A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is purely fictional. Any possible similarities between the characters and events with people in real life are purely coincidental.


My name is David. I’m a thirty-five year old man who went though what would probably be a fantasy to most men. Before I get into it, let me tell you about where I came from.

I normally work as an accounting/financial manager for a large bank. I’m good at my job. I’m not some millionaire living the high life, but my career has afforded me things like a four-bedroom house and a nice car. You might think I’m living the perfect life, but it’s not all wine and roses.

I used to be married. I met my wife back in college and we dated for several years. We married and planned on the usual things married couples do. We bought the house (fully paid for) and were planning on starting a family. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well.

Robert is a childhood friend of mine. While I graduated college, married, and built a nice upper middle-class career, he wheeled and dealed his way into making many of the “right moves” that led him to becoming a regular Gordon Gekko, only not as “evil”. Taking money inherited from a dead relative, he invested in Apple before the iPod, and in Google before they really blew up. I won’t knock him, he’s good at playing the market and turned his measly $20,000 inheritance into an investment firm making him $100 million a year. Robert is also your stereotypical wealthy playboy bachelor. Jet-setting, dating models, driving exotic cars, etc.

Before you think it, Robert did not steal my ex-wife from me, although he regularly feels like he caused my divorce. How did this happen? Well, about three years ago, Robert was holding a charity gala at an art museum downtown. My now ex-wife and I attended. Robert had introduced me to a business colleague of his who was another wealthy playboy type.

I did not think much of it, but Robert’s colleague apparently had eyes on my now ex-wife. Somehow he managed to get in contact with her, and a year later I find out she was having a steamy affair with him. I even remembered when I thought she was traveling for work, but found out she was flying to exotic getaways. It wasn’t until they both showed up on a celebrity watcher TV show that any of us found out.

Long story short, we divorced shortly after, and my ex-wife ended up playing with Mr. playboy until he dumped her for someone younger. I guess karma is a bitch. At the time of the divorce, my now ex-wife didn’t want to turn things into a heavy drama, so I got to keep the house and everything else was settled. I’m thankful that while she wasn’t faithful, she also wasn’t your typical “destroy him” divorcee.

So now it’s the present day. It’s been a year and a half since my divorce, and my life has been mainly work and home. I go to work, put in the hours, make people a lot of money (even in this economy), then go home to my empty house to hide.

Robert of course has had this overbearing feeling of guilt ever since then. He stopped doing business with his colleague and even tried many ways to “make it up to me”. I’ve told him time and time again he did nothing wrong, and that it was my ex who decided to betray me. Still, his hard confidence every now and then does take small cracks, and he’s even tried things like getting me to take some pity job in his firm for four times what I get paid now as well as attempts to drag me out to mingle with high-priced models he mostly rolls with. He’s a good friend, but I’ve told him over and over I just need to heal from the wounds, and he doesn’t need to “buy” my loyalty.

The other day I paid him a visit to his downtown office for our weekly lunch meetup together. Coming into the top floor I was of course greeted by Robert’s sweet and rather pretty executive assistant Jacqueline. She’s got everything you would normally expect out of some wealthy CEO’s executive assistant. Long dark hair, pretty brown eyes, long slender legs, and a nicely shaped body. I think she must be an ethnic mix of Hispanic and Asian blood, but I’m not good at determining these things.

Every time I see Jacqueline she always seems to light up. With others she’ll be totally business formal, but with me it’s like we’re old friends. After a little small talk, I went to see my friend.

Robert: “Hey big guy!”

David: “Nice to see you too. I see you still keep Jacqueline around.”

Robert: “Where else are going to find that mix of brains with a body to die for?”

David: “Not many. My CEO’s assistant is a total airhead. You ready for lunch?”

Robert: “Yeah! You’re birthday’s next month buddy. Any plans?”

David: “Nah. Not really. You know I’ve never made a big deal out of my birthday.”

Robert: “Oh come on now! Why don’t I fly us to Vegas? We’ll hit the tables, walk the casino oyna strip like Danny Ocean and Rusty, pick up some hot tail, and have a wild time?”

David: “No man, it’s ok. Honest.”

Robert: “David, I’ve known you my whole life. I know you got divorced a year and a half ago, but how long are you going to sit in this rut? You gotta get out there again, find a better woman, and have some mind-blowing sex.”

David: “I’m just not ready. Not sure if I want to try again.”

Robert: “Just between us buddy, when’s the last time you got laid?”

David: “Robert!”

Robert: “Come on David, when?”

David: “Fine. Two years ago.”

Robert: “TWO YEARS AGO???”

David: “Shush! I don’t want your whole company knowing that!”

Robert: “Two years? That means the last girl you slept with was your ex. I mean, come on…you didn’t even seek out some rebound or anything?”

David: “I’m not like you in that sense. You were always better with the ladies. I was the more modest one.”

Robert: “Dude, you have to get laid. Break out of the shell. Why not go to Sin City and get some?”

David: “No. I’m ok.”

Robert: “Come on David. I hate seeing you like that. I hate that I caused you to be in this situation…”

David: “Enough. For the last time, you did not cause my divorce. Neither of us knew what was going on. You can’t keep beating yourself up about this Robert. What’s done is done. Maybe eventually I’ll get back on the market again. For now I honestly just don’t feel attractive or desirable. I just feel like some loser who got his girl stolen. I know this won’t last forever, but for now I just need to deal with it as I can.”

Robert sat there thinking for a moment, then got a smile on his face.

Robert: “At least let me spoil you with a great birthday gift.”

David: “You don’t have to do that.”

Robert: “It’s not about having to do it, but wanting to do it. I’ll buy you something nice because you’re my friend and I love ya. Just stop debating and just take it. Ok?”

I rolled my eyes and said “ok”. We went to lunch and talked about the usual stuff. Sports, money, cars, etc. From there we went our separate ways and I went back to the safety of my routines. Work, home, exercise, etc.

My birthday falls in late August. When the first Saturday of August came, I was home watching a DVD with a beer. My simple night was interrupted by the doorbell. Bewildered, I got up to see who it was.

When I opened the door I was surprised to see a young blonde woman there. She looked like she worked for the UPS, but her clothing couldn’t be the standard uniform. Her top looked like a tight-fitting UPS shirt completely unbuttoned and tied off like she was Daisy Duke. She didn’t even have pants, but these fitted booty shorts in the same beige as the top. I could tell they were tight because I could even spot a “camel toe”. On her feet were simple canvas shoes.

The girl herself was a knockout. She must have been twenty or twenty-one. Long blond hair tied off in a pony tail, coming out of the back of her dark brown UPS cap. Tight, athletic body with a rather delicious looking ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Her chest wasn’t anything to write home about, but I still thought she was hot as hell.

Ashley: “Hi, I’m Ashley. I have a delivery for ‘David’?”

David: “I’m David.”

She handed me a small box and pulled out a clipboard, stating I needed to sign for it. I was bewildered because while I know we have had a pretty hot summer, I don’t imagine UPS would allow female employees to dress like this.

Ashley: “Shit. I lost my pen, do you have one?”

David: “Yeah, over here.”

I walked inside with the box and headed over to a nearby table to grab a pen. Ashley took a few steps inside and quietly shut the door behind her. I didn’t notice as I came over to sign her clipboard.

David: “What the heck is this, I didn’t order anything.”

Ashley: “It’s from a ‘Robert’.”

David: “AH…that makes sense, but my birthday isn’t for another three weeks.”

I opened the box to find it full of condoms and a note:


Hey buddy, Happy Birthday!

I’m sure you’ll probably not partake of this, but you seriously need to get laid and Ashley here will “deliver” nicely.

Just have a blast, for me?



I was shocked. Robert bought me what looked like a high-price escort to come here and sleep with me. I looked at Ashley in shock.

David: “You’re kidding, right?”

Ashley walked her way over to me.

Ashley: “I delivered my package, but I can see your ‘package’ quite nicely.”

Ashley began to caress my crotch, which apparently had grown to full hardness just when I first saw her. I quickly slot oyna pulled away.

David: “No…no…I’m not doing this. I can’t believe he would pay someone to come here like this.”

Ashley: “David, you can kick me out of your house if you want, or you can lower your guard and we’ll have a lot of fun tonight. Robert paid $5000 for me to come here and fuck your brains out. You have me until morning.”

Ashley came a little closer and began to caress my cheek.

Ashley: “He must care about you a great deal as a friend if he’s going to spend that much money on you. I don’t know you personally, but even I can see you’re really wound up. I’ll leave if you want, but I think you could seriously use a night of some wild adult fun. What do you have to lose? Don’t dis your friend because he cared.”

I had to admit she had a point. Here I am, single, free, horny as hell, and a gorgeous young blonde woman in a kinky outfit here to satisfy me physically. I had one last moment of insecurity, but simply said “fuck it” in my mind and took Ashley into my arms. One hand ended up on the small of her back, the other copping a nice feel of that tight butt of hers. Her arms went around my neck.

David: “So what can I do and what can’t I do?”

Ashley: “You can do anything you want except anal, and I don’t do any sado-masochistic or freaky gross stuff like peeing on you. Your cock has to be in a condom if you’re going to fuck me.”

David: “Can I kiss you?”

Ashley: “Of course…that’s why Robert bought you the ‘full experience’.”

I brought my lips to Ashley’s and felt a shockwave over my whole body. Out lips and tongues danced together as I could feel the heat of her sexy body on me. I pulled Ashley tighter to me and continued to kiss her deeply, loving every moment of affection I could get out of her. My hands were exploring her body and I decided to cast doubts and insecurities to the wind and just be a man for one night. I vowed to myself to fuck her as much as I could and regain some shred of the dignity my ex took from me.

My lips moved from Ashley’s to her neck, nibbling on it as she dropped her head back. I could feel the softness of her hair touching my hand on her back as my other hand started to undo her top. As I opened her top, I could see she didn’t have large breasts, but she did have very hard nipples, and I attacked them like a baby seeking her mother’s milk. Nibbling and biting on her nipples as Ashley moaned in pleasure. I didn’t know if she was acting or not, but I didn’t care.

I felt one of her hands caressing my head, but her other hand move down to rub my raging hard-on through the athletic pants I was wearing. She slid her hand inside and grasped my cock with her slender fingers, gently stroking me as I continued to devour her body.

“Let me go for a second” she whispered, and I did. Ashley pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it on the nearby couch, and then took off her top and tossed it on top of my shirt. She straightened up her UPS cap and smiled devilishly as she started to pull my pants down.

Ashley: “I’m the working girl tonight…so let me handle this ‘package’. Sit on the edge of the couch baby.”

I backed up a few steps and sat on the edge of the couch as my hard-on was now free and standing straight out. Ashley licked her lips and caressed my cock with her hand. She then took my cock and slowly licked it from base to head. I let out a deep sigh as I felt tingling all over my body. I hoped I’d at least last a while, as the only sex I had for the last two years was with my hand.

Ashley continued to run her tongue over my cock and planted kisses all over it. Her hands gently caressing my manhood. She then more firmly grasped by shaft and brought the head into her mouth, slowly taking my cock in inch by inch. She then slowly brought it out and continued her slow in and out motion for a few minutes. Her tongue felt like soft velvet every time it ran along the underside of my cock. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes, Ashley quickened to a medium pace, working my cock in and out of her mouth. I had to admit this girl had talent giving head. I always thought my ex was decent at oral, but Ashley was an artist. She continued to stroke my shaft both with her tight lips and hand, seemingly knowing when I was starting to get close to shooting a load. Whenever she felt it coming, she would slow her pace and go to licking my balls or shaft lightly, allowing my body to calm down again. I was in awe of her talent. We must have sat at that spot for an hour as she kept bringing me up and then calming me down over and over, wanting me to enjoy every moment of the amazing head she was giving.

Finally she pulled her lips off my cock with a loud “pop” and said “I think this guy has had enough…time to go all the way. Fill my mouth with your cum David.”

With that, she took canlı casino siteleri my cock deep into her mouth all the way into her throat. I felt the head of my cock go into the tight part of her throat as she stroked in there a few times and then pulled it back to a normal spot. I gasped as she then quickened her pace, sucking hard on my shaft with that velvety tongue pressed on the underside of my hardness. Her hands worked me just as hard. One stroking my shaft and the other massaging my balls. She moaned continually as she bobbed her head on my cock, making it sound like she was feasting on a wonderful dessert.

I couldn’t take anymore. I told her I was going to cum and she just kept on going, sucking harder as I finally let loose a grunt and shot my load into her waiting mouth. I felt like I was struck my lightning as my once-dormant manhood was now pumping years of pent-up sexuality into her mouth. Her hands squeezing my balls, wanting every last drop she could get. Her “Mmmmmmm” rang out like a chorus as she enjoyed me to the end.

When my orgasm subsided, Ashley was still on her knees, clad only in her shorts, shoes, and UPS cap, lightly cleaning off my cock with her tongue.

David: “Dear God…$5000 is a bargain for that kind of talent!”

Ashley laughed. “I’m glad you think so, but we’re far from done tonight. You’re stuck with me until morning.”

Ashley stood up and straightened her UPS cap again.

David: “You really like that cap.”

Ashley: “I’m on duty. It’s the only part of the uniform I try to keep on until I’m off duty.”

She rose up again and took me in her arms, bringing her lips to mine as we made out for a few minutes. I didn’t care that I just shot my load in her mouth, as it seemed to be pretty much in her digestive tract at this moment. My cock was limp and happy and my mind hoped he would be up for more action tonight.

As we kissed passionately, I ran my hand down Ashley’s firm stomach and over the camel toe she had in those little shorts. I could feel she was hot and wet. She giggled and broke our kiss.

Ashley: “Show me your bedroom. Or do you want to do it here?”

David: “I think the bedroom would be perfect.”

I took Ashley by the hand and led her to the stairs. She stopped for a moment and grabbed a handful of the condoms she brought before going with me. We walked past the empty rooms and my home office until we reached the master bedroom with a large king-size bed that had not seen any sexual action for a long time.

Ashley: “Very nice.”

She pushed me down onto the bed on my back and climbed on top of me, her tight body and hot pussy rubbing my semi-hard cock though her shorts. She began planting kisses all over my body, reaching my manhood and planting a few small kisses on him. I enjoyed the gentle tickle of her soft ponytail as it caressed my skin.

Ashley: “He needs a little break so he can get ready for later. You want to get me ready for him David?”

Ashley stood at the foot of the bed and kicked off her canvas shoes. She then turned around and displayed her beautiful ass to me. I had gotten a tiny look earlier, but now seeing it in full glory, I had to admit it was gorgeous. Not flat, but not round and bubbly. Just right.

My tigress hooked her thumbs over the waist of her shorts and bent over, pulling them off. I could tell my little guy was going to become big man pretty quickly based on what was in front of me. Ashley turned around and was now naked except for that UPS cap. I could tell she shaved her pussy clean, and it was aching for some action as well.

Ashley climbed back onto the bed, seductively crawling over my body, her wet pussy caressing my stomach and chest. She then positioned herself over my face and lowered her wetness onto my mouth. I was all too happy to feast on this young pussy as my tongue made circles around her opening.

At first she was smiling and giggling a little to my touch. My hands held on her ass tightly as I kept working her pussy with my mouth. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her, her small giggles turned to moans, and her breathing became heavier.

Ashley: “Oh yeah David, just like that. Lick my pussy baby.”

I needed no further direction. I hungrily devoured her pussy like a wild animal, feeling her hands running through my hair, pulling my head as close as she could. She moaned more and got louder, juices pouring from her hot pussy like a slow-running faucet. I wanted to taste her cum the way she did mine. I wanted to know her flavor as much as I explored her body. My tongue was driving in and out the way I hoped to do with my cock later. Ashley threw her head back and put her hands on my stomach, bracing herself, breathing heavily and loudly.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed as I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and she exploded all over my face. I enjoyed my dessert to a wonderful dinner of sweet Ashley as she panted and emptied herself into my mouth. My cock was starting to grow again in excitement. My testosterone was pulsing like a jackhammer, feeling my masculinity return from its long dormant form.

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