Accidental Fantasy Ch. 07


In the weeks following Jennifer’s move, there were periods of adjustment to compensate for changes in schedules, therapy appointments, school and work.

The days were the worst for me. Jennifer and Mom would be at work, and I’d start dinner about four so it would be ready when they got home. A quick meal and Jennifer and I would have to leave for school. When we got home, we were so tired, the sex was less than spectacular. Actually, it almost got non-existent at times. It finally got to Jennifer. We were on our way home from school when she fell asleep at the wheel.

Fortunately, we missed a power pole and wound up in some thick bushes.

“That’s it,” she said. “We have to do something or we’ll be killed.”

We sat down and discussed it with Mom later and Mom told her she had to make a choice. Either cut back on her hours at the hospital or reduce her school work load.

“I can’t do anything about school,” she said, “If I do, Danni won’t have a way to get back and forth. I’ve only got eight more blocks to go and I don’t want to lose out on any opportunities. The sooner I get my degree, the sooner I can make some decent money, and the sooner I can take care of Danni.”

“Take a look at your finances,” Mom said. “If you can make it on less hours at the hospital, talk to your human resources department. I’m sure they’ll work with you. Don’t worry about taking care of Danni until you get squared away. I’m not hurting for money and I’m sure Danni won’t kick you out.”

“I might,” I said. “It depends on whether she tries to kill me again or not.”

“I was so afraid,” Jennifer admitted. “I thought I’d hurt you and just the thought of you not being here made me shake.”

“I’m not hurt, you’re not hurt, the car’s not damaged so stop worrying about it.”

“One thing you girls may have forgotten,” Mom said. “Danni only has four more weeks of therapy so that will be one less thing we have to schedule. She’s getting around without her wheelchair most of the time now so I don’t think they’ll extend the treatments.”

“That would help,” Jennifer said, “although I kind of like the way they torture her down there.”

“The way she was howling the other night, I thought you were torturing her yourself,” Mom said.

I could feel my face turning red. Jennifer had taken me over the top so hard with a new toy that I was crying by the time it was done. As we lay in bed that night, I reached over to smack her on the arm. “I told you Mom would bring that up,” I said.

“You could have asked me to stop,” she said.

“Would you if I asked?”

“Probably not,” she said, “but you can always ask.”

“God, I was so embarrassed,” I said. “I need to start wearing a gag or something.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” she said. “Maybe we should order one.”

“Maybe,” I said, “or maybe you just need to stop torturing me like that.”

“No way,” she said. “I love it when you come that hard.”

“That’s because it isn’t your gut that’s being ripped out. I don’t think my anus will ever be right side out again. I had cramps twice that night in my legs and when I tried to wake you up, you just shoved me away. Next time, I’ll give you charley horses in both legs and we’ll see how much you love it.”

“Wah, wah, wah,”, she said. “You loved it and you know it.”

“I won’t be an invalid forever you know,” I said. “One of these days I’ll be the one on top and we’ll see how hard you can come after I hold you down and toy with that pretty pussy without letting you come for a couple of hours.”

“I can’t wait,” she said.

I got up and went to the bathroom but while I was in there, I put on my new strap-on. The vibe I selected was a wicked looking nine inch cock with long slender clit fingers at the top. They weren’t as firm as some we have but they looked like they’d drive her insane, and since that was my goal, it should be fun. I layered on a good coating of lube and walked back into the bedroom. She was on her back, looking at a magazine when I went in. I don’t think she even saw what was coming because I kind of slid onto the bed and between her legs like I was going to eat her out. She put the magazine down and spread her legs real wide so I started licking into her while I rubbed into her clit with three fingers.

‘Oh baby, I love you,” she said, as she started pushing her pussy into my face.

I slid a finger into her, and added another without letting up on my tongue work until she was whimpering in need and then I stopped.

“What are you doing?” she whined. “Don’t stop now. Oh god, honey, don’t stop now.”

I looked down at her as I put the head to her lips.

“What the hell?” she asked, just as I pushed it into her.

“OH FUCK” she yelled.

“Do you still think you can torture me like that?” I asked as I started a steady stroke, going about half way in before pulling it back for illegal bahis the next stroke.

When I pushed it in and held it against her, she squirmed like she was trying to get away from the clit tickler, and every time she showed signs of being ready, I pulled it completely out and held it away from her for a few seconds before I buried it in her again.

“All right, all right,” she said. “I surrender. Oh god honey, don’t do this to me. Please baby, I’m begging you. Let me come.”

I pushed it back in again, but this time, I drilled her with rabbit like thrusts as fast as I could. She started beating her hands on the bed, and her hips came off the bed so I pushed it in deep, held it, pulled back, and buried it again. She absolutely fell apart. Her hands fisted into the bedding and her face got red as she tried to fight it. When the veins in her neck swelled, she buried her face in the pillow and screamed. When her orgasm hit, her body went wild, taking me all over the bed and nearly onto the floor as she literally gushed, almost squirting her come onto the bed. The spasms in her thigh muscles didn’t want to let up and when they did, her stomach muscles took over. Wave after wave swept over her as she grunted and groaned with her eyes tightly closed. Sweat beaded on her face and chest and I started to worry about her but she inhaled loudly and slumped back onto the pillow.

I got hot cloths to apply to her thighs to calm the stress and slowly massaged them until I felt them relax. Then I lay down next to her and kissed her everywhere I could reach.

By that time, the cloths had cooled so I wiped her face and chest, kissing each nipple as I did.

For the longest time, she didn’t speak to me, but I saw her watching me so I knew she was faking it.

“Girl, you are one vindictive bitch,” she finally said.

“You know what the say about paybacks, honey,” I said.

“Are you sure my pussy’s still there?” she asked.

“I thought it would still be shaking,” I said.

“Oh, is that what’s going on down there? I thought we were having an earthquake.”

“Do you want me to get the shower going?” I asked.

“I’m not moving from here,” she said. “I have to wait for all the pieces of my body to come back.”

“Let me see if you’re clit’s all right,” I offered.

“Oh my god, don’t touch me down there,” she cried.

I smiled as I lowered my head to kiss her there tenderly. She wasn’t kidding. It was so sensitive I think I could have brought her off with a single lick.

Eventually, we showered and changed the bedding before dropping to the bed to fall asleep with our bodies intertwined.

The next morning, there was a note on the table from, Mom. “Thanks for the entertainment last night. I think I’d better get some new toys soon. I’ll be home late so don’t wait dinner for me.”

“Guess what she’s getting for her birthday,” Jennifer said.

“You’re going to be late for work,” I reminded her.

“I have an appointment with human resources at nine,” she said.

She wanted to know how I’d managed to hide the strap-on from her and I told her it had just arrived that day. I didn’t tell her about the other things in the box.

“Did you hear your mom come in last night?” she asked.

“Now that you mention it, no, I didn’t. I wonder if she even came in at all.”

She went to look in Mom’s room and came back with a huge smile on her face.

“The bed wasn’t slept in and her clothes from yesterday are all over the bed except for one thing.”

“What’s that….oh wait, let me guess. No panties, right?”

“She must have donated them,” she said.

“Looks like Mom got her hair curled last night and it wasn’t the hair on her head.” I said.

“Good for her,” she said.

“No kidding,” I said. “Way to go, Mom.”

When she came home from work, I was ready for school so we grabbed a burger on the way to school. As we drove, she told me that the hospital was cutting hours anyway so they were more than willing to work with her. She still went in at eight but now she would leave at one and on therapy days, she didn’t have to go in at all. Now I could stop worrying that she’d fall asleep at the wheel again.

When we got home, Mom was on the phone and as we walked in, she turned away from us and whispered something and quickly put the phone down.

“Young lady,” I said, “do we need to have the talk about curfew again?”

She flushed and walked into the kitchen. “I’m sorry,” she said.” I guess time got away from me.”

“Time and a certain item of clothing,” I said. Jennifer gave me a sharp warning look but I ignored her.

“Why didn’t you clean my room while you were in there snooping around?” she asked.

“We weren’t snooping,” I said. “Jennifer just went up to be sure you were all right. I guess it’s a good thing you had somewhere to stay.”

“Danni!” Jennifer illegal bahis siteleri said.

“It’s all right, Jennifer,” Mom said. “She’s sounding just like I used to.”

“No, really,” I said. “I’m happy for you, I truly am, but don’t come crying to me when you come home pregnant.”

“Oh shut up,” she said.

Lying in bed later, Jennifer gave me hell.

“You heard her,” I said. “It didn’t bother her. I just hope the guy is good to her and isn’t just using her.”

“Or woman,” she said.

“Get out,” I said. “My mom? You have got to be kidding.”

“Why?” she asked. “It could happen.”

“Yeah, sure, and so could world peace.” I replied, but she’d planted the seed of curiosity in my mind and whenever I woke up during the night, I wondered about it.

Thursday, she was home at noon. I thought maybe she got laid off or maybe just laid, but I didn’t know.

As soon as Jennifer got home, she wanted us to go shopping with her. Hey, I’m always up for shopping so we got ready and left before she could change her mind. She left us to shop while she headed down the mall. About a half hour later, Jennifer nudged me as we sat in the center, sucking on a slurpee. She pointed toward one of the shops and I saw Mom just going in. A quick glance confirmed my initial thought. She was going in to one of the hottest erotic wear sights in the state. My mom. Who’d have thought I’d ever see that. The temptation was strong to slip over there to see what she was buying but I wouldn’t want her to do it to me so I stayed put.

When we got ready to leave for school, she was on the phone but she covered the mouthpiece and told us she probably wouldn’t be home that night. Wow, she was really into this guy or woman, whatever. I told her no problem and we left.

“Ten buck says it’s a woman,” Jenn said on the way.

“Sorry,” I said. “I don’t like the odds.”

“I know how we can find out,” she said.

“Does it really make a difference?” I asked. “Isn’t it enough to know she’s happy, at least for a while?”

“I suppose,” she said. “After all, look at what she’s done for us.”

“Actually,” I said, “I’m pretty sure it’s a woman and I think it’s our fault.”

“What are you talking about,” she asked.

“The way we get so loud, honey,” I said. “I think she’s missing that in her life and the fact that its two women getting it on might have gotten her thinking about it.”

“Maybe, or maybe not,” she said. “It makes sense. Who would she turn to? Someone from work?”

“Not someone that works directly with her.” I said. “That would be too risky, but someone associated with her job either way. She doesn’t date and very seldom goes out. When she does, it’s a show or dinner and she’s always home by ten or eleven.”

“Danni. Hello in there. She didn’t stay out later because you would have been home alone. Along comes Jennifer and she starts dating. Simple as 1-2-3.”

“I know,” I said. “She gave up so much for me after the accident. Sometimes I feel so guilty, even though I know none of it was my fault. I feel like I’ve cheated her out of almost a year of her life.”

“No, honey,” she said. “You most certainly did not. That stupid reckless inconsiderate ass hole of a car thief cheated both of you out of a year of your life, and in your case, he cheated you out of more than you’ll ever know.”

“I know but I wish I could make it up to her some way.”

“Honey, listen to me, that day will come, I promise you. From the bottom of my heart, we will find a way to let her know how much we both appreciate her.”

When we got home from school, we went through the mail to find a letter to Jennifer from her mother. I watched as she read it, looking for some clue as to the tone of the letter but other than a pause a couple of times, as though she were trying to fight off a tear, she was pretty hard to read.

She folded the letter and sat with her eyes closed for a while. I decided that the best thing I could do was to leave her alone so I went to the kitchen for iced tea. With two tall glasses, I went back into the living room and handed her one.

“You don’t look happy,” I finally said.

She shook her head and took a sip of tea. “She wants me to come home for a few days to talk things over,” she said.

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked.

“Danni, my mom and I haven’t been what you’d call close for a long time. A lot of it was my fault, I know. I just sort of drifted for a long time and she never approved of my friends, my dates, my way of dressing, or anything else.”

“Did you get along with your dad?” I asked.

“They got divorced when I was thirteen,” she said. “I haven’t spoken to him ten times since then and it’s usually just hi, how are you, etc. etc. He doesn’t know how to be my dad. He married another woman less than a year later and it’s working fine because she can’t have canlı bahis siteleri any kids. I guess they’re happy together and I’m happy for him.”

“Are you going home then?” I asked.

“You know I can’t, Danni. I can’t just take off from school and work to spend time with her.”

“Are you going to call her?” I asked.

“Not now,” she said. “I have to think about what to do.”

“I guess she doesn’t know about us then.”

She shook her head. “What would I tell her, Danni? Guess what Mom, you were right. There is something wrong with me. I’m in love with another woman and we’re living together.”

“It doesn’t have to sound that way, Jenn. You don’t have to tell her everything. You don’t have to tell her anything at all. You should at least call her and acknowledge that you got the letter and explain why you can’t do what she’s asking of you.”

“I know, honey, and I will. Just not right now.”

“You know I’m going to nag you till you do, don’t you?”

“I know,” she said. “Don’t say anything to your mother about it though, please.”

“I’ll give you a week to tell her yourself.”

Nothing else was said about the contents of the letter and we just went on about our usual thing, speculating about Mom’s love life.

That night, we lay together, just touching and stroking over arms and faces, kissing and holding our bodies together. I was spooned into her at one time when she got up to go to the bathroom. I heard her opening and closing drawers and smiled. I knew what she was looking for and it wasn’t in there. It was in my closet in a shoe box, under some other shoes.

“I’ll tell you where it is,” I said, “if you ask nice and convince me you love me enough.”

“Never mind,” she said. “I’ll just have to forget about making love to you tonight. That’s all right because I was getting a bit sleepy anyway.”

“You’re a terrible liar,” I said. “It’s in the brown shoe box in my closet, but you can’t use the toy I used on you. It’s a special Jennifer only toy.”

“I’m sure I can find something in my collection that will do just fine,” she said.

She fumbled around in both closets and came back wearing the harness but there was no dildo or vibe attached to it. That part, she hid from me.

“No way, baby,” I said, sitting up quickly. “Anything you plan on doing to me has to be something I’ve seen or used. After what I did to you, I don’t want to take any chances.”

“It’s nothing special, sweetie,” she said, pulling a blue dildo from behind her back.

It was one we’d used before, about eight inches in length and about one and a half inches around. I watched as she snapped it on, and when she took hold of my feet and slid me down, I didn’t resist. For several minutes, she licked and sucked on me, chewing on my clit enough to get me close without giving me any satisfaction. When she slid it into me, I was so wet it slid all the way in without stopping and it felt so good as she moved it in and out in slow strokes. Once again, I got close and she stopped before starting again. She lifted my knees high to get deeper penetration, something I love, and the strokes got a little faster and a little more forceful until I told her I was close. She pulled it out and held my hips off the bed. I was begging her to let me come and then I felt the head brush over my anus.

“No, you don’t,” I said, trying to get away from her. With my hips high off the bed,though, she had me pinned to the bed with just my shoulders and upper back making contact with the bed. The next thing I knew, the head slipped into my ass.

“Easy, baby,” I said, knowing she wasn’t going to stop. “Take it easy. That hurt.”

“Just relax, sweet cheeks,” she said. “You’re going to love it, I promise.”

With a smooth, even pressure I felt it move into me, deeper and deeper. She paused several times to let my body accept it but she didn’t stop until she was all the way in and her thighs were against my ass cheeks. I won’t lie to you, it hurt several times and I almost made her stop, but once it was in, she just held it in there and moved her hips enough to cause some movement in my bowels.

“Take it easy, honey,” I warned.

She began long, slow strokes, as she brought me to not only accept it, but start to enjoy it some.

“You can go a little faster now,” I said.

She gradually picked up speed while I rubbed over my clit with my fingers. I was getting close again and the moans and groans I was making let her know so she went faster and more forceful until I was grunting with every thrust. When I came, she rammed it deep and held it there, grinding her body into my ass.

I don’t know how to describe that orgasm. It hurt, it felt beautiful, it nearly killed me, and when it was over, I was sure I’d be shitting in a bag for the rest of my life.

She took it off and went into the bathroom to clean it up. When she came back, she had wet cloths and towels which she used to clean me up.

I had the strangest yearning as we went off to sleep, spooned together. I could feel it in me and I almost went to get it to put it back in there but I fell asleep instead.

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