A Whole New World


I love my cousin Kelly for introducing me to my first lesbian experience as an inexperienced eighteen year old girl.


Funny how some memories still manage to make an impact on a person and even cause a physical reaction just thinking and writing about them. I remember the first time I was with another female and I guess that was the point at which I discovered I was bi-sexual. I guess some things you never forget and neither does your body.

It happened many years ago and none of it was planned or even talked about before or after. But after the first time, it was simply just a given that we would wind up naked and pretending who would be the guy and who would be the girl. We switched because it was more fun that way and we both enjoyed being the “guy” and being “on top”.

I remember staying at my cousin’s house during summer vacations just to get away from the rural farming area where we lived and where friends were miles apart instead of just next door at the neighbor’s house. So I was invited to spend a couple of weeks after school let out with my cousin’s who lived about an hour away and because we were the same age I jumped at the chance.

I got all packed and got ready to go. I didn’t have a car and couldn’t take our family station wagon so as my father drove I asked, “Are we there yet?” and was happy when I finally heard, “yes we’re there!” I ran to the front door of my aunt’s house yelling for my cousins and giggled when my cousin Kelly came running out giggling just as much. We were only a month apart in age and liked all the same music and television shows and she was happy not to have to only spend her summer with little sisters and baby brother. I knew this would be the best two weeks ever, although at that moment I didn’t exactly know JUST HOW GOOD they would turn out to be and how much it made me look forward to summer and Easter vacation time!!

I said my goodbyes to my parents and Kelly and I asked to go to the nearby school and off we went. We talked about boys, school, music, movie star crushes, everything and walked to the little strip mall down the road from her house even though we knew we weren’t supposed to, and bought sodas and looked through the latest canlı bahis şirketleri teen magazines. Back when we were young, spending time at the magazine rack wasn’t an issue with the store clerk; he wasn’t much more than a kid himself and was too busy flirting with some girls anyway.

So after we finished our soda and we walked home in time for dinner and everybody, all 5 kids and 1 baby made such a racket at the dinner table but it was fun feeling like I was a part of a big “family” since it was just the four of us at home. Kelly and I had to clean up; being the two oldest, no big deal we laughed and threw water and the dishcloth at each other and my aunt scolded us, but not too harshly.

The younger kids had to take their bath and go to bed earlier than Kelly and I so we watched television in the family room while the little kids all went to bed and my aunt and uncle went to their room. I learned later it so they could fool around, but did not think anything about it until I heard some noise coming from behind their closed door. I knew from movies and Sex Ed what was going on but living in such a rural/farm area I could only imagine and relate it to the animals on the neighbor’s farm during mating season. But that’s a topic for another story. Yummy

Anyway, it was late, my aunt and uncle had quieted down for a while and Kelly and I climbed the stairs to the attic room she shared with two of her younger sisters. They were asleep and it was pretty cool up there, dark and the window fan was just loud enough to be soothing and we got changed into our pajamas and climbed under the sheets. I fell asleep pretty quickly but I remember dreaming about my aunt and uncle and remember waking up to hear soft moans from next to me and the bed shaking slightly and I asked Kelly if she was okay? The moans stopped and so did the bed movement and she shushed me and turned over and whispered, “I was touching myself and did not mean to wake you up.” Now I could understand touching myself, I started masturbating at a very early age with just about anything that I could think of to put between my legs. Just about that time I felt that familiar twinge start and put my fingers in between the folds of my hairless canlı kaçak iddaa pussy and Kelly felt my arm move and asked if I was touching myself and I said I was. I was not expecting her next move and was in for quite a treat!!

Kelly reached over and kissed me right on the lips as if it was the most natural thing in the world and stuck out her tongue which sent a shock through my entire body at the touch! Without thinking, I touched her tongue with mine and felt all warm and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back. She stopped long enough to whisper, “let’s take our pajamas off but be real quiet.” What I wanted was more of her kisses and to play with my pussy until I got that familiar wonderful feeling of release. So we stripped, got back into bed and put our naked skin together and it was incredible! I didn’t know how soft it would be and then I felt the most exciting thing happen. Kelly put her hands on my pussy bump and whispered, “open your legs sweetie and let me touch you.”

I couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling and I will never forget that first time.

Kelly kissed my mouth with her soft lips and warm tongue and slowly rubbed me between the legs which had opened all by them selves. I could feel her fingers massage the lips and then I felt the wetness start and she slid her fingers between the lips to a spot that sent waves of pleasure through my whole body. I did not know it at the time but that was my first orgasm and I wanted more!! I remember taking my hand and sliding it down her body so I could touch her too. She was just as wet down there as I was and moaned when my fingers hit her clit. We touched and kissed for what seemed like hours. When she moved away from my mouth I did not know what she was doing but I wasn’t going to stop her when she kept kissing lower on my tummy and then my thighs. Without thinking I spread my legs and she kissed me down there!! It was the best feeling, or so I thought and then she did something that brings me to an orgasm whenever I close my eyes and think about it. She stuck out her tongue and licked me. OMG, what a feeling. I couldn’t help myself and I pushed her face into the wetness and moved my hips to the same rhythm her canlı kaçak bahis tongue was making until I felt the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt in my life!!

She kept licking my swollen pussy lips again and again and each time the wave of pleasure would wash over me and I would push my pussy as close as I could into her face and she just kept licking me! I didn’t want her to stop but she did and told me it was my turn to lick her and boy was I anxious to find out how it tasted. Pussy juice is the sweetest tasting thing there is and oh I was determined to make her feel as good as she made me so I lapped at her like a hungry dog for as long as she let me!! She pushed my face away but quickly climbed on top of me with her face between my legs and her pussy on my face and just when I thought the feelings couldn’t possibly get any better, I found out I was so wrong!!! She sucked my pussy while I smothered my mouth in her swollen lips, covered with sweet pussy nectar and we hungrily licked each other over and over and we fell into an instinctual rhythm humping each other mouths until we both had “orgasms.” I couldn’t get enough of her taste, her scent, the feel of her lips in my mouth and then Kelly showed me something totally new and fantastic!! She laid with her head at the foot of the bed and I laid with mine at the head of the bed and we slid our excited pussies together, wrapped our legs around the other and rubbed them together back and forth, over and over, one little orgasm after another until I felt I couldn’t breathe any more!

We laid there not knowing how late, or early it was and Kelly said we would have to get back in to our pajamas before we fell asleep because we didn’t need to get caught undressed and she could tell I was disappointed but just said, “you’re here for two whole weeks and we can do this every night” at which point I kissed her and said, “I love you Kelly” and she told me she loved me too and this was our little secret. Needless to say every chance I had to spend at her house was met with claps and giggles and even a little wetness between my legs at the thought of what would happen every night.

That was my first experience and each one after was even more wonderful. I just love masturbating to the memory of a woman I met out in the Midwest who was this woman’s walking talking bisexual fantasy!

Whenever I think about this and even now as I write, the juices are flowing..mmmm Maddie where are you now??

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