdam. She always looked good and she was never alone.Who would ever have expected that elegant and accomplished woman to begin her life in the gloomy dungeons of the “Castle,” a BDSM club on the Reeperbahn that I managed then?Regina was of a different class, even then, she was clearly different from the other girls, who, staggering, sweating and whimpering, were active in our little shop of pain and pleasure. Most of the other girls would stay until their active days were over. But Regina, by the way, the most beautiful woman on the site, was also the most ambitious. You could see it in her piercing blue eyes, protected by careful, round glasses when she read her Stendahl between sessions, while the others smoked and clapped and worked on their nails.One day she announced that she would soon take on a new position, as Lady Regina Wilkes, wife of Sir Roger Wilkes, our best, not to mention the richest, regular client.Sir Roger was about fifty, Regina not quite twenty.He had a reputation for ferocious depravity that complemented Regina’s special nature, which was as perverted as anyone else I’d ever experienced. It had been a harmonious union until (I heard) Sir Roger came home one day and found Regina in bed with his caretaker.This violation of class etiquette had led to a quick divorce that left Regina with a healthy severance pay and a young daughter with whom she roamed the world and did whatever she wanted and what she wanted.So it was not too surprising to see the two lunches at Lorenzos in Venice, a golden afternoon last spring. It was the right place to be on an afternoon at this time of the year. It was not surprising to see Regina, her fair, blond hair streaming out from under her wide-brimmed hat, her body straight and slender in a simple, more formal white dress that emphasized her figure without showing too much of it. The real surprise was her companion, dressed almost identically, also in white.In the photo, a few years back, Regina showed me the girl whose name was Virginia, a pretty, if somewhat awkward, young thing with short hair and freckles. By now she had matured into a full-grown swan, her hair and complexion a shade lighter than her mother’s, she had the same adria blue eyes and an even more girlish figure with a few distinctly feminine curves here and there. They were a stunning couple leaning toward each other for a choking giggle about the passing parade of intentionally dressed tourists.I did not think they would have noticed me sitting in the back of the bar, burying my nose in the Herald Tribune until the bartender parked an unscheduled campari and soda at my elbow. My presence was demanded at the table of the two ladies. It was hardly the kind of solicitation I would probably decline.Regina greeted me with a social kiss on the cheek. Virginia’s handshake was firm, and her eyes straight as she looked at me. The similarity was striking. I could not help thinking of the old stereotype that they seemed more like sisters than mother and daughter.I did not know how much Virginia knew about her mother and my previous connection, and started a neutral conversation about my travels and who I had recently met.Regina interrupted me briefly.”It’s okay, John, she knows.”I looked back and forth between them and felt clearly uncomfortable.”It’s true,” Virginia said softly, “Mother told me everything you did when she was young.””I’m still young,” Regina corrected softly but firmly. “Virginia and I are very much alike, I started to see it in her when she was very young, you would not believe the scene I saw back then, she got a bursa escort decent flogging from a boy!””We just played pirates, it was all completely harmless,” Virginia protested with an innocent expression that I felt was played.”Anyway,” Regina went on, “I knew my own preferences so well, I felt I had to face the inevitable … I sort of transformed them into my own likeness, so to speak.”I was more than a little fascinated by this idea and went so far as to ask exactly how far their similarities went. It had to be the right decision, as it turned out.”Why do not you come by and find out for yourself? We have a house in Giudecca for the summer, it’s very interesting, I know Virginia would be glad if you visit us, is not that so, darling?””Oh, yes,” Virginia chirped, “I’d like to see if you’re really as angry as Mother says.”I ask you, how could I refuse such a challenge? The next day I took a vaporetto across the lagoon from my hotel to the address Regina had given me. It was in an older, quieter part of the city, far from the camera-clicking tourists. The house itself was a typical Venetian palazzo, with striped marble mullions outside the half-sunken first floor.Regina herself greeted me in a marble foyer with a glass window. Today she wore an all-cloaked, floor-length black robe buttoned to the neck, and some very nasty boots with really extreme heels. She climbed up the spiral marble staircase and spoke as she left. I follow her up the stairs.”I was too considerate with Virginia, she had had sex with half of the boys in the school and three-quarters of the girls, I just allowed her the experiences I’ve made myself to improve her education.”When we reached the bottom of the stairs, she turned to me.”That’s why I asked you to come here, I want you to show her some of the same recklessness you showed me back then.””I’m very flattered.””You should do this as well.”Regina suddenly threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately, the heat of her body radiating through the thin, silky material of the robe. I kissed her back. Amazed, I felt the tightness of her waist as my armies closed. She only let it happen long enough to be interesting before she turned to open a door behind her. She led me inside.The chamber into which Regina led me was like a room in the Heherazade stories, a fantasy Seraglio with huge pillows and heavy curtains. It could have been day or night, as the windows were completely covered and the only illumination came from the rows of burning candles that were arranged around the room. And oh, what those candles have enlightened!In the middle of the chamber, the bound Virginia stood spread out between two posts, bound with bright leather bands. She was completely naked, except for high-heeled black pumps, a broad, black leather collar with a small silver clasp, matching wrist and ankle cuffs with similar locks, which they held with short, golden chains between the posts.Virginia’s slender body, with its small, firm, high breasts and flat stomach, was the perfect image of the recently matured femininity. Her golden strands fell over her shoulders and breasts, partially concealing her flushed face. Her body was otherwise shaved, the better showed her symmetrical labia and the tiny silver padlock that held them together.The lock’s hasp burrowed through the flesh of her inner labia and forbade entry to the pleasures in it, except for the key owner. Virginia’s eyes rolled back and she moaned as Regina took the small lock between her fingers and gave it a light punch.”Of course you know it’s probably just an excuse to suck more cocks and get fucked more often in the ass, the little one Slut!”Then she gave the already panting girl a sharp slap on the cheek with her open hand, so that Virginia’s hair flew in a wild cloud as the sound of the slap hung in the subdued air. Virginia shook her blond hair away from her face, where the print of Regina’s hand was clearly visible over one cheek, and looked us straight in the eye.”Do you want to let him fuck me?” She asked quietly.”Maybe, after you got whipped right!”Regina stepped back and opened her robe, dropping it, then casually shoved it bursa escort bayan aside with the tip of one of those all-shy boots. Regina was naked underneath, except for a rather heavy black leather around her waist and a tiny gold key on a light chain around her neck. The years had been kind to Regina. Her body, always exquisite, had barely changed over the years since I first saw her. Except for her breasts, which were a bit fuller and heavier than Virginia, her bodies were remarkably similar, smooth and perfect. For a few moments, Regina stood directly in front of Virginia, tenderly stroking the girl with hands that she knew better than anyone in the world. The sucking of Regina’s full, sensual lips transformed Virginia’s tender, pink nipples into a blushing stiffness, while the tip of Regina’s finger delicately stroked the tiny padlock, moving in the direction of Virginia’s clitoris. The chains rattled musically as Virginia squirmed under Regina’s touch. Light sighs came from her pouting, open lips. Unable to resist the impulse, I grabbed her face with both hands and pressed those lips against mine. A strange little tongue struck between my teeth. Even the kiss felt familiar:”Enough!” Regina exclaimed suddenly, separating our embrace. “Pleasure must be earned, is not it, Virginia?” She grabbed the young girl’s chin and forced her to look into her eyes.”Yes, ma’am,” Virginia agreed hurriedly. Reggina turned to a low, elaborate chest, opened it, and began to lay the contents on the Persian rug.There was a beautiful riding whip in shiny red patent leather, quite heavy with a reinforced flap. There was a nine-tailed cat with flat, plaited tails and an exquisite pickled handle. It was a razor-thin dressage man with a small red cap at the end.”As I recall, you like to start with the cat,” Regina said, offering it to me.She was a true slave in her time, I remembered when I took it out of her hands. I started to move behind Virginia, whose eyes followed me with every movement.Regina held on to my wrist with one hand.”I ask only one thing,” she said, “that you give her no less than you have given me.”She had my word for it. Standing behind Virginia, I stroked the velvety flesh of the naked girl with my free hand stroking over her small, firm body. Her back and butt were completely unmarked. She had obviously not been whipped lately.”I do not want her getting used to it,” Regina said in response to my unasked question.I started slowly, warming Virginia over her shoulders with light strokes, and her back, down the upper curves, then down, so that the straps tickled her between her thighs.The cat made a light, staccato-like sound mixed with her little gasps and squeaks. Meanwhile, Regina busied herself with the front of Virginia’s body, kissed and licked and stroked and worked Virginia’s closed labia back and forth between her fingers. Virginia involuntarily tried to close her knees, but the chains made it impossible. Her beautiful skin quickly turned pink, then red, as the cat became more and more persuasive. Her moans changed into small cries as the beats began to increase, long red welts etched into the skin with the leather of braided straps.Regina smothered Virginia’s complaints with a heavy kiss on the mouth as I tensed and stretched my arm out with each stroke. Satisfied with the even tint of Virginia’s initial tanned butt, I moved to Virginia’s front.Regina stepped back to make room for me. Virginia was looking at me with unmistakable fear, her chest rising and falling, tears forming in the corners of her feverish blue eyes.”Her nipples are unusually sensitive,” Regina advised helpfully, and I slapped the cat over the right. Virginia threw herself back against the chains and let out a howl of fear. The evenly spaced strips over her bare chest looked very appealing. I gave her an appropriate set to the other side before moving the strokes down her flat little stomach to her thighs.The tails of the cat stroked the silver lock so that it danced in the candlelight. Virginia was trapped in pain now, sobbing helplessly in an arousing way, like Regina used to when I whipped her. Looking at Regine, escort bursa I could see the wild glow in her eyes as she experienced her own past through the trapped Virginia.I set the cat aside and took a whip on briefly I tested the weight and its flexibility.”She bought her at a riding shop in London, it’s her favorite crop.” Regina explained.I held the crop for Virginia to kiss. She closed her eyes and touched the whip almost reverently with her red lips.Sensitive as Virginia’s butt was already, the comparatively light blows of the whip produced an abundant flood of new tears with much shaking and rattling of the chains as the sobs shook their bodies. With a rather bizarre sort of worry, Regina stepped forward, put her arms around the helpless Virginia, and pressed the girl’s wet face against her full bosom. She stroked Virginia’s hair and snuggled against her as I lashed her daughter with the whip, leaving a brilliant pattern of crimson stains blended with vivid purple spots. Virginia screamed at each blow, but her screams were muffled by Regina’s flesh. When I was done, Virginia’s butt showed off fresh, swollen streaks that were so furious that they would pop open at the slightest touch of a fingertip.I had not promised more when I gave Regina. It was time for the crescendo, that’s the right ending to any flogging. For these blows, I chose the dressage whore and swung it several times through the air to try it out. It hissed like a snake.As easy as she looked, I knew it would be worse than the other whips. Regina and I exchanged positions, she went behind Virginia and held the girl’s head by the hair so that she was forced to look up and therefore was unable to suppress the pain.I took my position in front of Vorginia and appreciated the distance to her still creamy and unmarked inner thighs. The dressage man cut through the air to hit directly above the knee.Virginia scream yelled through the chamber. Her screaming had a certain, familiar melodic quality. I remembered telling Regina years ago that her scream was beautiful too. The dressage stall hit again, this time higher.I steered the strips evenly on each thigh and put them an inch or two apart. Virginia cried and howled, twisting and twisting against the relentless chains that held her. I did not stop until I gave her a dozen, leaving behind a double string of thin, vicious welts that I was sure would be visible for at least a month.By the time I finished, Virginia was limp and sobbing as I removed the chains and let them sink into Regina’s embrace. They hugged each other breast-to-breast for a moment, then finally remembered the promised reward for Virginia’s heroism.With one hand on her shoulders, Regina pushed Virginia to her knees in front of me and fastened Virginia’s wrist cuffs behind her. Virginia’s kneeling, whipping striped body trembled at my feet.”Thank you!” Regina ordered firmly. Virginia leaned over to kiss my boots, her little pink tongue licking the leather. I felt Regina’s hand pulling down my zipper. Her touch had lost none of her skill as she released my cock.Regina raised her head to Virginia and pushed the bound girl toward his destination. The girl’s mouth opened wide and took me deep. Regina knelt behind Virginia and led the movements from the girl’s head as she sucked and sipped.”This is a good girl, remember all the things I taught you,” she said encouragingly. She had taught her daughter well. When I looked at Virginia’s sweet, tear-soaked face, I felt a bit earlier.”There’s something else I want,” I said. The two sat down at me. Regina recognized by my smile exactly what I wanted. She raised the little key on the gold chain around her neck. She struggled between Virginia’s open thighs and opened the silver padlock with skillful fingers.”Let me think …” Regina said thoughtfully, “that’s right, now I remember.”She quickly put Virginia on all fours, head down, the little butt well in the air. Kneeling beside the girl, Regina gently opened the pink lips of Virginia’s pussy in ready welcome. I dropped to her knees behind her, my lips met Reginas as my cock found its way into the depths of Virginia.”I’m just asking if you have a little left over for me,” Regina whispered. I promised her.It was certainly the least that I could do under these circumstances.THE ENDBy catherine-belmonthttps://xhamster.com/users/catherine-belmont

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