A Summer’s Vacation Becomes More


This is a fictional story that I have created for your enjoyment although, some of you may have experience this situation. This is my first story so it maybe a little long.

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I’m 40 years old. I’m divorced with a son, named Morgan, who is 19 and is going to college. I’m very proud of him because he has overcome so much having to deal with me and his father’s messy divorce. His father has little do with us and its just been me and him for the past 9 years. I had to take a full-time job for a law firm just to make ends meat because what the judge gave us as far as support would not be enough. He’s doing well in college and comes home every holiday and in the summer. But there is one thing I’m concerned with him, he’s never really had a girlfriend. I mean he had a prom date but that was about it. I know I’m biased but I think he is a good-looking man. He’s 6’0″, average build and charming. But he’s always in his room on his computer or playing that damn Xbox. I was really thinking he is just not interested in women.

I was discussing this with my friend, Jackie. She works at the law firm with me for about 5 years and we have become real close. She is very attractive, brunette woman. She is 43 years old and just had a daughter that just got married. Her husband died a few years ago because of cancer and just had not felt like dating for right now. We both get looks from men when we go to lunch or sit in the park because our job requires us to wear dresses and heels. But anyway, one day at lunch I was discussing with her about Morgan.

She said, “I’ve seen your son and he is so handsome. I’m surprised he does not have women, old and young knocking at his door. Hell, I’d fuck him if I was 20 years younger!”

I was a little taken back what she said because this was my best friend saying this.

I said,”You would do what?”

She said, “I’m sorry Charlotte but young men turn me on and when you brought him to the office a few months ago, I got all wet.”

I was a little taken back from her honesty yet I was getting a little turned on myself.

Then she said,” I didn’t want you to get mad at me because we have gotten close and I value our friendship.”

I told her, “I’m not mad at all in fact, happy that there are women attracted to him.” We both hugged and laughed.

Then she asked me question, “Charlotte, do you know how big your son’s cock is?”

I gasped a bit and said, “The last time I saw his cock, he was a little and it was by accident.”

Jackie was then asking some very erotic questions which I could not answer about Morgan yet at the same time, it was turning me on.

Spring semester was almost over and Morgan would be coming home soon. Jackie and I were planning on going to the beach for a week and I thought it would be nice for Morgan to come along so he wouldn’t be by himself. Naturally, Jackie loved the idea because I knew what her plan was to seduce my son and in a way that is what I was hoping for to. Both me and Jackie for the past few months have been working out to look good in the bikinis we bought for the beach.

When Morgan came home, I was excited to see him and gave him a great big hug. But something happen with me, I was getting aroused by bakırköy escort hugging him. Is this ok? I was thinking. I told him that we were going on a week’s vacation to the beach and Jackie was coming along.

He said,”That’s cool. I haven’t been to the beach since we went when I was 5 years old.” I was glad that he was excited about going.

I told Jackie the next day at work and she was really excited. She said, “Lets go shopping after work. I have an idea'”

I asked her,”What do you have in mind?”

She said, “You’ll see.” With a sly grin on her face.

We went to a store that sells sexy attire for going out and for the bedroom. Jackie made me buy a couple of short mini dresses that show off my figure and 38D tits. She also bought a few see thru tops and mini skirts that barely cover her ass.

She said,”If Morgan doesn’t get hard when he sees us in these, then he might be gay.”

I was shocked on what she said but turned on as well. Her plan as we were leaving the store was to seduce him the first night there and if he responds then we will have a great week, if not, then there’s a lot of single men that will be drooling over us.

I asked her,” Do you want me to be there when you seduce my son?”

She said,”Of course, it will be a turn on for me to see you watch me suck your son’s cock. I’ll bet its turning you on now knowing that I’ll be seducing him and hopefully fucking him in front of you.”

She knew it was turning me on.

The day I had finally come to go to the beach. It was an 8 hour drive so we all took turns driving and it was just idle conversation all the way there. Nothing to suggest that Jackie was going to seduce my son but my pussy was already wet from the anticipation. We get to the hotel and get situated.Jackie only got one room with queen size beds so her plan could really get into effect. Morgan said he was taking a nap which was good for us because we told him that we were going to party all night and let loose. He seemed excited by that.

Then Jackie said,”When he is good and asleep, lets shower and get into our sexy dresses and see what happens.”

I was nervous but excited as well. Morgan slept for about an hour but when he woke up he saw two women (one being his own mother) in very short mini skirts, very revealing tops and 4 inch high heels. My top plunged down where you couldn’t wear a bra and show most of my 38D tits. Jackie’s top was bascially a tubetop that barely was able to hold her 36D tits. We both wore g-strings. My g-string was already soaked with my pussy juice.

His expression was priceless. All he could say was,”You both are so fucking hot! Am I dreaming?”

Jackie said,”No, would you like to take to old women out to party?”

He said,”Hell yeah! Let me change and then lets go party.” We both laughed.

But then something happen once Morgan went to the bathroom. Jackie decided to kiss me and fondle my breast. She said,”I’m sorry but you look so sexy I just had to kiss and feel you.”

I told her it was quite alright since I’m going to watch you fuck my son tonight.”

But then she really shocked me when she said,”Why don’t you help me fuck your son? You know you want to.”

I was getting beşiktaş escort wet just thinking about it and she knew it too because she put her hand between my legs and felt how wet I was. I started to moan with pleasure.

Then she said,”I want to see your son fuck your wet cunt. Does Morgan’s mommy want to fuck her son?”

I said,”Yes.”

“Mmmmmm, I thought you did.” she said.

In my mind, I know it was wrong but I am so horny right now and its been nearly five years since I had a real cock in my cunt. God, Jackie is making me so horny that I wanted to rip her clothes off and suck on her big tits and go into the bathroom and suck Morgan’s cock.

Well, finally Morgan got out of the bathroom and after fixed ourselves up a little. Me and Jackie noticed Morgan was already hard. We both knew this was going to be a great night. We all went down to pier and basically went bar hopping all evening. We even went to a dance club and Morgan had us both out there dancing. Naturally, all the guys were jealous of him because we were both bumping and grinding on him with no one knowing I was his mother dry humping him. We almost got kicked out of the club because Jackie’s skirt kept rising up giving everyone a good look at her G-string. We were all pretty tipsy so we decided to head back to the hotel room.

When were leaving the club, so old guy yelled to Morgan,”Hey kid, Your one lucky bastard!”

Jackie yelled back,”This bastard is going to more lucky once we get back to the room!” and then flashed the old man. Morgan and I had a big smile on our faces.

When we get back to room, Jackie just became something I’ve never seen in her, a total slut.

Jackie told Morgan,”Your mother and I wanted to know if you were gay or not so we decided to dress like total sluts to see if you get turned on and from the bulge in your shorts , you are, So drop them shorts and show us your manhood.”

I couldn’t believe what I saw next. Morgan was sporting a thick nine inch hard dick. My mouth was watering. Jackie was already on her knees in front of it.

Jackie looked at me and said,”Charlotte, you have been hiding this from me haven’t you?”

Next thing I know, she had half of it in her mouth sucking on his hard dick. I was mesmerized by this not knowing I was touching myself. I already had my legs spread wide open for my own son to see. I was in complete total lust and wanted to taste my own son’s dick.

They were both moaning until Jackie told Morgan,”Look at your mother, does she look hot being a slut for you?”

Morgan said,”Yes, mom you look so fucking hot playing with your pussy.”

I didn’t know I was but I already had two fingers in my cunt.

Jackie, then said,” Come here Charlotte and suck your son’s cock. Does mommy want to suck it?”

I nodded but Jackie said,”Don’t nod, tell your son what you want to do.”

I knew it was wrong what was going on but the alcohol and the size of his dick had taken over me so I said,”Mommy wants to suck your cock, son.” I got on my knees and got beside Jackie and put Morgan’s cock deep in my mouth. It tasted so good. I could hear him moan in pleasure.

“Oh fuck mom, that feels so fucking good. Suck my dick mommy. Lick my beylikdüzü escort balls Jackie.”, said Morgan

Then Jackie told Morgan lay on the bed. I was a little upset because I had to take his cock out of my mouth but Jackie I had other plans. Jackie made him lay on the bed and then we both took off our clothes but Morgan told us to leave our heels on because we look like total sluts with them on. His wish was our command. Jackie then proceeded to straddle his face have him eat her pussy while I went back to sucking his big cock.

Jackie was screaming in ectasy saying,”That’s it. Lick my cunt bastard. Make me cum all over your face. Make us your fuck toy. Oh baby, please fuck my brains out. I need it.”

I was just enjoyng the whole scene while sucking his cock and balls. I couldn’t wait to have this big monster inside my cunt. Jackie can be his slut tonight and the rest of this week if he likes but I hope I am his slut everyday. I’ll be his mommy slut if he wants was all I could think about. I wanted this cock in me everyday. I don’t care how he fucks me. All my holes are available to my son after seeing his cock.

Jackie got off his face and came down where I was at and said, “I’m sorry Charlotte but I need to get fucked right now.”

She straddled his cock and I watch it go all the way in cunt. I had an orgasm right then and there. I moved up to Morgan and told him to suck mommy’s tits. This turned Jackie on even more. She said,”That’s it baby, suck your mommy’s tits. She is such a slut. Aren’t you Charlotte?”

I said,”Yes I am. I’m a slut for my son. I’m a whore for his cock. I am nothing but a cunt mother who would love to fuck her son.” I couldn’t believe what I just said but that is what I wanted.

All of sudden, I heard Morgan say, “Then get on my dick you fucking cunt whore of a mother.” I said,”with pleasure.”

Jackie got off his cock and I he told to get on my back. I did and he got in between my legs and plunged that big dick in me. Damn, it felt so good. I came instantly.

Jackie really got into then. “That’s it. Fuck your mother. Fuck her like the slut she is. Fuck her cunt.”

And I was getting turned on as well saying,”That’s right, fuck your mommy! Treat me like the slut I am. Fuck the shit out of me. I’m cumming all over your dick.”

That did it for him. Morgan said,”You fucking sluts are going to make me cum. Where do you want it mom? Tell me fucking now you slut.”

I said,”Cum inside me baby. I want to feel your cum. Dump your whole load.”

Then Jackie said,”Yeah, cum inside her so I can lick it out of her.”

That’s all he could take because next thing I know he is screaming loud,”I’M CUUUMMMMIIINGGG!!!”

It felt so good having him pump a huge load of cum in me. It felt it was going to last forever but when he was finally done. He collapsed on top of me.

He told me,”Mom, I love you.”

I told him, “I love you too, son.” Then he slid out of me and Jackie took his place and started licking my pussy juice and his cum. I had at least another three orgasms when she was done eating my cunt.

We all laid in bed exhausted. But sexually satisfied, for now.

I asked Morgan, “I hope you don’t hate us.”

He said, “Not at all.” But he did wonder if this was a one time thing.

I reminded him that, “As long as we keep this our secret that I’ll be his slut fuck toy anytime he wants.”

Then Jackie said,”Don’t forget about me!”

We all laughed. I can tell this is going to be a great vacation. (to be continued)

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