Air travel and summer storms


Air travel and summer stormsThe terminal had all types that day: business travelers, families, college k**s. I was engrossed in my latest app w a good soundtrack and a Starbucks quickly getting cold when the board goes from ontime to delayed. I figured it was coming – the weather had been building. Time to take my beverage selection up a notch. I wander in and people are surrounded by baggage. Glad I decided to spend company money and check mine so i could travel light. I spy a seat at the bar and just as I do I connect eyes with the fiery redhead next to it. She’s business, but it’s Friday so the black pencil skirt is a little wrinkled. The matching blazer hangs open with an extra button undone on the silk blouse. Casually sipping the last of her beer she continues her phone conversation. Her mouth spreads in smile as she laughs at something the other end of her phone said. But her eyes light up noticeably as we make eye contact. “may I?” I mouth pointing toward the one open seat as I clamber over the detritus of drunk weary travelers. She waves an open hand at the seat as she sets her empty beer on the bar. Holding eye contact the entire time I sit. The spell is broken when she realizes the other end of her phone asked a question. Flustered at her own reaction she asks them to repeat it. I point at her empty beer and hold up two fingers as the bartender passes. I hear her say into her phone “well I’m gonna let you go sweetie” clearly ending the conversation that she was using to stay distracted from the girds of travelers and small talk. “thanks”She jumps right in – all smiles. ‘of course. No problem. Delayed?””delayed.”The bartender slides the two open beers in front of us. I hold one up to her. “drink?””oh that’s so sweet thank you! I’m stuck her for the duration of this storm I guess. This weather is crazy…” never breaking eye contact. Smile set in concrete. “cheers!” returning the smile as we clink bottles and drink deep of the beer and each other. She jumps right into a convoluted traveler story of how she ended up stuck here. Missed flights. Project overruns. Finally a break for a few days and wasting precious hours in airport hell. But the smile comes back full force as she drinks the beer I bought and says she’s an optimist and is happy to make the best if it. Maybe even a bit of a wink as she keeps eye contact while smiling at me. There’s energy between us. She fills it with talk while I just admire and listen. Rarely more than a laugh or a syllable or two of encouragement. I could drink her in all day. She talks about work. Clearly smart. Driven. Could tell she’s all business in the boardroom. Talks about girlfriend drama. The one they all come to to get sorted out. “beer.”. It’s not a question this time. Just an order to the bartender as she keeps going. What’s at least her third has her a little flushed. I’m noticing the constellation of freckles that add character to the tops of her breasts as she puts her hand in my forearm and laughs retelling a girlfriends drunken tale. She never mentions a guy or relationship. I decide to focus her on herself and what makes her excited. “tell me about your next vacation”Her eyes light up. Hand back on my forearm. Staying there this time as she gets into it. “oh my god I can’t wait. I’ve been working my ass off and am planning an awesome trip. Spain and its beaches. She starts into the details of what she wants to do.I slide closer. My thigh firmly against hers. She holds my forearm and I feel pressure in return. She continues ” the art. The architecture. Gaudi. I’ve never been to Europe. Always quick Caribbean getaways or Miami party weekend. Do you think I’ll be ok with just English””I’m sure””I can’t wait for the beaches. But I’m kinda nervous. My girlfriends and I took our tops off once in Miami but stayed on our stomachs. I heard everyone’s topless there.””many completely nude.” I feed her apprehension and excitement “I thought about that! I don’t know if I could. I mean I kinda want to but I’m nervous.”A pause..”The guys are naked too? I don’t think I could look them in the eyes standing there completely naked and them just hanging there” she sips her beer as her eyes wander directly to my crotch. Her jacket has slipped off her shoulder and I notice her nipple is clearly straining against her thin bra and the silk blouse. I can’t tell if she noticed my jeans move on their own as blood continues to canlı bahis flow south. “of course you can. It’s natural. Like the day you were born”” I know. Especially over there. It’s not like I’d be the only one. I can take my top off but ive never taken off my bottoms in front of people. Hell I tend to slide them off under the sheets when I’m with someone.”Not the husband, the boyfriend. Just vague. “sure you can”Our thighs are pressed tight next to each other. It’s not the drink giving her cheeks the red flush nowCoyly “I don’t know. It’s public!”The place is packed but everyone’s focused elsewhere. We’re in our own little private circle in a noisy crowded bar. I press my luck”you just need practice. This is public. Do it now.” and i just sit and smile”what do mean? Do what now?” she’s intrigued and completely engaged with thoughts of being naked on a sunny beach in Spain and every fantasy she’s had about it for months. “take your bottoms off””what? Here in this bar? Take my skirt off”Flashing a dirty smile at her…”panties.”She’s fully flushed now. Her chest is red. I think she may be sweating. And for the first time she’s speechless, so I fill the gap before she can say no.”Just like they were your bikini bottoms. Practice practice practice. That skirt’s just like your beach towel” I tease her. Egging her on. She’s still speechless. Eyes fixed on mine. Quickly she glances around the bar to see who’s watching. She’s strongly considering it.”don’t over think it. Just slip them off and hand them right here to me” as my hand sits palm open midway up her thigh. Her skin feels so soft. And scorching with heat. Thank god the button fly on my jeans is riveted or the seems over my hard cock might pop wide open. But I keep my hand on her thigh and my poker face.”whatever. You won’t do it. Just like you’ll sit all covered up on that beach like it was the jersey shore with your family” hand still open on her thigh. Eyes locked. Challenging her. She grabs my forearm hard digging her nails in and makes a grrr sound as she sets her jaw and makes her mind up. A quick glance to make sure no one’s watching and she wriggles her hips and works her panties out from under her skirt. I catch a glimpse of the black lace crotch as she struggles to work them over over her thighs without lifting the skirt or attracting attention. I move my left hand over my cock to readjust the obvious bulge as she stares at it. My right hand still hasnt left her thigh. I put my finger in the crotch of the lace panties that are midway down her thighs. Barely visible. Keeping her knees locked together. “you call this off?” sly smileShe looks around once more. Another grrr and leans into me and bites my ear. Her left hand squeezes my thigh as she holds into me for balance and deftly lifts both knees and slips the panties over them and past the short heels and puts them in my hand. Finishing the movement with both legs over my right leg. Holding my shoulder. Giggling into my neck. Both of us turned on and she’s happy with her accomplishment. Like she just climbed a peak or jumped out of a plane. Something she’d wanted to do but wasn’t sure if she had the guts. Adrenaline rushing through her she can’t stop giggling. Or let go of me. She’s nearly sitting in my lap now. The black lace is in my hand. I feel her heat in them still. They’re practically stuck to my hand they’re so wet. But not wanting her excitement to fade I take my Starbucks cup, pop the top off and jam the panties in the inch of cold coffee and put the lid back on. I push it and our empties to the end of the bar just as the bartender walks by and tosses it all in the bin. “check please”As the bartender nods and smiles – they’ve seen it all before – she grabs my shoulder like she’s gonna fall and whispers into my ear in a tone that would be yelling except she doesn’t want anyone to hear. “what.. I can’t believe.. Why did you do that?!? Now what am I gonna…?” as it dawns on her that she’s stuck nearly exposed in a pencil skirt that barely goes more than halfway to her knee. She’s nervous and angry and excited and completely flustered. Biting her lip to stop her whispered yell as the bartender slides the check in front of me. I have cash in my hand already with ample tip and drop it on the bar. “thanks” is all say to the bartender. I smile at the flustered excited red pile of beauty and emotions that’s barely dressed in the bar with bahis siteleri all four of her appendages hanging into me for support and security. I keep smiling and stand up and walk out of the bar without saying a word. The separation scares her. Realizing her exposure. Realizing the families. Realizing we weren’t quite as discreet as our connection led us to believe. Hurriedly she pulls her jacket on, skirt down and takes her purse and hightails out after me. I look back at the slight commotion she causes tripping over a bag – making a long wide step forward to keep from falling forces her skirt higher nearly exposing her to some lucky traveler. The husband sitting eye level to her ass flashes a smile as his wife frowns. She catches up to me – mouth agape both hands pressed into her crotch pushing the skirt down and falls into my chest. Excited and embarrassed. “come on”I walk quickly around the bend of the wide hallway and spot what I’m looking for. Grabbing the door to the single room family restroom I hold it as if it’s the door to the Ritz and usher her in. The giggles have returned as she faux curtsies and walks in. I quickly shut and lock the door. No more giggles. We’re a****ls now doing what’s been building since we first caught eyes and she hung up on whoever it was. Kissing hard. Tongues deep. Exploring. Frantic hands in hair. On asses and chests. I get her jacket off and her next blouse buttons rips off with it flying across the room. We laugh. Then i look at her with hunger. Grabbing both sides of the half open blouse I rip it completely open. The rest of the buttons fly everywhere. I happily find her thin bra that matches her past tense panties clasps in the front. It’s open in a second and I’m ravaging her breasts as she leans back and takes in the feeling. Beautiful creamy firm perky mounds of perfection. Freckles converging to a tan with a clear tan line leaving perfectly white skin outlining small pink nipples. So erect they look like they want to fly off like the buttons of her blouse did.I stop and look her in the eye for a second and say “it’s almost a shame you’ll lose these tanlines in Spain””Now? Now you decide to start talking?” and pulls my face back into her chest. I laugh and grab her left breast with my hand. Roughly cupping it. Lifting it up to my mouth with my right hand. My left hand grabbing her ass cheek lifting her clear off the ground. Her nipple coming up to meet my mouth. It gets consumed. I feel like I could swallow it and her whole breast with it as I bury my face in her chest. Kissing sucking nibbling biting. My left hand still firmly under her holding her up against the wall. Fingers find the heat of her wet cunt and slide in deep as she moans. My mouth continues down her firm stomach. I take my fingers out from the depths of her beautiful folds. I look into her eyes and hold her gaze as I put both fingers in my mouth deep and lick them clean. I lift her up onto the sink and put her hands on the handicap bar to steady herself and tell her not to let go. I pull her skirt up so it’s nothing more than a wide belt and take in the view of her womanhood. More tanlines outline her pussy. A trim tuft of fire red hair above smooth lips. Puffy and flushed from being excited so long already and teased with my fingers. I see the edge of her clit just barely visible under the hood. I can barely contain myself and drop to my knees. Throwing one of her legs over my shoulder I spread her wide with one hand and dive into her with my mouth wide open. Covering her entire pussy and sucking for a moment. Drinking her in. Her head’s back in ecstasy. She can barely keep her balance holding the rail she doesn’t dare let go. The position is as good as handcuffs. She can’t do anything but submit to me without stopping everything and falling. I take my time and enjoy it. Exploring all of her. From the inside of her knees to the depths of her pussy. Making notes of what gives the best reaction. Bring her close to cumming then backing off. Making her beg for more. Finally I focus on sending her over the top. Gentle focus on her clit my fingertips run the length of her smooth thighs making her shiver. I feel the tension build in her and press my tongue into her more firmly. My thumb slides inside her as my mouth continues relentlessly stimulating her clit. My thumb presses deeper with the rest of my hand lifting her ass up. She begins to güvenilir bahis grind on my hand as I continue. Underneath her my middle finger presses into her asshole – slick with her juices sweat and saliva. I feel her whole body tense as she grits her teeth. Trying to hold back the overwhelming rush as she grinds hard into my face and hand. Pressing against the handrails now instead of holding herself up. I press my thumb in her pussy against her inner walls till it touches the finger in her ass. She finally exhales with a loud moan as her body falls over the brink.Juices running down my face she convulses over and over. Finally collapsing spent. She releases the rail and slides to put her feet in the floor.Standing there sweaty and spent she looks in my eyes like an a****l. Shirt ripped open. Bra barely hanging from her shoulders. Skirt hiked up around her abdomen. Flushed. No trace of embarrassment or shyness and giggles from the bar. Just hunger. She slams both hands into my chest and shoved me violently against the wall. Falling into me she kisses my face. More consuming it. Licking her own juices off of my mouth. And following their savory trail down my neck she pulls my shirt over my head and licks my chest. Not to turn me on, but like she’s claiming her kill. I’m helpless to her. The belt buckle gets undone and the whole belt pulled out in one motion. I have a flash of fear as she holds the three feet of leather and thinking this could get ugly. But she doesn’t have time for toys. The belt falls to the floor. Pulling my fly apart the button fly gives way with the exciting pop pop pop. She realizes I don’t have anything under my jeans and looks up from her knees and gives me a crooked smile. Then pulls my cock free and buries the entire thing in her mouth. Sloppy wet furiously passionate she swallows me down. Her hands get my jeans to my ankles. Somehow she gets my shoes off and jeans too leaving me completely naked in this public restroom. She grabs my wrists and holds them my back. I willingly oblige. She wants control now and im happy to relinquish it She lifts one of my knees and has me put a foot on the handicapped railing. Nearly crawling under me she continues to lick the length of my shaft then takes my balls into her mouth. Both. Then individually. Exploring them with her tongue as her free hand strokes my cock. Suddenly she stands up”Fuck me” is all she says as she grabs my shoulders and climbs me like a jungle gym. She gets one foot on either side of me each on the handicapped railing to hold her weight. Hands around my neck. I line my cock up and I raise my hips and she lowers herself letting the whole length of me slide all the way into her ready and waiting vagina. Sliding down slowly the first time we both enjoy the sensation. What we’ve been thinking about since our eyes locked, feeling like weeks before though just an hour ago. NirvanaAnd we move. My hands under each ass cheek she sits in them. Spreading herself wider with her own weight. She gets into a swinging motion and my hips thrust to match. Our mouths still devouring each other. Muffling the grunts and moans. It’s all I can do not to cum before her. My balls slapping against her ass on each swing. The skin sticking just a second before releasing and another trust. I feel her start to tighten with the coming orgasm. Relieved I won’t have to delay my release much longer. Her whole body clenched around me. Arms hugging me. Legs lock behind my back. No more thrust. Just holding tight completely suspended on my body. Wrapped around me and slipping down – all of her being supported by my cock. She lowers her hips just enough so her weigh creates pressure on her clit from my pubis.She just holds. Herself. Her breath. My ear in her teeth. I can’t stand it any longer. I release deep inside her. My cock spasms over and over. My seed released as deep inside her as I’ve ever been in anyone. My pulsing cock puts her over the edge and and she let’s out a moan I’m sure they heard in baggage claim. She convulses while impaled on me and we come together for what felt like minutes. My seed and her juices dripping out of her down my balls. Dripping onto the floor. Until finally we collapse together against the wall fully spent. Just sweaty and smiling and kissing softly. “ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the storm has cleared and we’ll be able to get you out of here shortly. Please proceed to your gates for loading. Sorry for the delay. We hope your stay was as comfortable as possible.”Uncontrollable giggles as we create passable outfits out of the remnants of our clothing. And that’s why I love a good storm…

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