Addictive Choices Ch. 02


This is the second in a series of stories making up a novella. To fully get the message, do yourself a favor and read Ch. 01. As always, please vote and send constructive feedback. Your helpful comments are much appreciated.

Time: Five or More Years Ago

I’d worked at bank headquarters for several months and one of my employees, Sherri, and I were well into a steamy affair. Given my addiction to sex I’d previously kept it in the closet and avoided physical contact with workers, yet this one was different. She was a certifiable fuck freak.

Tall, golden blonde and athletic, the 30-year-old divorcee was as devoted to the sexual arts as was I. She was also a risk-taker, meaning that she’d tease me into a tryst wherever we might be…at work, out at night in a restaurant parking lot, or in the thousand places one can find in a mall during a weekend shopping spree. My obsession with her eventually ended my relationship with Elaine, the bisexual woman with whom I was living, who moved out after being with me for five years. This opened my after-work life up to an abundance of new female candidates and – Sherri notwithstanding – it was as if a dam had burst there were so many women. My hobby was producing plays, and I used my own acting ability to charm them all, with the goal of nailing as many as I could.

On the first weekend after Elaine’s departure, I invited a scrumptious, 20-year-old, raven-haired actress of Hispanic descent – Carlita – over for an evening. She was a very young-looking student in the Drama Department at the local community college that had produced a couple of Hollywood starlets. She played young ingénues in the college’s productions, and had flirted shamelessly with me at a party a few weeks before, hoping that I’d cast her in a production in my community theatre company. Just as shamelessly, I plied her with wine during dinner and afterward on this night while we read a few scenes from a comedy I would soon produce.

For a 20-year-old Carlita had the cunning perspective of an experienced woman twice her age. Born of Chilean parents, she possessed the womanly wiles of the archetypal south-of-the-border Latina yet her body bore all the healthy features of North American upbringing, including vitamins and exercise. Her skin was pale, and contrasted beautifully with her flashing brown eyes and thick black hair that grew to the middle of her back. Her face was oval, like that of a painter’s model, and her mouth was wide, able to light the darkest room with a smile. The rosy color of her bow-like lips captivated me – negating the need for lipstick – as if she were on a steady diet of raspberries.

But the most compelling thing about her was that she looked so young. When first meeting her I checked her driver’s license and was astonished that she was twenty years old. When she arrived at my door this night I was amazed at the sexy way she was dressed. She wore a black, one-piece outfit that went over one shoulder, showing the tops of her flawless 34B breasts and half of her back. Connected with the top was a gauzy portion that covered her midriff, which in turn was connected to a pair of very brief black shorts that covered her private parts. To make the whole thing a “dress,” the bottom was covered with a knee-length gauzy skirt that extended to mid-thigh. From behind, I could see through the skirt that what I’d first thought were shorts were nothing more than a disguised thong.

As we were reading a scene from the play after dinner she paused, putting her book down on the floor next to herself and asked, “Why haven’t you hit on me, Shaun?”

“Beg your pardon?” being as cool as I could be, though I’d been thinking how I’d get into her pants without being too rapacious.

“You heard me. Your reputation…I see the hustle you put on other women…why haven’t you given me a shot?” she asked, stretching her 34B-22-34 body like a cat.

“Maybe it’s because I’m twice your age…almost,” I responded. Playing hard-to-get was always part of the game.

“That’s an excuse, not a reason,” she pouted, and started to crawl across the room toward where I was seated. When she reached me, she stood up on her knees between my outspread thighs. “Is it because I’m not big enough for your taste?” she asked, nestling her breasts from underneath in her palms.

“No. Five-feet-four is tall enough for me,” I said, purposely misunderstanding her. Like a cat, I wanted to tease my prey…repeatedly…before I pounced for the kill.

“Stop treating me like a child!” she scolded. “Why can’t you just…”.

I interrupted her. “Fuck you? Is that all you want? You think I’ll cast you in a play just for a piece of ass? If I fuck you, baby, it’ll be for more personal reasons than that.” I stood up, towering threateningly over her as she knelt, and started toward the kitchen to get more wine. She stopped me by grabbing onto my thigh. Her restraining touch caused my cock to stir in one pant casino oyna leg.

“There’s no reason to get angry. When we first met, I thought we were simpatico. I could have been wrong,” she said dejectedly, without removing her hand.

Just a little closer, I thought to myself. It’s so much sweeter when they realize what they might have missed, when they first touch it…and feel it.

“Sorry, Carlita. I’ve been stressed at work lately and am a bit short-tempered,” I said, playing for sympathy. I quickly sat down again, allowing her to cross her arms on my lap. As she nestled more closely she felt my erection in my pant leg, and I was awarded the look of recognition given a man by a woman that says further conversation is unnecessary.

Her movements were fluid. She leaned up with one hand on my chest and kissed me deeply, her surprisingly long tongue poking nearly to my tonsils. Then she tugged at my belt buckle and unzipped my pants which fell open to my crotch. I’d purposely not worn underwear this night, so my gnarled cock poked up at her young face, its veins protruding with blood. “Wow!” she said, leaning back and studying the rampant object before her. “You’re really big…so thick!” she continued, clearly mesmerized by what I’d always considered to be the most important part of my anatomy. She apparently thought so as well, since she grasped me at the base of my prick and – very slowly – slathered the crown of my shaft with her pink, fleshy tongue. My dick reacted as would any animal’s…preening and rearing its head for more. And Carlita didn’t miss a thing, attentive as any good actress is to a responsive audience.

“Mmmmnnn,” she mewled and licked me lavishly again, watching once more for my pulsing response. She got what she was looking for, since my prick jumped two or three times in appreciation, making her sigh and climb onto the couch next to me. She leaned toward me on one elbow and spread her drawn-back legs apart, her diaphanous skirt whispering down her thighs. I placed my hand lightly on the back of her head, gathering her black hair in one fist, and guided her hot open mouth onto my prick. Mewling again, she took me to the top of her throat half-a-dozen times, then reached between her legs to pull aside the crotch of her thong and diddle her clit with two fingers before returning to suck me slowly and deeply.

She was good, awfully good, as her cheeks hollowed time after time to take me deeper into her throat. As she did so, she began flicking her tongue outside her mouth on the underside of my dick so that, when I slipped into her throat for a long moment, she drove me half crazy by licking my bloated testicles.

I had to see and touch this young beauty now. My lustful fingers peeled the stretchy top of her dress off the one shoulder, exposing her pert young breasts, the rosy nipples of which now grazed my hairy thigh as she serviced my rod. I got to my knees with the intention of 69’ing her, and got the first close look at her incomparable pussy. It was clean shaven except for a half-inch strip of black hair above her plump, virginal-looking slit. Below it her moist outer labia barely covered a swollen clitoris the sight of which caused me to salivate. Her vacuuming mouth didn’t miss a stroke as I eased down between her legs and stretched her thong to one side before tasting her. With two fingers I spread her lips and opened her like a ripe fig, revealing her red inner vaginal lining covered with sweet nectar. It palpitated with each rapid heartbeat and smelled slightly of perspiration and a hint of peppered shrimp as my voracious tongue dug into its depths. She gave a pronounced groan as I first sucked up the rich juices from inside her, then concentrated on flicking at her clit with my tongue.

As I alternated between sucking at her opening and licking her engorged nubbin, her groans developed into moans, until finally she pulled off of my cock to begin thrusting her mound at me while calling my name. “Ahh!…ahh!…ahh!” she added with closed eyes, returning now to my cock with her hand and jerking it furiously. “Ohhh…gonna make me cu-ummm,” she said, whimpering, as she began drooling little kisses all over my groin. Finally, to push her over the edge, I reached up with both hands and touched her nipples, pulling at the puffy little pink thimbles. She screamed at the contact, “Eeee-yeeaahhh! Yeeaahhh! Yeeaahhh!” as her orgasm struck her and turned her young flesh into knots while she hammered her crotch against my slobbering lips. Her thighs clamped closed against my ears and opened as she thrust again, then closed and opened again…something she repeated for a full minute until finally she relaxed and – giggling embarrassedly – said, “Ohhhh…I’ve never had a climax like that in my life!”

I’ve heard that too many times before, sweetheart, I thought cynically as I finished undressing first her, then myself. Naked, she was breathtaking, weighing no more than 105 pounds, slot oyna with firm B-cup breasts and a muscular torso that flared into hard, round, hips. Uncertain as to my agenda, she was completely submissive, and fell easily into my embrace, which raised her off the floor, allowing her to lock her gorgeous legs around my waist by the heels as I slipped into her halfway to my scrotum. I thrust into her a second and third time – the last to my balls – bringing a deep gasp from her lungs and stimulating an even deeper kiss. This could turn into one of the better sport fucks I’ve had in a long time, I said to myself as I repeatedly raised Carlita’s small body off my rampant prong while rutting with her in a standing position. Her energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her vocal expressions of appreciation, caused me to dig deeply into my bag of sexual tricks.

I started with a finger up her rectum, sliding it slowly in one knuckle at a time. When I approached the third knuckle, her colon gripped my digit tightly and she stopped thrusting up and down, apparently content to slide to and fro while rubbing her clit against my member. Her second orgasm was telegraphed by her trembling hips which – with her passionate cries – ended in a fit of screaming, as well as a scratching and biting of my shoulders and upper pectorals. One long “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes” was her shout as she peaked, then her body quivered and relaxed by turns as she came down. Tired by this time, I fell to the couch in a heap with her perspiring frame glued to mine, her legs spread open widely across my lap with my erect prick still poking at her cervix.

I began stroking her front with my large hands, caressing the baby-soft globes of her breasts and rolling the corky tips of her nipples between my fingers as if they were clay. She groaned deeply in response and began rising and falling – humping – on my turgid cock as it girded itself for another round. As I manipulated her tits, she responded by probing my mouth with her thick, lengthy tongue, seeking out those places only a good tooth brushing can find. As she tongued me, she mewled with pleasure like a small puppy, particularly when I returned an especially deep kiss with an answering deep upward plunge of my hips.

We were both sweating profusely now, and I’d slid forward on the couch to allow her greater leverage in screwing down onto me. It also allowed me to nibble her nipples – first one, then the other – with my lips. As we progressed, I used my teeth and, as her plunging onto my cock became frenetic, she began a litany exhorting me to bite her…then bite her harder. Soon she began growling like a feral animal deeply in her throat as she humped me. Her cunt hammered at my groin with blinding speed as her juices soaked my pubic hair. Then she suddenly slowed and began trembling inside, signaling on onrushing orgasm, at which point I wormed my middle finger into her rectum again. I could feel her vaginal muscles quivering as I drove it deeper, and she began shrieking as I fucked her ass with my long finger. “Aahhhg…aahhhg,” she grunted as I plundered both of her nether holes. Then she whimpered once, froze and was immobile, holding her breath, finally to exhale, shouting “Aaaaaahhhhhhggg…mmmmnn, yeeaaahhhh,” and collapsed in a heap against me.

She lay there, limp as a dishrag for the longest time, while regaining her breath, then whispered in my ear, “How did you know?”

“How did I know what?” I asked.

“How did you know…to…to do my ass that way?” she questioned shyly.

“It’s all part of the package, sweetheart,” I said in a comforting, avuncular way.

“Will you do it again? Now, I mean. It makes me feel so full…so out of control…so mastered,” she admitted, quietly.

Whatever in your past has made you an anal submissive, I can live with, I thought, thanking my good fortune. A 20-year-old offering me her ass! Wait ’til my therapist hears about this! “Sure, baby, just turn around. Do you need any lubricant?” I asked, since I had a tube of KY jelly downstairs in my bedroom.

“Ohh…no. Spit always seems to do the trick,” said this comparative child…going on 40. She faced away from me, putting her feet flat on my thighs, and spat in her hand. She then coated her asshole liberally with saliva and eased herself down onto me, easily accepting my glans inside her anal sphincter. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh,” she exhaled as I penetrated her. “Tell you what, Shaun…I’ll control the up ‘n’ down…if you’ll tickle my clitoris.”

That way you’ll get excited and won’t think about the pain this must be causing, I thought, as I saw my bone disappear further into her colon. This girl was such a trouper that she could be one of my regulars – I told the addictive spook that haunted my conscience – as she took more of me into her with each downward push, echoing her gradual accomplishments with a verbal “Nnngghhh.” And as I rubbed her clit lovingly, she seemed to impart an incomprehensible life to canlı casino siteleri her bowels, as if they’d come to serve a new purpose other than an avenue for waste. They began to flex, grasping at me with a soothing elasticity that I’d not experienced before. I’d never cum in a woman’s ass, but – I mused – everyone is a virgin at something. So my mind was set…my fate was sealed. As one of her supporting hands left my thighs to stroke my balls, I began to feel the desire to climax. Planted on me fully, this child-woman was coaxing seed from me that heretofore had found sanctuary only in oral or genital caverns, but it hardly mattered. I’d made “the Chilean connection”…and it was good.

“Aaaggghhh…shiiiit!” I growled, as my seed raced into Carlita’s colon. Time after time I shot bolts of hot spunk into her bottom. “Unngh…unngh…unngh,” I grunted as she soundlessly – yet sensitively – rubbed her butt against my gonads until they’d emptied. She didn’t stop until I did, showing a certain empathy, then quietly got up off me to close her anus and keep my jizzum inside her.

She sat across my lap with her legs drawn up and said, “Mmmm, that feels good. Uuh…do you mind if I stay the night? I’ve had a lot of wine and am afraid to drive. Besides, we’re just getting acquainted…aren’t we!”

The rest of the night in my bedroom we got much closer. We awoke Saturday morning after a rollicking night of fucking, during which she demonstrated the canine position to be her favorite. She obviously did her best to impress me as she worked her willowy body like a contortionist, offering all of her orifices up to me as an implicit promise of even greater things to come.

We nursed our light hangovers with a late breakfast. On our way back to bed, another theatre acquaintance dropped by unannounced. Her name was Susan, a chestnut-haired, bisexual, professional actress in her thirties with whom I’d worked on previous plays, and had shared carnally with my previous girlfriend. After a few afternoon margaritas, the two women and I fell into bed to enjoy an hour or two of salacious pleasure, which allowed more of Carlita’s imaginative talents – this time Sapphic – to be shown.

The phone rang as I lay back with a woman under each arm, both of whom were taking a post-coital nap. I smelled like some large, unwashed beast, covered as I was with their combined juices, yet I was far from being sated. It was my number one girlfriend Sherri calling. “Hi! Just happened to be in your neighborhood and wondered if I could drop in and visit!” she said, brightly.

“Uuuhh…I was just about to take a shower. Where are you?” I asked.

“In front of your house. I’m on my cell phone,” she replied.

What could I do or say? She’d driven over twenty miles from home! I couldn’t just turn her away without seeing her! “Might as well come in,” I relented. “I’ll be in my robe. Hope you won’t be shocked.”

“Are you kidding?” she laughed, as the doorbell rang. Not much shocked Sherri.

I slipped out from between my two female visitors, trying not to disturb them, and into a bathrobe as I made my way a half-flight upstairs to the front door landing. My heart was beating rapidly as I contemplated the worst of what might happen. On opening the door there she was, wearing a light blue, sleeveless tennis dress that zipped up the front, the skirt of which reached mid-thigh, showing her flawless, creamy legs. She hugged me closely and moaned as she lifted her head to give me a deep, probing kiss.

“Mmmm…you’ve been drinking, and…” she whispered.

“Yeah…a margarita. Want one?” I asked, turning quickly to lead her another half-flight upstairs to the living room and kitchen…anything to draw her away from my downstairs bedroom.

“No, thanks,” she said, giving me a suspicious look as she laid her purse on the couch, bending over just enough so that I could see her naked bottom under her skirt. “This is what I want,” she purred, opening my robe and running her hand down my flaccid cock, which was still sticky from several hours’ worth of two women’s discharge. She looked up at me, quickly sniffed her palm, and added, “You’ve been fucking, too! I thought you smelled pretty ripe. Anybody I know?”

“Just…a friend,” I said, deeply embarrassed. What would she say or do if she knew about our threesome?

“Is she here?” she asked.

I nodded in the affirmative.

“Don’t worry, Shaun. You and I aren’t married. I should’ve called ahead,” she said. “I don’t want to disturb your guest. But we should clean you up. Let’s try to keep quiet,” she whispered, holding her finger to my lips to shush me. With that she slid to her knees and – as always – in an instant I was a willing slave to her extraordinary mouth as her full lips engulfed my member. She seemed to take particular joy in lapping up the fetid womanly juices on my cock and balls, as she hummed to herself while raising my hard-on. So much so that I pulled her off her knees and led her to my sofa where I shrugged off my robe and sat down, then arranged her body so that she could blow me while her thighs were on my shoulders, making for what was to me a very comfortable “69.”

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