A young cross dresser’s first gay experience


A young cross dresser’s first gay experienceI was just a young boy then, senior in high school, horny as hell and dreaming of my first gay experience since sitting in my sisters red lace thong and white lacy bra and discovering the one porno in the house everyone kept hiding from me. I guess they thought my sisters panty drawer held no interest for me……they were wrong.It had been a great afternoon jacking off in my sisters bra and panties and watching my first porno when it happened, I saw the most beautiful thing ever, Peter north titty fucking a hot blonde and cuming all over her face. I was besides myself I could not believe how hot that was and how fucking much I wanted to suck a big cock and feel it explode all over my face, in my mouth.I’d had been stealing my sisters clothes for years and jacking off in my room dreaming of the day a man would finally fuck my face and give me his sweet, sweet cum. giving myself self facials and needing to jack off five times a day, fuck I was horny.Finally on a quiet morning in spring I found myself all alone in the house, my friend James had come over, he would do it a lot and we would listen to records, look at girly magazines and from time to time jack off together. we had never touched each other but god how I wanted it, he was smooth, had a nice sort of fem body and a hard 7” that I would fantasize about when we looked at porn together.That day we were looking at some mags and I said “don’t you think that girls lingerie is sexy” all he said was yes referring to the slutty blonde in white garters, stocking and push up bra.Next I asked “have you ever wore your sisters panties?” he paused for a second gave me a confused look and said “fuck no” couple of minutes went by and I asked “have you ever thought about it?” he looked down at the magazine and in a barely audible whimper said “well….uhm…yeah” I smiled and gathering up some courage I said. “you know I do it all the time” he quickly looked up and said with wide eyed amazement “really?, you do? do you like it” I smiled “I love it” and we both fell silent a bit awkward moment but you could feel the tension rising up. Then after a few minute of silence I asked “James can I ask you for a favor?” he looked up sand aid “sure just ask” I hesitated for a second and then went for it “would you video tape me in my sisters panties?” he was taken aback for a sec and I could see his cock which he had been stroking while looking at the mags getting instantly hard. “ok i guess” was his reply “really you don’t mind?” halkalı escort and he said “no go ahead I think it be fun”I smiled and quickly grabbed the camera from under my bed and handed it to him, excuse myself for a second and ran into my bathroom I could barely believe it. could this be it? the moment I’ve been waiting for? quickly I stripped out of my boy clothes, slipped my sister lacy red thong, lacy white push up that felt tight against my flat chest. white knee highs and my sisters red 3” pumps. I took the hair out of my pony tail and let it fall over my shoulders and in a final touch I broke out the red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and smiled, I looked hot, my hard cock bulging from my panties, about to be a CD for the first time in front of another guy.I was nervous, I reached for the door handle and I could see my hand tremble, was I really about to do this???? and a that moment I could only think of the years I had spent fantasizing about this very moment. I took a deep breath and open the doors and stood smiling at the door way.He looked up at me, camera in his hand, I smiled, he was startle for a second and then began to videotape me, I swayed seductively on the door way for a second “what do you think?” I asked, he said nothing I stepped out of the bathroom and started walking across the room, the camera following me, I stood in front of the mirror and could see him in the reflection, the camera pointed at my sweet young ass, I smiled again.I pointed for him to stand at the foot of the bed to film me and I laid on it, kept smiling, pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. he stood still. “do you like it?”I asked he nodded, I smiled, “do you want to touch my cock?” he gave me a faint nod and I smiled again. “would you like me to touch yours?” again faint nod.I told him to put the camera down I looked at him “I have an extra pair of panties would you like to wear them?” he nodded, I reached under my pillow and pulled out a pair of white, satin bikini panties, I wrapped them around my cock and stroked it for a minute and then handed them over to him “take of your pants I said”.He nervously stripped while I enjoyed watching his smooth sexy and untouched body, he took the panties from my hand and slipped them on, I kept lowly stroking my cock, I was so excited I could not think straight……lol…..nor did I want to.Finally there he was, the object of my desire, in my sisters white panties, his taksim escort cock hard, throbbing an bulging. a spot of pre cum I was so fucking horny.I spread my legs and asked him to kneel in front of me, between my legs, I asked “how do you like wearing panties?” he nervously laughed “its nice” I grabbed my cock from the base and pulled it to touch his through his panties. “do you think I’m hot?” he smiled, “pull your cock out, jack of for me, with me” I said and he did, he pulled out his beautiful cock and I laid there for what it seemed hours gazing at our bodies.“I’m gay James” I said “I’m gay and I am really hot for you” he said nothing “I want to have panty boi sex with you” again nothing, he just looked at me and kept stroking.I got to my knees and kneeled in front of him, our cocks touched and we looked at each other, I leaned forward and kissed him, he stepped back for a second and looked at me, I just stared back, it seemed like an eternity and he lunged forward kissed me deep and full, his hands grabbing my ass pushing me back to on my back. We were making out with fury, our cocks touching, his hands pulling me close, our tongues flying it was amazing.I stopped him for a second and said “James I want to suck your cock so bad” he smiled and I smiled back. I pushed him off of me and made him lay on my bed. I kissed him again full and deep, made my way down his neck, chest, nibbled on his nipples and finally got to the promise land, what I had been waiting for all this years.eagerly I pulled down his panties, and held his cock in my hand, stroking it, admiring it and for the first time, with a lot of care I kissed it, I kissed the head of his cock, felt a little bit of pre cum coat my lips and I rubbed it all over, I smiled and with joy held his cock by the base and started to suck him, up and down, slobbering all over it, stroking it loving it.Nothing like your first cock, when you put another mans dick in your mouth and you realize “fuck I worship cock” and you feel him throb, hear him moan, feel his hand on your head pushing it deeper in you and you realize “fuck I am a sexy, slutty panty boy sucking cock.I sucked him and kept enjoy his cock for what seemed day but was probably minutes, he stopped me and said “Alex I want to taste your cock too” I smiled and was happy to comply, we got into a 69 position and sucked, sucked, sucked cock with passion. it was delicious, heavenly it was cock in each others mouth.But we were young and inexperienced, we sucked şişli escort cock with such eagerness that soon we felt each other shudder and in and explosion of warm silk we started to cum together in each others mouths, we just could not stop, it was wonderful. Cum was dripping out of our mouths, we could not bare the idea of taking our cocks out of ours mouths as we laid in my bed, finally we pulled ourselves up to sit on the bed and our eyes locked as we saw our faces dripping with hot, sweet cum, our chins covered, our lips glistening. we smiled and slowly leaned forward and kiss, kissed in the most wonderful way two your gay lovers can, tongues licking and lapping our hot cum, we were in ecstasy, so much so we got hard again instantly, we reached to stroke each others cocks again, our hands dripping with cum again and stroked each other as we kept on kissing.I smiled at his and asked “so how do you like it? having sexy with a boy?” he kissed me “I like it, I like it a lot, I specially like you in your bra and panties” I smiled and kissed him and slowly made my way back to his cock to keep sucking him.as I sucked him he kept playing with my ass, I loved every second of it, “”I want to fuck your ass” he said I stopped for a second but kept sucking his cock “I really want your ass” he said as he slipped a finger inside of it. it made me jump, I kissed him and said “yes, fuck yes please make me your bitch”We put a couple of pillows down on the bed and I laid on top of them so my ass would be up in the air, he spread my legs and started to tongue my ass “you are a sexy panty boi” he said “fuck me I said, make me your bitch, fuck me” the anticipation was killing me, finally he started rubbing his dick on my ass, it was driving me wild, he would push like he was going to go in me and i would brace myself but he would pull back, finally I felt the baby oil on my ass, I bit the pillow, braced myself, held my breath and it a wonderful second my gay ass was being fucked for the first time by a wonderfully hard 7 inches of man meat. it was pain……..it hurt…….I held my breath, clenched my fist……and slowly, with the movement of his hips pain begat pleasure and he fucked my ass more and more and with each pump, each thrust of his hips, he would bite my ear, reach around and feel for my cock.As he pushed faster and deeper in me I would arch my back looking for his lips and finally in a final thrust of gay ecstasy I reached back, turned my neck to kiss him, our lips barely touched, reached again and as his teeth caught my lower lip I started to cum as he started to cum inside of my ass in the best orgasm of my life, his teeth drew blood from my lips, I gasped and fell to the bed exhausted, with the cock of my gay lover still in my ass, full of cum and satisfied we fell into a slumber that had awaken the gay crossdresser slut in me.

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