About Time


You wrote me one so it’s only fair that I should write you one.

I’ve been running around my house all day trying to get it cleaned up before she gets here. Normally I don’t go through so much trouble even for my guests, but she’s different. I’d been engaged for a while with her exchanging dirty stories, fantasies and pictures for a few months now, and she is finally coming to visit before we go off to the next convention.

::knock, knock, knock::

My heart skips a beat, she’s here! I slowly go over to open the door for her, and my heart stops completely as I look at her. She’s got gorgeous red hair, beautiful eyes, and a cute smile. Not to mention a gorgeous figure, and nice tits. The real kicker though was her ass, damn! I’ve always been an ass man (don’t get me wrong I love tits too, but a girl with a really nice ass just get me hooked).

“Hi,” she says.

I stare at her like an idiot for a second to long and she waves her hand in front of my face, “uh, yeah, hi, come on in, can I take that for you? Come on in and have a seat” I manage to stutter out as I take her back and take it back into the bed room.

Now I don’t have a really big apartment living room, small kitchen and bathroom, and a bedroom. That’s it nothing fancy, but I make the most of it and it’s very comfortable to live in.

I come back out of the bed room and she’s sitting on the couch with a white tank top, and a red skirt with her legs crossed.

I pull up some couch next to her, and she leans in and says, “aren’t you going to give me the grand tour?”

“Yeah, sure, not much to see though, this is the living room here, and the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are just through here.” We get up and walk towards the back of the apartment. “So how have you been?”

“Pretty good, I’m so happy to see you again, I miss you,” she says as she smiles.

Finally I can’t take it anymore, I just grab her and push her up against the wall, she gasps with a little “oh” as my hand wrap around her waist, and I tilt up her head to kiss her. It’s like lightning! The passion behind that kiss of every emotion that we’d built up over the last few months suddenly released and coursing like electricity through both of our bodies, as we start making out more and more and more passionately.

She spreads her legs a little bit and I slide mine between them and I can feel the fire coming from beneath her skirt, as the bulge in my pants becomes more and more pronounced.

I slowly pull away from kissing her, both of our chests are rising as we are both left breathless, “Hi,” I say again.

She giggles, smacks me playfully and pulls me back down for another kiss. I grab her hands and push them above her head and trap them there as I let my other hand start to explore her sensuous body. Down her arms, caressing her collar and delicately brushing her beautiful C cup tit. My hand quickly traces down her side and back down onto her ass for a quick squeeze. I slowly work my hand up under her skirt, and realize something.

I stop kissing her, she gives me an evil smoldering look, “you seem to have forgotten your panties.”

“Oh,” she feigns surprise, “shame on me, was that naughty?”

I bite my lip, “very naughty.”

“Someone should probably punish me then?”

I can’t mistake the passion in her words, “You better go bend over that bed there so I can give you a spanking.”

“oh no!” She says as she saunters over to the bed, and bends over flipping her skirt up for me to admire her ass in all it’s glory. “Like this?” as she gives me an excited come get me stare.

“Yeah, that will work perfectly,” I say moving beside her, I caress her beautiful ass.

“Be gentle…”

I roll my eyes, knowing full well that ‘gentle’ was the absolute last thing that she wanted. ::SLAP!:: ::SLAP!:: ::SLAP!::

“Count out loud for me or they don’t count at all.” I command, as I see her biting her lip. I can already see her delicious looking pussy getting wetter with each slap.

::SLAP:: “one,” ::SLAP:: “two” ::SLAP:: “ah! Three..” ::SLAP::

She keeps counting as her ass gets redder, her pussy gets wetter. I redirect a slap to right across her pussy this time.

“oh yes” she moans

“that one doesn’t count then, you’ve only got 2 left” I slap her pussy again, it’s even wetter than it was before.

“oh spank me again.”

“if you ask for it” I slap her pussy again and rub her clit before taking my hand away.

“mmmm, yess!” ::SLAP:: on her ass again “nine,” ::SLAP:: “ten! OH my god eat my pussy PLEASE!”

She certainly didn’t need to tell me twice, I dive right in and burry my tongue deep in her pussy. It’s so wet she must have cum from the spankings already. After getting a taste I pick her up and toss her onto the bed on her back, crawl up between her legs, and keep eating her beautiful pussy, but completely neglecting her clit to torture her some more. I lick up and down the sides of her pussy, sucking on her lips, and sliding my tongue in and up into her pussy hitting her gspot. casino siteleri

“CUMMMMINNG!!” she screams, and cums all over my tongue.

When she stops spasming from the orgasm I keep going, she digs her fingers into my hair trying to pull me up to her very swollen clit, and I continue to avoid it.

Finally she can’t take the neglect anymore, and screams “Oh my god JAMES lick my clit please! PLEASE lick it, I can’t take it any-MORE!!”

She screams and cums again as I latch down on her clit and suck it into my mouth, my lips right against her skin and her clit trapped in the suction of my mouth. I gently nibble on it and she cums again. Then I really do her in and slowly start undulating my tongue from the tip all the way to the back as I suck sending waves of suction and pressure all over her clit from the bottom to the tip and back again. I look up and see her head thrown back in the beginnings of what looks like a huge scream. I slowly slide my finger into her pussy and up to her gspot again. She bucks her hips up into my mouth as the triple stimulation makes whole body go rigid and she is caught up in an earth shattering, but silent scream and orgasm.

“oh god yes, oh god yes, oh god James!” she moans as I slowly let her come down from her massive orgasm.

I gently lick up all of her cum deep in her pussy, and delicately lick her clit making her twitch as she has small orgasms from the slightest attention of my tongue. Then I stop and let her lie there panting.

“I’ve never – cum – like that before…holy shit. You – weren’t kidding when you said you – loved to eat pussy, damn!” she lays there chest rising and falling, trying to catch her breath.

“And we’re only just getting started,” I say as I wonder to myself if my cock could really get hard enough to rip through my pants.

I slip up onto the bed beside her and slowly trace my fingers all over her body teasing her nipples as they press at the fabric of her shirt asking to be sucked on.

“Before you get anymore, I think you owe me something.”

She rolls over, “oh yeah? And what do I owe you?”

I stand up, and beckon to you to come towards me, I grab her shoulders then push her gently towards the floor.

“It’s time for you to put that dirty mouth of yours to good use. Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

She kneels down giving me that evil sexy look as she unbuttons my pants, and pulls them down, my cock springs up and pulses as it waits for her to start sucking on it. She looks so sexy on her knees like that. I pull her hair back and hold it behind her head as she slowly starts to lick the tip of my cock.

::lick:: “Like this hun?” ::lick:: ::lick:: as she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock cupping my balls as she does.

I grip her hair more tightly, and she braces herself, knowing what is about to happen, “No, like this,”

I pull her forward and slide my cock all the way into her mouth, not to far I don’t want her to choke on it as I force it in. Her hot wet mouth feels like heaven sucking on my cock, as I pull her onto and off of my cock again and again. I release her a little bit so she is free to get ready for what is coming next, as I slowly push forward with my hips and slide my cock all the way in and down her throat.

“Oh god Mia! Just like that, take ::thrust:: my cock ::thrust:: down your ::thrust:: throat!”

I feel my eyes roll back as she takes me all the way in her mouth and down her throat and I hold it there, enjoying her throat trying to swallow the rest of my cock. When I pull back all the way out she gasps for air, I probably held it down there to long enjoying the sensation. I keep her hair pulled back but I don’t have to force my cock down her throat anymore as she puts her hands behind my ass and pulls me down her throat again and again and again, massaging my balls from time to time.

“Holy shit!” I yell as she twists her head as she takes me down her throat again, making me almost lose it before I’m ready.

Her tongue is swirling around my cock as she sucks it in and out of her mouth. I’m definitely not going to last much longer if she keeps this up like this. I pull my cock out of her mouth and pull her up and lay her out on the bed. ::RIIIIP:: I tear off her tank top and press my chest against her soft breasts as I slide my cock into her dripping wet pussy as I make out with her.

“OH GOD JAAAMES!” she moans as my cock bottoms out in her incredibly tight pussy.

I slowly slide my cock in and out of her pussy, inch by inch, savoring how tightly her pussy wraps around my cock. I lean in and nibble her ear then bite her neck with so much passion she gasps and I can feel her pussy clamp down around me as I’m buried deep inside her.

“oh Mia, your pussy is so tight, it’s the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt.” I whisper into her ear.

“mmmm James, stretch my pussy with every inch of your cock, I want it all.” She whispers back and giggles making her pussy clench on my cock with each giggle.

I wrap my arms around her back slot oyna and lift her up with my cock still buried in her pussy, her beautiful red hair in our faces as reposition her to the edge of the bed. I lay her down again, and pull out while I life one of her legs up to my shoulder scooting her to the edge of the bed. She looks up at me with a fire in her eyes and lips to me ‘fuck me hard.’

I start pounding away in her pussy, I can feel her working up to an orgasm as I slam my cock in her tight pussy again and again. I pull out as she gasps from the sudden emptiness I squat down and spit on her clit for some more lubrication, then slam back into her.

“oh fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEE!!” she screams “Right there, right there, right there!!” she reaches a fever pitch as I start rubbing her clit as I pout into her pussy, with my balls slapping against her still tender ass.

“YESSSS!! OH SHIT!!” she screams and cums so hard on my cock that I have to stop buried all the way inside her because her pussy has gotten so tight that I can’t even pull it out while she’s in mid orgasm.

I wait watching her cum all over my cock like that almost makes me blow my load again but it passes. I pull her other leg up and put them both on my shoulders lean down, and start pounding her again. Her tender pussy and clit are so sensitive that she has small orgasms each time I force myself into her. I feel my cock bottoming out in her pussy, rubbing the tip against the very back of it. I know I’m not going to be able to hold it off anymore. I look down at her below me, and see that she is just about to go over the edge again, I look deep into her eyes, and she knows what is about to happen.

She just looks up and says “Inside me,”

That’s all she had to say, I pound down into her one last time, she screams and cums as she feels my cock start twitching inside her despite how tight she is now in mid orgasm. It feels like I’m cumming forever deep inside her pussy right up against her womb, pumping every drop I have all the way inside her.

As she releases my cock from her orgasm, I make small thrusts out and in out further then in all the way again, all the way until my cock slips out of her pussy. I look down at her clearly still in ecstasy, as a little bit of my cum slowly drips out of her pussy and down between her beautiful ass cheeks as she lies on the bed.

“Worth waiting for?” I manage to gasp out catching my breath.

“Definitely,” she says lowering her legs, “I think I’m going to need a shower”

I watch as she gets up and I can see more of my cum dripping out and running down her legs. She bends over to pull her towel out of her bag, giving me an amazing view of her ass and dripping pussy.

“You coming?” she asks

::sigh:: “I already did,” I laugh

She smacks me, and walks towards the bathroom, “you made a mess, you better come clean it up.”

And we both head towards a shower as my cock slowly starts to stir again as I watch her swinging her hips as she walks.

We hop in the shower and the hot steamy water runs over our bodies. I just stop and stare at her as the water drips down her body, and over her tits, tummy, hips, ass, and down her legs. I watch her slowly wash her pussy running her fingers over it and cleaning it up. I smile, thinking to myself ‘she’ll get it all clean and then I’ll just fill it up with cum again.’

“Wash me?” she offers me her luffa

“sure come here.”

I pull her close to me pressing her tits into my chest as I slowly run the luffa over her back and sides and ass. I can feel her breath on my shoulder and she wraps her arms around my back. I spend extra time on her ass in between; I feel a shiver travel through her body as I do. It’s incredibly sensual. She slowly starts rhythmically pushing her hips against me as I wash her body. My cock slowly starts to harden and slide up between us, and soon my cock is just pressing at her tummy as she presses her hips to me with a little more earnest.

“Turn around,” she follows my direction, and pushes her soapy ass against me and my cock slides between her cheeks as she grinds it against me. I step back so the water washes over me and runs down between us washing the soap away, as I continue to wash her front. Running the luffa and my hands over her body, caressing her tits as I wash her. Her grinding becomes more insistent; she’s obviously getting more turned on as I wash her body. She clenches her ass on my cock and I groan from the sensation. She keeps doing it as I rub between her legs teasing her pussy again, getting it ready. I slide one finger in, she gasps, and reaches back and pulls my head down to her lips as she turns her head back to me. She’s so wet, not from the shower either, I slide another finger into her, she gasps and wilts a little in my arms. I take hold of her supporting her with one arm just below her breasts as they sit on my arm. I finger her faster sliding my fingers in and out of her incredibly wet pussy.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she moans as she nears another orgasm

Finally canlı casino siteleri it hits her and she collapses in my arms. I pull her back up and my cock makes it’s way down from her crack to between her legs, sliding along her pussy. She pushes back trying to get my cock inside of her. I grab her and push her face first into the wall of the shows, she gasps as her nipples meet with the cool tiles of the tub with the hot water pouring down her back still. I hold her there with my hand in between her shoulder, and with my other hand I take my cock and slide the head up and down between her cheeks, as her breathing gets more and more erratic.

“Spread your ass for me Mia,” I whisper in her ear as I suck on her ear lobe.

She reaches back and spreads her beautiful ass for me. I can see her hot pussy, all wet and ready for me to fuck it again, but I also see her cute little rosebud too. I gently take my cock and rub it up and down between her cheeks, but ass the head of my cock moves over her little ass hole she shudders as I gently start to push in, then pull it back again. I rub my cock down to her pussy, and she pushes her hips back just getting the head of my cock inside her for a moment, before I’m rubbing back up between her ass cheeks again. I tease her ass hole again and it slips in a little bit further.

She gasps, “GOD it’s so big!”

“I haven’t even got half the tip in yet,” I bite her shoulder and she wilts a little bit, clearly incredibly aroused.

I keep repeating this sensation for her. Gently pushing my cock a little bit into her ass, then sliding it down and letting even more of it into her pussy. Again and again.

“Oh my god please just fuck me!” she’s reaching her limit for how much teasing she can take.

“Fuck you where?” I ask as I tease her ass again, almost getting the whole head in as I see the ‘oh my god it’s in my ass’ look flutter across her face.



“ANYWHERE! Before I loose my mind!”

“Pick one, in your ass…” I slowly slide a little bit more of the head into her tight little rose bud, “in ur pussy…” I slide about half of it into her pussy, “Asss? Pussy? Asss?”

“Pussy, fuck my pussy NOW! HOLY SHIT!” she screams as I slide just the head of my cock the rest of the way in her ass.

“You sure” I whisper, slyly into her ear.

“Ok, OH GOD, ok my ass, just be gent—LE!” she pleads in surprise as I pull the head out of her tight ass hole.

“You sure?”

“Yes, oh god James, please fuck my tight little ass hole.”

“hmm…” I say as my cock head circles around her ass hole, “maybe later if you want it to BAD!” as I shove my cock forward directing it down and into her pussy instead

She wilts completely, “Ohhhhhooh James! MM yes! Fuck my pussy, take my pussy! My pussy is YOURS! ALL YOURS!! FUCK ME!”

Her pussy is so incredibly wet now that it’s making the most arousing squish noise as I slide in and out of her. Which is good because I’m fucking her harder than ever now. She may not be able to hold herself up for all the orgasms she’s having as I take her hard against the wall, but with my cock forced all the way up inside her, there was no way she’d fall down. I reach around and rub her clit as I mash my chest into her back forcing her harder into the wall to get the leverage I need to really pound her.

“You like that,” I grunt into her ear

“Yes! YES! OH MY GOD YES!” she screams as a continuous wave of orgasms wash over her again and again.

“Your pussy is mine!”


“Your ass is mine!”

“YES! OH!” she moans in surprise as she feels my cock jump and get even bigger inside her.

“You’re all mine Mia, FOREVER!” I yell as I slam in extra deep inside her.

“YES! Oh god JAMES! You can have ANY—THING YOU WANT! As long as you KEEP FUCKING ME!!”

That was just about all I could handle, I pound her a couple more times, and a huge orgasm wracks her whole body, and I can’t hold her up anymore as I’m about to cum. I pull out and let her gently to the floor of the tub. She’s dazed and a little confused. I grab her hair and force my cock into her mouth and fuck her throat a couple times.

“Drink up MIA!” I yell as I cum so hard my knees get weak.

She swallows all of it she can. I can feel her gulping once, twice, three times while I’m still cumming. I finally finish cumming, and notice some of it is dripping down her cheek. No sooner do I notice this than she sneaks her naughty tongue out and licks it up before swallowing that too. I help her up and gently shampoo and condition her beautiful hair before we get out and dry off. We both slip into bed naked, and curl up together under the electric blanket on the bed.

“Wow that was one hell of a day,” I say.

“What are you talking about? It’s not over yet. You’ve had your fun with me, now hurry up and get hard again. I need a ride.”

She leans in and kisses me as she crawls on top of me and we start making out as she grinds her hips on my cock. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it was working. She was slowly but surely waking up my little friend as we made out. It’s amazing how fast a naughty 19 year old can get her man hard again, definitely something to be thankful for.

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