A Swim and a Sauna


I was working in Atlanta away from home last week. Being alone, I had been edging all evening in my hotel room. Slick with coconut oil, I retrieved my Aneros Helix from my bag. I had brought it along knowing I would have some time by myself. I oiled it up and inserted it slowly. It pops in place with ease. I immediately felt a twitch in the base of my cock. Precum was dripping from the tip since I had been on edge for more than an hour. I slip a silicon cock ring onto the base of my shaft just against the top of my balls.

I slipped on a Speedo type bathing suit with the Helix inside me. I pulled on a traditional pair of trunks on over that. I grab a towel and head to hotel pool. The Speedo aided in keeping the Helix in place as it massaged me as I walked. Slowly moving back and forth over my prostate. By the time I got to the pool, I was sporting a visible erection.

There were a few people sitting around the pool but no one was in it. I laid my towel in a chair and walked toward the edge of the pool. As I passed a nice looking lady laying in one of the pool chairs, she definitely noticed the erection because she smiled illegal bahis big as I passed by her.

I made my way into the water and began to swim laps around the pool. The motions of swimming worked the Helix and caused it to move back and forth across my prostate. By the second lap, I felt a tingling in my groin area and it continued to grow with every movement. I start to feel spasms running all through my body and I start to experience internal orgasms every few moves. I keep thrusting my body through the refreshing water and my pleasure grows stronger and deeper. The harder I stroke and kick, the more powerful the internal orgasm become. I begin panting with every move. I can feel my cock throbbing and rigid. I stop swimming and stand in the water at one end of the pool. Every time I squeeze my cheeks together, I orgasm again and it is getting hard to contain myself. My breathing is jagged and it is hard to remain still. I grab the pole on the steps and pull myself up and out of the pool. I walk by the lady again with my cock even harder than it was before. She smiles big again, but this time it is hard to even walk, illegal bahis siteleri much less keep a straight face.

I manage to make it to the chair where I left my towel and dry myself off. I kept doing my Kegel movements as my body strobes in pleasure. I pick up my towel and make my way towards the hotel’s sauna. I feel like I could explode at any given second. Barely able to walk, I make it to the sauna and was pleasantly surprised to find it empty. I make my way through the steam and found the bench.

I laid out the towel and slide my trunks off. I push down the Speedos and sit down carefully on the towel. The Helix is now moving involuntarily and my dick is as hard as it has ever been. It is pulsating and throbbing. Sweat begins to bead up all over my naked body.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the sauna door open and someone enter the room. Through the steam I can make out a young slender guy sitting on the bench across the room. He too is naked and appears to be sporting an erection as well. I try to sit still but the spasms just keep coming inside me. My legs start trembling and I start panting. canlı bahis siteleri At this point I still have not touched my aching cock. I start to see spots and my body thrust upward involuntary . I squeeze my cheeks together and close my eyes as I begin to violently shoot cum all over my upper torso. Shot after shot of hot semen coats me up to my chin. My legs are stiff and my toes are curled tightly. I let out a loud moan beyond my control.

Finally the spasms start to calm down. I am exhausted and feel completely emptied from the massive ejaculation. My cock remains rigid and standing. As I open my eyes, I am reminded that I am not alone. As I peer though the steam, I see the young guy on the other bench stroking himself watching me intensely. We make eye contact and nod as I notice his own cum flowing over his hand that he is stroking with.

I wipe the semen off my body with the towel and pull my trunks on. I gather my stuff and head out of the sauna feeling satisfied and relieved. As I walk by the pool again, the nice looking lady smiles at me knowingly. I wonder to myself if I missed a spot of semen somewhere or if I just have that very satisfied look. I head to my room and fall out on the bed exhausted. I hear voices outside on the sidewalk and as I look out, I see the nice looking lady and the young guy from the sauna walking to their room… I wonder 🙂

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