A Thrust into Power Pt. 03


*This is a continuation of a fictional epic fantasy series. Contains sexual violence and other forms of violence occur. All content is completely fictional and not endorsed in real life. Please read at your own discretion.*


Every day was the same. By smashing lids together from the kitchens, the guards would come clanging down the hall waking everyone in the dungeons. Adrenaline kicked in and every prisoner would be ready to head off to the terminal. Every prisoner except Dany.

Dany was paralyzed from the waist down. He had been ever since that night he was foolish enough to fall in love with a dirty rebel who snapped his neck like a twig. The Kings Judges had mercy on him for being a crippled traitor and had sent him to the dungeons for the rest of his life. At first Dany prayed to the Land Gods for a miracle, a redemption for his part in the kidnapping of the princess. But that hope had long gone. He would never walk again nor would he ever see the light of day again. Instead, he was destined to be the sex slave of anyone who wanted.

Every day was the same. After Dany’s cellmate, Seven, a young street thief doing time for stealing two apples from the market, would lovingly empty their waste bucket before leaving and the guards had their fun kicking the slower and older prisoners to their day job, they would come to Dany. Usually it was just Aeron and Riz, a tall golden haired muscled young man and a dark, brown skinned older man. Dany lived in darkness, but he had seen their faces once near a flame in the hallway. Or perhaps he just wished it was them because they looked quite handsome. Seasoned prison guards who would never climb the ladder to the renowned Guard of Queens and found their virtue in training their bodies.

Aeron would go first, turning Dany on his stomach, before undoing him of his cloths, spitting in his hand and massaging his fingers on Dany’s anal ring until it relaxed. Aerons shaft was soft and long and always slipped in with relative ease, as if its shape was meant to fit a man’s back passage. Aeron would split him for only six strokes or less, at a rapid, burning speed, before unloading in Dany’s bowels, smacking his butt and walking away laughing. Then it was Riz’ turn. Riz had a shorter dick, but thick, which is why he needed Aerons liquid to enter the exit. Though Aerons weapon felt soft and nice, and Riz’ definitely hurt more, Dany preferred Riz. He teared through the ring and made Dany feel full, in a satisfying way. More so, Riz could go on for a long time. So long Dany came to enjoy it, regardless of how he sometimes dreaded it.

Riz would start out rough and uncontrolled, pressing the fat short phallus through the tight ring and stretching the insides to his shape. He, too, would move his hips as if he were a dog, slapping his muscled thighs against Dany’s tight buttocks, filling the air with sound like the lids from the kitchens. But after a while, Riz would turn Dany over. His paralyzed legs would be raised in the air, which always freaked Dany out, since he had no control over them. But as soon as Riz re-entered him, Dany would feel a brief happiness in the darkness. It was the only feeling he had down there. Riz would push inside of him causing Dany’s lower stomach to tingle. Ultimately, if Riz would continue long enough, Dany flaccid meat spurted out liquid himself, often accompanied by a high-pitched moaning. Dany didn’t necessarily want to moan, but he often had no choice. His body was shot to heaven and all he could do was enjoy. And enjoy he did. For as long as Riz was drilling him, he thought of Bo, and the huge, muscular body on top of him, ripping him open for the first time. After Riz had emptied himself inside of Dany, the dream evaporated and Dany was left in the cold darkness again.

On some days, other Guards would come too, but Dany didn’t know their names or faces. illegal bahis He did start to recognize some shapes of their organs. There was a long, curved one that always forced himself in his mouth and emptied in there too. There was a thick, crooked one that pounded so hard, Dany often thought he could feel his legs again. There was a really big one, thick and long, that loved to bend Dany double and stroke all the way inside, as if it reached for Dany’s stomach. And there was a tiny one with a lot of skin that sometimes entered his mouth and asshole before leaving without ever letting liquid go.

Dany was used to his mourning routines and as time passed, which it seemed to do in spite of the dark, he came to like them. They were all he had to feel useful in the world. But it too became repetitive. None of the bodies that entered, enjoyed and finished inside of him, nurtured and kissed him the way Bo had. Dany was saddened that release for the men in the dungeon meant little passion and mostly the act of release itself. He often wondered if he had been assigned this duty if his legs were still working, but he tried not to think about that. He tried not to think at all. For if he did, he would miss Bo and then regret missing the man who ruined his life, and then remain angry until the prisoners returned from their shift.

But every day was the same, also in the evenings. And in the evenings, he would come. The prisoner whom got a free pass from the other guards simply to make Dany his every night. His body was huge, and rock hard. Strong, broad breast plates, rippled abs and huge arms to drown in. His dick was impressive, warm and thick too. He would open Dany with his pole for all the other prisoners to hear, until moans from all the rooms would signify the collective enjoyment with men satisfying themselves over Dany being taken. It took several times before Dany could place the scent. It was a slightly gross, musky smell. He smelled it when the liquid dropped on his face and lips the very first night he stayed in the dungeon and recognized its odor. But he couldn’t remember where he recognized it from. The next day the liquid shot over his back and ass, dripping down the crack it was conjured in. And the day after that it shot over his stomach. Still, Dany couldn’t place it. By the fourth night it was pushed down Dany’s throat and he swallowed it all, smelling the drips that his lips left on the shaft and in the hairs around it. It was the smell of seed he had smelled that night in the Princess’ room. The smell of the liquid that shot on the floor after he had conquered the hole behind it. The man who had taken him every day since he was here, was The Captain.

Dany had come to terms with the nightly visits. He had taken The Captain in the Princess chambers, and thus The Captain was allowed to take him now, he reasoned. The Judges obviously hadn’t sentenced him to Death, and thus justice relegated them to this same place. Except The Captain was strong and fierce as ever, whereas Dany had lost everything he had. So every night, Dany would relax and suffer through the burning pain the morning’s acts had left on his worn out hole. He took The Captains shaft and let it spear through his lower body, relentlessly and indifferent to whatever was in the way. Dany screamed, often, but despite himself. It wasn’t the pain that made him burden his vocal chords, but the relentless pleasure that took everything he knew about himself. Serving the Guard of Queens, training all his life, even living a quiet youth with his father in Kundor, nothing felt as close to his true self as feeling the Captains cock ravishing his lower body. It was the best combinations of all the other guards; the full feeling of Riz and the long, softness of Aeron. Nothing indicated that The Captain wanted him to enjoy his visits, it was revenge surely, but he did anyway. It helped that illegal bahis siteleri such a respected, powerful man as The Captain was perhaps unconsciously also finding pleasure in taking a nobody like him. After all, that bungling piece of meat wouldn’t stiffen everyday out of pure hatred, Dany was sure.

But today, was not like the others. Yes, today too Aeron and Riz and all the others had their fun in the morning, leaving Dany sore and his behind filled with man made milk. Fueled with anger and hurt and sadness over Bo, and the loss of love with him, Dany hadn’t thought about relaxing for The Captain that night. So when the workers returned and the Guards cut out the flames in the hall and darkness was all there was left for The Captain to sneak in their room and crawl on top of Dany, Dany couldn’t relax. No matter how hard he tried. No matter how wide open the morning activities had left him. The Captain couldn’t enter. For the only man in the world Dany truly wanted, wasn’t anywhere near. A good while, the angry, brutish man tried everything he could. Forcing a finger to a hilt and shoving it in and out. That worked. But two didn’t. Spitting on it made it feel better for Dany, but hardly opened him op. The Captain even put his mouth in between Dany’s cheeks, letting the warm tongue slide up and down the ring. But Dany couldn’t get Bo out of his mind, and with it the anger. He couldn’t relax or enjoy, or even think about anything other than Bo. And so the Captain turned violent.

After trying to force two fingers, a big strong hand slapped across Dany’s face. This didn’t help, obviously, as Dany only cringed in fear. He knew what was about to happen. He knew what this hungry beast, in the depth of darkness with no limitations on his instincts and revenge, was going to do. One way or the other, The Captain would have his release inside of a young man’s lower waist. Another slap. Dany whimpered in fear. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t run. He suddenly felt the big hand at his throat, squeezing the air out of it. Dany let out a high pitched sound as he felt the warm, leaking rod of The Captain against his stressed, closed passage. For some reason, this did turn him on. As best as he could he moved his lower body upwards. It pressed against it, the thick round head of it feeling enormous compared to the crammed down muscled star. But push with all his strength the man did, but entrance was not granted. The Captain started to growl like an animal and Dany was sure this was the end for him.

“Stop!” a soft voice spoke. Dany looked to his side, the silhouette of Seven moving beside him. Every night, for as long as Dany had been there, Seven had not made a sound during The Captains visits. Dany never blamed him, after all, if the reverse happened, Dany couldn’t have stopped it either. In fact, Dany doubted if he ever had heard Seven speak.

“Take me instead,” the voice spoke again. Dany was taken aback by Seven’s sound. It was kind and beautiful, like a song. Dany’s hairs on his arms sprouted up as a skinny, but soft body pushed him to the side of the cloth on which he slept and received his visitors. A warm breath blew in his face. Dany couldn’t see Seven, but he knew he was smiling at him, laying merely inches away, faced down.

Dany’s legs fell to the ground as the muscled body of his assailant stood op and scooted over the body next to him. He heard the ripping of cloth and the spitting that revealed his friendly neighbor had just saved him a lot of pain. Only now Dany realized what The Captain was about to do to Seven. Dany felt the warm breath again at the same time The Captain let out a loud moan. He had entered Seven. Seven clamped down Dany’s arm and whimpered. As the slapping of balls against a man’s buttocks increased, Seven squeeled more, and his grip on Dany’s arm continued. Dany petted Sevens hand in comfort and moved canlı bahis siteleri on his side with as much strength as he could muster. He edged his face closer to that of his friend and pressed his lips on where the breath came from.

For a moment, as a large male body was pounding against the young man behind, the two men kissed. Their tongues, slipping through their dry lips, massaging each other into relative kinship and support. Sevens grip loosened, and instead his fingers slid into Dany’s, holding each other through the pain. Dany could feel his own member grow for the first time he lost the use of his legs. In excitement and relief, he couldn’t help but press his skin down the shaft as he heard Sevens behind being drilled. He kissed Seven again through his whimpers and started moaned in ecstasy as his own breath and that of Sevens clashed and merged like thunder storms. Between all the hard male organs and warm milk and moaning, breathing into each other was the thing that pushed Dany over the edge. Together with half of the prison, Dany shot a massive load of liquid onto his stomach. And for a second he thought he could be happy again without Bo and with Seven.

He kissed his rescuer and new lover on the lips and he was sure he felt a smile. But The Captain wasn’t finished. Somehow he only got wilder. He pulled Seven up and Dany could see in the darkness how the contours of a young man on his hands and knees as the larger man had pressed his stomach against his back and embraced his arms around him. From the choking sounds Seven made, Dany guessed The Captains hands were around his neck. Though the smothered moaning suggested that at the very least Seven enjoyed the destruction of his manhood and submission to cock. He soon was completely entangled with The Captain, having turned his head as to make out with the rough brute on top of him. The slapping of balls against a male’s ass continued.

The drilling went on for quite a while with Sevens moans growing louder in exctasy. Dany couldn’t help but grow a bit jealous over being left out, as Seven seemed to be consumed by his assailant. With a whimper, Seven lost the strength in his arms. The Captain, meanwhile, started screaming freely, seemingly uncaring that everyone could hear. In pure beastly enjoyment, he screamed louder as his pace kept going faster. Dany couldn’t fathom how a man’s pole could have that much friction and not unload. Nor how any part of the body could take such a drill and not tear. Yet, the Captain continued screaming for quite some time until his voice reached a peak and loud moans and uncontrolled movements filled the room. The two male bodies crashed onto the floor and the older man sighed deeply with a laugh of enjoyment. Dany felt a shocking amount of fluids dripping over Sevens thighs and onto his blanket.

Dany listened how bare feet walked over the floor and out the room. Worried, he reached over Sevens body and embraced it with love.

“Are you ok? I’m so sorry. Thank you so much for this. I’m so sorry,” is all Dany knew how to say, as he gave the naked man next to him a thousand short kisses on his head and thankful tears rolled down his cheeks. He was sure he couldn’t have taken the beatings that man had given Seven just now. “I’m fine,” Seven answered in a soft breath, every life force fucked out of him. The two fell asleep like that, faces close and bodies exhausted by a man.

The next day, when Aeron and Riz entered the dark cell, was different than any other day. Indeed, Aeron lay on top of Dany once more, his long shaft buried deep in the man’s bowels. But he did not see Seven and The Captain hadn’t left for work with the other prisoners. Without a sound, Riz’ lifeless body dropped to the floor. By the time Aeron pulled out of Dany, Seven jumped at his throat and held it as The Captain beat it to pulp. Seven took the keys from the two guards as The Captain lifted Dany up in his broad arms. Dany held on to his bare neck and rested his head on his chest as he was carried outside.

Three men escaped the prison and with an intimate bond few men enjoyed, ventured into the night.

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