Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 23


Nicky slowly opened the door to Alene and Nadia’s room, the smell of cum flooded her nose. The light of day spilled into the room through the window and revealed Nadia and Alene resting on the bed. Nadia’s belly was swollen with cum. Alene’s monster cock rested between the girls.

Nicky surveyed the room, she marveled at Alene’s sexual prowess. Clearly her cum drained downstairs but everything was still wet and drenched with cum. Angie came from behind her and hugged her, “you were amazing,” she said and kisses Nicky passionately.

As Angie let go of Nicky’s head the girl gasped. “What’s wrong Nicky?” the big boobed girl asked, Nicky simply pointed at the wall behind Angie. Turning around the girl gasped herself as she noticed the hole in the wall.

“W… what is this? What happened here?” Nicky asked.

“Did Alene do this?” Angie speculated as she walked towards the hole, “yes, definitely Alene’s handiwork.” The room behind the wall was full of cum up to the edge of the hole. The girl’s conversation disturbed Alene’s and Nadia’s slumber.

“Good morning girls,” Alene said in a sleepy voice, “how was your night?”

“Amazing,” Angie said with excitement, “I found my uniqueness!”

“Really? What is it? Please show me.” Alene inquired.

Angie had no need to talk, she just turned towards Alene and concentrated for a moment. Before too long her boobs started to leak milk and soon enough the milk came out in a study flow. “Does it taste good?” Alene asked.

“It tastes Great” said Nicky and took a sip.

“Can we have a taste?” Nadia said.

Angie walked up to the girls, flooding the floor with her milk. Nadia and Alene each took a breast and started drinking, savoring the sweet flavor of Angie’s milk as the massive breasted Vixen moaned with pleasure.

Nick broke Angie’s moans with a question, “so… what happened here?”

“I did that.” Alene said admittingly and returned to suck on Angie’s breast.

“Clearly, but how?” Nicky kept pressing the subject.

“With my help,” Nadia admitted, “I also found my uniqueness, look.” Angie moved aside and Nadia place her hand on Alene’s cock tip and pulled, the cock lengthen with her hand and grow massively.

“You have control over Alene’s cock?” Angie marveled, “how big was she when she blasted the wall?”

“I was over 15 feet long and my balls were the size of a small truck.” Alene explained.

“I’m so happy you found your gift Nadia” Angie said and hugged the girl.

The girls didn’t really bother to clean the house, after a quick shower they left the place and went shopping for furniture to fit their renovated flat. The next two days where full of plans and before the girls know it they were on board the flight to Florida. Alene took special care to use a spell to repress the gangs sexual need, she couldn’t afford to risk it on the plane.

After a few hours in the air the girls landed in the Sunshine State. Everything went well and they found themselves in the motel room Angie arranged for. It was a very nice and speciose room, it could easily host 8 people and was a perfect fit for the girls. The most amazing thing was that Angie made sure the room was super excluded; Surrounded by 10 feet high walls, it was actually a 10-minute walk from the motel itself. The girls could have all the fun they wanted without having to fear for their privacy. The gang spent the next two weeks having fun, seeing Florida and most important having sex all around the clock.

By the third weekend the girls became acquainted with the local life in Florida. They knew where the best pizza was and what night club had the best music. They knew the bar tenders and the girls in the reception and even the cleaner, most of the regular people going on with their lives. The girls did their best not to disturb the local life.

One woman out of the motel staff stood out for the girls, her name was Rose and she was one of the receptionists.

“I’m sure she can take 3 feet of your cock with no magical help.” Nicky said in a confident voice as the gang walked to their room.

“No way, she’s not that big. I say she won’t survive 2 feet” Nadia fired back.

“Are you for real?” Angie butted in, “the amazon is over 7 feet tall!” Alene just giggled and enjoyed the talk. She had to admit that even though Rose was a tall girl she found her attractive.

“Do you want me to invite her Alene?” Nicky asked, “I don’t mind asking for you.”

Alene looked at the girls, “do you want me to have sex with her?” I’ll do it but you must promise you won’t bet on it.”

The gang looked each other in the eyes and back at Alene, they all talked in unison “We promise!”

“OK, Nicky, go and ask her if she’s into us and if so, bring her to our room.” Alene instructed, “I have a load her size waiting for her before we leave back to the UK.”


Rose just ended her shift when Nicky approached her, noticing the girl she greeted her politely “Hi, my shift just ended,” the towering woman said, “if you need anything don’t hesitate to call on the current receptionist.”

Nicky heard Rose and canlı bahis şirketleri as she came closer her gaze looked up to see the giantess’s eyes “you’re free? Great, we need to talk, come sit with me.” Rose found it hard not to sit with the lovely polite girl.

Nicky didn’t really give any thought as to how to lure the amazon back to Alene, she was improvising and hoping for the best. “Let’s put our cards on the table,” she started, my gang are into girls and we want to have sex with you!”

‘If Alene knew this was my plan she would have stopped me.’ Nicky thought to herself as she waited for Rose’s response.

The amazon was clearly not as shock as Nicky expected her to be, “I’d love that,” she said with a smile, “most girls can’t deal with me, arranging a threesome is a big deal so, when 4 girls want to have sex with little me it’s hard to say no.” the sight before Nicky was too funny and she couldn’t help but laugh, the massive amazon calling herself little was hilarious in Nicky’s eyes Rose joined the girl’s laughter. After calming down Nicky went on, “one of our girls has a 3 feet long cock.”

“No Way!” Rose whispered.

“I have a little beast of my own” Nicky said and moved closer to the giant girl, “Want to feel?” Rose sent her hand down Nicky’s pants and couldn’t help but gasp as she felt the girl’s cock and pussy.

“Let’s go!” Rose said as she stood up and walked after Nicky. On the way there, Nicky explained how she got a cock and told Rose all she could about Alene’s magic. Even though Rose found it hard to believe she decided to go with the flow on this one, worst case she can just walk away.

Nicky opened the door to the room and gestured Rose inside. The room had a heavy smell of sex and the girls inside where naked. The first thing she saw was Nadia sucking on Angie’s tit while the other tit rested in Alene’s mouth. Alene’s cock stood proud, fully erect as her full balls rested on the floor. “one hack of a welcome you have here.” Rose said as Nicky closed the door and undressed herself.

The girls noticed Rose and addressed her, “Welcome Rose.” They all said and introduced themselves. “Feel free to undress,” Nadia invited her.

Rose smiled, feeling she should go with the flow on this. She took off her clothes, revealing her firm body and small breasts, sat in front of the girls and said: “so, magic?” Alene nodded yes, “care to demonstrate?”

“I really like your red hair,” Alene said nonchalant, ignoring the request for a moment. She turned her look to Nicky, “please bring the book.” Alene Asked. Before too long Nicky came back with the book. She handed it to Alene who gave up her place next to Angie’s breast, Nicky started sucking with all her might in a vain attempt to drain Angie’s boobs of milk.

While Alene worked her way through the book looking for spell Nadia stopped sucking and turned her gaze to the amazon woman, “you look amazing,” she said.

“Thank you,” answered Rose, “you’re no pushover either,” she complimented the girl. Nadia walked over to the towering woman and stopped just a few feet away from her.

“My name is Nadia, want to get some?” Nadia tempted her, pressing her tits together.

Rose really did find the girl attractive, she decided to waste no time and went for a passionate kiss. Nadia tasted sweet and Rose could still feel the aftertaste of Angie’s milk in her mouth, it was heavenly. Nadia on her part started sending her hands to the giantess’ breasts and cunt, a deep moan escaped her mouth.

“How tall are you Rose?” Alene asked, breaking the girls’ passionate embrace.

“Just short of 7 feet.” Rose answered, breaking away from the kiss.

“Want to be bigger?” Alene wondered, flipping through the book.

“Right, but don’t mess with me,” Rose taunted Alene, “don’t make me 7 feet and an inch, I want to see some real magic.”

“Then you better go outside,” Alene instructed and Rose obeyed, followed by Nadia. “Hope you enjoy your wish.” Alene said and murmured something under her breath that escaped the girls’ ears. They were back at It, groping and kissing and moaning, caressing each other’s body.

Rose could feel her whole-body tingle, she wasn’t sure what’s going on and dismissed it as an oncoming orgasm. She felt light tremors move through her body.

“Are you girls ok?” Angie yelled at Rose and Nadia between the gasps of pleasure the sucking girl at her nipple caused her.

Rose and Nadia didn’t reply and just kept on with their game of pleasure. Rose noticed the girls inside the house started to move towards her, probably for a better view. Suddenly Rose noticed something was wrong, her neck was under a lot of stress, she probably leaned down too much with Nadia. She broke the kiss and flexed her neck back, her hands still playing with Nadia’s perfect body. She found it hard to reach her lover’s crouch, she had to bend a knee to get her hand there. Nadia was the first to break her assault on Rose’s body, taking a step back. Rose snapped from her sexual haze and took the world in, “are you shrinking, Nadia?” she asked in a surprised voice. Nadia giggled, “no, you’re growing, canlı kaçak iddaa Alene’s spell is working on you.” The giantess was clearly growing and soon could place her hand on the roof of their house to support her growing mass

“My god Alene!” Nadia said as she took in the giant amazon towering over the house.

“She must be over 15 feet tall,” Angie assessed, “you overdid it Alene.”

“No way I can fuck her like that.” Nicky said in a depressed voice as she looked up at the giant pussy located between Rose’s legs.

“Nicky, you can have Angie, take the room.” Alene explained her plan, “Nadia, I need you here with me. Rose, when you feel like you adjusted to your new size let me know.”

Everyone did as asked and soon Alene could hear Angie and Nicky at it in their room. “I feel better, I can’t believe I’m so big.” Rose said.

“Do you want to return to your former size or do you want me to fuck you when you’re this big?” Alene laid out the options. Rose’s answered by sitting down and letting her back rest on the ground behind her, exposing her monster pussy to Alene, “Hope I could feel your tiny cock” she teased Alene and her cock.

“Don’t worry love,” Nadia shot back at the giantess, “she’s very small right now.”

Rose lifted her head and looked at the girls, Alene walked over to her pussy, “I can easily put my arm in you and still have plenty of room.” Alene said.

“Look at her clit, it’s as big as your tip” Nadia said, she couldn’t resist and gave the huge button a lick, causing Rose to moan and groan, her pussy started to get wet and created a small pool on the grass beneath her.

“Focus Nadia,” Alene instructed, “I want her to suck me off first.” Alene walked to Roses side with Nadia in toe. She whispered something in Nadia’s ear and climbed Roses belly, sitting just below Roses now massive breasts. “you’re bigger than Angie.” Alene complimented the giantess and placed her cock between the girl’s cleavage, her tip rested on Rose’s chin. Nadia placed her hand on Alene’s thigh and focused hard.

Alene watched her cock inflate with Nadia’s gift and enjoyed the sensation of filling up rose’s cleavage to the brim, rose went along with the girls and took the growing beast in her hot eager mouth when she reached her lips. When Alene felt the girl’s gullet against the tip of her cock she signaled Nadia to stop.

“Tastes good?” Alene asked, Rose groaned. “do you spit or swallow?” Alene never asked the girls about their preferences because she knew them so well, but having no knowledge of rose’s likes and dislikes she felt obliged to ask.

“Phwalo!” was all Rose could say with the huge cock in her mouth but Alene understood her well. Rose wasted no time and started to suck, Alene savored the feeling of the massive tongue playing around with her shaft. Nadia marveled at the sight, Alene was almost this big when she broke the wall in their home back in Bristol three weeks ago but in proportion to this giantess she was totally manageable. The thought turned Nadia on and knowing Alene won’t need her for a bit she walked into the house to check on Angie and Nicky. By the time she got there the girls where deep into their ecstatic trance. Nicky was in Angie’s womb pumping gallons of cum while Angie gave Nicky every drop of milk her huge boobs could produce. Both girls’ midsection looked bloated with cum or milk and Nadia couldn’t help but wonder if the girls worked like a kind of perpetual mechanism, converting cum to milk and back again indefinitely, however this worked Nadia gazed upon the amazing act before her with awe.

Suddenly Nadia heard Alene yell, “I’m coming.” She stormed outside to see her lover pump huge amounts of cum down rose’s throat, Nadia could hear the cum flowing from Alene’s balls into Rose’s belly. Those amounts would inflate her in mere moments but on this giant woman only cause a very light bulge. Rose on her end looked delighted to have such a massive load pumped into her, noticing Nadia she decided to help her join the action. The giantess used one hand to wrap her boobs around Alene’s pulsating cock while the other hand found her way to Nadia’s wet pussy, the girl was not ready for what happened next. Rose pushed her index finger into Nadia’s love tunnel, stretching her pussy wide around her massive finger. Nadia felt full and as Rose started moving her finger in and out of her, Nadia exploded into a mind shattering orgasm of her own.

After what felt to Nadia like an eternity, Rose pulled her finger out. Alene concluded her orgasm. She enabled her cock to shrink out of Rose’s mouth. As she came down from her climax, Nadia assumed she wanted to fuck the giantess’ pussy next and did this for better mobility, she was right.

“How was our warm up Rose?” Alene asked.

“I never thought a girl like you can have so much cum, it was amazing!” Rose half screamed, “Please tell me you can do it again.”

“Sure, it was just a small warm up, but I’m going to need you to move, we need more space if we want to go all out.” Alene explained. Rose stood up and with her new height had no problem finding a clearing in the field behind the motel.

“Is canlı kaçak bahis this OK?” Rose asked Alene. Surveying the surrounding Alene said: “Yes, looks great! Please ley on your stomach and spread your legs, Rose did as asked.

Alene placed her cock at the slit and shoved the head in with ease, “giant girls can handle me much better,” she thought to herself. “Nadia, I want you to fill my balls first please, I think the size of a car is a good start, just let me find my balance on those babies.” Nadia placed her hands on Alene’s ball sack and waited, when her lover gave her the OK she started inflating the massive orbs, she could feel the fluid slosh inside.

“Now make my cock grow,” Alene led the show, allowing it to extend until she could feel she had a firm hold inside the giant woman. “Rose, please rise to your hands and knees.” Rose did as instructed, her pussy slightly taller than Alene.

The sight was magnificent, Nadia gasped and Alene noticed, “when I finish growing go and take care of yourself Nadia” Nadia smiled and thanked Alene.

“Next I need to be on her level Nadia,” Alene said, feeling her balls grow to the size of trucks below her, “Go and treat yourself Nadia, I’ll manage it from here.”

“Thank you love, have fun girls.” Nadia said as she walked back to the house to masturbate to the sight of Nicky and Angie.

Rose looked at Alene, “I can’t believe this is happening, you feel so good Alene.” Alene’s balls caught her eyes, “how much cum do you think you have?”

“I don’t really know but I’m sure you’ll tell me soon enough.” Alene said as her cock started to grow deep into Rose’s pussy, both girls moaned and yelled with pleasure and lighting filling their mind. Rose started moving her body back and forward along Alene’s cock, massaging the massive rod. After a short session of fucking Rose felt Alene hit her cervix.

“My god! Alene are you still growing?” Rose asked playfully, Alene smiled.

“Yes, almost done, just a bit more.” Alene said as her cock reached the back of rose’s womb, pushing her over the edge, both girls mow fucked with all they had to give.


Nadia looked from the top of the house. She could see both girls rather clearly, well, actually, she could clearly see Rose but it was hard to tell where Alene was, she could only see her truck size balls and the cock going into Rose. Nadia wanted to watch Angie and Nicky at first but after seeing the two giant goddesses fuck she wanted to masturbate to the sight. so, she went to the roof and started playing with herself.

Soon she heard Alene’s voice screaming from the distance, “OH here I go!” Nadia could swear she heard the flow of cum splashing inside Rose and sure enough she noticed Rose’s midsection inflate to monumental proportions. Nadia never imagined Alene could do this, it was well beyond what she did to Paula or to the house before, the thought pushed Nadia over the edge and her tiny pussy squeezed her finger forcefully. Nadia was too lost in her orgasm to notice ludicrous amounts of cum escaping the giant woman’s pussy and painting the surroundings white as Alene pumped cum into her like there’s no tomorrow. Huge drops of cum fired into the sky and crashed around a trembling Nadia.

As things calmed down in Nadia’s mind she saw the cum covered world around her as she Alene finished her own orgasm, rose’s belly was a giant ball of cum bigger than the house Nadia stood on. Just then A giant drop of cum crushed next to Nadia, a final drop of cum from her girlfriend’s spectacular orgasm. She splash was big enough to cover Nadia’s entire front with thick cum, immediately sending her into another orgasm.


The rain tapped against the roof of Alene’s car as she parked outside her home. About two months passed since the girls came back from the US. She looked at her phone, a massage from Rose read: “It was amazing, can’t wait to meet you girls again, if you ever set foot on US soil again be sure to give me a call. Alene smiled to herself, life was good. She was surrounded by people who loved her as she was, and the sex itself was amazing.

After the girls landed they drove to their renovated house to sleep the night. The place was wonderful, the contractor did a great job and everything was as planned. Alene, being an honest girl, whose word is her bond, paid the contractor on the very next day of her return. She and the girls fucked her for two passions filled days straight, paying her in full and even leaving a tip for her professional work.

A lightning bolt ripped the clouded sky as thunder roared in Alene’s ears. The house itself was a work of art. After seeing the hole Alene’s cum left in the wall the contractor went out of her way and straighten the whole house. The girls tested the house’s endurance by letting Nicky and Alene cum until they were empty, it all drained away and the water proof furniture the girls ordered handled the load very well. Just as an added safety measure they added a 500-gallon reservoir that set next to the front door. If for some reason the load on the drainage system was too much for the sewer to handle the flow went to the reservoir until things cleared so the house wont flood like before. When Alene and Nicky went at it together they used about 50 gallons from the reservoir so they knew the house was in no risk of flooding.

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