A Weekend of Firsts Part 2


A Weekend of Firsts Part 2The next morning I woke up and really didn’t want to go into work, all I wanted to do was get fucked all day like I did the night before.The whole time I was at work all I could think about was last night and what was going to be happening that night. I found it incredibly difficult to hide my erection, which gets a little awkward when speaking to customers. Luckily I lasted the day and got home as quick as humanly possible. I texted both men to see if everything was still on for that night and they both said yes. So I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready to leave, Trying my best not to have a wank.On my way up to the first guys house I received a text from him saying to just come in and get naked in the hall, after that to walk in the living room and start sucking him off without saying anything to each other. I instantly got an erection, luckily I was next to his place so I didn’t have to walk far with it.I entered his house and done what I was told. I got naked in the hall then walked into the living room to find him naked on the couch watching the football (soccer) on TV. He did not even acknowledge that I was there. I moved in front of him and got on my knees, grabbed his dick and started to slowly suck. He was still watching the TV and had yet to pay me any attention.At least 20 mins had passed and I still had not received any acknowledgement. It must have been half time on the football because I heard the words I had been dreaming of all day. “Bend over” I got on all fours facing the TV, he passed me some poppers and positioned himself behind me. Once again I was about to get fucked bareback. I was gagging for it and he knew it because he wouldn’t put his dick inside me, he would only rub it around my ass, I kept backing into him so he would enter me but he kept moving back. Then all of a sudden he pushed in as I was backing up. He entered me a lot faster and rougher than the previous night so I was starting to hurt a bit but that eased off with more poppers. Today he was more aggressive and more rougher, he didn’t really let my ass adjust to his dick he just started pounding me right away. Part of me didn’t like it due to it hurting a bit, the other part loved it though. After about 2 mins I was completely loving it. Due to us not having as much time as the night before he was holding nothing back and was pounding my ass as hard as he could. It was as if he was wanting to fuck me and cum before the second half started. He would have no such luck.Both of his hands were on my hips holding on as tight as he could as he fucked me silly. He had been fucking me for about half an hour and then I had a thought, a thought that had me the most fethiye escort turned on I had been all day. As he was pounding my ass bareback for the second day running, it occurred to me that I had no idea what his name was, or the name of the man who would be fucking me later that night. I loved it.I was having a great time and then I felt him fuck me a little faster and harder then slam his dick inside me ass deep as he could and then cum in me. He kept his dick in me for a few mins as I slowly moved back and forth on his dick. He then pulled out and moved in front of me and put his dick right up to my mouth. without hesitation I was taking his dick as deep as I could get, sucking him dry and clean.I got up and my legs were shaking from the pounding I just got. He sat down on the couch and continued to watch the football. At the same time as nodding towards the door, as if to say leave now, he thanked me and to give him a text if I wanted more later on. I replied definitely and went to the hall to get dressed. I was just used and I loved it.After leaving his house I called a taxi and texted the second guy that I was on my way down, he told me what room he was in. When I got to the hotel I went straight to his room and was greeted by a man in a nice suit. We entered his room and exchanged pleasantries, he told me his name (which was a little annoying, I liked not knowing his name) and that he was glad he found someone online to fuck as this was his last night up in Dundee away from his wife.I said whilst we’re on the topic of fucking if he had any fetishes he had or anything he always wanted to try. Oddly enough bareback came up again. I don’t know what it was about that weekend. He had never done bareback before but had wanted to try it, I told him I would be willing to let him fuck me bareback if he wanted. This got him a little hard as I could see it through his trousers so I took it upon myself to start the night off. I got on my knees and pulled down his zip and took out his dick. It wasn’t as big as the other mans but still big, he was about 6-7 inches and tasted really good. I was sucking for a bit before he told me he wanted to do one of his fetishes, something I hadn’t done before (I’ll say in the comments as I’m not allowed to say here). We went into the empty bath tub where I started to suck him some more, this is when we done what we’re not allowed to mention.He the told me he was desperate to fuck me so he bent me over the side of the bath so my ass was pointed up and my face was pretty much in the ground, he positioned behind me, this is when he just thrust his dick in my ass fairly hard and started fucking. Luckily I wasn’t too tight due to the fucking I had escort fethiye just been given. As I was getting fucked in one of the most unnatural positions that I had been in all I could think of was, this man that is fucking me bareback is a complete stranger and is almost three times my age. That turned me on to no end. After about 10 mins of fucking me in this position he came inside me. “That was incredible” he said, thanking me for letting him try bareback. I thanked him for letting me suck his dick and fucking me.We both got dressed after a quick shower and said our goodbyes, with him promising to get in touch the next time he was up. I left his room and made my way downstairs, texted the guy from earlier in the night asking if he was up for some more. He called me almost instantly and asked what hotel I was at and for me to wait on him outside because he’d come pick me up.The look I got from one of the hotel staff as I left the hotel was priceless, it was as if they knew what had just happened.I was only waiting outside for about 5 mins before he showed up. I got in his car and noticed straight away that he had his dick out waiting for me. I was expecting him to drive away but he didn’t. I asked him why he wasn’t driving a way. He told me he wasn’t moving until I started sucking his cock. I grabbed his cock and started wanking it and asked if that was enough since we were in the city center and even though it was late at night someone might see us but he said no. “if you get down quick enough no one will notice” he said. I was extremely hesitant about doing it in case someone saw, the fact we were just sitting there in the car for this amount of time was starting to arouse suspicion from the staff in the hotel. I plucked up the courage and got down as quick as I could and started sucking, someone must have seen me, then he started driving away.It was only after I realised how long I had been sucking his dick for that I knew we weren’t going back to his. He eventually pulled over at the side of a country road and told me to get naked. I got naked except from my shoes and got out of the car. He then got out still clothed and told me to get on all fours in the middle of the road. Apparently he’s been here a few times and knew this was a quiet time. I went along with pretty much everything he said as I knew from previous experience I’d have a good time.So there I was on all fours in the middle of a country road waiting to be fucked but all he was doing was just watching me. He eventually came over, still fully dressed and started fucking me really hard from the start. I was loving it. If it hadn’t been for the sore knees and the odd car going past I would have loved fethiye escort bayan to have been fucked there all night.He came in my ass then pulled out, something I wasn’t expecting. Then he told me to follow him into the wooded area. Luckily just as we got in there a car went past. We only walked into the woods for about a minute, me still naked and him still fully clothed with his dick hanging out through his zip, until we got to a certain spot. A spot that is apparently a hot spot for gay men.I started sucking his dick again whilst he asked and ordered at the same time “now if anyone finds us here I’m going to ask them if they want a shot at fucking you and you’ll do it won’t you” I nodded in agreement whilst I continued to suck. Unfortunately that night no other men appeared and ever since then it’s Something I have done and loved, but that’s for a different storyAfter we realised no other people seemed to be coming that way that night we headed back for the car. I went to get in but was told that wasn’t an option yet and to make my way to the front of the car and bend over onto the bonnet. I was quite cold already after being naked outside for about an hour so leaning on a car bonnet was going to make me even colder, I think he knew this because he wanted me pressed right up against it, as much as my body as possible. Then and only then did he enter me again and start fucking this time he was mixing it up between the rough hard fucking and the nice long and slow thrusts.I was enjoying it that much I didn’t even noticed that a car was coming up the road we were on. “don’t worry they won’t see us” That’s when he really started to fuck me hard. I don’t know if it was the excitement of possibly getting caught or the good fucking my ass was getting but I was loving it and stopped caring about the car. The people in the car did actually see us because I saw one of them look back out the window as they went past, fortunately they didn’t stop and we weren’t there for too much longer after that on the off chance they phoned the police.He came inside me one last time that night and I was pretty much filled to the brim. we got back in his car and he drove me home. When we arrived at mine he took out his dick one last time and smiled whilst saying to me “you know my dick still needs cleaned”. Even though it was right outside my parents house, and if I got caught I would be mortified, I got down and started sucking without any hesitation. It was late enough at night that I was confident no one would see, luckily I was right. I sucked and licked his dick clean then had to force myself out of his car or I would have wanted to go back to his for some more fun.I got in the house and went straight to bed, completely filled with cum.Sorry it was so long, I have a tendency of going into too much detail when talking about previous experiences, I just love talking about them. Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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