Ahh… Lochy Part 5 (The real one)


Ahh… Lochy Part 5 (The real one)


Your here…

I knew it… Steve…

Deep down, I knew you’d be here at Foxy’s party…
I hate you….
I fucking hate what you did to me…

And for that, I will-

“Dan wake up man…” Lochy’s strong yet soft had was gripping my shoulder as I was reclined back on his couch, a small wet patch on my shirt from where I had drooled.

At first I didn’t know where I was, my heart jumped into overdrive, when I opened my eyes I was greeted with the soft, gentle purity that is Lochy’s face.

And as soon as it had kicked in, the overdrive turned off as I was reassured.

“Your finally awake, man. Uhmm… we’re gonna be late if we’re going to that party” he said

My mind was slow to process what he was saying, and I’m sure he was wondering why it was taking so long for my reply.

“uhmm” I begun
“I didn’t know you were coming too?” A puzzled look crossed my face as I was looking right into his beautiful eyes.

“Well, at work I thought I may as well have a little fun” He stepped back and begun his way to the kitchen.
As he walked away he said, “Best get ready man, I’m just going to grab a pie from the fridge and we can go”

And with that I was alone in the living room again.
Lochy’s footsteps were quite and precise, barely made a sound.
It was almost as if everything that had just happened was a dream, and the warmth from the couch I was still on sure was inviting for another snooze.

But reluctantly I peel myself away from it’s embrace and made my way to the kitchen where I assumed Lochy would be.

My footsteps weren’t nearly as precise as his.
As I noisily made my way to the kitchen I was greeted by and the outside of a Fridge-door.
The door was still attached to the fridge but the fridge itself is right next to the entrance to the kitchen so if you open the fridge-door the whole 180o, you’ll almost block the entrance to the kitchen.
However the fridge door was only open at 90o so I could still walk in.
I pushed on the door as I walked in to close it, thinking that Lochy might’ve forgotten and went into the bathroom which was right next to the kitchen.

As I pushed on the door, I heard it connect with something solid, followed by an exclaiming “Hey!”

I spun-round on my heels to see that Lochy was actually leaning into the fridge and was trying to reach around the maze of food items to get to his meat-Pie that was situated right at the back.
And when I had pushed the door closed, one of the shelves in the fridge-door had connected with Lochy’s head.

I cracked up laughing at the sight, Lochy got out of the fridge and gave a sort of serious look on his face whilst he was rubbing his head.

I quickly shut my mouth and looked at him, a slight smirk trying to escape from the corners of my lips.
He continued to sort of glare at me, but suddenly burst out into laughter.
That sent me over the edge and I resumed right where I had left off.

“bahahaha maaaaan hahahaha that was fuckin funny! Hahahaha” I said.

We both regained our composure and I quickly apologised followed by my sitting down on one of the chairs that was placed around the table in the kitchen.

Lochy gave me one of his beautiful smiles that I absolutely adored, before he turned around and went back into the fridge for that Pie.

“Try not to close it on my when you leave the room please” he said in a joking-sort of way.

“Why would I leave the room? There’s nothing for me to do. I replied questioningly

“Heh actually, I got you a little something, I put it on the table next to you while you were sleeping but you mustn’t have noticed it” Certain words that he said sounded rather joyful.
It was like as if Lochy was in an excellent mood!.

I got to my feet “Really?” I said sounding childishly enthusiastic.

“Go on” he said.

I joyfully floated out of the room back to where I was sleeping.

As I entered the room I quickly scanned the table next to where I was sleeping and right there, right ontop of the table was a small paper bag.

I scurried over to it and lifted it from where it was.
The tell-tale weight, movement and the contents of the bag away.
It was a big, 1lt bottle of Southern Comfort (Bourbon) my most favourite Alcohol .

Lochy heard my squeal of delight as I pulled the bottle out of the bag as he leant against the door-frame to the lounge-room.
His arms crossed and his face bright and smiling.

I quickly scurried over to him and threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.
“Fuck man! Thanks!!! I’m gonna get shit-faced tonight!!”

We unlatched from our hug, my face beaming right at him as I backed away a little.

“My Pie’s in the microwave so once it’s done I can mung that down quickly and we can be on our way!”

We both went into the kitchen, the tell-tale smell of crisp pastry heating up filled the room and made me a little hungry.

I went into the cupboard and grabbed out two shot-glasses.

As I begun filling the second shot-glass with Southern Comfort Lochy begun.
“Uhh dude, I wont have one before the party”

I looked at him devilishly and continued to fill the glass.

“Don’t worry man, just one, you’ll still be under the legal limit”

“Oh fine” he said with a slight sigh.

I pushed his shot glass over to the edge of the counter towards Lochy, giving him a hopefull look.

He got up from his chair and stood on the other side of the counter to where I was, picked up his glass and chinked it to mine.

We both said before downing the sweet nectar that was my favourite piss.

Lochy wasn’t quite used to straight spirits and immediately went over to the cupboard and sink to drink a glass of water.

“heh heh” I giggled as he downed the glass of water.

“I swear your just trying to get me hammered here” he said after putting his glass down next to the sink.

“Nah man, just a celebratory shot before the party!” I said happily.

It had been a while since I felt this happy…

In fact, It was probably when I first arrived back here a few days ago that I was this happy.
The images of what Lochy and I did that night begun flashing away at in my brain.

The sights

The smells

The feelings

My cock begun to stir as the images and feelings danced away in my mind.

I sort of blushed when I realised that I was staring right at Lochy’s groin the whole time.

“uhh… up here dude” he said, waving his hand right next to his head.

Quickly, I snapped my head to look back at him and blushed a little more.
“Sorry man”

“It’s cool, dude.”

We sort of stood there in silence, my awkward staring must’ve made Lochy shy because he sort of dropped his head a little, almost in shame.
His face went bright red as the same images begun dancing around in his head.

Standing there in the awkward silence was just that… Awkward, and it felt like forever until the microwaved finished and buzzed away until the door was opened.

The moment the buzzer sounded Lochy zoomed right over to it and pulled the Pie out, it’s hot surface letting off steam as it entered the cool-ish kitchen air.

“Hey dude, uhhh do you know where my luggage is?”
My mind quickly snapped back to my previous thoughts.

Lochys was just about to start eating his pie when I had asked and put it down onto the plate.

“Yeah man, They’re in my car, I grabbed them from Steeves when I got you.”
So my assumption was correct.

“Th-thanks for that man…” I said embarrass as I recalled that time…

Even though I barely remembered everything I still know that Lochy had saved me from a fate that was completely unbelievable.
And that was enough to fill me with complete and utter shame….

I watched Lochy as we went back to eating his Pie, and it were as if him saving me wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was.

He just sat there, stuffing his face with his Pie as quickly as he could.

“Alright!” he said once he swallowed that final bit, “I’m ready, Lets go!”


Foxy’s house was situated in Altona, a rather Large suburb that wasn’t very far from the Melbourne CBD. And the main street was bricked with little niche shops, fast-food joints, Drive-thru (bottle shops) and a whole bunch of other stores.

The combination of a fun and shining atmosphere and the location was really quite good.
Altona is situated right along illegal bahis the coast where an Esplanade runs right along it. Foxy was living in a massive, two-storey share-house right on the freaking Esplanade, overlooking the beach and sea.

We pulled up on the side of the road, the sun was still kind of high in the sky but it would only be an hour or two before It was completely hidden by the horizon.
And because the Beach faces the East and the sun sets in the west, the towering two to three storey mansions cast a massive shadow over the beach making the temperature suddenly cool, which is damn relaxing on a hot summers day.

What’s romantic is going for a morning swim naked, when the sun is rising right infront of the both of you.

When we got out of Lochy’s car I placed my hands on the roof of it and rested my head on my hands as I gazed out into the open waters.
Ahh… Lochy I thought to myself… If only you loved me…


“Hey dude” he said, snapping me out of my thoughts that once again had made me practically blend in with the scenery.

I lifted my head and looked at him who was on the other side of the car.

He had changed out of his work clothes and put on hims night-clubbing attire, a smart black button-up shirt and his nice baggy black jeans that had a chain hanging down his left leg and looped back up to his belt which was a black leathered belt with a shiny chrome buckle which had “modern” lines cut into it and had been filled with more black.

He topped it all off with his nice Chrome and black bracelet, thumb ring that had a two gears in it and his short, dark-brown hair was gelled and he had spiked the front of it.

On the other hand, I was wearing a my lime-green shirt that had a black pattern on it that covered most of the front, a black button up shirt that was unbuttoned, black jeans and my silver necklace and bracelet.
My straight longish blonde-brown hair sort of just fell, I used a little hair-mousse to stiffen it up a bit and left my fringe parted in the middle so my face and forehead was clear and wasnt obstructed.
The rest of my hair just freely hung down.

“y… yeah?” I remembered that he had called me..

“Is that Foxy on the beach?” Lochy asked me as was facing towards a group of people at the beach, he was pointing to one person in particular.

A shortish dark-tanned man with short, jet-black hair. He was wearing board-shorts and and nothing else.
His body made me want to drool…
A nice thin stomach area with a very well defined V and 6-pack.
The V joined with the sides of his stomach as it broadened out to his chest and arms that were a little less than absolutely ‘ripped’ but they were there, that’s for sure.

“Soooo…. is it?” Lochy asked again.

Once again I had become entranced by a man that stood before me, no more than a few meters away, on the beach.

“Uhhh… yeah I think it is” Reluctantly I looked away to look at Lochy as I replied.

“Cool!” he said, “We can leave your luggage till later” he said as he locked his car and begun crossing the road to get onto the beach.

I took my shoes off and left them just under the car so I could put them on once I got off of the beach and made my way across the road to the Party that appeared to be on the beach.

Lochy had already crossed so I ran until I caught up to him.

“Thanks for waiting ya prick” I said, playfully punching him in the arm.
“Should’ve been a bit quicker then, mate” Lochy replied with a little wink while we were walking.

Foxy noticed us as we got a little closer and yelled out to us, “Hey guys! About time you rocked up!”

We arrived to find Foxy kind of dancing around with a bunch of other guys and girls that were either tenants from the share house, or friends of the tenants.
Foxy came over to us and gave me a big warm hug, he groped my ass a little as he did it and I shyfully grabbed his back.

When we broke apart we cupped my groin a little and smiled.
“We gotta get you drunk tonight!” Foxy said with a massive grin on his face.

Foxy got his name from us in high school for being exactly what he acts like.. a horny, sly fox.
Well… not so sly anymore, but back in the day he would go to great lengths just to see feel or even smell someones junk.
And the sly thing about it was? Most of the people he did it too didn’t even know he had done it until they heard about it when Foxy told us about it.
Of course it wasnt anything bad, he is a horny fox after all but he’s not a rapist or something too over the top.

He’s just…. Foxy.

I winked and smiled at him as I pulled the big bottle of Southern Comfort out of the paper bag.
Foxy’s eyes lit up in pure delight.
But strangely enough he didn’t make a sound, “Shhh, don’t let these guys see this or they’ll be bugging you all night for some. Here, come with me” he said quietly as he put his hands on both mine and Lochys shoulders to direct him towards his house.

We crossed the road and walked in through the massive fly-screen door and made our way upstairs to where his room was.

“Here, pass it here” he said holding out his hand.
I gave it to him and watched as he slid open his built-in wardrobe to reveal a little bar-fridge.

“Now thats cool!” I said
Foxy put the bottle in the bar-fridge and shut the wardrobe door as we exited out of his room.

“Now come downstairs” he said, Lochy and I obliged and followed the sexy fox to the massive shared-kitchen, he opened up the fridge which was packed full of beer and a whole bunch of other assorted liquors.

Lochy immediately locked on-to a shelf in the fridge door that was lined with cans of Bundy.
“I’ll grab a Pale and could you give Lochy a Bundy?” I asked as Foxy got himself another beverage.

As we exited the house foxy asked, “So where’s your swimming gear guys? Didn’t I tell you that the party was gonna be a wet one? We have the beach for now and a massive 15-person Spa out the back.

Lochy and I stopped and looked at one another.

“Uhh I think I might have something in my Luggage” I said as I remembered that it was with me in Lochy’s car.

“I didn’t bring anything” Lochy said, sounding a little disappointed.
“It’s cool man, you can wear one of my shorts, they’ll fit ya” I said jabbing at his side with my elbow.

Lochy looked at me and gave me that smile again as we turned towards the car, Foxy was close behind us, reached out, cupped my right ass-cheek and squeezed it a little making me jump forward and yelp in surprise.

“Foxy!” I exclaimed joyfully inbetween laughs.

He went in for another attack on my tooshie when Lochy suddenly spurt out, “Actually, I might just drive back home to get my own shorts”

and with that he went around to the drivers side of the car and hopped in.

The boot popped and the engine started.

“Grab your stuff Dan” he said, a bit of anger was detected in his voice by myself and Foxy.

I went to the boot, opened it and dove right into my luggage to look for my shorts.
I found two of them and before closing the boot I walked over to the drive-side window and threw the other pair in onto his lap.

“Here ya go man, just wear one of mine” I said with a bright, happy smile.

Lochy just looked down at the crumpled heap of shorts that was resting in his lap.
He picked them up with his hands and almost as if he were closely examining them for their worth, stared at them for a little bit.

His face flushed red before he turned off his engine and finally conceded to my request.
“Thanks man” he said shyly as he got out of the car and locked it.

“Where can we change?” I ask Foxy, his reply wasn’t one of vocal matter but of a physical confusion that was drawn across his cute face.

“uhhh, you can just change on the beach…” he replied.

“No thankyou” I said politely, I blushed a little at the thought of getting naked on a public beach with Lochy right next to me.
There was no freaking way that I was going to do that.

“Well in that case you can both change in the bathroom, here follow me” Foxy said happily as we once again, made our way into the massive share-house.

There were doors everywhere, entrances into each tenants room.
“We all share the same kitchen, Laundry, Living area and bathroom, so we only have 1 bathroom…” Foxy continued as he stopped to look at me in a seductive way “But if you wanna change privately then Dan, you can change in my bedroom if you want and Lochy can use the bathroom”

I pondered the thought for a second, I knew that Foxy would try to walk-in on me while I was changing, he’d want to get jiggy with me obviously.
But I really wanted to change with Lochy, we could have a few illegal bahis siteleri minuets of some privacy to talk…

But maybe Lochy doesn’t want to see me naked… He probably doesn’t want to be vulnerable infront of me again.
I looked at Lochy a little and saw a look of anticipation on his face before I asked, “Would you mind if I changed in the bathroom?”

And just like that, Lochy’s and Foxy’s facial expressions both swapped places.
Now it was Lochy who had a bright, cheerful look on his face and Foxy was looking a little set back by my rejection.

“Nah man, that’s cool.” Lochy replied.

“Cool, so the Bathrooms right over there” Foxy pointed to the only door that connected to the kitchen.

“I’ll be at the beach kay? See you both then!” Foxy said as he turned and made his way back to the party on the beach.

As I turned away from Foxy to go into the bathroom I was greeted with Lochys face looking right into mine, his cheeks flushed a little red as he suddenly spun around on his heels and begun making his way into the bathroom.

Following close behind I begun to wonder whether or not Lochy really liked me or still hated me for what has happened just a few days ago…

We arrived at the bathroom, I entered last and closed the door behind me locking it.

For a share-house bathroom it sure was small, but as regular household bathrooms go, it was fairly large.

It had a nice double-sized shower, a large square bathtub, two sinks with their own vanity mirrors that held various bathroom items and of course a toilet.

As I turned around from locking the door Lochy already had his shirt off and was kicking his shoes off.
He had his back turned to me so I decided to turn my back to him and follow-suit.

In the way we were situated, Lochy was facing the mirrors and I was facing the shower-glass.
The familiar sound of a large metal belt-buckle being undone echoed in the room as I heard the sound of fabric sliding down his muscular legs.

I too removed my jeans at the same time and as I was undressing I imagined what Lochy looked like if I was facing the other way, and just like magic I saw that image right infront of me.

From the way the light was entering the large curtained bay window that the bathtub was recessed into, the shower-glass reflected Lochy’s image, like a mirror.
I gawked at his almost hairless olive-skinned legs as his pants dropped to the floor.
He stepped out of them.

I saw his fingers gripping the sides of his Boxers, he bent over as he pulled them down, slowly displaying his sexy, naked ass in the reflection.
My cock started to stir in my Briefs as I watched the scene unfold right before me in the reflection.
I stared at that sexy ass, and noticed that he hadn’t yet come back up once his boxers were removed, I slightly rubbed my cock as I was looking his ass up and down before tracking my gaze down his legs.
He was still bent over and when my eyes reached the backs of his knees I saw his head, upside down looking right at me.

My face flushed red as I blushed from being caught ogling him again.

I quickly looked down at my remaining piece of clothing that was still on me, my briefs.

“Well?” Lochy said smoothly, “You got a show, so why don’t I?”

I turned around to see Lochys completely naked body facing me now.
He had that beautiful smile plastered on his face.

I looked away shy as my face continued to go redder and redder.

Hooking my fingers into my briefs I slowly bent over and lowered them to the floor, as I bent my face got just centimetres away from the tip of Lochy’s slowly hardening cock.

When I got back up I stared right at Lochy’s meat that was slowly filling up with more and more blood, getting harder with each passing second.

I was about to say something when-

“Okay, thanks for that” Lochy suddenly said as he quickly put his shorts on and left bathroom, leaving me behind completely naked.

What the… I thought to myself as the bathroom door closed infront of me.
I put my shorts on and sat down on the bathtub to try and make sense of what just happened.
Is he just trying to screw with me?…

After a little while I heard a knock at the door.
“Come in” I said.

The bathroom door slowly opened up as Foxy poked his head in, a slight look of worry was plastered over his smile.
“Everything okay in here man?” he inquired.

“Yeah man, just thinkin’ but I’m done” I replied with the best fake smile I could summon at such short notice.

Foxy opened the door all the way this time and walked in, sitting next to me.

He put one of his strong arms around me and gripping my shoulder, pulling me a little to him.
I leant my head against his and spoke, “I really need to figure out what I want to do” I said with a sigh.

The perfect reason to look upset or something; worry about life.

Foxy seemed to be buying it too. “It’s okay man, you’ll find your calling one day soon” I sat back upright again and noticed that Foxy was staring right at the slight tent my semi was creating.
I was still a little hard from what had happened and despite my frenzy this afternoon with Lochy’s toys, I was still frisky and keen for some sort of action.

And Lochy only seemed to want to annoy me or something with his teasing and sudden changes of mind.

Foxy noticed that I had caught him staring at my tent and smiled slightly seductively at me again.
“Did I tell you that I’m kinda Gay?” Foxy said proudly.

His comment caught me a little off-guard.
“Errr Kinda?” I questioned, genuine confusion expressing myself.

“Yeah” he replied happily, “I’m more for guys than girls but every now and then, I’ll take a girl over a guy, but it’s fairly rare.”

I forgot how much I loved hearing Foxy’s voice, even though he had been living in Australia for a while he still had that sexy Mexican accent.

“Oh” I said

“And you are…?” Foxy said as he placed his hand on my lap and every-so slowly begun to move it close and closer to my now hardening cock.

“I’m…. Bi? Or Gay…” I said, “I don’t really know…”

“Good enough for me!” he said as he moved his wrap his fingers around the growing tent that I was making.

The sudden contact of someone touching me was both familiar and damned great!

I hung my head back a slight moan escaping my lips as the sudden attention made my cock stand full to attention.

“Thats what I was looking for” Foxy exclaimed as he slid his ass off of the edge of the bathtub and got onto his knees.

He let go of my cock and hooked his fingers around the waistband of my shorts, beginning to pull them down.

The moment his hands left my cock all the pleasure left with them and I was brought back to the situation I was currently in.
Looking down I saw foxy kneeling on the floor, his hands pulling down the waistband of my swimming shorts to reveal my fully erect fuck-pole.

I placed a hand on his head, eager to guide his warm mouth to my shaft so I could get some sort of release.

Foxy obliged, opening his mouth he sunk my cock into it, trying his hardest to wrap his tongue around the head and slide down the shaft as he sunk his head deeper and deeper, taking inch after inch of my meat.

“hmmmmmmmmmmmm maaaan” I let out deeply as my longing to cum was about to be fulfilled.

Foxy responded with a slight moan of his own, but instead of making much sound, his mouth and throat vibrated around my cock, sending shivers of pure pleasure throughout my body.

“fuuuck yeah!” I breathed out loudly.

Foxy had almost fit my entire cock down his throat before he started his ascent back up, leaving a slick, wet cock in it’s wake.
As his mouth revealed more cock, he wrapped his right hand around the base of it and begun jerking me slowly.

Once the head of my cock reached his tongue, he started slurping away at the head, flicking his tongue over the underside of my head, right where the nerves were before sinking his hot wet mouth over it again.

He stopped at the same point and slid my cock back out again, and repeating the same motions over and over again, slowly gaining more speed with each suck.
I scrunched a ball of his hair in my hand as the pleasure was pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm, I closed my eyes.

My breathing really picking up the pace as he moved faster, sucking harder.
“Hhhhhhnnnngggggggggg duuuuuuude” I said “I’m getting really close now….”
I said loudly, moans begun to escape my now open mouth as I got closer.

And just like that, Foxy stopped.

I opened my eyes to see Lochy, standing right there, at the bathroom door.
For some reason, I was surprised to find that he wasn’t actually angry like I thought he’d be at seeing canlı bahis siteleri a Gay scene.

But what he wore on his face was something much worse, the look of complete and utter hurt.
“Hey dude uhh…” I begun, but he turned around and stormed out of the house.

“Lochy wait!” I called after him as I stood up to pull my shorts up.

I ran to the front door to find Lochy already speeding away down the Esplanade.
Why are you upset? I thought to myself….
I thought you hated that kind of stuff…

I felt Foxy’s presence behind me. Then a warm yet saliva-covered hand rest on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry man… I didn’t know you two were a coupl-”
“We’re not a couple!” I snapped back sadly.

“We’re just friends” I continued as My eyes begun to well up a little.
“Cmon man” Foxy begins, “Let’s not be sad. Let’s party and try to have fun huh?”
He finished by giving my shoulder a little squeeze.

Somehow Foxy was always good at trying to make other people feel better.
Wiping away the tears that were desperate to escape my eyes I turned my head to look at Foxy and nodded my head with a smile.

“Your right, fuck knows why he’s sad, but I’m not going to let it ruin my fun!” I said, sounding more cheerful.

Foxy spun me around, reached into my pants and grabbed my cock.
Then, he turned inside and dragged me along with him upstairs to his room.

“Come” he said, “You must come first!”
When we entered his room, I sat down on his bed as he closed the door and locked it before pulling out the bottle of southern comfort as well as two rather large glasses that had Ice already in them and sitting on the floor infront of me with his legs crossed.

He half-filled both of the glasses with the golden-brown liquid that I so adore and handed one too me.
“Whoever finishes this mega-shot last gets fucked.” Foxy says without hesitation.
We both said “cheers” and begun to scull our strong drinks.
The strength made me gag once I finished and Foxy already pulled out a bottle of cold coke and was drinking from it.

“As if you beat me!” I said in disbelief.
Foxy winked seductively at me again and pointed to his glass that still had about a centimetre of Bourbon left in it.

I took a swig of the coke, “Wait….” I begun “You didn’t finish!” I said.

“That’s the idea” Foxy said in a low, sexy voice.

Reaching into his pockets he pulled out a condom, teared it open with his teeth and lunged his body right into my crotch.

Pulling playfully at my shorts to get them down, I lift my ass up allowing my shorts to slide right off and down my legs exposing my large balls and quickly stiffening cock.
Immediately Foxy resumes his sucking efforts on it until I stand fully to attention.
He then rolls the condom onto my cock and begins sucking it once again, this time making sure to leave a lot of saliva behind.

Satisfaction that my cock is well lubed is what makes Foxy stop sucking me, the head of my cock coming out with a loud ‘Pop’.

Foxy stands, strips off his own shorts revealing his nice, uncut 6” clean-trimmed cock and balls before diving onto the bed, laying on his back and spreading his legs.
“Cmon baby, take me!”
I froze up, I was shy but I was also concerned that I might be betraying Lochy somehow..
Should I really do thi-

I was interrupted by Foxy leaning forward and pulling my ontop of him.
Before I had the time to register anything and come out of my thoughts, I was on all four’s right above Foxy. That sexy stud of a mexican, his sexy dark-tanned skin and magnificent body was right below me.

He lifted his legs over me shoulders and pulled his mouth to mine.
Instinctively I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, inviting his tongue to dance with mine.
Grabbing my cock he begins to guide me to his hole, and for some reason, I left him.

Pressure, I feel his entrance slowly giving way as I now take over the top movements and begin to actually try fucking him.
Our kissing enhances and I really start to push myself inside of him.

And just like that, ‘Pop’ and my head falls right in followed by the rest of my 7-7.5” tool.
The sudden intrusion leaves Foxy with a little pain and he yelps to let me know.

“S…sorry” I reply shyly, I hold for a bit, to let his ass stretch around my meat before I begin my assault on this little mexicans’ ass.

“Okay?” I ask, hopefull that he is ready, my horniness has now fully returned, the only thing I’m worried about is actually getting to cum without being disturbed again.

Foxy takes in a deep breath and nods.
I start my ascent until just my head is inside of him and then I slowly penetrate him again.

Foxy closes his eyes and begins to moan a little as my cock slowly sinks back into his warm depths.

“uhhh….uhhhhh thats it babe uhh uhhh uhhhhh huhhhh fuck me huuu uhhh uuhhhhuhh” Foxy manages to get out inbetween long breaths.
I get a little bored and begin to pick up the pace a bit, my balls starting to slap against his ass cheeks.

“here we go” I say as that familiar feeling of an orgasm is felt in the distance.

Little by little I pick up the pace on Foxys ass, my body quickly approaching it’s top speed in this position.

“hmmmmmnnn” Foxy cries out louder “Fuck me harder Dan”
I try to oblige but I seem to have hit my top speed.
“Harder!” Foxy pleads

“I huh huh huh huh cant go huh huh huh any huh huh faster…” I say panting away, the exercise making my body become sweaty all over.

“Get on your knees then” he says quickly.

I pull out, my cock still slick and wet stands once again in the open air and to attention as I assume the position that Foxy instructed me to.
Foxy get’s up from his back and stands on all fours infront of me, assuming the doggystyle position.

“Alright” he says.
I press my cock to his wanting hole and once again enter it with a hard thrust.
The current position now allowing me to thrust harder and faster.
I place my hands on his hips, pushing and pulling on his body to meet my own hip-thrusts.

“FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEAAA!” Foxy yells out as I’m plowing into his body at high speed.
He bends his back up so his back is flush with my chest and I wrap my arms around him while I suck and bite lightly on his neck and ear-lobe.

“ooohhhhhhh” he moans out in this new pleasure.

With my right hand, I slowly trace my fingers down from his chest, nipples, abs and finally down that sexy V-line before wrapping my hand around his rock-solid cock.

I begin to pump ferociously at it causing Foxy to suddenly spasm, his body tensing up as I suddenly make him cum.
“OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan” he moans loudly as Spurt after Spurt he covers his bed-sheets in his white mess.

I too was close to cuming, Foxy cupped a little bit of his cum in his hand and dribbled it onto my chest, stomach and cock as I was still fucking his now red-sore hole.
His cum dribbling onto my cock created a new fresh batch of lube and just like that I wasn’t just sliding in and out of his ass, I was gliding with little efforts.

This made thrusting easier and with that I managed to pick up the pace a little more, this sent me way over the edge as I spasmed and thrust as hard as I could into Foxy’s hole.
My cock shooting out loads upon loads of cum into the condom.
Foxy could feel the sudden warmth within him, even through the condom and moaned a little at the odd yet satisfying feeling.

“hmmmm that was good babe” he says, leaning forwards so my rapidly softening cock falls out of him.
He turns around and pulls my head into his for a kiss as he wraps his arms around me and pulls both of our bodies together.

As we’re kissing I run the tips of my fingers up and down Foxy’s back causing him to shiver.
He, however doesn’t return the favour.

We break apart, I throw the condom into his bin as we both put out swimming shorts back on.
“You gonna wash that cum off your ass first?” I ask him.
Foxy turns around, “You gonna wash MY cum off YOUR chest?” he asks cheekily.

“Well actually yeah” I reply slighty confused.
Foxy lunges forwards, mouth open and tongue out lapping up his fresh cum from my chest, torso and nipples.

“Hmmmmm” he says “Now you dont have to” He winks at me as he leaves the room, closely followed by me.

“I’m just going to go into the Ocean to wash the cum from me” he belatedly replies.

When we get back to the beach everyone is still out there, just like before and were dancing around to the music that was being played from someone’s car stereo.
As we crossed the road, I deliberately looked up and down it, hopeful to see Lochys car driving up.

But there was none.


Oooooohhhhh Part 6?

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