A Tangled Web Ch. 04


Chapter 4
Could Charla’s husband be alive?

The clicking sound of a woman’s high heel shoes could be heard coming from the hallway. With a surprised expression on her face, Charla stopped in her tracks. For a few seconds it didn’t register, who was this pretty young blonde girl speaking with Alex?

Jennie, quickly crossed the room to greet her,

“Hi Mrs. Sedona. You look a little surprised.”

Charla smiled as they hugged and replied, “Oh honey, you haven’t been gone that long, no need to address me formally. I almost didn’t recognize you, look at you, my god you look like a Barbie doll.”

After a moment she continued, “I knew you were coming… in my mind I still always picture you in a ball cap and a jersey.”

Jennie blushed at the comment and replied,

“Thanks… you know I really haven’t changed that much. My hair got just a little sun bleached in Cancun. And you’re really looking good… like always.” She laughed and said, “It really feels good to be back, I couldn’t wait to see everyone.”

Realizing that she may have walked in on a serious conversation, Charla apologized, “I’m sorry… you two probably need some privacy.”

“No… you’re fine. I was just getting ready to leave. If you don’t mind, maybe we can get together and catch up… just the two of us… maybe tomorrow?”

Alex, who had been standing by watching this reunion of his stepmom and ex-girlfriend interrupted, “Jenny… can we talk for a minute outside?”

“Maybe later; I have to get home. You know… first day back and of course the parents made plans. If it’s not too late when I get back, maybe I can stop back over. Bye Charla, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

After Jennie had gone, Charla walked behind the large mahogany bar. She poured a glass of wine and sat down at one of the bar stools facing away from the bar. Crossing her legs and taking a sip of wine, she watched Alex for a moment. “You look a little anxious Alex. Maybe you should have another… whatever you’re drinking.”

“Tell me something, seeing Jennie again, can you still say you don’t have any feelings for her?” Watching him struggle with his thoughts, Charla continued, “It’s okay, what happened between us can be our little secret Alex… no one will ever need to know.”

“She’s nothing mom, do you know what she was doing here?”

“Yes, I think I do. I think she was here testing her power over you. And I could see by looking at you… she has it. I know how some women think, I’ve known a few. And I may not be a psychiatrist, but I’ve seen this before. All you have to do is look at how she’s changed in the past year. Jennie has discovered what she has, and she’s learning to use it.”

Alex placed his hands on the bar, one on each side of her. “She doesn’t have any power over me mom, I’m not going to let play her play games with me.” Leaning forward, he kissed her and continued, you’re the only one I want to be with.”

“I’m not so sure, do you realize you’re calling me mom again? Look, I’ll be okay with it if you want to spend time with Jennie… and I think you should. Maybe the two of you can work out whatever it is… she looked to me like she wants you back.”

Sitting on the bar stool next to her now, Alex placed his hand on her knee and slowly pushed her skirt up her thigh. “I’ve been thinking all day about you. I always liked seeing you in a dress or a skirt. My friends always had to comment about how hot you look, I would always tell them to knock it off, that’s my mom you’re talking about.” He kissed her lightly on the lips and continued, “Last night you made my fantasies come true, all I can think about is taking you to bed again.”

As Alex pushed her skirt up, Charla grabbed his wrists and said, “Stop it Alex. You don’t need to prove anything… I don’t need reassurance from you.” By now he had squeezed his hand in between her thighs. Laughingly, she continued, “You seriously can’t get enough can you?”

Charla moved her legs from the crossed position allowing Alex the access he was after. He kissed her once on the mouth and then on her neck while stroking his fingers over her pantie covered pussy. It seemed amazing to her, Alex was like a sex machine with an insatiable appetite. As if he didn’t need any time before he was ready to go again. During her marriage to Tim, there were times when she had wished for a little more stamina, but remember, Tim was fifteen years her senior.

For Charla, it was the days and sometimes weeks when he was out of town that she would feel most vulnerable. The men, some of them friends and company employees, others just strangers, there were times when she was tempted. Still, she was never unfaithful, even after he went missing, until now.

Alex had brought her out of the sexual non-existence she had been living without Tim in her life. She now felt the kind of freedom she hadn’t experienced since her late teen years. Being a realist, Charla reasoned that Alex would move on. He’s young and would need to pendik escort live free, breath the fresh air, and experience women. But at the moment she would enjoy her well endowed young stud.

At the moment, her thought process was quickly being overpowered by the stimulation of his fingers tracing over her silk panties. However, Charla still managed to tell him what she had planned to say after Jennie left. The slight shakiness of her voice however, didn’t sound all that convincing. “I want you to know this, I don’t expect for you to be exclusive to me. So… you know… if something happens with you and Jennie or… whoever. You will always be my son first…”

This sort of talk was beginning to cause an aching in Alex’s balls. Not only was he lucky enough to be fucking his beautiful stepmom he thought, but here was a different side of her. She seems so open and free spirited now, like her friend Sally. He’d had a few fantasies about her too by the way. The way she used to flirt with him, even back when she used to take care of him when his father and Charla needed a night out.

Looking back on it, Alex was sure he could have… if he had tried. Enough about that, it was time to get to the business at hand. The image of his sexy stepmom in that skirt and those black high heel shoes has been in his head since this morning. And he thought all day about how he was going to undress her one little button at a time.

Alex placed her hand in his as she stood up from the bar stool, for a moment he looked at the expensive diamond ring on her finger. “You’re driving me crazy Mom, you know you’re sexy without even trying… don’t you?” He couldn’t wait any longer as he started to unfasten the buttons down the front of her blouse.

Charla stood patiently still while her stepson slowly unfastened her silk blouse. Slowly, one button at a time, first exposing her cleavage, and then her low cut silky lace bra. He kissed her neck while slipping the blouse off from her shoulders. Alex reached his arms around her waist and unfastened the single button and zipper in back of her skirt. She felt his hands glide over her hips as her skirt dropped to the floor.

Still standing motionless in only her bra and panties, Charla could see his erection straining through his gym shorts. She kissed his chest, kneeled down in front of him, and pulled his shorts down. She stared in awl for a moment as his huge cock stood at attention just inches from her face. She took his shaft in her hand and lightly kissed the fleshy plum sized head of his cock.

Alex placed his hand on the back of her head just under her ponytail that was tied up high with a black silk ribbon. “Charla… what are you doing down there?”

As she fondled his weighty balls she ran her tongue along the underside of his long stiff appendage. “I’m going to suck your cock Alex. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this…” She then proceeded to take the head of his joint into her mouth.

Every muscle in his body became rigid as his beautiful stepmom slowly went down on him. “Oh my god Char… that’s so awesome… where did you learn to…” His hand was now instinctively helping to guide her head as she managed to take more of him than what seemed possible.

Coming up for air for a moment, she stroked his shaft with her hand and said, “You’ve never had this before? A blow job… I would have thought by eighteen that most teenagers would have…”

Alex groaned as Charla went down on him again. “Not like this… oh god… mom, you better stop… I think I’m going to…” By now she was going down almost the entire length of his shaft and sucking so hard on the way up that he felt his balls were about to explode.

Coming up for air again, she replied, “You just called me mom again.”

Alex wrapped his fingers around her ponytail as she returned to the project at hand. He was amazed to watch her taking him in her mouth. He soon started getting into forcing her head up and down his shaft. “Oh that feels so good… oh yeah suck it. You suck me so good… mmm… you’re going to make me come.”

Hanging onto his buttocks with her hands, she could feel his rock hard member swelling in her mouth and throat. Letting go of his ass with one hand she began to squeeze his huge balls as she sucked as hard as possible.

“That’s it… oh god… I can’t believe how good that…” Alex couldn’t hold back any longer, his throbbing cock swelled in size and began to spasm. He could hear the sound of Charla struggling to swallow as the first forceful jet of his sticky warm fluid hit her throat. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t back away as a second, third, and fourth load shot from the end of his throbbing rod.

By the time he had emptied his load only the head of his cock was still in her mouth. Charla continued to suck hard on his meaty helmet making sure not a drop was left in him.

Breathing extremely hard now, Charla tried to catch her breath as she stroked his rock hard kağıthane escort shaft with her hand. She stood up placing her hand on his chest to balance herself as she slipped on a shoe that had come off. “Fix me something cold Alex, I’ll be right back.”

Alex watched her walk across the room towards the hallway. At that moment he thought there couldn’t be anything as sexy as Charla in her underwear. As his cock slowly returned to its unprovoked limp state, he walked behind the bar and filled two glasses with ice. His thoughts once again were of Jennie, Alex didn’t want to think about her, but there she was making unannounced appearances in his head.

Up till now he had kept his cool, like nothing she could do or say could make him blow his lid. Deep inside however, were the remaining embers from a fire that once existed, just waiting for a breath of oxygen to set it off. Just the thought of this college football jock touching her, taking what was his just months ago, stay calm he told himself.

Just as he finished with the drinks, Charla re-entered the room. As if she had read his mind, she was still in her underwear and high heels.

Alex brought their drinks around to the front side of the bar, his penis swaying freely as he walked. As he passed one of the drinks to his stepmom, Alex commented, “That was un-believable… I never thought anything could feel like that.”

Charla took a drink from the glass and replied,

“I thought you might enjoy it… I wasn’t sure if I could do it right for you though. To be honest, I haven’t done that in years. Your dad was just a little funny about such things… he felt it was degrading to women. But then there was my boyfriend before that.”

Alex laughed, “Wow… you know I remember that guy… Brad. He was going to be a lawyer or something like that. I always thought he was kind of geeky, no way was he good enough for you.” Alex finished his drink and asked, “So… you never had sex with him?”

Smiling as she glanced at his spent penis, Charla answered, “Of course he wanted to be intimate with me… but I just couldn’t let him in. I’m sure the biggest part of it was that I was practically living here. I was busy taking care of you and the domestics here. That way Tim could work and spend time at the hospital with your mom.”

So… you might think this sounds bad, but one night Brad was really persistent. He and I had been dating for about six or seven months and he didn’t like my excuses for wanting to wait. I seriously think he would have forced me if he thought he could get away with it. Oh, I finally gave in to him… sort of… that was the first time I gave someone head.

That worked for a while… a couple of months. Anyway, I was getting tired of fighting him off so I broke up with him. Besides that, all I wanted to do was be here with you and your dad.”

Charla took their empty glasses; she moved behind the bar and refilled the drinks. “I hope you don’t think badly of me. I just thought that now that our relationship involves sex you should know some things.”

“Before Brad I dated several guys in high school, I had sex with a boy that I thought was in love with me in my senior year. He was killed in a car accident the week before graduation; your father was the only other man to know me that way. After what happened to the boy in school, and then Tim, I started to think I was some kind of jinx. The only two men I ever really loved; and they both had tragic ends.”

Alex thought about when he was a young boy, how Charla acted around his father. He knew she truly loved him, the way her face would light up and her clear blue eyes would sparkle. In a way he felt a little guilt for being jealous of his father. He had such a crush on Charla that he wanted her all to himself back then.

“You know… I was glad that you married Dad when you did. It’s funny now but I was jealous of him, but I was happy that you married him. It was like… I was never going to have to worry that you would move away and leave me.”

Wiping a tear away with the back of her hand she smiled nervously. “That’s really sweet Alex.” She handed him his drink and came back around the bar. “Oh, your Dad and I both knew you had a crush on me, we both thought it was so cute.”

“You know, what you said about giving Brad a blow job because you didn’t want to let him in your pants, reminds me of Jennie.”

Charla set her drink on the bar, “Go ahead Alex, get it off your chest, was Jennie your first?”

Alex felt a little nervous about talking about his exploits for obvious reasons. He decided to change the subject, “You know, I’m starting to feel a little awkward standing here naked. Maybe I should put my clothes back on.”

“Oh no you don’t, I’m enjoying the view right now. You know something, I think I like you naked.”

“Thanks… but it’s really not fair. I was thinking about how hot you look in your underwear and those maltepe escort shoes, but since I’m not wearing anything…”

Charla laughed, “Okay, but first you have to answer a question for me. And if you give me an honest answer I’ll take them off. A few minutes ago, while I was taking care of you, I asked if it was the first time you had a blow job. And you answered not like this. Also when I was talking about Brad, you said that it reminded you of Jennie. So… was it Jennie that gave you head? And have you ever had sex with her?”

Now that the drinks were starting to take effect on him, Alex began to loosen up a little. “Are you kidding… not Jen, leading me on and letting me down is what she liked. You know how she was, like my other friends; she wanted to play baseball or whatever else we were doing. I mean, yeah I liked her a lot, she was really cute, and she would do about anything to be around me, but afraid of sex.”

“Oh come on Alex, I said an honest answer. I know the two of you did more than pal around.”

After taking another drink from his glass, Alex was silent for a moment. But he soon got up enough courage to continue, “It was really innocent, we would kiss and tease each other. You know… kid stuff. The truth is that I wanted more and she wasn’t ready.”

“Anyway, since you want to know about something that did happen. One night I was at a party at Andy’s parent’s house. It was probably two years ago, anyway there were some girls from school there, the ones that always showed for our swim meets. Well, it turned into sort of a funny night and we ended up playing a game of spin the bottle. You know… if the bottle lands on you than you had to do things.”

As Alex spoke his previously limp penis seemed to be inflating ever so slightly which didn’t go unnoticed. In a soft encouraging voice, Charla said, “It’s okay, continue, what kind of things?”

“You know… if it pointed to me then I had to kiss the first girl the bottle landed on next. There were six of us, three guys and three girls. After a while of that, and the idea came from one of the girls, that whoever it landed on had to take something off.”

“It seems kind of kinky talking to you about this, like confessing what you did to a parent.”

Lowering the shoulder straps of her bra, Charla replied, “I like your story so far, so then what?”

“Okay, but it’s not what you think. A couple of the girls were really immature, so it wasn’t all that great. Anyway, eventually about everyone was down to almost nothing on. And then Andy’s mom walked in on everyone, it was really embarrassing. I was down to my boxer shorts and the bottle landed on me. The girls were all hooting as I stood up, and I couldn’t help it but I was starting to get hard. Anyway, I did it, I dropped my shorts. And that’s when his mom came through the door, it seemed like she stared at my erection forever. Anyway, when she got over her shock she made us all leave.”

Charla unfastened her bra and removed it while her stepson watched in fascination. He was in complete awe at the beauty of her perfectly formed breasts. The aching feeling in his loins had returned. “What was I saying…, oh… so one of the girls, Debbie, ended up asking for me to give her a ride home.”

“The rest should never have happened… for one thing she was Anthony’s girlfriend at the time. My best friend, of course he wasn’t with us that night, otherwise I don’t think Deb would have been playing spin the bottle.”

Alex stopped talking as Charla slipped her fingers inside the waist band of her panties and pushed them down her sexy long legs. She gingerly stepped out of the underpants without removing her shoes then giggled as she watched her stepson’s expression.

As Alex stared at her beautiful nude body, he nervously asked, “Why are we talking about this, it’s hard for me to even think.”

A smile came across Charla’s generous lush lips as she watched his penis quickly rise to the occasion. “I don’t know Alex, why are you still talking.” Charla kissed his lips while wrapping her fingers around his stiff appendage. “I knew you would be ready again, you’re amazing that way.”

Turning her back to him as Alex reached his arms around her waist; Charla reached her arms upward and back around his neck. Feeling his erection pressing into her backside, she pushed her firm sexy ass back against him. His hands on her sides were moving slowly up over her ribcage on course to intercept her delectably firm breasts. He kissed her on the neck as he cupped her beautiful orbs in his hands.

For some unknown reason, Alex felt like he needed to finish his story, so while the foreplay continued… so did he. “So after I got Debbie home, she was like sitting in the jeep looking at me like never before. Right then I knew what she wanted… Deb was willing to do what Jen wouldn’t, but I tried to talk myself out of it. I was sure her boyfriend would drive up any minute so I was nervous as hell.”

Charla grabbed his wrists and moved his hands away from her breasts as she took two steps away from Alex. He took a moment to admire her long legs and luscious ass. Then turning her head, she smiled at him and stepped to her side. His jaw dropped, standing now with her legs spread, he watched her bend over while keeping her legs straight.

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