Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 04


It had been a glorious walk and Alice’s spirits were amazingly high. Her nylons made the journey effortless and her body had never felt more sensitive. She felt incredibly sexy in her shiny brown tights and thigh high red opaque stockings. Though, despite her grand mood, the path she was on grew longer and longer. It had taken her an hour of long stride walking to get to the edge of the forest and now that she was into the forest the trees that seemed so welcome from the grassy plains were now tall and foreboding. The heavy gnarled oaks blocked out the sunlight, and though it was mid day it was quite dusky in the forest.

The flat even path had eventually trailed off, with the stones that cobbled her walk way disappearing to become a trodden dirt path as wide as a one car road. As she walked, she had to be more mindful of her steps too. Several times her high heeled Mary Jane shoes had slipped on fallen leaves or loose dirt making her toes squish into her pantyhose and almost lose her balance.

Stopping to look around, Alice noticed the high tree line with sparse shafts of light filtering down to the ground. The greenery she’d viewed from afar was now given over to brown roots, dusky pale earth and weathered bark and bushes that bore thorns instead of flowers and leaves. In the stillness, Alice breathed in the forest. There was a slight breeze from behind, where she’d come from, and her bright red hooded cloak was velvety soft as is it stroked her nylon covered legs.

“Mmmmmm” Alice purred, taking another moment to rub one of her long silken legs against the other. She loved rubbing her legs together like a cricket. The sound of silk on silk, as faint as it was, was a mating call to her that made her womanhood drip. ‘I have been walking for a long time and could use a break,’ she thought to herself, biting her lower lip in anticipation. ‘After all my feet need a moment from the rigors of walking.’

Stepping further down the path, she looked for an adequate place where she could sit and rest. An old tree stump that had been chopped down some time ago greeted her with a beam of sunshine falling onto it. Sauntering over to the stump, Alice carefully lifted the back of her short red dress so that her bare, shiny tights covered ass was exposed to the inside of her cloak. Sitting down ever so slowly on the stump, she luxuriated in the sensation of her double clad nylon legs rubbing against the cloak.

Opening her legs seductively she immediately began running her satin hands all over her legs, both to sooth their ache from walking and to pleasure herself as she knew it would. Her fingers lightly stroked the top of her feet, and then swirled around her ankles to the back of her legs.

“Mmmmmm that feels sooooo nice,” she replied to herself, encouraging her own hands to continue working. Slowing her hands, she reveled in the soft bunched patch of nylon behind her knees. She loved the sensation her fingers felt there; so much bunched tights material was like a silky buffet to her hands. Having the satin gloves made her caressing all the more electric. Alice pulled her hands up over her knees and ran them sensually along the tops of her legs before spreading her legs wider and diving her fingers down to the insides of her thighs.

Arching her back, her pussy whispered silk on velvet as her pantyhose grazed the cloak while she pressed down on the hard stump underneath her.

“Oh, that’s what I need” she said, feeling somewhat like a pantyhose slut.

She was a sight to behold in the wild. Amid all that murk and brown, her red cloak, dress and opaque nylon stockings shone like a sun. Alice became even wetter as she looked upon her silky legs. They were glorious in the new nylons her guide Gwendolyn had endowed her with. The brown shiny tights reflected the sunlight like a mirror causing Alice to touch her thighs again.

Unable to fight the temptation any longer, her hand went between her legs pressing against her clit. Her fingers stretched the nylon over her pussy lips, soaked from her own essence. She was in heaven. One hand rubbing her thighs, the other hand masturbating her clit while her pussy and tight little asshole ground against the velvet stump. Loving the pressure against her holes, she pressed down harder spreading her butt cheeks so her dual sphincters were kissing her cloak through her pantyhose.

For several minutes she sat there caressing herself in sheer delight as the pleasures rippled through her entire lower body. Inevitably though, her silky tights won the battle of wills and she could feel the torrential flood of an orgasm swelling inside her woman hood like a tidal wave.

“Oh my God,” she said barely breathing “I’m going to cum!” And that is exactly what she did. With a throaty grunt of satisfaction, and gasping cries of pleasure, she continued to grind against her satin gloved hand as her legs shivered in the silk. Her pussy ebbed her soaking liquid, pursing and convulsing against güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the pantyhose making the sensitive sensations magnified. Alice quivered uncontrollably for several moments and finally had to stop her hand’s desires, becoming entirely too overwhelmed.

Laughing to herself lightly, she smoothed her skirt down over her satisfied loins and pulled her cloak around her shoulders. ‘Well that certainly was a grand break,’ she thought to herself blissfully. Standing and pulling up her tights and stockings, ready for another few miles in her silky conveyance, she heard a twig suddenly snap in the distance.

Looking around to the sound off to her right, she peered into the gloom of the forest. As if to make her task harder, clouds began to dot the sky more and the warm shafts of sunlight disappeared. Feeling a small sense of dread she resumed her walk along the path, moving a bit more briskly than before.

Her red cloak flowing out behind her like a super hero, Alice kept looking over her shoulder to see that nothing was coming down the road after her. *snap* another twig break off to her right. This time it was closer to the road and nearly parallel to where she was. *snap* from the left.

Quickly forgetting her lusty adventure, which most likely drew every living thing in a one mile radius to her, she began to run down the dirt path, ducking branches and briars that were cropping up around her.

Looking to both sides of the road she could make out large hulking shadows moving along with her at an easy pace. The sunlight totally gone now, the clouds roiled purple and dark with small cracks of thunder faintly heard from the horizon.

A small drop of rain fell and landed on her thigh as she was running. The nylon absorbed the water in an instant making a dark matted dot on her otherwise pristinely shiny tights. Then another drop, and another. Before long the sprinkling was turning into a full on rain.

Running for all she was worth, her shoes becoming muddy from her wilderness trek, Alice pulled her cloak tighter to help cover her from the rain. Soon, though, her cloak was wet too and began sticking to her entire form like a cold body stocking.

There was a sudden thunder crack again, but this time it sounded different, not like a rain cloud but something else. *Crack* the sound went again, like the rending of sound and wood.

After one small moment that Alice hoped would be prolonged out of sheer fright, she saw the eyes. Four pairs of glowing orange eyes in the dark stared at her from either side of the road, winking in and out of sight as they ran with her along the path. There was a break in the trees along the road and Alice saw a large meadow with a tiny house that bore warm yellow light in the windows. ‘A house out here?’ Alice thought. “Oh my GOD! THE HOUSE!” she shouted in relief, remembering what her lovely guide had told her; ‘Seek out the house in the woods, within those wooden walls you’ll find the next step.’

Moving with a practiced speed she had learned from her years of cheerleading and running cross country in school, she measured her breathing as she burst through the rain in her red dress, tights, stockings and blazing red riding hood.

The trees reached at her from this way and that. It was increasingly dark now and she began tripping through brush and getting her dress skirt and cloak snagged on the thorns. With a crash that made her heart skip a beat, the orange eyes fell behind her and burst out of the undergrowth onto the slick mud path.

Four enormous wolves as large as a Saint Bernard were barreling down on her with increasing speed. The element of surprise lost and their quarry moving at an amazing pace, they obviously thought they could get Alice faster if they were in the open. An idea that was proving correct.

Turning around to face the road ahead, Alice’s eyes grew as big as pie plates to see a giant thorn bush rush up to meet her. Unable to stop in time, she did her best to put her arms, and one silky Mary Jane sheathed foot, out in front of her as her speed carried her through the sharp vines. Pain flared through her body on her left thigh, calf and ankle as well as both hands and her upper left arm from where she’d hit the briar the hardest.

*Crack*, the splitting of trees sounded again; the thunder was like a sonic boom in the darkness. Alice noticed it was getting closer and was very near the road.

With an eerie howl that was more beast than canine, the wolves leapt over the brush and were inches away from her heels as they sputtered and splashed through the mud.

Finally the road was clearing up ahead and the tiny house a bit bigger on the horizon, but it was too far. Despite her speed she knew she wasn’t going to make it. Looking around for anything to protect herself with, she resolved it would come down to a fight. “As long as you’ve got something between you and your attacker, you’ve got something güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri other than your wits,” Alice’s mother had said. She perished the thought of Alice moving to New York City and had watched too many episodes of NYPD Blues to think there were any safe parts in the city any more.

Breaking her out of her daze, she spied a large broken branch laying on the ground and reached down as she was running up to it. She was too late. The instant she crouched the first wolf leapt at her grabbing her cloak, and nearly her ass in the attack. He dug in his claws pulling backwards and almost choking Alice in the process. Then two other wolves grabbed her cloak in an attempt to bring the blonde silken maiden to the ground.

Undoing the hasp at her neckline, Alice’s cloak furled away making her shiver in the cold, while the heated sting of the thorns throbbed along the left side of her body. For an instant the wolves thought they had her. Four heads tore back and forth at the red velvet that had only moments before delighted her body, beady orange lights winking in the dark. She used the moment to reach the branch a split second before spilling onto the ground. Alice was actually amazed it had taken this long to fall down as she’d been running for a good five minutes in heels and mud. Noteworthy for any woman who braves to run in fashion.

Hearing the thud and her sudden grunt from the fall, all eyes turned on her, dropping the cloak and baring yellow-white teeth. Evil growls like angry lions thrummed in their chests.

Alice brought the stick around in front of her as she skirted away from the wolves, her nylons and dress caked with mud save for a few wetly shiny red and brown patches.

The first wolf reacted, leaping towards her. Using all her strength born of sheer terror, Alice brought the make shift club around, screaming with all her might. The blow landed solidly on the side of the huge wolf’s head that made a thunking noise like a baseball bat hitting a watermelon.

The wolf cried in pain, howling as it withdrew. The other three closed in on Alice and she knew there wasn’t any way she could fight them all off. A hot tear rolled down her cheeks in the realization, her body both cold and blazing with fever from the thorns.

*CRRRRAAAAACKKKKK* the woods roared from her right. The wolves that’d been an instant away from making her supper turned to the explosion of noise. Trees splintered in a glinting flash of silver as bush and log fell onto the road. A huge figure wielding something with both hands landed with a tremor between Alice and her attackers.

Blinking through the rain, Alice could only make out a hulking dark shape that moved with lightning speed. Her vision blurred as the wounds on her body began to heat again making her skin itch and become drowsy. She was suddenly very tired as her exhaustion caught up to her, though she clung to the branch in her hands with all her feeble might.

A very deep husky female grunt that manifested into a roar ripped through the evening rain as a flash of silver was swung in an arc at the wolves. A sickening thud accompanied by a howl of pain roared from one of the wolves. Another swing caught a second wolf in the throat and the growl was snipped off as if turning off a car radio.

Alice’s eyelids overpowered her as she began slipping into unconsciousness. The world turned sideways and the entire left side of her body became numb as her head slumped to the ground.


There were only a few brief moments she recalled. The final dying cry of the wolves as an axe blade descended; being carried through the rain, while flashes of lightning illuminated her Amazonian savior; rain covering both of them washing away the mud as she floated towards a glowing orange sanctuary. Then the world went black.


She awoke to both warmth and coolness. The crackling of a fire nearby and the sensation of soft cloth covering her upper body made her not want to wake up. There was a cold touch on her thigh; it was wet and stayed cool on her skin. Another dab of something was applied on her knees, calves and ankle. Finally inclined to open her eyes, Alice blinked in the dim light of the small wooden house. High beams rose up to form a slightly angled ceiling. The room itself was fairly large given the sparse furniture lining the walls. There was a queen size bed that stood several feet off the ground with a soft looking mattress and quilt and three plain white pillows. The kitchen was a simple sink and cupboard with an old iron woodstove that glowed light red with the dying embers of a cook fire. A kettle sat atop it with small puffs of steam coming out of the spout from time to time. Ironically it reminded her of her grandmother’s cabin in the woods that she used to visit in the summertime.

The walls were plain wood and had several woodsy touches to them such as dried herbs or flowers tied with güvenilir bahis şirketleri straw, or a simple painting of mountains rendered in a now browning ink.

As the fire crackled and hissed her attention moved back to herself. Alice was laying on a sofa in the middle of the house with her red velvet cloak draped across her body as a blanket, save for her legs. Wiggling into the cushion of the sofa she could tell she didn’t have her dress on anymore. Feeling another dab of cold she looked down and saw a vision that made her heart skip a beat. The woman who had her silken feet propped up on her thighs was as beautiful as ever could be. She reminded her of an Amazonian Anne Hathaway with wide shoulders and a strong physique. The sudden surprise of seeing another ‘solid’ human since she got into this Wonderland gave her a bit of a stun.

The woman was dressed in a dark spruce blue shirt that wasn’t tied at the neck revealing the supple rounded shape of her large breasts. Her sleeves were pulled up revealing thick arms that were scratched with deep red marks around her hands. She had on woolen trousers and was barefoot with her feet propped up on a small footstool near the fire.

Her hair was the color of chocolate and her eyes glistened a hazel color in the firelight. She had a cup nearby and was using her fingers to gently apply a greasy looking sage colored paste from it onto Alice’s legs where the thorns had scratched her, ripping open her tights.

Realizing she was under scrutiny, the woman looked up a little uncomfortably, more by the fact she had Alice’s legs in her lap than the fact she was touching Alice’s legs.

“You, um.. You were scratched up pretty bad,” she started. “The Atholas briar is pretty nasty if you aren’t careful, and you seem to have had a very intimate meeting with some during your flight from the wolves,” she said gesturing up to Alice’s arm that was resting above the cloak/blanket.

Noticing for the first time her arm was bandaged, Alice lifted her naked arm to look at the fluffy linen bandages that were wrapped around her arm along its length. Several smaller patches of linen dotted her upper and lower arm underneath the larger wrap; most likely a woods woman’s version of a band-aid.

Remembering her dive through the bush to flee from the wolves, the evening began to rush back to her making her shiver in fright from her earlier ordeal. The adrenaline fear that made her legs run faster than a Kentucky Derby horse, the wind and rain whipping against her body and the feeling of silk and mud and chill all along her legs.

Snapping back to the present, she looked down at her legs as the woman applied the last of the paste onto Alice’s scratches that had been wiped clean from mud and dirt. Alice’s red opaque stockings were removed but she was still wearing her shiny brown pantyhose. Her right leg was perfectly fine, dried and gleaming in the dim light, but her left leg had runs and holes all along her side.

Noticing Alice glancing at her legs, the woman quickly began to state her intentions for fear of making a bad perception. “You were shivering pretty badly from the cold and I needed to get you warmed up as fast as possible. I removed your dress…” she blushed a deep red “, and warmed you up with some blankets till you were able to be moved again.” She began rubbing the bottoms of Alice’s silky feet as if to reinforce the fact that she had been cold. Her hands were like fire themselves, hot and soothing against Alice’s cool nylon toes that made her tingle in the middle. “You’re still a bit chilly, but some time here by the fire will help that.”

Reaching over to the table next to her, she brought several smaller cut strips of linen over and began patting them gently on the scratches where she’d applied the balm paste. Taking out a roll of linen she gently lifted Alice’s leg, causing a small sting of pain in her scratches from ass to toe. My name is Samantha, or Sam by the way,” she said extending her hand.

“I’m Alice,” Alice replied with a smile, shaking Samantha’s hand.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Alice,” Sam said, happy to have broken the ice.

Biting her lower lip in concern as Alice continued to wince, Sam quickly set to wrap Alice’s nylon leg up to hold the band-aids in place.

Alice couldn’t help but notice how Samantha looked at her legs and even made a great effort to leave her hands on Alice’s legs where there was nylon. She tied off the bandages on Alice’s lower leg, and moved onto her thigh. Enjoying how Sam’s eyes looked at her and how her hands felt, Alice helped her work by bending her knee more and pointing her toes to arch on the arm of the sofa. Sam’s hand slid around innocently to the soft patch of silk behind Alice’s knee where her pantyhose always bunched up, while the rest of her left leg was wrapped.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” Alice said genuinely with soft eyes. “If you hadn’t been there to save me, I’d be dead by now.”

Standing up, placing Alice’s legs softly down on the sofa, Sam took a step back politely and said “I was out in the woods chopping some lumber that had to be done. I didn’t expect the rains, nor did I expect to see a lovely young woman out here wearing a little red riding hood.”

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