Alisha Goes Black


All people in this story are over 18. This is pure fantasy

Alisha started walking through the halls of her school. The school day was over, and it was the start of Christmas break. She was so happy she was going to spend her entire break with Mike. Mike had called her during 4th period, and told her he would pick her up around 5:45. Alisha decided just to stay at the school, and finish her art project before Mike got there.

When Alisha got in the art room she saw Olivia. Olivia and Alisha were good friends, but they were also reviles in the art show that there school had every year.

“Hey Liv. What ya doin?” ask Lish.

“Just working on this art project that will blow yours out of the water.” Liv laughed.

“Oh is that so?” Lish ask?

“Yeah that’s so,” Liv said.

Rachel pulled her art project out of her cubby, and started to work on it. Alisha sat across the room from Olivia. They both would look up from there projects, and gave each other a look. It was 4:30, and Lish had finished her project. She looked over, and Liv was done with hers also.

“So same bet as the canlı bahis şirketleri past 3 years?” Lish ask.

“Oh yeah. You win I eat you. I win you eat me.” Liv responded.

“Looks like you are going to be eating some white pussy this year baby,” Lish said.

“Oh I think you are mistaking. You are going to be eating some black pussy for the second year in a row.” Liv said back.

They both looked at each other. Lish looked at Liv’s beautiful body. With her curves, her 34dd tits, and her nice round bubble butt. Liv looked back at Lish. She looked at her beautiful curves just right in every spot, her find ass that was just big enough, and her 32d tits.

“Hmmm. How about I get a taste of that white pussy right now.” Liv said.

“As long as I get a taste of your black pussy.” Lish replied.

Liv walked over to Lish and started kissing her, and putting her hands all over her body. Lish started to unbutton Liv’s shirt. Liv let it fall to the floor. She didn’t have a bra on so her huge tits were right there and her ripe nipples where ready to be licked. Liv and Lish started ripping each canlı kaçak iddaa others clothes off. Until they were totally naked. Live then pushed Lish back onto a table, and started kissing and licking her tits. Lish just laid back and enjoyed the pleasure she was feeling.

Liv worked her way down Lish’s body until she was at her pussy. She started licking her clit. Liv slipped a few fingers into Lish’s cunt. She continued to finger fuck Alisha while licking, and biting at her clit. Liv keep this up, but the switched. She removed her fingers from Alisha’s cunt and replaced them with her tongue. She then started playing with Lish’s clit with her right hand, and reached up and pinched Lish’s nipples with her left.

Alisha was soon Cumming after Liv started this. After she had cum. Lish pushed Liv on top of the table behind them. Lish didn’t waste any time. She started plunging her tongue in and out of Liv’s cunt while playing with her clit.

“Oh that’s a good little white slut.” Liv said.

Lish didn’t stop. She just keep going at Liv’s cunt. Within 5 minutes she had Liv screaming, and Cumming canlı kaçak bahis all over her face. Lish moved up Liv’s body kissing and licking as she went. When she got to her face Lish licked all her pussy juices off of Liv’s face, and Liv did the same.

They were done. The bet was set, and it was now 5:30. Mike would be there in 15 minutes. Lish and Liv went to the bathroom and washed up a bit then got dressed. By the time they were done it was 5:45. They both started to walk out the backdoor of the school. Liv took Lish by the arm swung her around, pushed her up against the wall, and started kissing her.

“Just thought I’d leave you wanting more.” Liv said as she walked out the door.

Alisha walked out, and up pulled Mike. She jumped in the car with a smile on her face. She leaned over and kissed Mike. Mike could taste Olivia’s pussy from Lish’s tongue.

“So you two make the same bet again?” Mike ask.

“We sure did.” Lish replied.

“I take it you got an early start.” Mike said.

“Well you do the math: one hot horny black girl + one hot horny white girl = two wet pussy’s that need taking care of.” Lish said. “That girl sure can eat pussy.”

“I bet she could suck a mean cock too.” Mike said.

“Hmmm. You be a good boy to Mommy, and maybe I’ll let my lil Daddy find out.” Lish replied as they drove off.

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