A weekend up north ( part 1 )


A weekend up north ( part 1 )It all started about five years ago now.I was always on Facebook, chatting to family and friends, I’d was chatting to David, we had been talking for a while and had exchanged mobile phone numbers, as we were chatting I explained that my wife and myself were constantly arguing these day, mainly over money and sex, on the account that we had neither in our lives at the moment. He laughed, ” isn’t that what most people argue about. Listen John, if you need to get away for a few days why not pay us a visit ?, We have a spare room, and you are quite welcome to use it ” I replied that I would give it some consideration and would get back to him on that. Then we changed the subject and started talking about football and how our respective teams were fairing in the premier league, but I was wondering about taking David up on his offer, maybe the wife and I needed a bit of space just to get our heads straight, and a couple of weeks later I was driving up north to visit David and Helen for a long weekend.Pulling up outside their council house I felt apprehensive about actually knocking on the door. I could hear a dog barking at the rear of the building and by the sounds of it it wasn’t a little one either. I nervously rang the doorbell, even then I considered turning around,getting g back in my ford focus and driving back home, it was only the thought of having more arguments, and the fact that David had already opened the door that stopped me. “Hi John, come in, come in, how was your drive up the motorway ? ” I tentatively crossed the threshold, explaining that I had took it steady, nearly turned around twice to go back home and listened to a few of my country music discs. As I looked David up and down, I hadn’t realised how big a man he was, built like a brick shithouse and twice as wide..David by now had led me into the front room where Helen was sitting on the sofa, her hands clasped together on her lap, she looked as nervous as I felt, even with David’s joyful greeting. ” Hi, John, ” Helen said, wringing her hands together, ” we have put Paddy in the back garden for now, he can be a bit of a boisterous sometime so thought it best ” .David led me to an armchair, directly opposite his wife, and disappeared into the kitchen, ” Milk and two ? ” He shouted through.” White no sugar please ” I called back, as I accepted a cigarette that Helen was offering me, as she leant towards MSI couldn’t do anything but admire her beautiful cleavage, feeling like a naughty schoolboy I dragged my eyes away from her and glanced towards the patio doors that led into the back garden only to see Paddy, a fucking big Alsatian, staring back at me. illegal bahis David returned with three cups of tea on a tray and passed them around, sat beside his wife on the sofa, and began chatting like we were long lost friends rather than, although friends on Facebook and the odd phone call,total strangers. Within a half hour the tension that had hung over the room like a bad smell had dissipated and we were laughing and joking, even Paddy was in the room now, wagging his tail with excitement. All thoughts of my wife, Karen, and the problems we were experiencing had been driven from my mind.By ten o clock that evening I felt exhausted and Helen led me up the stairs to their spare room that I was going to occupy for the next couple of nights. As I followed her up the stairs I couldn’t help but compare her to Karen, Karen was overweight, not grossly, but she could do with losing a few pounds, whereas Helen was slender, the dress she wore clung to her body as if it had been made to measure, hugging each curve like a lover.That might as I lay there thoughts of Karen returned, god I could forgive her the way she spent money like water, if only she would put out three or four times a week. I grinned, was I really that easy to please that all she had to do was drop her panties every now and then ?. I fell asleep wondering what the demure Helen would be like in the bedroom.I arose late on Saturday morning, I could hear David and Helen talking downstairs in the otherwise silent house as I washed and dressed.That day, after a hearty breakfast and, David and Helen suggested we should take a walk into town, then onto the park so Paddy could have a good run around, do his business, and then return home for an evening of relaxing in front of the TV, and a glass of wine or two, ” and if we are good boys Helen will let us watch match of the day ” David laughed, sneaking a glance at his wife. The day was beautiful, the sun shone and gave off an unseasonably hot radiance as we walked down the small high street, stopping every now and then to admire things in shop windows. Chatting about everything except my predicament at home, which I was thankful for. I can honestly say that that day took all my trouble’s away, the sun, the banter, the window shopping, everything seemed idyllic in that pistureque little town. After dinner that evening David opened a bottle of red and we all sat down to chat about things in general, David was sat beside Helen, his big muscular arms wrapped gently over her slender shoulders. Helen turned her head towards her husband, her dress riding up so I got a bit more than a glimpse of her stocking tops as she kissed him. Paddy lay on the illegal bahis siteleri carpet at their feet, for myself I felt like a fish out of water, as though I was intruding on this couples life, and wondered why Karen never wore a skirt or dress, never kissed me with that look of love in her eyes never wore anything revealing or even remotely sexy. We had started our second bottle of wine when Paddy decided to whine to be let outside, presumably to relieve himself. David got up and gave Helens shoulder a gentle squeeze before making his way to the patio doors. Helen smiled and as soon as David’s back was turned she looked across to me and teasingly opened her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was completely shaven and my erection was instant.i frantically tried to readjust before David returned to Helens amusement. Paddy came bounding into through the open patio doors closely followed by David, lay down in front of Helen and looked up at her, I swear he was looking up her dress like I had done not a minute before. “Jesus, that’s hot in here, ” David remarked as he began to take his shirt off to reveal a body that Arnie Schwarzenegger would have been proud of in his youth, muscle rippled over muscle, ” ain’t you hot John ?” He asked.Oh I was hot alright but not in the same way as David, my erection hadn’t abated and was pressing painfully against the fabric of my jeans and I had no way of relieving its position without being patently obvious and David seeing.” A little ” I smiled Helen reached across, to top up our empty wine glasses, her cleavage more pronounced than my erection, the tight figure hugging dress she wore clung to her body and her nipples were straining straining against the fabric as much as my erection was inside my jeans. By now we were all quite tipsy and David had noticed me staring at Helens cleavage, even though I thought I’d not been obvious. ” You like Helens tits, she got a great body on her ” I could feel the heat rising on my face as I took a big gulp of wine instead of the small sip I had intended.” Mm, yes, ” oh fuck I thought, this is wearing I get the biggest good hiding of my life.” Stand up sweetheart and show John how good you look in that dress” As Helen stood up she straddled Paddy laying at her feet, I swear that dog got a good look up her dress and licked his lips. As I admired Helens stunning figure I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, David had stood up and gone into the kitchen.” Last bottle ” he laughed, holding up yet another bottle of wine.” Oh shut up David, ” Helen said sternly, ” We have spoken about this, I’m sure John has had enough wine for one night.” canlı bahis siteleri David’s face dropped, ” sorry sweetheart” he muttered ” And John you can ignore him, he is a sissy, not a real man, show John your small cock like a good boy ” I sat there stunned, David had come across as the dominant partner, but now Helen was showing her true colours. David slowly undressed until he stood in front of both Helen and myself, his small cock as flat as a puncture on a articulated lorry. His head bowed in defeat as Helen laughed at his manhood.”See, fucking useless, how the hell is a woman meant to know it’s even inside her, god even when I grab it to give him a wanking, which is all he gets from me, I have two finger with fuck all to grab hold of, your absolutely no good for any woman, Paddy gets more off me than David, don’t you Paddy, David’s just a piece of shit, tell John David ” ” I’m just a worthless piece of shit, only good for watching my wife getting fucked by other men, ” he said meekly.The derision and taunting went on as Helen slipped off her dress to reveal her flawless body. Her tits nice and soft with the nipples standing out proudly, her pussy all shaven and looking moist, her shapely legs extenuated by the nylon stockings she wore.Paddy got up from were he had been laying, gave Helens pussy a sniff and a lick before trotting over to David and doing the same again on David, I noticed David’s flaccid cock twitch as the roughness of Paddy’s tongue touched the head. ” Your turn John” Helen said, pulling me up out of the armchair I was occupying and pulling my t shirt over my head. She stood directly in front of me and as the t shirt came off I was staring straight at those beautiful tits with their protruding nipples, as I looked down I noticed her legs slightly apart and Paddy head was buried between them, obviously enjoying the scent and taste of of Helens wetness. David, head still bowed, just stood there motionless as if waiting expectantly for his next command from this demure looking woman. ” Now those jeans ” she said, getting on her knees and unbuckling my belt. Behind her Paddy was panting as if waiting for his command, just like David. Waited for his. Helen pulled my jeans and boxers down, a smile spread across her face as she kissed the head of my hard cock, before asking me to step out of the clothing now around my ankles. ” Oh John, not the biggest I’ve ever seen but certainly beats that sissy of the man I married. Standing up and taking me by the hand she led me the two or three steps it took over to the sofa, laid herself down and pulled me on top of her, ” eat me John, eat my dripping wet pussy ” she whispered in my ear before pushing my head down between her legs, were only moments before Paddy’s tongue had teased her. Looking across to David, and still expecting a good beating, I noticed him slowly nod his head as if giving me permission without Helen noticing

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