Aged To Perfection Ch. 3


Synopsis of Chapters 1 & 2: This is the third installment in a story about the adulterous affair between a 57-year old married woman and a 33-year old man. The afternoon following their first little get together, (during which they screwed like minks at Margie’s place while Margie’s hubby was asleep in the next room) Margie and John got together at his condo. They made love on John’s dining room table, then spent the night screwing at John’s place, since Margie’s hubby was out of town for the evening. A week after their second encounter, John is reclining by the pool, reflecting fondly on his quick little romp with Margie, earlier in the day. Little does John suspect it, but his life is about to become very complicated. The story continues…

As I lay by the pool, I replayed in my mind for the umpteenth time my encounter with Margie earlier in the day. The sun felt great on my bare chest and legs, the beer I just drank had given me a slight buzz, and I was utterly spent from my noontime lovemaking with Margie. Life was good I thought.

* * * * *

Margie, the property manager of my condo complex – who I’d been sleeping with on occasion for the past week – had called me just after 8 that morning.

“Hey, you. It’s been awhile. Miss seeing you.”

“Same here,” I replied. “I can’t wait to get together with you again. When can you get away?”

“Hubby won’t be going out of town until next week, dammit.”

“Too bad,” I replied. “It’s been a week since I got in your panties. I’m horny.”

“Me too,” Margie complained. “But, I tell you what, if I close the office for a spell at lunch time, think you can pull yourself away from whatever you’re doing and come by here for a nooner?”

“Damn right I can.”

“OK. Be here at noon, ” Margie said.

Promptly at 12 noon I walked across the courtyard from my condo to the property management office. The shades were drawn and the “Closed” sign was hung on the door. I knocked softly. Margie opened the door immediately and I slipped inside. Margie closed and locked the door, then turned to face me.

“So, you missed me, huh?” she asked.

Looking her up down, I replied, “I sure did.”

She was wearing a short white, sleeveless summer dress – like all her clothes, a size too small. Margie is prone to cramming her size 14 body into a size 10 dress. The resulting effect was to show plenty of her curves as well as lots of her thick, meaty thighs. A ray of sunlight peeping through the skylight above us shone through the dress and clearly illuminated the shadow of her thick, hairy bush. Her long, dark nipples were visible under the thin fabric. She was obviously not wearing anything underneath that dress.

Margie casino oyna is 57 years old, and she looks it. Short, stout, and hefty, with her dark olive complexion, permed salt and pepper hair, and thick glasses, she looks like a typical late-middle aged, matronly, Italian-American housewife. Her once shapely, well endowed figure is now kind of pear-shaped – small on top and thick through the middle and the bottom end. That said, I must add that Margie still has plenty of sex appeal, at least to me. She always dresses in a sexy manner, always makes sure her hair is done and her nails painted, that kind of thing. Thinking about fucking her again for the first time in over a week was turning me on. I was getting a stiffy and Margie spotted it.

Glancing at my crotch, she grinned. She kicked off her sandals, then pulled the dress over her head and tossed it on the desk. Just as I thought, she wasn’t wearing a stitch underneath. I marveled at the transformation once she shed her clothes. In the nude, Margie positively exudes sex and sensuality. Her sagging 34C pancake titties, soft slightly paunchy tummy, hefty ass, dark wild bush, and thick legs make Margie look like she was born to fuck. Damn, she looked hot!

Margie walked to the small couch across the office, sat down, and flashed a little bush as she crossed her legs. Pointing her foot at me, she said, “Well, c’mon over here and show me how much you missed me.”

I slipped off my tank top, stepped out of my swim trunks, and slid down next to Margie on the sofa. By now I had a raging hardon. We swapped tongues as I bounced Margie’s soft little, orange-sized titties in my hand and played with her nipples. Meanwhile she stroked my cock with one hand and masaged my balls with the other. I slid my hand along the inside of her thigh and Margie instinctively parted her legs. She was already moist, so I slid two fingers inside her and worked her clit with my thumb.

It didn’t take long until Margie was well lubed. “Let’s fuck,” she whispered insistently in my ear.

She hopped off my lap, walked to the desk, grabbed it, and bent over. Spreading her legs and pointing her huge ass at me, she invited me to nail her from behind.

“Let’s do it doggy style, hun,” she offered.

I approached her from the rear, my eyes glued to the spot between her legs where her thick, bush, glistening with pussy juice, barely concealed a wet, swollen cunt, ready to be fucked. I bent slightly at the knees, grabbed my dick and worked the head of it inside her pussy. Instinctively, her cunt lips opened and welcomed me in. When Margie felt me inside her she thrust her ass backwards and sucked with her pussy. I grabbed her by the hips – my fingers sinking into the slight slot oyna bit of flab around her middle – and pulled her toward me. I took my time working my cock in. She was real wet so I glided in without too much trouble. Margie’s pussy opened a little wider, the deeper I plowed inside her. When I was all the way in and firmly in the saddle, we both stood motionless for a second or two, basking in the sweet, moist pleasure. Hot, and ready to screw, Margie flexed her pussy so it gripped me like a fist. Damn! Feels like she’s gonna pinch it off, I thought to myself. Every time we made love, I marveled at how tight she was, especially for a woman in her 50s that has had several kids.

“Ummmmmmm! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Margie let out a series of low moans, as I started to fuck her. She mashed her large, round, soft ass tightly against me and ground her hips from side to side.

She shook her head and squealed loudly. “Oooooooohhhhhhh Eeeeeee, honey! I love this. It’s been so long since I got it on a steady basis, now I just can’t get enough,” she moaned. “Damn it, I love fuckin’ you.”

Really starting to fuck her deep now, I reassured her, “The feeling is mutual, baby. I got you covered. Anytime you want it, and you can get away for awhile, I’ll give you all the fuckin’ you want.”

Margie looked back over her shoulder at me and grinned from ear to ear. She made a slow rolling, pumping motion with her pelvis that felt so good, I got weak in the knees. I gasped with pleasure and pulled her tighter against me.

Sensing the pleasure she was giving me, Margie really started to work it, rolling her ass from side to side as I deep-fucked her doggy style, both of us taking our time and savoring the sensation.

“Like this do you?” she asked.

“Best sex I’ve ever had,” I answered. And I was telling the truth.

“Is it is good as what you’re getting from that little bitch you’ve been screwing this past week?”

That remark took me by surprise. Margie was referring to Lisa, my steady girlfriend since college days.

Even though Margie was 25 years older than Lisa, and her ass was flabby, her titties were starting to sag, and she had a little bit of a paunch, I admitted truthfully that there was no comparison. Margie really was much better in the sack.

“Honey, when it comes to fuckin’, Lisa can’t hold a candle to you,” I said. “I wish I could ride you like this every day.”

I was shocked at Margie’s comment about Lisa. I had never heard her get catty before. I couldn’t let it slide without commenting on it.

“Why, Margie!” I exclaimed. “Are you jealous?”

Clamping down on my dick with her pussy, Margie shook her ass and brought me to the verge canlı casino siteleri of cumming.

“Maybe,” she pouted. “Maybe just a little bit. But that’s because I wanna be your girlfriend.”

I was too busy fucking to answer her.

But, Margie wouldn’t let the topic rest. “Am I your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Sure you are, baby,” I replied. “It’s just that you’re not the only one. Besides, you’re married, so I’m not the only man in your life.”

“Yeah, but Bob and I rarely make love. And when we do it’s not like this,” Margie said. “I just hate the thought of her getting more of this than I’m getting. Promise me from now on I’ll be your main girlfriend and that we’ll start doing it more often.”

“I promise,” I gasped.

We were really into the groove by now, so I relaxed a bit and let Margie do all the work. I grabbed a tight hold on her hips and I held on for the ride, fascinated at how her ass, thighs, and waist quivered and shook like jelly as she pumped her hips back and forth, fucking like a demon, slamming herself against me.

Margie glanced back over her shoulder at me again, showed her teeth and really started bearing down.

I was so excited by now that I could hardly contain myself. Margie could tell by my panting and the frenzied pace at which I was screwing her, that I was about to get off.

“You’re getting ready to cum, honey. I know you well enough by now to tell,” Margie said.

“Sorry, baby. A week is a long time to go without. Your pussy is so good, I can’t last more than a minute or two longer,” I panted.

I felt myself about to explode. I grabbed Margie and pulled her against me as tight as I could, getting ready to cum. A couple of more strokes and I was through. But before I could let go, Margie pushed me away. With a wet, gurgling sound, my dick popped free of the grip of her pussy. She turned around, knelt in front of me, and little by little swallowed my cock down to the root. She sucked for all she was worth, and I shot a huge load in her mouth. Margie continued to suck until she drained my dry.

I gasped and my knees buckled. Pulling away, Margie looked up at me and swallowed the load I had just deposited in her mouth. Traces of cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth, she grinned and said, “This oughta convince you I’m your main lady now.” I had to agree that it certainly had an influence.

Suddenly realizing it was close to 12:30 and time for her appointment with a client, Margie dashed for the office bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed. I went back to my place, grabbed a cold one, and headed for the pool.

Turning Margie’s final comment over in my mind, I reminisced about the superb blow job Margie had just given me, as well as how I was going to balance my attention to both her and Lisa. As I tried to work out a solution, I drifted off to sleep in the chaise lounge by the pool.

To be continued…

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