Adventures of Sarah – Chapter 7


Hank just continued to watch as Tyshawn plowed the little teacher’s ass. It was an interesting sight to see a long, hard, black cock moving in and out of her white ass. The contrast was fascinating. He saw Tyshawn grimace and pull her legs into his chest. He knew they were soft and warm and he didn’t blame Tyshawn for holding onto them. Tyshawn finished unloading into her and moved away. Hank saw her ass stay open just a few seconds and snap shut again.

Hank got off of the couch and walked over to the table. Sarah lay on the table, her eyes closed and her breathing slow and deep. She seemed to be sleeping but he thought it more likely that her body had just shut down. He thought back over the last few hours and he figured she had finally had enough. He looked at her cute little breasts sitting up on her chest. Her nipples were still hard, they were pink and perfect. His eyes flowed down her body past her tight stomach and down to her waist. He saw her skirt bunched around her waist and her legs limp hanging over the table edge. Her legs were spread slightly enough for him to catch a glimpse of her smooth pussy. The lips were red and looked swollen. Hank looked at her smooth thighs, they were soft but firm and he reached out to touch them.

He knew she was unconscious when he got no response as his hand ran up and down her soft thigh. She looked so peaceful. Hank moved over to the side of the table and slipped his arm under her shoulders and the other under her thighs. He lifted her easily off the table and held her in his arms. Her right arm was limp and hanging and Hank adjusted her so that her head was now leaning against his chest. He walked back towards her bedroom.

Hank placed her softly onto her bed. He grabbed the skirt and slid it off of her hips and down her legs. He tossed it into a hamper that looked like it was there for dirty clothes. He went into the bathroom and found a washcloth. He soaked it with warm water and went back into the bedroom. He used it to wash her pretty face. He washed off her chest and then washed off her crotch area until it was free of all cum and looked clean. He held the warm cloth over her swollen pussy. It looked sore and raw and he thought the warm cloth would feel good. He looked at her again and she was still unresponsive.

Hank took the cloth and dropped it back in the bathroom sink. He went back and slid her towards the center of the bed. He arranged her head on a pillow and pulled a sheet over her body. She looked very comfortable. He turned off the light as he left the room.

Jesse and Tyshawn were finishing cleaning the kitchen and dining room areas as Hank came back into the room. The apartment looked ok for the most part. He didn’t want to leave it messy for her to wake up to. He noticed her panties sitting on the floor and went to pick them up.

“Boys, when you are done I will take you home.” Hank said as he walked past the kitchen to take the panties to the bedroom.

“Ok, we are almost done.” He heard the boys respond.

Hank thought of what his next move would be. He had no car here as his car was still at school. He would need to go and get it and then somehow get the teacher’s car back here. He tried to figure out how he was going to do that and then get both boys home. It was going to be a long night of driving back and forth he could tell. Luckily, he knew the boys lived relatively close to the teacher’s apartment and school was not very far away either.

“Hank, we’re done. You ready?” Hank heard and turned to see Jesse and Tyshawn coming out of the kitchen.

He smiled as he realized they were good boys and cleaned her kitchen up without even balking. Not many young men would do that in their own house much less someone else’s. Now he was more determined than ever to try and help them. He just wished he could come up with a good plan to do that. He was not going to worry about this too much, he was confident he would come up with something soon.

“Ok, boys, let’s get out of here.” He said and opened the door.

The boys filed past him and he stepped out and closed the door. It hit him quickly that he should be careful. It would look strange for three black guys to be leaving a woman’s apartment at night. He looked around to see if anyone was around. It looked clear and they went down the stairs and quickly got into her car.

Hank drove for a while, the neighborhoods getting more and more depressing until he came to Jesse’s street. Jesse pointed out the house and Hank dropped him off at the curb. Jesse did not want him to come into the house. Hank figured he would allow him that request this time, but he had to figure out something for the boy. He watched Jesse hop onto the porch and open the broken screen door. Jesse disappeared into the house and Hank drove away.

He pulled into Tyshawn’s driveway and got out of the car. Tyshawn told him he didn’t have to come up, but he felt something telling him to take him to the door. Tyshawn walked up to the door and reached for the handle. The door ripped open and Hank looked to see a woman who looked extremely angry.

“Where the fuck have you been?” the woman screamed.

Tyshawn didn’t answer but tried to step into the house. The woman hit him directly in the chest, pushing him back onto the porch.

“Answer me, you little fuck, where have you been?” she screamed again.

Tyshawn looked at her and Hank could see the anger growing in his eyes. He knew he had to do something, or this could end badly.

“Maam, he was with me.” Hank said.

He saw her turn her head slowly and look at him. She paused for a moment and then spit her next statement out with incredible force.

“And who the fuck are you?” she said loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.

Hank really didn’t have a good answer for her and did not answer immediately. She did not seem to want an answer.

“Because I don’t really fucking care who you are. You are obviously another loser friend of this little worthless piece of shit.” She spit out.

Hank stood there shocked at the viciousness of the woman and watched her turn her attention back to Tyshawn.

“If you think you can just prance around all night and just show up whenever you want to you are sorely mistaken you little fucker. I came home to an empty house and none of your chores were done. Your father is going to beat the shit out of you after I finish telling him everything.” She said.

Hank saw Tyshawn balling up his fist as he listened to her rant and rave. He knew he needed to get Tyshawn out of here quickly. He just reacted and stepped up between Tyshawn and the woman. He thought it was a good idea until he felt the slap of her hand across his face.

“Get out of the way asshole. I am not done with him.” She screamed and pulled her hand back to hit him again.

Hank grabbed her hand as it flew towards him.

“Yes, you are. I will not let you hit me again or him.” Hank screamed back at her.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” she screamed and struggled to free her hand.

“His friend.” Was all Hank said and pushed her back into the house.

He turned and pushed Tyshawn back towards the car. Tyshawn did not fight him and started walking back to the car slowly. Hank heard the door slam violently as he followed Tyshawn. They got in the car and then looked at each other. Hank knew he needed to think of something now. He felt like he had sort of adopted Tyshawn in a weird sort of way. He started the car and drove away from the neighborhood as fast as he could.

Hank drove and thought. He was struggling to come up with something to do as he pulled into the school parking lot. He saw his car was the only one left in the lot. He pulled up next to it.

“Son, can you follow me back to the teach’s house?” Hank asked Tyshawn.

Tyshawn nodded his head slowly and reached out for Hank’s keys. Hank watched him climb out of the car and he felt incredibly sorry for him. His mind started working in overdrive now. He pulled out of the parking lot and started towards Sarah’s apartment.

Hank pulled into her parking lot and Tyshawn pulled up next to him. Hank got out of the car and motioned for Tyshawn to follow him. They went up the stairs and then back into her apartment. He closed the door behind him and now Hank felt he was in a better place.

He knew he had to keep Tyshawn here somehow. He could take him home to his own house but that did not seem right as he stood in Sarah’s apartment. This for some reason seemed like the place for Tyshawn right now and for Hank too for that matter.

Hank remembered she had a guest room and started down the hall. He motioned for Tyshawn to follow him. They went into the guest room and saw there were two twin beds in the room. The room was blue and very clean. There was a night stand between the beds with a pretty lamp on it. Hank suddenly realized he was very tired.

“Son, I think we are going to stay here tonight. I will think of a good plan tomorrow after I get some rest.” Hank said and walked over to one of the beds.

Tyshawn looked like he was still angry but seemed to be calming down a little. Hank watched him pull off his shirt and rip his pants off. He climbed into the bed and slid under the covers. Hank felt even more tired as he watched Tyshawn get into the bed and close his eyes. He pulled his own shirt off and dropped his pants. He looked down to see his cock hanging limply between his legs. He thought the big guy had seen more action tonight than he had in a while. This bed was going to be just what he needed. He slipped under the covers and sleep hit him almost the instant his head nestled into the soft pillow.

Sarah was floating in her dream. Her body felt light and like it was floating. She felt hands touching her and rubbing her softly. She moaned in her sleep. She heard a light bumping noise. She looked around and everything was blurry. Her dream took over again and she felt the hands again. More bumping noises. Sarah felt herself moving in and out of sleep. Her mind was fighting to stay asleep, the hands felt so wonderful. She heard the bumping again. Her mind lost the battle and she felt herself on the edge of sleep. More bumping but now it sounded like knocking.

Sarah opened her eyes and she listened. More knocking. She thought it sounded like the door. She jumped out of bed and started to walk bahis firmaları down the hall. More knocking. She tried to clear her head, but the sleep hangover was strong. She felt dizzy and disoriented. She reached the door and heard the knocking again. She watched her hand grab the door handle and looked down. She realized she was not wearing anything. She was naked and about to open her front door. A slight panic hit her, and she latched the chain lock on the door.

Sarah opened the door slightly and looked through the four-inch opening the chain allowed. She saw Jesse standing there holding a bundled-up cloth to his head. He was not wearing a shirt and Sarah saw red on his chest. She looked closer and saw the bundled-up cloth was also stained with red. She saw Jesse’s eyes and they were scared. Sarah lost all concern for her situation and unhooked the chain. She ripped open the door and stepped out to Jesse.

Jesse saw the door pop open and his heart jumped. He would get help. He was a little shocked to see the teacher step out of the apartment totally naked. He saw her cute little breasts sitting there right in front of him and he couldn’t stop himself from scanning her tight body, noticing again her smooth pussy and beautiful legs.

“Jesse, what happened?” Sarah said as she reached him, touching his chest lightly.

“I had a little trouble at home.” Jesse answered.

Sarah snapped quickly back into reality and realized she was standing in her open doorway completely naked talking to one of her black students. She grabbed Jesse’s arm and pulled him into the apartment. She closed the door behind her and led Jesse to the table and sat him in a chair.

Jesse sat down and watched as the teacher took the shirt out of his hand and pulled it away from his head. He was staring directly at her chest and saw her pink nipples staring back at him. He felt her touch his forehead and he flinched.

“Jesse, you have a nice cut here.” Sarah said as she tried to wipe away the blood.

Jesse did not respond and continued to stare at her nipples. Sarah wiped his forehead gently with the stained t-shirt. She could almost see the cut through the blood. She leaned in closer and Jesse watched a drop of blood fall off his forehead and land on her left breast. He watched it flow slowly down the slope of her breast and then he saw another drop hit.

Sarah was trying to clean his forehead, but she was struggling as the t-shirt was almost completely soaked. She took the shirt in both hands and ran into the kitchen. She dumped it into the sink and grabbed a dishcloth. She soaked it with warm water and ran back into the dining room. She touched the warm cloth to his forehead and started to wipe away the blood.

Jesse felt the warm cloth hit his head and he flinched. His head was sensitive, but it felt good to have the teacher helping him. He reached his hands up and held her hips gently. They were soft and warm and made him feel safe. He closed his eyes and let her take care of him.

Sarah finally got the blood away so she could see the cut. It was not very big, and it seemed to be slowing down. She pushed the cloth against it to try and stop the bleeding. She held it there and leaned back a bit to see Jesse’s face. His eyes were closed, and his hands were on her hips. He looked so sad and broken. Her heart broke on the spot. She pulled him close, so the cloth was against her chest and then put her arms around him and hugged him tight. She felt his arms squeeze her back.

Sarah held onto him for a while. Her right hand was on the back of his head, keeping the pressure on the cloth against her chest. Her left hand rubbed down his strong back, moving over the muscles in his young body. She felt his hands moving on her back and then one slid down to cup her ass. She remembered again she was nude but somehow it didn’t seem to bother her. Her mothering instinct was strong and in full bloom. She felt his hand leave her ass and move up her back. He squeezed her tight again.

“Jesse, what happened honey?” Sarah whispered in his ear.

“They just kept hitting me.” He said softly.

“Who?” she said in his ear.

“My parents.” He answered in a small voice.

Sarah hugged him tighter and tried to hold back her tears. She felt so bad for him, she knew his home was not the best but how could this happen? She didn’t understand but just held onto him and tried to help.

She pulled back and took the cloth off of his head. The bleeding had stopped. She cleaned the area around the cut until all of the blood was gone. She stepped back and took his hand. She lifted him to his feet and led him down the hallway. Sarah led him into the bathroom and stood him next to the sink. She rinsed the cloth until the blood was gone and then started to wash his chest. She rubbed his body until all of the blood was gone. She reached into the medicine cabinet and took out the bandages. She dug through and found one big enough and placed it on his forehead.

Jesse watched the teacher just go about her business taking care of him without saying a word. She cleaned him off and was reaching up to put a bandage on his head. Her chest had blood all over it and she looked like the victim now. She put the bandage on him and stepped back.

“Now, good as new.” She said and smiled at him.

Jesse reached down in the sink and grabbed the cloth. He ran warm water over it until it was cleaned and then turned towards her. He touched the warm cloth to her skin to adjust her to the temperature and started to rub her chest. He heard her take a deep breath and he saw her chest rise and fall. She looked so sexy standing there with blood all over her bare chest. He felt his cock twitch a little.

Sarah kept her eyes closed as Jesse ran the warm cloth across her chest. Her nipples were hard from the stimulation. The cloth felt wonderful as he moved it gently across her skin. She felt her sore, tired body responding again to this boy’s touch. Her mind opened again, and she wondered what had happened to her? It had only been about twelve hours, but she felt like a totally different person and she was doing things she would have never dreamed of, but they felt so right. She was confused for a second but then absolutely sure in the next. She took another deep breath and continued to react without thinking too much.

Jesse finished cleaning his blood off of the teacher and she opened her eyes. She took his hand and led him out of the bathroom. He saw the clock on the counter as he passed and saw it read 3:00 AM. He was suddenly very tired as he was now much more relaxed now. She led him into her bedroom and stood him next to the bed. He saw her kneel down and start to untie his shoes. She pulled them off his feet and tossed them aside. She pulled off his socks and tossed them on top of the shoes. He saw her reach up and unsnap his jeans. She unzipped them slowly and then slid them down his legs. She pulled them off his feet and laid them over the shoes and socks. She gently pulled down his underwear and his now hard cock sprung out and slapped the side of her face.

Sarah pulled his underwear down and felt the cock hit the side of her face. The contact sparked a little fire in her and she knew she would not be able to sleep again until she had some of that sweet cock. She tossed the underwear on the top of his other clothes and then grabbed the hard cock. She put her lips on the head and then looked up at Jesse. He was staring down at her as she slid her mouth over his warm meat. She slowly slid it into her mouth until she felt it touch the back of her throat. She slid back off until the head was just inside her lips. She flicked her tongue across the head and she heard him moan.

Jesse watched his cock disappear into the teacher’s hot mouth. He thought this had to be one of the hottest sights he had ever seen. This girl was incredible. He saw her pull back and then felt her tongue flick across his head. He put his hands on the side of her head and closed his eyes. He forgot everything that was going on in his world and just concentrated on his cock sitting in her mouth.

Sarah felt his hands on her head. She loved the control and power he had over her. She was driving this, but she knew he could easily pull her into him and slam himself deep into her throat. She felt her crotch tingle as she slid back onto him. She felt it touch the back of her throat again but this time she continued to push. Sarah felt her throat open up to accept him. She felt him enter and then her mouth was against his skin. She had taken him completely. She felt a strange surge of pride as she held herself against him.

Jesse could not believe his eyes. She had swallowed his entire cock! No one had ever done that. Her face was buried in his crotch and he found he was holding her tight against him. His cock was rock hard, and he felt it sitting tight in her throat. He felt himself lose control and pull her off and then slam her back onto him. She looked so fucking hot on the end of his dick he just had to fuck her throat.

Sarah felt him pull her off and then force her back onto the hard cock. It slipped back into her throat and she lowered her hands and let him control her head. She felt him pull her back again and then slam her back down. Sarah closed her eyes as Jesse started to fuck her face hard.

Jesse moved her back and forth and he was pumping in and out of her face. She was just letting him control her and he thought it was incredibly hot. He stepped up his pace and started to drive his hips into her. He knew he would not be able to continue very long as he looked down to see himself sliding in and out of her face.

Sarah felt her mouth stretching open to take him deep in her throat over and over again. She was lost in his control and her hands came up to pinch her hard nipples. She felt a little surge run through her and she shuddered. She then felt him slam her hard against his crotch and hold her there. She felt him flinch and then felt the warm spurt hit her throat. It slid right down into her belly followed by another. She felt the third spurt and then he pulled her off. Another small spurt shot out just as the head of his cock left her lips and she caught it on her tongue. The taste was strong and musky, and she swallowed it easily.

Jesse pulled his cock out of her mouth and felt it hang limply down. She was looking up at kaçak iddaa him as she swallowed his last load. He tried to burn the image into his brain and hoped he would never forget it. He held his hand out and lifted her up. He took her in his arms and hugged her tight. Her warm body felt good against his.

Sarah pulled out of his hug and turned around to pull back the sheets. She grabbed his waist and pushed him into the bed. He climbed in and slid to the middle. Sarah slid in and pushed her back against him. She felt him slide up and cup his body around her. She felt his limp cock nestle between the cheeks of her ass. She reached back and grabbed his right arm. She pulled it over her and put his hand over her right breast. She felt him squeeze it gently and she pulled the sheet over herself.

Jesse felt her soft body against his and her breast in his hand. He felt himself relaxing completely and sleep took him quickly. Sarah stayed perfectly still, feeling his strong body against hers. She closed her eyes and it wasn’t long before her wonderful dream began again.

She felt like she was floating again, and the hands were on her. They were warm and soft and felt incredible on her sensitive skin. She felt the hands move on her stomach and then down her legs. Sarah smiled in her sleep as her body responded to the dream hands. The hands moved down her legs and she felt them separate slightly. The dream hands touched her inner thighs and then softly touched her pussy. Her body responded, and she hoped the hands would continue. They did, and she felt a warm finger hit her sensitive clit. This caused Sarah’s body to flinch in response and she teetered on the edge of sleep. She fought to stay asleep, so the dream would continue.

Sarah felt herself drift back down into deep sleep and the dream started again. The hands moved away from her crotch and she felt them on her hip. She then felt a warmth at her pussy and then felt her lips open up to accept something sliding into her. Sarah moaned in her sleep as her body took the intruder deep inside. She felt the warm hands move back to her breasts and begin caressing them. The intruder moved in and out of her and she was buried deep in her pleasure.

Sarah’s eyes popped open involuntarily and she was sad for a second as she realized her dream was over. Her sadness was swept quickly away when she realized the intruder from her dream was still moving in and out of her body. She concentrated and remembered that Jesse was with her and then she looked down to see a black hand massaging her breast. She smiled as she looked at the contrast of skin color. It was fascinating to see her white breast squeezing out between the strong black fingers.

Sarah’s attention was brought back to her lower body as she felt Jesse’s warm body slam against her ass. He was now moving quickly, and she felt her pussy accepting his hard meat. She felt more full than usual and she wondered if it was the angle or if he was just incredibly hard first thing in the morning. Sarah grabbed his hand with hers and pressed it into her chest. She felt Jesse drive deep inside her and then she felt the warm sensation of black cum being deposited in her womb. She closed her eyes as he pumped two more loads into her.

Jesse felt his orgasm wane, but he stayed still, holding the teacher against his body. She felt so warm and soft, he didn’t want to let her go. He felt his cock shrinking in her pussy and her pussy seemed to be trying to keep him inside. He squeezed her cute little breasts again and felt the hard nipple under his fingers. He decided to lay there as long as he could with his cock in her and his hand on her soft breast. He closed his eyes and smiled.

Sarah felt him getting smaller in her. She squeezed her thighs and pussy to try and keep him from sliding out. She felt his fingers squeezing her rigid nipple. She felt a little surge of electricity originate from her chest. She flinched again.

“Good morning, Jesse” she whispered.

Jesse’s eyes snapped open and he tried to take his hand off her breast. She held it against her chest.

“Teach, I am so sorry, but I woke up with serious wood and you were so warm lying there. I am sorry.” Jesse responded.

Sarah felt his cock slip out of her and she turned around to face him. She saw him looking down at her and she reached up and pulled his head down to her lips. She kissed him hard and speared his mouth with her tongue. She felt him respond and kiss her back. She kissed him for at least 30 seconds and then pulled away.

“Jesse, it’s ok, that was a great wakeup call.” She said.

Jesse smiled down at her. She was beautiful. He didn’t know what it was, she didn’t seem anything special yesterday when he saw her walk into the room but now looking down at her this morning she seemed to be glowing and he thought she was incredibly pretty. He leaned back down and kissed her again. She responded by putting her hand behind his head and holding him to her as her tongue explored the inside of his mouth. She was an incredible kisser, but Jesse was not surprised. He had stopped being surprised at anything she did. She broke the kiss off and looked at him.

“I think I need a shower, you interested?” Sarah said.

Jesse felt his sore dick jump.

“Sure” was all he could muster.

Sarah jumped out of bed and Jesse watched her cute ass jiggle as she walked to the bathroom. He got out of bed and followed her. He watched as she turned on the water and then stepped into the shower. He saw a white hand extend from behind the shower curtain towards him. He put his hand in hers and she pulled him into the shower.

He saw her standing beneath the water and it was flowing over her head, soaking her dark hair. He couldn’t believe it, but she looked even hotter wet. He felt his cock hardening again. She reached over and grabbed a sponge, lathered it up and gave it to him. She took his hand and put in on her body and started to move it around. Jesse took the hint and rubbed the sponge over her body, covering her with lather. He soaped up her breasts and then went down her flat stomach to her legs. He ran the sponge down her long legs and then back up again. He made sure and soaped between her legs.

She turned around and he was facing her ass. He ran the sponge up the back of her legs and then soaped her pretty little ass. He saw her reach back and spread her cheeks, so he could wash between them. Jesse saw her little brown asshole and remembered pounding that little hole last night. It was still small and tight, and he cleaned it well. He stood up and washed her back completely. Jesse saw his now rock-hard cock bouncing against her butt.

Sarah turned around and took the sponge from Jesse. She started to run it over his hard, young body. She ran it down his stomach and then knelt in front of his fabulous erection. She soaped up his balls and then ran the sponge up and down his magnificent cock. She kissed the head softly and flicked her tongue at it. She heard him moan deeply. She ran the sponge down his legs and then stood up. She hung the sponge back on the rail and then stepped directly under the water.

Jesse watched her let the water flow over her and again he thought she looked incredibly hot. He thought if she kept this up he may just blast a stream of cum right onto her belly. He was especially worried as he saw her arms move from her hair down and grasp his hard cock. She ran her hands gently back and forth down the long missile. He felt her reach down and cup his balls and squeeze them lightly. This girl was going to cause him to pop his load right here and now.

Sarah saw Jesse reacting and slowed down her hands. She loved the feel of his cock, but she didn’t want him to cum yet. She needed that hard thing to be inside her and she didn’t want to waste one in the shower. She let go of his cock and turned him into the water to rinse him off. She made sure all the soap was off and then turned off the water. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack.

Jesse stood there in the shower and was surprised when she turned around and started drying him off. She dried his head and chest and then dried his cock a little longer than necessary. She ran the towel down his legs and then wrapped it around his waist and tucked it in. She grabbed another towel and dried herself off. She then wrapped it around her head and tied it off. She grabbed a robe and wrapped it around her body.

“Let’s go get some breakfast.” She said to him and started to walk out.

Jesse jumped out of the tub and decided he would follow this girl anywhere. He followed her down the hall and she turned into the kitchen. Jesse was able to see into the living room, and saw Hank sitting on the couch. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and Jesse thought his chest looked incredibly developed for an old guy. Jesse walked into the living room.

“Well, good morning son. When did you end up here?” Hank asked.

“Late last night, I ran into a few problems at home. I ended up here and the teacher took good care of me.” Jesse responded.

“I see, did you sleep well?” Hank said.

“Yes, sir, very well.” Jesse responded.

Hank then saw the bruise on Jesse’s head and looked at him.

“What exactly happened last night, son?” Hank asked.

“My mom was a little pissed that I got home so late and then my dad started in when he got home. I couldn’t get them to stop hitting me, so I took off. This was the only place I could think of to come.” Jesse said and sat down in the chair across from Hank.

Hank could see his shoulders hunch and he could feel himself getting angry. A young man like this had no business feeling ashamed or weak and it pissed Hank off when he saw what some people could do to proud, strong young men.

“Teach, come here for a minute.” Hank said towards the kitchen.

Sarah finished making the coffee and walked into the living room. She saw Hank sitting on the couch in his boxers and watched him open the crotch and pull out his hard, black cock.

“Come here and sit on my lap for a minute.” He said.

Sarah walked over and straddled his lap. She untied her robe and pulled it open. Hank pointed his cock at her pussy and motioned for her to sit. Sarah lowered herself slowly and felt Hank’s huge cock slide easily into her moist hole. She slid down the shaft and then settled onto his kaçak bahis lap. She could feel him deep up inside her stomach. She looked at him.

“Baby girl, you comfortable?” Hank said, and she nodded.

“Good, I think this is right where you belong, on a man’s lap with a big, black dick buried in your little body.” Hank said. Sarah smiled and tried to adjust to the telephone pole sticking up into her abdomen.

“Teach, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to take these boys in for a while. I am not sure where I am going to put them yet, but I know neither of them can go home right now. This has to be their home for now. Can you do that?” Hank asked.

Sarah just looked at him and nodded. Hank smiled and hugged her against him. He felt her hard, little nipple brush against his chest. Hank held her head against his chest and pulled the robe softly off her shoulders. He dropped it off of her and onto the floor. He ran his hand down her smooth back. He moved it down and ran it across her soft ass. He squeezed it and then pulled her left cheek, exposing her pussy and little asshole. Jesse watched as he now was able to see Hank’s huge cock buried in her pussy. Jesse looked and saw her brown asshole. Jesse looked up to see Hank motion him over.

Jesse jumped to his feet and dropped his towel. He moved over to Hank and Sarah and positioned himself directly behind her. He looked down at her cute little ass.

“Son, go in the kitchen and get some butter.” Hank said, and Jesse ran into the kitchen, his hard cock bouncing in front of him.

Sarah flinched a little as she realized Jesse was going to take her in the ass again. She wondered what it would feel like with Hank in her pussy at the same time. She had never even dreamed of this. She closed her eyes and put her trust in Hank.

Jesse came back into the living room with a tub of butter. He reached in and scooped out a handful. He covered his cock and then rubbed it over her ass. He slid his slick finger into her ass and it slid in easily with the butter. Jesse heard her moan as he pushed his long finger up her little butt. He pulled out his finger and placed his cock at her tight little entrance.

Sarah held her breath as she felt Jesse’s cock sitting at the entrance to her ass. She knew what was coming and clinched as Jesse pushed and Sarah felt her ass open up for him.

Jesse looked down and watched her ass open for his cock. It looked strange to see the little hole just open up and take his big cock. He pushed a little more and another two inches slid in. He now had at least 4 inches up inside her and he paused for a second before pushing again and sliding the remaining 4 into her ass.

Sarah felt like she was being overcome by cocks. She had never felt anything like this in her short life. Her pussy was straining to hold Hank’s big cock while her little ass struggled to hold onto Jesse’s huge organ. She felt so full and then felt Jesse sliding out only to slide right back in. She closed her eyes again and held onto Hank.

Jesse slid back into the teacher’s ass and started to get a rhythm. Hank was sitting still but Jesse could feel Hank’s cock in the teacher as he slid in and out of her butt. He wondered how her little body was able to take both of them at once. He was once again amazed at this girl. He started to quicken his pace and slam in and out of her.

Sarah was losing control of her body again. She felt her breathing increasing and her legs were tingling. She tried to move her hips, but she was pinned between the two cocks. She continued to try to move her hips and when Jesse pulled out she was able to slide up Hank’s cock a little. She slid up a couple of inches but was pushed back down when Jesse slammed back into her ass. She tried to get into the rhythm and moved back again with Jesse.

Hank held onto the teacher’s head, but he noticed she was moving up and down on his cock as Jesse hammered her ass. This little girl was incredible, she was fucking them both at once. Hank could feel Jesse moving in and out. He moved his hands off her head and grabbed her hips. Hank helped her move up his cock as Jesse pulled back. Jesse pushed back, and Hank slammed her back onto his lap.

Sarah was in heaven. She was letting her body go and she felt another orgasm building in her toes as the two black cocks punished her body. She felt like a piece of meat between the two powerful men.

Jesse was now slamming her ass. He held onto her hips and drove his cock into her ass again and again. He felt he couldn’t hold on much longer as he watched her little ass jiggle as he buried himself again. He held himself deep inside and felt his cock pump a load in her. He moaned as another load shot out of his cock. He felt the third one and then his cock started to shrink. The tightness faded, and he slipped out of her ass. Her hole stayed open for a couple of seconds and then snapped shut again.

Hank felt Jesse blow his nuts in her and then pull out. Hank grabbed her hips again and began to lift her up and down. He watched as his long black dick slid out of her and then disappeared again. She felt like a rag doll as he moved her up and down. Her head was still on his chest but her lower body was flopping up and down. He felt his balls constrict and held her down. His cock flinched and then shot another load into her womb. Hank wondered how much black cum she had absorbed over the last 24 hours as another load left his cock.

Sarah felt Hank emptying his balls in her and this pushed her over the edge again. She groaned as the orgasm ripped through her. She held onto Hank and felt her lower body shake. He held her down on his cock, but she continued to shudder. Her orgasm started to fade as she felt him blast her again. He held her tightly as her convulsions slowed. She struggled to breathe deeply and continued to shake uncontrollably.

Jesse picked up the towel and wrapped it around his body. He moved over and sat in the chair. He watched as Hank continued to fuck the teacher. He saw her white pussy taking Hank’s dark cock and he thought it looked amazing. She sure had changed in the last day. He remembered when she walked into the classroom yesterday morning. She looked so prim and proper and here she was now sitting on a huge black cock after just taking one up the ass. He shook his head and smiled.

Sarah relaxed as her orgasm subsided. She sat up and looked at Hank. He was smiling. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. He moved his hand up and pushed her hair out of her eyes. He rested his hand on her cheek.

“Good morning, darling.” Hank said.

“Good morning. Are you hungry?” Sarah responded.

“I am famished, little girl.” Hank said.

“Well, if you will let me up I will go fix us something to eat. That is, if you’re done.” Sarah responded with a snicker.

“Baby, maybe 30 years ago I could go again that fast but not now. You have worn me out.” Hank said and patted her ass.

Sarah stood up and felt Hank’s soft cock slide out of her pussy. She bent over and grabbed her robe. She wrapped it back around her body and tied it in the front. Sarah glanced over at Jesse and he was leaning back in the chair. She looked back at Hank and saw him leaning back into the couch, his limp cock laying against his leg. She walked into the kitchen giggling as she left her two black lovers fucked out in the living room.

Sarah was getting out the eggs and bacon when she heard the phone ring. She answered it and placed it on her shoulder.

“Hello, Miss Johnson?” Sarah heard a young voice.

“Yes, this is her.” Sarah responded.

“Miss Johnson, this is Kaylie.” Sarah heard.

“Good morning Kaylie. How are you?” Sarah asked.

“Fine, fine. Listen, my mom would like to invite you over to the house for a cookout to thank you for helping me.” Kaylie said.

“Oh Kaylie, that is very sweet, but she doesn’t have to do that.” Sarah answered.

“She knows that, but she wants to and I sorta want to also.” Kaylie said.

“Well, I would be happy to come. When?” Sarah responded.

“Can you make this afternoon?” Kaylie said.

“I guess so. What time?” Sarah said.

“We thought around 3:00 and then we can eat around 5 or 6. Would that work?” Kaylie said.

“Great, would you like me to bring anything?” Sarah asked.

“No, no, absolutely not. Listen, Miss Johnson, would you know how to get in touch with Mr. Jackson?” Kaylie asked.

“Well, Kaylie, yes, he is sort of on my couch.” Sarah said.

“Uhh, um, he is there now?” Kaylie said.

“Yes.” Sarah responded.

“Oh wow, Miss Johnson, please tell me, has anything, you know, happened this morning?” Kaylie said in a small voice.

“Well, yes, I guess so.” Sarah responded.

“Miss Johnson, did he…, fuck you this morning?” Kaylie whispered.

“Yes.” Sarah said.

Sarah heard a short silence and then she thought a soft moan. She listened closely to see if Kaylie was still on the phone.

“Miss Johnson, have you seen the boys since last night?” Kaylie asked.

“Well, Kaylie, they are here too.” Sarah responded.

“Oh Miss Johnson, please bring them too.” Kaylie said with a soft whisper.

“Ok, Kaylie, I can. Are you sure your mom would be alright with that?” Sarah asked.

“Oh yes, she will be fine with that. I will see you at 3:00 then?” Kaylie said.

“Yes, Kaylie, we’ll be there.” Sarah said.

“Goodbye, Miss Johnson.” Kaylie said.

“Goodbye, Kaylie.” Sarah responded and hung up the phone.

Sarah got the bacon going and walked into the living room.

“Mr. Jackson, that was Kaylie and she invited us all over to her house for a cookout. She says her mom wants to thank us for helping Kaylie yesterday.” Sarah said.

Hank listened to Sarah tell him about the invitation and he felt his mind opening up and a plan forming in his head. It would take some manipulation, but he thought it was possible. He smiled and leaned back into the soft couch, happy that the solution had finally decided to get here.

“That would be great, sweetie.” Hank said.

Sarah hopped back into the kitchen and continued to make breakfast for her three men. She was excited thinking about going to Kaylie’s. She snickered as she thought of Hank and the two boys loose around the two twins. She wondered how long it would take for them to have them on their backs with black cocks buried in their little white pussies. She smiled as she realized how her mind was working now. The bacon was almost done.

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