A Sore Night Out –story 8


I was getting a bit of a reputation at the bar and Lindsey told me that there were a few rumours flying around and that the manager was getting concerned. Although they were true, I denied everything if anyone asked. The problem was I had to behave if I wanted to keep my job but I was so desperate for sex.

Katie had already had a go at me for bringing 5 men home in four days and I’d fucked two of them at the same time, letting them all bareback me and fill my cunt and mouth with cum several times each. She was afraid I’d catch something and in the end she forced me to go to a clinic and have a HIV test. It was negative and I was negative for everything else as well so I counted my lucky stars.

I also overheard a guy in the pub talking about me. He was checking me out and telling his friend he wanted to fuck me. When his friend had replied, ‘You don’t want to bareback that slut.’ They started laughing and said they’d spit roast me with condoms on. In a way I was upset about what they’d said but I was so turned on by the idea of being fucked by the both of them and I didn’t even know their names.

Lindsey knew how horny I was getting and suggested I go to a sex club. It’d be anonymous and it’d stop the rumours. Also she thought it’d be safer. I could have safe sex.

I thought about it for another week. I was afraid to go by myself and asked Lindsey to go with me. She refused. She still had a boyfriend and although she’d cheated on him a couple of times she didn’t want to go to a sex club.

I decided to go. I figured I’d just go for a drink and if I met a guy or two I’d fuck them and then go home.

I got dressed up in a T-shirt and short catholic school girls red chequered skirt and left home with a long coat to cover my outfit. I climbed out of the taxi and waited for him to rive off. I stood in front of the black door and knocked on it with my fist.

When the door opened the bouncer looked down at me. He was over 6 ft tall, black and in his 30s. “Do you know what this place is love?”

I nodded. He held the door open and stepped into the cloak room. I undid my coat and handed it over to the old woman behind the counter.

She looked at me and smiled. “You’re going to be popular,” she said. “Are you sure you want to go in?” she demanded.

“Yes. How much is the entrance?”

“Single girls and couple are free,” she replied.

“Ok,” I smiled nervously.

She came around from behind the counter. “Don’t be nervous. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. It’s the only rule. But you need to expect men and women to talk crudely to you.”

I explained that that was why I was here and she showed me through the door. I went down the steps. The room was poorly lit and their were already several dozen men and women hanging around the place. Most of them half naked.

I headed towards the bar when a man stopped me.

“You’re hot. Can I fuck your slit tonight?” he asked.

I smiled. “Ehhh; I don’t know. Maybe. I’m going to get a drink first,” I finished.

Before I got to the bar five more men and one woman had approached me.

“I’d like to give you a pearl necklace,” the first said and walked off.

“You look like a little goer. I’m with my brother. If you fancy getting spit roasted and fucked hard come and join us.” Then he pointed to his brother sat in the corner in a pair of boxers. He raised his glass to me and licked his lips.

Two more steps and a guy grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his erection as he rubbed it against my arse through my skirt. “If you’d like to feel that inside you come find me.” Then he let me go. I turned and looked down at his naked body. He must have been in his 60s but his cock was rock hard.

“Hi. I’m John,” the next said. “My wife and I would like to invite you to join us for a drink.” He pointed his wife out to me. She was about 30 and sat with a guy she was slowly wanking off.

“Maybe a bit later,” I said.

“Well you know where we’re sitting.”

The last person to speak to me before I arrived at the bar was a woman in her 40s. She told me that her husband had seen me walk in and he wanted to fuck me. She then said she’d love to watch as he fucked my shithole.

I smiled and continued towards the bar as she returned to her husband. I wasn’t a fan of anal, but my sister said it was because my only experience of it was my fat landlord who’d basically raped me. I must admit, I’d seen her get fucked in the arse so often that I was thinking of trying it again.

I sat down in one of the bar stools. I was shaking and my heart was beating so illegal bahis fast.

I signalled the bargirl. She was 26, maybe 27. She finished serving a youngish couple half a dozen meters away and came over to me.

“You’re popular. Dressed like that every guy in the place is going to want to fuck you pussy off.”

I smiled at her nervously.

I ordered a rum and coke and when she brought it back she said, “It’s on me.”

“Thanks you,” I said.

Over the next hour I drank five more rum and cokes and men and women propositioned me. Some of them squeezed my tits and arse while talking to me. Others pushed a hand up my skirt and stroked my soaking wet pussy lips and clit through my knickers. An older guy in his 50s told me that I should take my knickers off so that people could finger fuck me.

I turned to the bargirl. She was wearing a little miniskirt and bikini top. “Do you think I should take my knickers off?” I whispered to her.

She smiled. “I’m not wearing any.” She reached over and stroked my face. “You’re really beautiful. What’s your name?”


“I’m Faith,” she replied. “Look. I’m working at the moment, but if you like girls I’d really like to fuck with you later,” she added.

“I think I’d like that,” I replied.

I slipped my knickers off and put them into my bag and placed it on the bar. As the club got busier, men and women continued to try and encourage me to join them. I let a few of them finger fuck me and one guy, who was real charming and younger than most, got on his knees and lapped at my pussy for a few minutes while a half dozen people watched and wanked. He didn’t ask for anything in return, but he told me he was sitting with some mates in the corner. “My name’s Andy,” he said.

“Why don’t you go and enjoy yourself,” Faith said.

I downed my rum and coke to give me a bit more courage and wondered over towards the table in the corner where Andy was sitting. There were 8 guys sat with him and 10 women all in various stages of undress. The except for Andy, the guys were all over 40 and the woman averaged about years younger.

“Come sit here,” Andy said tapping the seat next to him.

I noticed he was now naked and his dick was sticking up in the air with a hand wrapped around the shaft. I nervously went over and sat next to him. That when I saw the raised platform in the corner three or four meters away. It was shielded by the staircase leading to the upper level and was therefore out of sight of the main dance floor. It was covered in purple cloth and was heavily padded.

“Everyone, this is Lucy,” he said. “It’s her first time.”

“Hello,” various people said.

I recognised one of the guys. He’d joined me at the bar for a few minutes and fingered my pussy. Before leaving he’d whispered to me that I thought I had a real tight pussy and fucking me would be a great pleasure. I knew he was just trying to flatter me into opening my legs and spreading my pussy lips for him, but it made me feel horney.

Andy caressed my face and started to push my head down towards his stiffy. I let him do it and I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on, turning my tongue around the tip and wanking the base of his cock with my fist.

“Cum in her mouth Andy,” I heard someone say.

I felt some one massaged my arse, and then more hands were on my body and fingers were probing my pussy and arse hole.

Andy grabbed hold of my head and shot a wad load of salty cum into my mouth. Some of it trickled down the back of my throat and some of it dribbled out of my mouth and dripped from chin. There was a packet of baby wipes on the table and I used a handful to wipe my face and chin clean.

Someone pulled my T-shirt off and unhooked my bra letting my tits out. Hands drifted over them squeezing them firmly.

“If we’re going to fuck her we should get her onto the bed,” someone said and lifted me off the ground. I didn’t know what the bed was, but he carried me over to the purple covered table. He dropped me down onto the soft padded platform. I was lying on my back and I realised that the padded ‘bed’ –as they called it- was perfect height and that anyone kneeling up would have the perfect height to fuck someone lying on the edge.

There I was in the club, lying almost naked on a makeshift cloth covered platform, my legs apart awaiting the first cock. The men had already started to gather around me. Most of them in their mid to late 40s. Their wives or girlfriends moved seats so they could watch what happened. I looked at the women. Some of them were really good looking, but none of them were under 30. illegal bahis siteleri And from what I’d seen of the club there were probably only a few girls under 25. I was sure I was the youngest girl here and I figured that was why I was getting so much attention. A black man in his 50s, who had been sitting with Andy, pushed his way between my legs, moving a couple of the other guys out of the way. I realised he was going to be the first to fuck me and the way the queue was forming behind him he wouldn’t be the last. His wife stood near by egging him on.

“Fuck that white slut honey,” she called.

The music was loud, but not loud enough to hide the voices of the women calling out to their husbands to get in the queue. The black man placed the tip of his cock near my pussy and I shouted at him to stick a rubber on.

There were small bowls containing condoms all around the club and one of the women grabbed the bowl and started handing them out to the men. I don’t know how many there were now but the word had spread that I was about to get fucked and a crowd had gathered to watch.

The Blackman, I never knew his name, slipped the condom on and started to push his dick into my pussy. He was bigger than any man I’d done before and he started slamming away as fast as he could as the other guys and their wives shouted out obscenities about me and telling him what to do.

“She’s the best little slut we had in a while.”
“Definitely the youngest pussy we’ve ever had here.”
“Pump that pussy,” several of them were chanting.
“Go on, fuck her hard.”

I was breathing hard and I couldn’t help myself. I started shouting back. “Fuck me harder,” I called. “Make me cum,” I cried and started massaging my clit.

“Cum on her tits,” the Blackmans wife shouted.

The Blackman pulled his dick out of me, ripped the condom off and finished off by wanking and spunking all over my tits and stomach.

No sooner had he moved out of the way I saw another hard cock moving in to take his place. It was Andy. I looked up into his eyes as he slid his sheathed cock into my tight cunt. I fucked me longer than the first guy. Probably because he’d already cum in my mouth and he needed extra time.

Like the Blackman and with a bit of encouragement he pulled his cock out of me and pumped his load onto my tits.

The next guy came in his condom about ten seconds after his stuck his cock in me and he got a few boos from the crowd and then a few cheers followed by laughter.

I had a guys cock in my mouth now. I couldn’t see his face but I sucked on it hard. He shot the first stream of cum in my mouth and then pulled his cock out, coating my cheeks, lips and neck with more spunk than I’d ever seen.

Once he’d moved away I caught sight of his face and recognised him. ‘He said he wanted to give me a pearl necklace,’ I thought. That’s when I felt another cock slip out of me and then just as quickly his replacement took his place. I turned to look at his face just as he rammed it in real hard.

I recognised his face.

“I always wanted to fuck you Lucy,”’ he shouted picking up the pace. “I always thought you were a little slut.”

I couldn’t believe it. It was Mr Johnstone, my Maths teacher from when I was 14.”

He was pounding me so hard and fast if was difficult to get a word out. When someone shouted, “bareback that slut and fill her with cum,” I realised he wasn’t wearing a condom.

I started to say, “You’re supposed to be we…” and then I felt him flood my pussy with hot spunk.

“Wearing a condom,” I finished as he pulled his cock out and wiped it on the side of my thigh.

“Thanks Lucy,” he smiled.

A women pushed her head between my legs and started to eat my pussy. When she said, “she taste fucking great,” I recognised her voice. It was both the woman who’d told Mr Johnstone to bareback me and my old science teacher Ms Walters.

I heard a couple of guys arguing about who’d be next to fuck me and then a woman proclaim that I wasn’t going anywhere and they could each take their turn with me. I lay there as guy after guy fucked me, when I complained about getting sore they massaged some lubricant into my pussy to both keep me wet and numb my pussy lips.

I was so tired that I could hardly lift my head up. I tried to tell them to stop, but I could hardly talk. Five more men fucked me before Andy and Faith told them that they’d thought I’d had enough and dispersed the queue that was getting even longer. I didn’t know how many men had fucked me and I wasn’t sure how many of them barebacked me at this point. My pussy was so numb I don’t think I’d have canlı bahis siteleri been able to tell. I was sure that at least two men had cum in me since Mr Johnstone, I felt that familiar ruch of warmth that comes with being filled with spunk, but for all I know they’d been using condoms that broke.

Andy carried me into the back room and lay me on the settee. Get some rest; I’ll come wake you when we’re ready to go. I was so tired I could hardly move and I’d had so much to drink I was more than tipsy. I heard someone come into the room. He stood over me and undid his belt pulling his dick out. My vision was blurred, but I felt him turn me over and kneel down beside me. I felt his dick pushing against my arse hole.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll take it nice and slow.”

He tried to push it in without much success. He reached over and grabbed a bottle from the table next to the settee and started to massage liquid into my arse hole, pushing fingers into me to get it nice a slimy. He finally pushed his cock into my arse and fucked me slowly. I was half dazed, but it felt nice and I finally realised why Katie loved it so much. He picked up the pace and pounded my arse.

I heard the door open.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Faith said.

“I’m fucking her arse, what’s it look like.”

“She’s too drunk,” Faith said.

“I’m almost finished,” he replied and then I felt him pump spunk into my arse.

He slipped his cock out of me and left the room. Faith helped me get dressed and then she and Andy took me back to their place. As it turned out they’re a couple and have been into the scene for 6 years.

Faith told me that I’d been fucked by 33 men, not including the big black bouncer who’d barebacked my arse hole, which probably explains why I could hardly walk the next day. She also told me that bouncer had barebacked her pussy and arse on three separate occasions when she was too drunk to object. That was the reason she didn’t drink much at work anymore, unless Andy was there.

“So why did you go to the club?” Andy said.

“I just wanted to fuck without getting a reputation. So no one would know about it.”

“Did you like the club?”

“Yes. But I prefer to do bareback and you can’t do that in a club like that.”

“Are you going to go back?”

“No. I think I’ve had enough of that idea.”

“You’re not the first. A girl like you walks in and they’re all going to want to fuck you. I’m afraid girls your age are a bit of a rarity on the scene. Most don’t start coming until there in there late 20s or early 30s. How old are you anyway, 18, 19.”

“20,” I answered.

“We have a small group of friends. There are bunch of guys and girls all under 30 and we do bareback parties,” Faith explained. “You have to come to each party with a recent STD certificate. That’s why I don’t fuck at the club.”

“But Andy does?”

“Normally no, but when he saw you in that little catholic school girl get up he was desperate to do you so I told him it’d be ok.”

“We’re having a party next week. We’d like you to come,” Andy said.

I told them I’d think about it and give them a ring. I took a taxi home and spent two hours soaking in the bath. I don’t know how many guys had spunked in me, but all that cum had started to congeal just inside my pussy.

I didn’t go to the party. My pussy was sore for almost two weeks and I couldn’t face having another cock in it. I fucked Katie and Lindsey a couple of times, but no cock.

I told Katie about Faith’s offer. She thought if I wanted to carry on with this lifestyle then it could be the answer. I could bareback fuck with guys who’d all had a HIV test so there would be less risk. She also had a bit of a go at me when I told two guys had come in me. One in my pussy and one in my arse. I wondered why I couldn’t be more responsible. Katie was as big a tart as I was, she fucked four guys and a girl since Tom moved out, but with the exception of Brian the American guy she’d made them wear condoms. She’d said there was nothing better than letting a guy fill your pussy with cum, but it wasn’t work her health. I knew she was right.

The next day I called Faith. She said they’d missed me at the party, but I was welcome to come to the next one in two week’s time if I got my certificate. She said it was especially important as she knew I had done bareback pussy and bareback anal at the club.

I thought about inviting Katie. She liked having bareback and she missed having a pussy full of cum after fucking some guy with a condom. I decided against it. I know she really wanted to meet someone special. Besides, she was still 16, 17 in a few weeks and I thought that Faith and her friends may think she was too young.

I got my certificate a week later, and called her back. The party was in three days time.

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