Abigail , Tommie Get Married


When I told you about my slave shopping Saturday (see Alex Goes Slave Shopping), I mentioned a little about Abigail and Tommie’s wedding. I thought you might lie to know a little bit more about our customs and traditions here on the Lemon planet.

Well, like everywhere, people get married when they love each other, want to be together, and want the world to know. Unlike other planets, there are no rules and regulations about who can marry whom, no minimum period of notice, no designated people who can perform the ceremony, and no recriminations if the couple decide to part. The only rule is that the union must be based on sexual attraction, and that a sexual Witnessing must take place. Depending on the number of friends and family a couple has, there is a threshold number of orgasms that must be achieved at the wedding-orgy before the union is considered made.

In Abigail and Tommie’s case, the orgasm threshold was 30. Of course that includes guests! Abigail and Tommie weren’t expected to reach that on their own. Not the first day, anyway!. Oh, boy, I hope you didn’t think that. You’d have to laugh wouldn’t you!

Abigail was my sex slave when she met Tommie. Abigail was a junior college student when she came to serve me, sexually experienced but hungry to capture every moment her studies allowed. In fact it was part of her study. She was majoring in physiology, with special focus on the clitoris and she wanted to allow her own clit to experience as much sexual stimulation as possible by way of grounding her studies. I had promised to ensure she orgasmed at least twice a day, and to introduce her to as many sexual practices as I could, and in return, she was happy to take prime responsibility for sating my sexual appetite. Actually, Abigail was more than a slave. She was like a sexual butler, organising the fuckfun in my life. If Abigail wasn’t servicing me herself, she was making sure I got my fuck-quotient somehow.

Some nights Abigail and I would go down to our favourite waterfront bar and she would lapdance with the dykes. I loved it when she excited those stitched up business girls who hadn’t had a good shag for months, or even years. Some were so busy climbing the corporate ladder they had forgotten their birthright – the right to freedom of sexual expression. Other times she played the whore, the vamp, the dock-side slut and required me to “rescue” her from the hands of those who might take advantage. Of course, we always ended our nights at the bar with a floorshow for the punters. Abigail would start to nibble my tits, and before you knew it, I was sitting on the pool table with her face between my legs! Pretty tame, you might think, but I can assure you there were times canlı bahis when we prompted a full scale orgy worthy of the most popular nightclubs.

Then came the time Abigail decided to take up mud-wrestling. Obviously she was in the femme division, but while down at the pits she met a Bull Dyke champ called Tommie.

Tommie is tall and well-built, all muscle. She has thighs that would crack nuts (if she so desired) and upper arms that can support her above a lover while thrusting her dildo for 45 minutes at a time! She was soon wrapping those arms and thighs around Abigail whenever she could, and Abigail was well and truly enraptured. She told me she had always wanted a lover who was prepared to lead by her cock. Tommie never went anywhere she wasn’t packing that enormous piece of silicon. My friend KaneAnn, the tattoist-piercer said she saw Tommie ravishing Abigail amongst the radishes at the market on more than one occasion. Of course, this wasn’t anything anyone hadn’t seen before, but for Abigail it meant she was in a constant state of cum. She never totally neglected her slave duties, but it became obvious she needed her sleep! Sometimes she begged me to prevent her cumming so she would be frustrated and needy for Tommie!

And so it came to pass that Abigail and Tommie decided to get married. This meant they would commit themselves to each other at a wedding orgy. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to mean you stop fucking anyone else, but it becomes something you discuss with your commitment fuckpartner as well.

KaneAnn is such a romantic. She loves wedding orgies. She gave the happy couple their favourite wedding presents – new tatts and jewelry. As I think you know, when Tommie fastened the gleaming new diamond and platinum clit ring through Abigail’s hood, KaneAnn’s pride knew no bounds. She beamed and masturbated in her leather chair, situated, as the ring-bearer traditionally is, at the left hand side of the matrimonial fuck-lounge. She orgasmed at least three times as Tommie offered her recently tattooed mound to Abigail – contributing 10% of the required orgasms just during the ring ceremony!

Abigail was radiant in a sheer slip dress – well, a sort of chemise, really. It was cut under her tits, so her nipple rings glinted throughout, and came to a half inch above her ass and cunt. When she turned, the bare flesh of her delicious asscrack was just visible – leading your eye, and Tommie’s hands, upwards. Her pussy bush was groomed and woven with gold thread, so glinted and flashed seductively. Her long glossy black hair was swept up in a French roll and held in place with a gold clasp. By the end of the ceremony, her hair was swinging loose, brushing her tits and bahis siteleri sweeping over Tommie.

Tommie wore a brand new leather cummerbund with her black satin trousers. The cummerbund doubled as a restraint when taken off and tied around Abigail’s wrists to hold them together. Tommie was naked on top, the tattoos adorning her rippling muscles and firm breasts proudly exposed. During the climax of the ceremony, she stepped out of her trousers so she could offer her shaved but tattooed mound to Abigail. When KaneAnn offered to do that tatt, Tommie hesitated at first, having never shaved her pubes before. But she realised she regularly shaved her head to its fine dark stubble, so she went to the barber and had an “all over”.

My role was to give Abigail away to Tommie. I was proud that she acknowledged in the speeches that in the past 4 years I had been responsible for adding essential practical experience to her mainly theoretical clitoral knowledge, and that as a result she was awarded a masters degree summa cum laude. With Tommie’s support she was headed towards a doctorate in orgasmology. Soon she would be a full professor of fucking – the most lauded of honours on our planet.

The wedding itself was a joyous event. Tommie and Abigail were both “orphans” in the sense that their mothers had all chosen to go into closed orders of contemplative fucking nuns. That meant that they could only witness and experience sex within their communities, thus excluding them from the festivities. All four mothers sent their love and assured their daughters they were happy and fulfilled, the numbers in their orders were growing and so there was always a renewal of fucking partners. So apart from KaneAnn the ring bearer, the celebrant and me, they invited 11 of their closest friends each to the orgy. Beyond that an orgy can become a bit big, unless you have a large enough space to accommodate them all. I had offered my mansion, but Abigail preferred an intimate occasion in her college orgy-chapel. Tommie of course acceded to Abigail’s every desire.

Tommie was already reclining on the huge fuck-lounge in the centre of the chapel when Abigail arrived. Tommie was idly tracing the dragon’s tail that coiled across her tits, and chatting with the guests. Abigail appeared like a radiant vision in the doorway, and was led towards the couch by me by a leather lead attached to her collar. I was wearing my leather trousers and jerkin with the cut outs for tits, ass and cunt. As we approached the fuck-lounge, she dipped her head and in a last act of possession I pulled her mouth onto my nipples which I pushed together and rammed into her red-lipsticked mouth, at the same time frigging my clit and pumping my bahis şirketleri fingers in and out my own cunt. She sucked and kissed and nibbled my nips, leaving red marks all around. I threw back my head and experienced my last cum with her in this relationship of Mistress and Slave. Next time, if there was one, she would be a Partner. I then reapplied her lipstick and finally unfastened the collar, thus symbolically releasing her from her servitude towards me.

Abigail was then helped onto the fuck-lounge by Tommie. They were asked by the celebrant if they were sure they wanted to become partners and enter the state of unholy matrimony. They moaned their assent, and promised that before fucking anyone else they would consult their partner. They promised to bring up any children they might have within the ethical framework of our society.

Now was the time for the ring ceremony. Abigail’s chemise was pushed up to her belly, and she spread her legs. Her whole sex-rose was fully displayed, the delicate layers of labia lips unfolding like a spring rose. KaneAnn handed the clit ring to Tommie, who had practiced on lifelike models for this occasion. She gently removed the temporary ring that had been inserted some weeks before and replaced it with the magnificent diamond and platinum hood ring symbolising their union. KaneAnn checked it was fastened properly, and Tommie knelt before Abigail and lick-flicked her clit. She rolled it in her mouth, tonguing the ring, placing the tip of her tongue through it and pulling gently. Abigail moaned and fondled Tommie’s crewcut head, pushing her mouth more urgently onto her sex. Tommie’s tongue explored Abigail’s tunnel while she sucked her clit. I noticed that several other witnessing couples had their tops undone or off and were playing tit hockey. At this time convention precludes guests from any cunt contact.

Before too long Abigail came in a shudder and a low moan. Now it was Tommie’s turn. Tommie is a Bull but not a Stone. She loves to come with Abigail. She unzipped her trousers and abandoned them, and presented her shaven tattooed mound to Abigail. Abigail was delighted with the tatt and started eating Tommie like she was deprived of munchies for months, well, hours anyway! Tommie spanked Abigail’s ass as she came, which was a signal to the congregation that they could cum as they chose from then on. The fuck-fest had begun! And so it continued for several hours, with waiters circulating with sex-toys, food and drink.

That night Tommie and Abigail left for their tropical island and mud-wrestling honeymoon. I didn’t cum again after giving Abigail away, but I did manage to serially fuck the couple who had been suffering Lesbian Bed Death problems, and, seeing each other orgasm again led them to tentatively restore their interest in each other’s cunnies. They had their hands on each others’ clits when I left for home, there to contemplate the need for a fresh slave.

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