Accidental Pleasure Exposed

Big Cock

I was 18 when I learned about Marlene’s fetish. She was a divorced woman that lived a few houses away and was always very friendly. She was 40 or so as I remember, and she was quite attractive. Short feathered hair, a body that was well proportioned and she carried herself quiet well. She had come from Pennsylvania and moved into the area where we lived in southern New York 5 years earlier. She did not have a career it seemed but she taught an art class in her home to adult women who lived in and around the area. She attracted some of the more well to do women who were out for an evening to gab with the others it appeared.

It was spring and a beautiful evening the first time I suspected something odd about her. I remember class at her place letting go and the women were leaving one by one carrying their works of art. Earlier that day the postmaster had dropped off a package at my place that was addressed to her so being the kind neighbor I went down to her place to bring it to her. I entered the opened ataşehir escort door and walked in. I probably shouldn’t have but the door was open so I figured I could. As I approached the basement I saw a reflection of Marlene dressed in some brown shorts holding a ladder for another woman named Ellie who lived a few houses away. All was normal but the position of Marlene’s face.

As she stood holding the ladder her hands were positioned on the sides, however that dirty woman had her nose only an inch or so from the back of Elaine’s pants. I pulled back to refocus my eyes and when I peeked again there was no mistake, Marlene was smelling the back of Ellie’s pants. Her nose was pushed as close as she could get it to the crack of her taupe dress pants. Her eyes were closed and her own hand was gently caressing her shorts front. I watched for another minute or so and saw Ellie begin to lower herself as if she were coming down the ladder. Marlene pulled back and acted as if nothing was wrong as kadıköy escort Ellie came down and took her project in hand. Elaine had no idea what Marlene was doing and Marlene and her exchanged niceties and Ellie left.

I walked down as if just arriving and handed Marlene the package. The Crotch her jeans appeared dark as if she had achieved her mission and had an orgasm while exploring Ellie’s pants. I casually left realizing what I had just witnessed and wondered if it was her crotch or ass that got Marlene to orgasm. I started to wonder and began to make sure that when class was in session I was going to be around.

The following week I discovered what this woman was up to and was shocked at what I witnessed. I remember it like it was last week and it was years back. I watched the ladies leave many of which were very attractive and eventually they had all left. I was just about to go back home when I saw Marlene pop out. She was dressed in the same shorts and a green top and she headed bostancı escort bayan to her car. She left and about an hour (yes I was waiting for her to return) she arrived back home. I noticed she didn’t get right out which made me curious.

I waited in an area where I was unnoticeable. I really had a suspicion something was up. After a good 10 minutes her car door opened the sun was just starting to set. I hid behind some bushes and watched as Marlene rose from the car. She grabbed a bag and closed the door and moved quickly toward her front door. As she walked she stopped for a minute and looked down then ran in the house. I waited until she had closed her door and slowly walked down the street by her house. As I got to her driveway by her front tire lay a mound of soft fresh crap! I was somewhat disgusted but a feeling of perversion set in as I realized that this woman had laid a dump in her shorts and was probably smelling her friends ass for the same reason. I was thinking that if she had made it in with her gift she would have had even a more intense orgasm in her loaded shorts.

There are many more adventures of this woman that I am prepared to share, but I will as the comments come in. If you want it I will supply it. Thank you for reading. Orbump

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