A Taste of Ebony


The following is a fictional story from a bi-curious guy.

My name is John. For the past year I’ve worked in the office of a small wholesale company. Since the warehouse is right next to the office the warehouse workers are always going back and forth past my desk. This is how I met Dwayne. Dwayne is a tall, broad shouldered black man. He’s been the company’s lead stocker for years. He’s a nice, easygoing guy. Me and him hit it off immediately when we met and have been friends ever since.

Dwayne also happens to be the luckiest guy on the planet. Every once in a while his girlfriend, Kesha, will come to visit him at work and she’ll walk right by my desk too. She’s a vision of perfection with her delicious dark chocolate skin that wraps so perfectly around her firm luscious body. She has the delicate features of a model and the most gorgeous brown eyes a man could imagine. I had always wondered what it was like to be with a black woman. I wanted to know what it was like to touch that wonderful dark skin of their’s. I wanted to know what it tasted like. I lusted after Kesha in my mind, thoughts of my white cock between her black thighs always filled my mind when I saw her. My white cum on her sweet ebony face became my fantasy every time I masturbated. Of course, I never let Dwayne know about my fantasies of fucking his girlfriend.

This made it all the stranger when he invited me to a bar one night after work. He bought me a beer and almost immediately asked me if I found Kesha attractive.

Dwayne had no reason to suspect that I constantly pounded her pussy in my head so I assumed it was just an innocent question. There was still no good answer. “Yes” means I want to fuck his girlfriend and “No” means I’ve just called her an ugly dog. I tried to be as smooth as possible.

“She’s a very beautiful woman, you’re lucky to have her.”

Dwayne paused and responded, “Yeah, I am”

I gave a quiet sigh of relief. Dwight went on telling me that Kesha’s birthday is today and that he wanted to do something special for her. I responded by saying “That’s sweet” or something like that. Then he told me what it was he wanted to do for her.

“You wouldn’t know it from looking at her but Kesha is a little freaky. She’s always had some fantasies about what it would be like to fuck a white guy. I’m not the jealous sort so I figure, why not? But I want to make sure it’s someone we’re both cool with. You know I’m down with you, man, and Kesha thinks you’re kinda cute.”

I immediately blurted out a response, “I would be honored. I would…”

Dwayne stopped me, “Let me finish. I’m not just gonna sit there and let you have all the fun. I want to get off too. Kesha also has these sick fantasies about me doing it with other guys. She says it would really turn her on. So I’ll give her that too. Before you touch her you’re going to have to service me but don’t expect to get anything back from me. I’m just gonna pretend you’re a girl sucking me off. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’m not getting anywhere near your dick. I just don’t swing that way. You still willing?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. I didn’t care what I had to do to get in Kesha’s pussy, I was willing to do it! I told him I’m down with it. He told me to meet them at a hotel in half an hour. He gave me the address and then left.

I arrived at the room about five minutes early. The instructions said to just come in, so I opened the door and walked in. It was a large room with one king-sized bed in it. No one was in the room but I saw a light under the bathroom door so I figured they were still getting ready. I hollered at them to let them know I was here. Dwayne hollered back telling me to go ahead and take off all my clothes.

I stripped naked and laid my clothes on a chair. It was a little cold and I was kinda nervous so my little limp dick was just hanging there. I felt very venerable standing there naked in this strange hotel room. Then Dwayne came out of the bathroom buck-naked. I never realized how muscular he was, his whole body was built like a weight lifter. But my eyes soon focused on his dick. It was huge! Even hanging their unerect it, his big black dick was thicker and longer than mine was fully erect cock!

He told me to go ahead and get on my knees and start. I got on my knees in front of him, his dick was at the same level as my face, hanging only inches away. I froze. I wasn’t sure what to do. Other than straight porn movies, I had never seen another guy’s dick, much less touched one. Dwayne looked down at me impatiently. I slowly took his dick in my hand and meekly stroked it. I was shaking. This was so weird.

“Use your mouth,” he said.

Have my mouth touch his penis? I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it. I slowly inched my head towards his soft dark meat. I stuck out my tongue and touched the side of his dick. It didn’t taste bad. I started to run my lips and my tongue up and down his shaft. His dick was growing, getting longer and harder. I really didn’t want that thing in my mouth. But I knew that’s what Dwayne would want. I just didn’t know if I could do it.

Then Kesha walked out of the bathroom, completely naked. As I licked her lover’s cock I stared at her perfect body. She stared back with an intense, sensuous look in those dark brown eyes. Her smooth dark skin shined in the light. Her nipples stood erect on her large firm breasts. She spread the dark lips of pussy and revealed the sweet pink inside. Her finger started to play with her clit as she moaned softly.

I instantly shoved Dwayne’s monstrous dick into my mouth and furiously bobbed my head and back forth, up and down the growing length of his now erect dick. Dwayne grunted and held my head. I wildly sucked his cock taking more and more of his hard dick in my mouth with each trip my lips made down his shaft. I gagged on the sheer güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri size of it a couple times but I just kept going. My eyes never left Kesha the entire time. My dick was now fully erect and I was very much turned on.

Kesha walked towards me as she played with her pussy and I sucked Dwayne’s massive tool. There was something small in her other hand but I couldn’t see what it was. She sat down behind me on the floor and pressed her body against my back. Her warm, soft ebony skin was pressed up against me. She reached around and held my hard dick. I glanced down as I continued sucking to see my hard white cock in her soft dark hand. It was a fantasy come true. Then her other hand caressed my ass and teased my asshole. Then suddenly she stuck one finger up my ass. It was covered in this cold wet substance. It felt so good. I thought I was going to cum right there with Dwayne’s cock in my mouth and his girlfriend rubbing up against me with her finger up my ass.

But then she stopped and got up and Dwayne pulled back. He told me to stand up and bend over because he was going to fuck my ass. I got up and put my hands on the bed to support myself as I bent over. Kesha sat on the bed as she continued to play with her self. Her wet, swollen pussy was only a couple feet from me. I could smell it. Dwight put some lube on his erection and spread my ass cheeks with his hands.

I then felt his large, rock hard cock slowly forcing it’s way through my tiny asshole. The pain was incredible. It slide inside me inch by inch stretching my ass. I gritted my teeth and tried not to make any noise. Kesha gently put her hands on my shoulders and stared me strait in the eye. Her deep brown eyes told me it was going to be okay. Dwayne was getting impatient getting his lengthy shaft in there and started to push harder. I let out a small cry of pain.

Suddenly Kesha grabbed my face and devoured my mouth with her own. Her tongue probed my throat as she gave me the deepest, most passionate kiss I had ever received. Dwayne started to slowly fuck my ass as she continued to kiss me. Kesha gave me a series of long forceful kisses as Dwayne’s cock was inside me. For every kiss, Dwayne fucked my ass harder and faster. He was either jealous of it or turned on by it. I couldn’t tell. The pain died down and it actually felt kinda good to have his dick move inside me. My cock was harder than ever. It was throbbing so much that it was driving me nuts. I pressed my lips against hers harder and my tongue attacked hers wildly. God I wanted her! I wanted my cock in her pussy so damn bad!

Then Dwayne groaned and suddenly I felt hot cum shooting up my ass! After a couple of shots he slide his fuck tool out of my sore ass. He mumbled something about how good it felt. I wasn’t paying attention. I just was looking at the naked black goddess sitting in front of me. She smiled at me. She knew what was next.

I grabbed her and threw her down güvenilir bahis şirketleri on the bed. She held me tight as we kissed and I squeezed her firm ass. My hands slide up her beautiful black thigh and up her body as we kissed. I grabbed her breast and proceeded to rapidly kiss both of her supple, round breasts. I whirled my tongue around her dark nipples and she gasped with pleasure. I then devoured her neck with passionate kisses. We kissed again as I finally slid my white dick into her warm, wet pussy. Her mouth pulled away and she gasped even louder this time. I proceeded to thrust my dick deeper and deeper into her hungry pussy. She began to loudly moan as I fucked her faster and faster.

Then I noticed Dwayne had come up beside us, stroking his cock which was already semi erect. He stood there with his dick just inches from the side of our faces as I pounded his girlfriend. He asked Kesha to suck his dick as I fucked her. She grabbed his thick black member and put her luscious lips around it. She proceeded to bob her head back and forth on his dark cock lick a pro. She was sucking Dwayne’s cock right in front of me. This turned me on even more and I jammed my dick inside her that much harder. My cock throbbed as her pussy got tighter around it. She let go of Dwayne’s cock and gave out a yell of ecstasy as I started to cum inside her. Stream after stream of my cum shot in her as she yelled.

I pulled out of her. We kissed each other on the lips. We were both exhausted. We looked over at Dwayne who was still stroking his wet meat. He commanded us both to get on our knees. We both got on knees, our naked bodies drenched in sweat, as Dwayne pointed his shiny black cock at us, telling us to finish him off.

First, me and Kesha ran our tongues up and down both sides of his dick at once. He moaned loudly. I took his balls in my mouth as she continued to lick and stroke his cock. He continued moaning. Then me and Kesha rapidly took turns shoving the length of his cock down our throat. Every time I took his dick in my mouth I could taste her on it. It was so intense. I loved every minute of it.

Then he told us to stop and took his massive fuck tool back into his hand and proceeded to furiously stroke it right in front of our faces. Kesha opened her mouth and I did the same without even thinking. Suddenly, volley after volley of warm, milky white cum sprayed into our mouths and onto our faces. I had cum in my mouth and all over my face and I enjoyed it. I held the warm sperm in my mouth debating on if I should swallow it or not. Then I looked over at Kesha and saw the white cum dripping down her dark ebony face just like in my fantasies. She was holding her cum in her mouth too, I could see a little bit of it escaping from her lips.

Suddenly her lips met mine and we were swapping the cum in our mouths. A kiss shared between two cocksuckers. I swallowed ever last bit of cum and loved it.

After that, we cleaned up and got dressed. We didn’t say much to each other. My head was still spinning from the whole thing. As I thought back on it, I realized I had loved all of it. Kesha’s pussy. Dwayne’s dick. It had all turned me on. As I was walking out I could hear Kesha suggesting to Dwayne we should try this again sometime. God, I can only hope so.

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