A Weekend at Dean and Michaela’s Ch. 01

Big Tits

I’ve known Dean she’s put my hands on her (covered) tits and once when she and Dean stayed at mine she went to the kitchen to make a morning cup of tea wearing just the t shirt she slept in, she reached up to a high shelf and her t shirt rode up exposing the bottom of her bum cheeks and some pubic hair through the gap between her legs.

Of my many ‘kinks’, one is pregnant women and another is women who are lactating. Well, having had a baby about a year ago, Michaela is currently breastfeeding. On the way to stay with them a few months ago I couldn’t help but recall a conversation we’d all had a number of years before. For some reason we started talking about human milk and all of us kind of wondered what it would taste like. Well, I decided to remind them of the conversation.

On the Saturday afternoon, Dean’s mother came round and insisted on babysitting until the next day so we could go out. Time was getting on, so getting ready was a bit of a rush job. I showered and shaved first and then while Dean used the bathroom I went downstairs to ask Michaela if I could use their iron. I’m fairly light on my feet and they have the quietest staircase I’ve ever known. The living room door was ajar and for some reason I looked through the gap between door and frame before I entered the room, to see Michaela sat watching television with a double electric breast pump milking her as she held her top up. I stood there mesmerised for what seemed like hours as the machine pulled on the nipple closest me, my cock hardening. The bottles on the pump were nearly full, so I crept back upstairs and lay on my bed gently wanking for five minutes being sure not to get sweaty and determined not to cum. By the time I noisily walked through the door, I was hiding my erection with my shirt and Michaela was pulling her top down.

When Michalea was ready she looked stunning wearing heels and a lovely blue dress that stopped a few inches above her knee and was fairly low cut at the front. I spent much of the evening wondering if she was wearing stockings or tights. We took a taxi into town, stopping first at Dean’s mothers to drop off the baby. We went for dinner, bar hopped for a while and ended the evening in a fairly quiet but plush bar that stayed open late.

Here in a secluded booth I mentioned our conversation years earlier about breastmilk and asked if they’d tried it. Michaela blushed a little and Dean said “Well, warm obviously. Quite sweet.”

“Also it depends on what I’ve been eating and drinking.” Michaela added. Unfortunately, that was about the sum total of the conversation.

“Hmmm. OK. Right then, one more drink before they close. Same again?”

“Oh, yes please they nodded.”

While I was stood at the bar, I could see Dean & Michaela talking quite animatedly in the mirror in front of me. They glanced at me occasionally but it was obvious they weren’t arguing. They’d stopped by the time I returned with the drinks and Michaela excused herself to visit the toilet.

“So, what’s it like being single again? Lots of wild sex tuzla escort with lots of women?”

“I wish. I haven’t had any for months.”

“Really? Ha! So even I’m getting more than you!”


“What are you two talking about?” asked Michaela when she returned.

“Nothing of any great importance” I said, getting up to go to the toilet myself.

“Hmmm. The other women in here I expect. Or how much more sex Mark is getting than you. You’re like a couple of teenagers sometimes” Michaela said with a smile.

“From the sound of it, Mark’s not getting any” Dean said with a smug look on his face as I left the table.

The route to the toilets is quite circuitous and I can see Dean & Michaela once before I enter and a couple of times in mirrors and again they’re talking quite animatedly.

On my way back to our table, I can see Dean & Michaela kissing. Our booth is in a raised area of the bar and as I turned the corner facing Dean & Michaela, Michaela uncrossed her legs and swivelled in her seat to let Dean out. I could see that she was indeed wearing stockings.

As Dean wanders off to the toilet, Michaela asked “Are you really not getting any at the moment?”


“You poor thing. Perhaps I should introduce you to some of my friends” she said, her ankle brushing mine.

We spoke of nothing much after Dean returned and before long, it was time to go.

When we got home, we had another drink and sat talking and listening to music. Me and Michalea were sat on the sofa and Dean on a chair to the side of us. All of a sudden Michaela said “Mark, do you really want to know what breast milk tastes like?”

“Ummm, yeah.”

She looked across at Dean who smiled and nodded.

“Come here then” she said, pushing the straps of her dress down, exposing a very sexy black lace nursing bra. Michaela then dropped the right cup of her bra revealing a large pale breast topped with a large, very dark areola and thick long nipple from which a drop of milk appeared. It was such a contrast compared to the few years earlier when she’d put my hands to her braless A cups and I – briefly – felt a small bump of a nipple. She picked up a glass from the table beside her and with her other hand expressed some milk into it and handed it to me. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen and could feel my cock stir as Michaela handed me the glass. It did indeed taste thin and quite sweet.

“Do you want to try it from the source?” Michaela asked blushing a little. Of course I said yes. Putting a cushion on her lap, she told me to lie back with my head on it. She brushed my lips with her nipple and I latched on, my mouth taking her nipple and areola inside. I suckled and was rewarded with a warm stream of milk. I moaned, feeling my cock stiffen even more and kept suckling at a slow, steady pace. I heard Michaela moaning softly and then felt fingers at the crotch of my trousers.

“I think we should take this upstairs” I heard Dean say. Reluctantly I let got of the nipple and sat up. Michaela re-arranged her clothes tuzla escort bayan and we climbed the stairs. When we got to their bedroom, Dean & Michaela began kissing and before long and they removed Michaela’s dress and fell onto the bed as I watched them, unsure as to what to do. As if reading my mind, Michaela broke off her kissing and beckoned me over. I climbed on to the bed and she kissed me deeply as Dean removed his shirt. Moving one hand down to my crotch, she whispered “we’ve never done this before.”

“Me neither” I told her as I ran one hand up her stockinged thigh. Michalea removed my shirt and we lay down on the bed.

Dean joined us and we began exploring Michaela’s body. Kissing and stroking every inch of bare skin between us and then rubbing her through her underwear until she began moaning and telling us she wanted cock. Me and Dean stood by the bed while she took down our trousers and shorts and began to play with our dicks. Michaela stroked us, licked and sucked us, played with our balls and for a few seconds took both our heads into her mouth at once.

We pushed her back on the bed and moved up to her chest and unsnapped one bra cup each and began to suckle. Dean moved his hand down her belly and under her knickers as he sucked and Michaela groaned. I too moved mine down and discovered a very wet and trimmed pussy. While Dean rubbed Michaela’s clit, I sank a finger into her hole. When she began to squirm I added another finger. After about 30 seconds Michaela started moaning and bucking and came hard.

We removed our hands and began kissing her. I knew what I wanted though. I moved down the bed and hooked my fingers over the waistband of her panties and tugged. Michaela lifted her bum and I pulled her by now damp knickers off exposing her trimmed pussy, the hairs of which were slightly redder than those on her head. I nudged her knees with my hands and she opened her legs. I licked up her thighs. Looking up I saw Dean & Michaela were no longer kissing, but Michaela had Dean’s cock in her mouth. I licked her mound and then spread her pussy and began to lick. Michaela got wetter and wetter and I pushed my tongue inside her snatch and heard a strangled moan. Pushing a finger inside Michaela’s pussy I began licking her clit. She got even wetter, so I pushed another finger inside and licked and fingered faster and harder until she came, pushing my head into her pussy. Removing my fingers, I spread her pussy lips apart and began licking her creamy juices until I heard her tell Dean to fuck her.

I moved out from between Michaela’s legs and watched her spread her pussy and pull Dean’s cock inside her, shuddering as he gave her his whole length. I moved to kiss Michaela and she reached out and grabbed my cock and started to wank me.

“Let me suck it”. How could I refuse? She opened her mouth drew my cock into her. Michalea’s mouth was fantastic. Her tongue licked the head of my cock as she sucked. I moaned and begged her not to go too fast. Dean on the other hand was giving her all he had, her tits jiggling with escort tuzla every thrust he made, so I reached over and began to squeeze one.

“I’m going to cum” Dean moaned. Removing my cock from her mouth, Michaela told him to pull out. “Not yet love. I want Mark” and looking at me she said “I want to go on top.Q I lay on the bed and Michaela straddled me, took hold of my cock and sank down on it, closing her eyes and groaning as she did so. Putting her hands on my chest, she slowly began to move up and down as Dean sat beside us, trying not to touch his cock. As she began to move faster Michaela leaned down and kissed me deeply before breaking off and moving so her boobs hung over my face. She took one in each hand and squeezed her nipples until she sprayed me with milk. Naturally I reached up and took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking while taking her other breast in my hand and squeezing it, tugging gently on the nipple.

When the tit I was sucking on seemed empty, I took the other nipple in my mouth and sucked until that too was empty. Michaela told me to sit up. I did so and she wrapped her legs around me and held me close. I felt her pussy tighten slightly around my shaft. How, I’m not sure but as Michaela came I managed to orgasm without shooting my load. After she’d come down she said “I’m going to turn around, please don’t cum in me.” She turned around and slid back down me and as she rode she began to suck Dean’s cock again, slowly as she had mine. As she ground up and down on my cock I gave her bum a quick slap and then parted her cheeks to reveal her arsehole and my cock stretching her cunt. Sucking my finger to get it nice and wet, I ran it around her puckered arsehole. As she didn’t appear to object, I did it several more times before pushing the tip of my finger inside. Then I pushed further until it was all the way in and began moving it in and out. Michaela began riding me harder and I moaned that I was about to cum.

Michaela quickly climbed off me and wiggled her bum at Dean. “Fuck me while I suck Mark”. Dean got behind her and slid his cock in while I got into position. Michaela sucked me hard while I reached under and played with her swaying boobs. “Play with my balls” I hissed. As Michaela massaged my balls I felt my cum about to shoot. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming” I shouted giving her time to take me out of her mouth. Instead, she took me deeper and massaged my balls harder until I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed some, then opened her mouth to show me what was left. Swallowing again, she rested her head on the bed and lifted her bum higher as Dean’s strokes got faster.

Laying down beside them I reached under and squeezed Michaela’s swinging boobs with one hand and moved the other to her clit. Michaela’s breathing got faster and her moans louder and she squealed when Dean spanked her bum a couple of times. “Cum for me, cum inside me” she begged Dean. All of a sudden, they both cried out and I knew they’d cum. We collapsed in a sweaty, satisfied, cum-filled heap. Before sipping under the covers and snuggling up with Michaela in the middle, I got up to go to the toilet. On the way back, I couldn’t resist crawling between Michaela’s legs to look at her leaking pussy and then parting her lips to see the mess Dean had made.

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