Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 15


Over the next couple of weeks Gus spent time with Aaron and Mark on multiple occasions. Joining them for dinner and even sleeping over with the marines a few times, enjoying the pleasures of their company. The three men had become comfortable together in a short amount of time, and Gus was also happy to see the solid reconnection that was building between Mark and Aaron, their conversations, their actions – they were in love again.

His love for Aaron hadn’t faded either, and he was growing fond of Mark as well, but he was quickly growing bored of the routine of being homebound with the Marines and away from the water and his favorite hobby.

Gus started thinking about some of his favorite spots for the early summer, and ran through the details of each place to see what would be most accessible for all three of them to get out on the water. He landed on renting a bay house with a boat and wide dock, that would allow the three of them to be able to easily access the water, and tool around to find fish together in the boat. Coordinating their three schedules was a relative breeze and Gus put in for his first week-long vacation of the year. While getting things in order, Gus kept the location of their trip a secret from Aaron and Mark, letting them know they’d like the surprise.

Gus got off work Friday afternoon and headed over to the Marines’ house to pick them up. He’d loaded down the back of his truck with all his gear, a couple coolers of food and beer, and emptied out his back seat and folded up the bench section so that Mark could sit in the single seat on the passenger side and his chair would fit in next to him. With both Aaron and Gus around, Mark didn’t need a chair lift to get in and out of the truck.

The marines met Gus in the driveway and they all three exchanged greetings and smiles. Gus helped Aaron load their gear into the bed of the truck and tie down a tarp over it all. Mark made sure the house was locked up and then Aaron and Gus lifted him into the back seat and helped him get buckled in, Gus stealing a lingering kiss from him and rubbing his crotch as he reached across him to click the belt. Gus was stunned at how beautiful Mark’s smile was, now that he wore it often, it always caused both him and Aaron to beam back. The three men were excited, they were taking their first adventure together and to Aaron and Mark the destination was still a surprise.

Gus pulled out of town onto the interstate heading south. As the city skyline shrank in the rearview mirror he reached over and grasped Aaron’s left thigh and looked over his shoulder at Mark, “I love you guys, and I’m excited we’re taking some time away together.”

“I love you too, Gus,” Aaron replied immediately. “Me too, Gus, I love you,” Mark said smiling, “Now where are you taking us?”

“Still a secret, but if you guess right I’ll tell you,” Gus replied with a smirk. Aaron and Mark began listing places south of town that matched the types of gear Gus said they should pack.

“The Outer Banks?” Aaron queried.


“Myrtle Beach?” chimed Mark.





“Sorry, no.”

“Are you taking us to Florida?” Aaron asked, seriously.

“Nah, that’s too far. We’ll only be in the car for five or so hours. You guys should just give up.”

“Well, you like random small town secluded places, so we’re probably not going to guess,” Mark replied. “The last time I remember being on the beach is a weekend that Aaron and I took away from Lejeune over to Surf City. Remember that Aaron?”

“Of course I do, we got that cheap dirty motel room, drank too much, and fucked each others brains out for two straight days of leave, we maybe got out on the the beach once or twice, haha.” Aaron replied.

Gus smiled “Sounds hot, we’ll see if the fucking we can do over a full week can stand up to that memory. And, it’s not Surf City where we’re headed, but it is on the same island.”

“We’re going to Topsail?” Aaron grinned. “Yep,” Gus replied. “We have a house on the bayside down in Topsail Beach near the very end of the island, easy access to the inlet, our own boat, dock, at the end of a dead end road.” Aaron leaned across the console and kissed Gus on the neck, “That’s awesome fisherman!”

“Badass,” Mark replied, “I’m even more excited now. I love it down there. Hey Aaron, you think Ray and Max still live down that way?”

“Idono, let me check,” Aaron replied, pulling out his phone to commence a facebook stalk.

“Who are Ray and Max?” Gus chimed in.

“Ray and Max are a couple of our brothers who also fell in love at Lejeune and ended up married after their third deployment. They’re both retired and set up their home base outside of Wilmington on the coast. We haven’t seen or talked to them in years, but we had some fun times together whenever we had corresponding leave,” Mark responded.

“Yep, they’re in Kure Beach,” Aaron said holding up a picture of their two brothers for Gus to see. From the phone image Gus saw two smiling furry bearded men on the beach illegal bahis wearing sunglasses and short shorts; they looked like they could be brothers, they looked familiar too. Gus Grinned.

“Let me see,” Mark requested and took Aaron’s phone from him to look through their pictures. “Damn, they’re both still in pretty good shape, they look happy.”

“Why don’t you send them a message, let them know we’ll be down on Topsail,” Gus encouraged.

“Here you go, Aaron,” Mark said, passing the phone back to the front seat, “I don’t really have the tools to type out a message,” Mark said waving the nub of his right arm in the air. The three men laughed, Aaron typed out a facebook message, and the miles to the bay house counted down.

“What made you pick Topsail, Gus? I’m assuming you’ve been here before,” Mark asked.

“I have, a few times. I love how rural the island is, one traffic light, not a ton of tourists, affordable rentals, even in the summer. The people are nice, and there’s a whole slew of hot Marines from Lejeune who love to strut around on leave,” Gus grinned. “There’s also excellent fishing- we’ll have a good shot at catching speckled trout, redfish, black drum, stripers, flounder, croaker, blue fish and Spanish mackerel, and maybe even get lucky with a cobia or two.”

“Nice,” Mark replied, “I’m excited to get some lines back in the water. I haven’t been fishing since before the attack. This is going to be so much fun. Oh, and out of curiosity, did you ever bed any hot marines on your adventures down here?”

“I might have, Mark – It’s been a few years since I’ve been down here. Although, your brothers do look familiar,” Gus chuckled.

“NO SHIT!” Mark exclaimed. “You’ve met Max and Ray before?” Mark and Aaron both looked at Gus’ grinning face.

“I can’t say that I know them by their names. But their faces and bodies do offer a recall of a 2004 trip I took down here. I was camping and fishing from a state park and we might have crossed paths. So, did you tell them to come see us in Topsail, Aaron?”

“I sent them a message, waiting on a reply, are you serious Gus? Of all the guys, haha.” Aaron laughed, “I’ll send them a picture of the three of us once we get settled in to the house. Will likely offer them some recall and curiosity as well.”

The men arrived at their bayside house as the sun was nearing its dip below the horizon. Before unpacking anything the three men got out of the truck and headed out to the dock behind the house. Gus had picked well, the dock was wide and didn’t have any steps to access it from the shore, making it a breeze for all three of them to experience their first sunset of the vacation together over the sound. Gus, standing between Mark and Aaron, stretched and took a deep breath, pulling the salt air into his lungs, and put his arms around his Marines’ shoulders. “I’m glad we’re here boys, together.”

The three men watched the pinks and purples dance through the clouds and after the magic of the sunset passed, made their way back to unload the truck. The house was up on stilts, but had an elevator you accessed through the under structure garage that made getting all the gear up onto the main floor easy. It also meant Mark would have no trouble being as independent as he wanted to be around the property.

After unpacking all their food in the kitchen. Aaron and Gus made the king bed in the master and loaded it up with the extra pillows and props they’d been experimenting with over the past couple weeks. They also positioned a few pulleys and bars in different rooms so that Mark could get himself around easier. Within half an hour the house was all set up. Gus was itching to get a line in the water, so he let the Marines know he was headed out to the dock.

“Hold on Gus,” Aaron said. “Why don’t we have a quick good luck fuck first?” winking at the fisherman. “Yeah, we need to break in the house and start our week off right, Gus, plus, you had this surprise for us, and we have a surprise for you” Mark said, wheeling up to Gus, his head at Gus’ crotch level.

Mark unbuttoned Gus’ jeans and pulled out his beautiful dick, “I’ll never get tired of this guy,” he said as he slurped up the head of Gus’ cock and slid it down his throat. Aaron walked over to Gus and took the back of his head in the palm of his hand and kissed him with a deep passion.

Mark’s hand rolled Gus’ balls delicately, his middle finger straightening out to tease his taint as he bobbed back and forth and Gus’ quickly stiffening tool. Aaron pulled back from Gus and said, “Mark, keep him occupied, I’ve got some quick set up to do.”

“You got it Aaron.” Mark said in a quick breath before plunging his mouth back over Gus’ throbbing tool and moving his nose through Gus’ thick pubes while the grip he had on Gus’ balls tightened. Mark expertly sucked Gus’ cock with varying pace for the next five minutes, eliciting moans, grunts, and a steady stream of pre-cum from the fisherman’s cock.

“Alright, we’re all set,” Aaron yelled from down the hallway.

Mark pulled back from Gus and instructed illegal bahis siteleri him to remove all of his clothes, watching lustfully while he complied. He then led him back into another bedroom, across the hall from their master. On the door was a handmade sign that said “The Naked Fisherman’s Sex Den.”

Gus Chuckled and Mark opened the door, revealing a large sling set up in the middle of the room. Arranged atop the dresser were an assortment of various types and flavors of lubes, poppers and massage oils. Aaron’s rim chair was in one corner, and the closet door had been removed and replaced with a large sheet with a hole cut out at cock height. Three camping stools were also open and positioned around the room, and the bed had a fresh pile of towels laid open with a half dozen toys displayed.

“Welcome to your sex den fisherman – Mark and I both promise to submit ourselves to you in whatever fashion you’d like us to for the entirety of this week. We’re yours and we mean to prove it,” Aaron proclaimed.

“I’m ready to go,” Mark nodded toward Aaron as he pulled his shirt over his head. Aaron picked him up out of his chair and slid his shorts off walked him over to the sling. Aaron and Mark had fashioned the sling with interchangeable leg and arm straps to suit both of their bodies perfectly. Mark was fully supported around both of his thighs and around both of his shoulders with an overhead grip for his left and only hand so he could be pounded blissfully into submission, and that’s what he wanted. Mark, now floating in the sling, reached down with his hand and pulled the head of his cock out from his foreskin, and softly stroked himself.

“Will you please fuck me, Gus?” He asked politely. Aaron grabbed a bottle of lube off the counter and tossed it to the fisherman. “Get you some, fisherman!” he suggested. Gus caught the lube and dropped to his knees, positioning his face between Mark’s legs. He placed his hands on the straps and slowly began to pull Mark’s puckered hole toward his extended tongue.

He moved slowly, teasing Mark’s asshole and then pushing him back away. Mark squirmed with exhilaration. After a dozen or so teasing passes, Gus smashed his face into Mark’s hole, and began eating his hole ravenously. Mark squealed, grunted and squirmed, “Oh yeah, Gus, I need you inside me, you know just how to treat my hole.”

Aaron, who had been watching from beside his men, slowly stroking his cock, grabbed one of the stools and positioned himself behind Gus as Gus stood up to meet Mark’s insertive request. As Gus slowly pushed into Mark, Aaron began running his hands over Gus’ plump hairy ass and down his legs, softly, just moving the hair enough to cause goose bumps to develop across Gus’ furry body.

“Oh fuck yeah, Gus,” Mark moaned, “Come all the way in.”

Gus obliged and watched his pubes obscure the delightful view of his dick intruding into Mark. He held himself there, fully penetrative, and widened his stance, holding Mark onto his dick with the straps of the sling.

“Aaron, tongue my ass, please,” Gus requested, and before the please finished escaping his mouth, Aaron’s tongue was fully planted between Gus’ cheeks with both of his hands pulling Gus’ ass apart for better access. Gus groaned, shivered and clinched his ass, causing his fully immersed dick to pulse right against Mark’s prostate. Mark’s raging hard on began oozing pre-cum onto his washboard stomach.

“Holy shit marines, I’m not sure what I did to deserve y’all,” Gus groaned.

Aaron continued to probe, Gus continued to pulse, and Mark continued to ooze, until Gus was teetering on the edge of orgasm. This delicate and intimate interaction was like nothing any of the men had ever experienced, and in the back of all of their minds, they were considering all the types of sex would be having over the coming week.

“Do you want my load in you, or on you, Mark?” Gus asked looking down at the grinning Marine floating on his cock.

“Dealer’s choice,” Mark replied.

“Alright then, we’ll start the week off with you seeded deep.”

Aaron gave one final lap up Gus’ crack and then slid out of the way, so his men could get to fucking. Gus pulled half way out of Mark and looked him directly in the eyes as he used his hands and legs to get the swing rocking towards its full blissful potential. As the pace quickened the smacks from Gus’ balls against Mark’s ass filled the room in unison with the squeaking of the sling and jangling of its chains.

“Oh…fuck…yeah…fuck…me…Gus…fuck…yeah…you…feel…so…good,” Mark gasped in between each full insertion. Gus picked up the pace even faster, noticing that Mark wanted, and could take it, even harder. Mark let out a loud “Aaaaaahhhhhh” and began spewing ropes of cum onto his chest clinching his ass tightly around the fisherman’s pulsating dick. Gus pounded even harder now and let loose a loud groan as his ballsack emptied completely into Mark.

Gus, who had built up a sweat during the fist fuck session in the sling, wiped his brow and leaned down to seal canlı bahis siteleri his seeding with a passionate kiss. He stood back up, his legs shaking, and slowly popped his cock out of Mark. Aaron, standing directly beside them, had had about all he could take and abruptly bursted a full load onto his husband’s chest, breathing heavily in delight. Gus reached down onto Mark’s chest and mixed their cum together bringing a blob of the mixture to his lips to taste it.

“My marines taste so good,” Gus said smacking his lips. Aaron bent down and licked up some of the mixture and brought it to Mark’s lips and kissed it into his mouth. “We do taste good, don’t we?” Aaron smiled.

“Mark, how long do you think you can keep my seed in you this evening? Potentially long enough for me to pump another load into you after we do some fishing?” Gus asked.

“No promises on that, but I’ll give it a shot,” Mark replied, “Now can my men help me out of this sling?” He chuckled.

The three men toweled off and made their way back into the living room still naked. Gus requested, that they all be naked, whenever it was possible during this vacation. Neither Aaron nor Mark had a problem with this request. Aaron let the guys know he would get dinner going if they wanted to do some fishing. Mark and Aaron took the elevator down to the garage to ready their poles and gear for their first shot at some fish from the dock.

Over the past couple weeks, the men had fashioned a couple of different fishing rod options that would make it easier for Mark to enjoy the hobby with them. They built a rod holder that attached to Mark’s chair near his left hand so that he could reel with ease. Mark had also been practicing casting bait caster reels in his backyard, which are much more easily manageable with one hand than Gus’ preferred spin casts.

The two men made their way out of the garage, looking down from the dead end street to see if any other houses had lights on before they barged out in their full glory. Only one other house about a hundred yards away appeared to be occupied, and they were quite certain, barring night vision binoculars, that their neighbors would be none the wiser to their naked fishing.

Mark and Gus got to the dock, baited up and got their lines wet. They decided to start off with some cut bait and blood worms to test out the waters. Less than thirty seconds after their lines hit the water, Mark got a hit. His rod bent forward and he started to reel. The rod holder did its job perfectly and Mark landed the first fish of the trip, a nice croaker that made its namesake presence known as soon as it came out of the water.

“Nice one bud,” Gus exclaimed, and just as he tossed the croaker back in the water after assisting Mark with getting it off the hook his line tensed up. Gus set the hook and proceeded to reel in a nice 20 inch puppy drum.

“This is gonna be a fun week,” Mark exclaimed.

As soon as Gus got the fish in, Mark got another hit, and brought in another croaker. Gus followed with two more puppy drum and flounder. The two naked men were like little kids discovering the joy of fishing all over again pulling in fish left and right for half an hour.

“What a great spot,” Gus thought.

Aaron had stepped out onto the back deck to watch his men fishing and to let them know that dinner wouldn’t be long. “We’ve both already landed five fish, Marine, you’re behind,” Gus chuckled.

“I’ll catch up tomorrow, hairy fisherman, don’t worry,” Aaron replied.

Mark and Gus made their way back up to the house for dinner, and the three men sat around the table and talked. Aaron had concocted a meal of jambalaya with andouille sausage & shrimp, collards, cornbread and a chopped salad. The men enjoyed the food and engaged more deeply in conversation than they had as a threesome up until this point. Each of their focus was on the other two – a very warm adoration, care, and admiration of one another emerged sincerely. The love each of them felt was palpable and as they ate naked, their cocks thickened through the conversation. Each of them noticed the others getting hard through the convenience of the glass top on the dining room table.

Gus did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while Aaron and Mark made their way to the bedroom. Aaron had helped Mark get positioned upright in the bed, and both of them laid their fully erect, Aaron teasing Mark’s nipples, as Gus walked in to join his Marines in their king size bed.

“I’m still holding your cum, Gus,” Mark said, “Either of you want to give me some more? Short window for action here.”

“I’d love to watch Aaron fuck you full of cum while you lay back on my chest, Mark, that sound okay?” Gus asked.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Aaron answered.

Gus pulled Mark’s back up against his furry pelt and leaned down to kiss his neck, while Aaron positioned himself between Gus and Mark’s legs. Aaron probed Mark’s hole with a couple lube-doused fingers and could feel Gus’ earlier deposited seed inside of him. Gus placed his hands under Mark’s hamstrings and assisted in lifting him on to Aaron’s dripping dick. Mark could feel Gus’ hard dick pressed between his back and Gus’ furry belly. Aaron slid all the way into Mark and embraced both him and Gus as Mark moaned in delight.

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