A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 05


Hi all you Ski Bunny fans! Here is the next chapter in our European tour. This one should have been entitled ‘Ski Bunny does Berlin!’

Sorry its taken sooo long but hey, a girl’s gotta have a life too!

Here we go, I really hope you all enjoy it…

A huge rainstorm tainted our morning arrival in Berlin, and as the train pulled into Bahnhof Zoo station the clouds seemed to just open up. We had certainly picked the wrong day to travel and had to stand in line for a taxi. As we waited we saw Erik scurrying along the sidewalk in the pouring rain, trying desperately to shelter under his backpack. We shouted and waved over to him but he didn’t hear us. We didn’t have our normal luggage with us and had both dressed conservatively for the day. I had chosen a simple but sexy little black dress made from a shiny jacquard print material. It was a tube style that was just above knee length and fitted snugly around my breasts and waist with no flare at all in the skirt. I had a tailored black jacket over the top and some black 3-inch heeled pumps. For lingerie I had a matching set of black satin bra, panties and garter belt along with some natural sheer glossy stockings. I had my long blonde hair scrunched up in a white pearlescent hair-grip, leaving some long wispy strands dangling seductively down at the back, and had applied a just little light make-up for the day. My nails were finished in shiny pastel pink polish, and I had some simple gold jewelry, a gold necklace and bracelet set along with some 1-inch gold hoop earnings. Kim had gone for a similar look and was wearing a pure white skirt suit over a black shiny satin top that complemented her beautifully sleek shiny hair. She had a white necklace and bracelet set and like me, had some natural sheer glossy stockings but white 3-inch heeled pumps. Stood together we looked quite formal and business-like, although in the damp morning air we had to huddle together to keep warm.

The taxi line up was full of businessmen and as we stood huddling and shivering together we felt a large overcoat being wrapped around our shoulders from behind. We immediately felt the warmth from the heavy coat as it easily wrapped around our petite bodies. We turned around to see who had done it and behind us stood a very tall and distinguished looking gentleman who then spoke something in German to us.

“Sorry, we don’t speak German” I replied softly, looking up into his eyes.

“Ah, you were cold, Ya?” he asked.

“Actually, yes we were, thank you” replied Kim.

“I could not let two such pretty fraulines’ shiver in this unpleasant weather” he replied in a heavy German accent.

“Thanks so much,” I said, fluttering my eyes at him.

A big grin flashed over his face and he said that it was his pleasure.

We chatted with him as we waited but soon it was our turn for a taxi. We returned his coat and he immediately drew it to his nose and inhaled our sweet scent. “Delightful” he said!

Our taxi whisked us to the Four Seasons Hotel and we scurried inside to the reception desk with our overnight bags. We had reserved a suite but when we asked about out luggage we were greeted with a blank look.

“We did arrange for our luggage to be delivered directly to our room,” said Kim.

“I’m sorry madam, I know nothing about it” replied the receptionist.

“Well, can you check please” she asked.

A few calls later the receptionist came back looking a little nervous.

“I’m sorry Madam, but it appears your luggage has not yet arrived.”

“Well where the hell is it!” shouted Kim, getting more than a little stressed out by this time.

“We do not know,” she replied, “the railway station has no record of it arriving.”

“You gotta be kidding me! What do you mean no record? We had it delivered to the station in Copenhagen to accompany us on the train journey, somebody had better find it and Fast!” she shouted, “tell them to go and check again.” She was really stressed now!

The receptionist scurried away like a scalded cat to make some more calls.

I was giggling at Kim’s antics by this stage, as she got more and more hot and bothered by the situation.

She noticed me giggling and shouted, “And what are you laughing at!”

At that I giggled even more and had to grip onto the reception desk to stop from falling over.

As she watched me giggle she seemed to calm down and I saw a look of amusement sweep over her face.

“I’m glad you find it funny” she laughed, “what are we going to do without our luggage and clothes?”

“We could always go shopping?” I replied.

“Oh Nikki, what a good idea” she exclaimed.

Just then the receptionist returned, “I’m sorry but your luggage is still on route from Copenhagen. They sent it on a later train so it will be here this afternoon,” she said.

“Oh well, I suppose that’s Ok” said Kim, flicking back her hair “anyway, is there any chance that you could get tickets for the concert this evening?” she asked cheekily.

The bursa escort receptionist said she would try so Kim took our suite key and we both headed off towards the elevators with the bus boys carrying our small overnight bags. As we swayed along together taking dainty little steps in our tight skirts our heels were clicking on the hard floor. My loose wisps of hair were flowing behind me as I tottered along, and we both certainly attracted many admiring glances from the men in the reception area.

“Can you feel their eyes undressing us!” whispered Kim in my ear.

“Yeah, isn’t it cool!” I giggled.

Our suite was really classy and very luxurious. It had a wonderful view out to the Friedrichstadt cathedral and was full of beautiful antique furniture and other elegant trimmings. “Wow” we both gasped as we went inside and saw how sumptuous it was. We had a good snoop around but were distracted when the phone rang. Kim was nearest so answered it.

“Oh that’s good” I heard her exclaim “how much? Well, thank you so much!”

Hanging up she said, “She’s managed to get some tickets for us!”

“Awesome” I cried “we had better shop for something appropriate to wear, we can’t go to a rock concert dressed like this!”

“Why, what’s wrong with this?” she asked innocently.

“I guess you’ve never been to a rock concert before,” I exclaimed, “we’re dressed far too business like for that. Have you ever seen how rock chicks dress?”

“Not really,” she replied.

“We need lots of black leather and lace!” I replied, “and it’s got to be tight and skimpy too, they really dress to tease!”

“Sounds perfect for us!” she laughed, “Lets go shopping then!”

By now the rain had stopped so we hit the Ku’Damm shopping area on the hunt for something to wear for the evening. The shopping was fantastic, with fashions varying widely from very conservative to hard Punk, and we were both in heaven rummaging around in the many boutiques and stores. We eventually stumbled upon a store that had just what we were looking for. It specialized in leather and PVC clothing ranging from standard leather clothes up to really racy leather and PVC fashions.

“Wow, lets get one of everything!” exclaimed Kim as we went in and saw what the store had.

“Well, that’s a little extravagant isn’t it?” I giggled, “we’ve got to haul it around Europe with us don’t forget!”

There was only one sales guy in the store and he certainly had an effeminate air about him, dressed in tight leather pants and a tight cap sleeved white ribbed T-shirt. When he saw us come in to the store I’m sure he thought we had wandered into the wrong place dressed the way we were. We excitedly searched through the racks for just the right thing and started to pull out stuff to try on. We soon had quite a pile of sexy leather and PVC garments. We had both been working on our figures and could squeeze into a very petite size 6, and since my many trips to the plastic surgeon I still fill out women’s clothes with sexy bumps in all of the right places so was really excited about trying the stuff on.

“Can we try these?” I asked the sales guy.

“Of course” he said, “use any of the fitting rooms at the back”.

Kim and I hurried to the back of the store, eager to try the sexy clothes.

We chose a large fitting room and eagerly started to take off our own clothes until we were both eventually down to our bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes. The anticipation had my cock raging hard inside my skimpy satin panties.

“Oh Kim” I whispered, “I’m all aroused just at the thought of this.”

“I can see,” she giggled, “and I’m all wet just looking at it!”

“Little hussy!” I giggled back at her.

I felt her hand playfully slap my butt as she said, “Hey, your no better, you’re turning into a bit of a tart yourself!”

I turned to face her trying to compose a look of shock but she didn’t give me chance as she immediately pulled my face to hers as she kissed me hard on the lips. I could taste her sweet mouth and lipstick and soon our tongues were chasing each other around. She pulled back slightly and licked gently all around my lips. The soft wet sensation was out of this world. I returned the favor and delighted in the taste of her lipstick as I slowly traced the outline of her lips with my tongue. I could feel her breasts pressing against mine, and my nipples immediately hardened at the touch. Without breaking our kiss Kim reached up and removed my hairgrip, causing my long blonde locks to tumble seductively down over my shoulders and face. The soft caress of my hair brushing against my naked skin caused me to shiver in delight.

“Oh Nikki,” she gasped “I wish I could feel you inside me now!”

“Mmmm” I agreed as I slipped one hand down inside her panties and my other hand moved up to her breasts and started to caress them. She groaned in delight as my long pink lacquered nails found her wet pussy and clit. By now her hand had slipped inside my bursa escort bayan panties and she had wrapped her delicate fingers around my hot hard cock while her other hand was gently massaging my firm breast and hard nipples. We both groaned in delight as we caressed each other but still had our lips locked together in a passionate kiss. We both realized that we really needed to start trying on some of the clothes that we had picked, so we turned to look over the huge pile of clothes we had selected, rummaging through to find the first thing to try on. We spent ages in the changing room trying on everything and by the end we had two piles of clothes, one small one that was the stuff we didn’t want, and a huge pile containing everything we intended to get.

We decided to try on again the outfits that we had picked for that evening. Kim had picked a tight shiny black leather low rider mini skirt that had a studded trim on the hip band and a matching leather halter neck crop top. It revealed a lot of her belly and midriff and looked really sexy on her. I had picked a shiny black leather flared dress that had immediately caught my eye when I first spotted it. I could hear Kim wriggling around behind me as she squeezed into the tight leather skirt so I started with my risqué little dress. I slid it over my head and slowly slipped it down around my waist. The dress fitted really snugly, especially around my waist and breasts, just the way I liked it. The front of the dress was finished in a strapped corset style that really squeezed my breasts together to form a deep cavernous cleavage. The back of the dress was very low cut and plunged away under my arms to produce a deep but sexy low cut back, revealing lots of smooth creamy flesh. The dress also had two straps that were attached at the front, passed over my shoulders and crossed at the back before attaching at the sides. I laced up the front of the dress and could see that if I was going to wear it I would definitely have to go bra-less as my black bra could be clearly seen through the gaps in the corset style front. I pulled the dress down, unfastened my bra and let my luscious breasts swing free. I pulled the dress back over them and adjusted the straps and lacing to make sure it showed my deep cleavage. Then I smoothed the skirt down around my legs. The skirt was really quite short and just covered my stocking tops. I wriggled around until I was comfortable and glanced across at my reflection in the mirror again. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself ‘you look hot in this little number girlfriend!’

I bent forward to let my long blonde locks fall forward and then quickly flicked my hair back as I stood up again to give my delicate hair some volume. As my soft hair settled gently over my shoulders I shivered with delight again at its sensual touch. My hair now looked really glamorous, but wearing this dress the overall look was quite sluty! The only problem was my shoes and stockings. My stockings definitely needed to be black and my 3-inch heeled pumps were not raunchy enough for this outfit. As I stood admiring my reflection in the mirror I felt Kim’s hand slide around my waist and felt her nuzzle gently at my neck and ear. The sensation was really nice so I leant my head to one side to let her to suck and nibble at little more at my neck.

“God, you look hot. Good enough to eat!” she whispered.

I turned to face her and saw her in her outfit for the first time. The leather skirt fit her like a second skin and the little leather top looked really raunchy. She had kept her bra on underneath but I bet she wouldn’t be wearing it later tonight!

“And look at you!” I gasped, “but what about our shoes, we can’t wear the ones we have on now, they’re far to sensible for these outfits.”

“Your right Nikki” she replied, “I wonder if this store also has shoes?”

“Let’s ask,” I said.

We opened the door and walked out of the changing area into the main store. We were still the only customers and when the sales guy saw us his eyes nearly popped from his head.

“You like?” I teased, doing a little twirl so that my skirt flared up just enough to reveal my stocking tops.

“Ya!” he replied.

“Do you sell shoes here?” asked Kim.

“Ya, in the back room” he replied, “let me show you.”

He took us to a room at the back of the store where the shoes and boots were displayed.

Now it was our turn to be in shock as the shoes and boots they sold were amazing! They had the very styles that we both loved, very high spiky heels and platforms.

Well you know me, I rushed over to the shoes with the highest heels that they had! They were a pair of black platform style sandals. The platform was two and a half inches tall and the spiky heel was an awesome eight and half inches. They were called ‘extreme’ and certainly lived up to their name as they had the highest heels I had ever seen!

“Wow, I’ve just got to try these!” I said excitedly.

Kim knelt in front of me and helped to unfasten the straps escort bursa and slip the shoes on my smooth nylon clad feet. My delicate pink varnished toenails looked really pretty against the shiny black shoes and as soon as Kim had fastened the ankle straps I stood up. I was really eager to see how I looked in them and started to rush over to the mirror but soon started to wobble on the high platforms and huge heels. In my rush I lost my balance altogether and started to tumble, luckily the sales guy was close by and he caught me. My long blonde hair was draped all over his head, my skirt was up around my waist, revealing my sexy garter belt and stocking clad legs but more worrying my soft satin panties and the tell-tale large bulge in them. With my breasts firmly planted in his face and my soft hair strewn all over him I hoped that he had not seen my hard cock throbbing in its soft panty cell as I quickly smoothed my dress back down over my cock. The whole episode had Kim giggling like a schoolgirl on a chocolate overdose. As he helped me back to my feet his hands were all over my body, especially my butt and breasts.

“Thank you” I said softly, fluttering my eyes at him as I regained my balance. He just grinned and nodded as I tottered away.

As I walked around and got used to the new shoes my hair tumbled softly back and forth across the naked flesh of my back, making goose bumps stand on me again. Even today the sensual feeling of that still gets me excited, and I feel sorry for guys who will never experience it. To walk safely in these shoes I really had to exaggerate my hip and butt sway. I made my way to the full-length mirror to check out how I looked. My shiny nylon clad legs looked even longer and shapelier than ever, what with the very short dress and extra high heels. My hair was a little messed up but all I really needed was some raunchy make up, nail coloring and black stockings and I was good to go. I looked so hot that my cock immediately grew harder. Jeez how I wanted to fuck myself, what an odd feeling that is!

“Oh Yes!” I gasped “I like these, I like these a lot!”

“Nikki, they make your legs look so shapely,” gushed Kim, nearly as excited as I was.

“I’ve just got to have them,” I said flatly.

“Help me find some,” said Kim.

“Do you want them as high as these”? I asked.

“Of course!” she laughed.

Kim picked up a pair of seven and a half inch heeled sandals. The platform was made from shiny silver and the straps were finished in a sparkling diamante effect. Kim sat down and I knelt before her and helped her fit them. The smell of her new leather skirt and sweet perfume smelt intoxicating and I couldn’t wait to see her in them, and neither could my cock which was straining to get out of its satin panty cell by now. She still had her smooth stockings on so her feet slid effortlessly into the sexy shoes. As soon as I had fastened them she was on her feet and swaying sexily across to the mirror.

“I love then!” she giggled “but they would look better in black, what do you think Nikki?”

“Your right,” I agreed, “with that outfit its got to be black.”

We both spent another 30 minutes or more trying on all shapes and sizes of sexy shoes and boots. Eventually we had picked around a dozen pairs and set them to one side. Kim settled on a pair of black pumps with a really slender but spiky six-inch stiletto heel to wear with her outfit. They had no platform whatsoever and her small dainty feet were really forced into an uncomfortable looking position with the huge spiky heel. The sales guy had been helping us and on more than one occasion I caught him gawking up under my skirt. We had both noticed that he paid me a lot more attention than Kim and she said, “Have you got another admirer Nikki?”

“I think so Kim, he keeps looking under my skirt all of the time!”

“He looks like a fag to me,” giggled Kim.

“He is very effeminate, but I don’t think he’s gay, not the way he keeps trying to look under my skirt!”

Kim and I left all of the shoes we had chosen with the sales guy and walked back to the changing room in our 3inch heeled shoes.

“Ugh, these shoes feel so boring now Kim” I said

“Sure do Nikki” she agreed, “nowhere near as sexy!”

“You got that right,” I giggled as we went into our changing room.

We noticed that the sales guy was closing the store door as we went into our room but thought nothing of it.

The changing room door didn’t have a lock, and we had just gone inside when it flew open as the sales guy came bursting in. Kim was terrified and cuddled in behind me. Even in my 3-inch heels I was still only 5 feet 8 inches tall, and this guy towered over me.

“Do you mind!” I growled angrily, looking up at him.

“Yeah, get out,” echoed Kim bravely from behind my back, what a hero!

Thankfully he was very apologetic when he realized that he had scared us.

“Sorry, but please, I must know” he pleaded looking straight at me, “are you a transsexual?”

Both Kim and I were taken aback at this, and Kim snuggled back into me feeling a little more scared.

“What a question to ask a lady” I managed to reply.

“But I have seen” he went on “I saw under your skirt?”

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